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  Unit 1:Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子。

  1. Coming top in such an important exam is quite an a____________.

  2. The ship is in no c_________ to make a long voyage.

  3. Their b__________ towards me shows that they do not like me.

  4. He was under o_________ by the police.

  5. We‘d better take time and money into c___________ when making the plan.

  6. He is always ______谦逊的) about his success.

  7. Genius is 10% _________灵感)and 90% perspiration.

  8. The workers are on ________罢工)for higher pay.

  9. I was _______资助)by my parents when I was studying at collage.

  10. We have been told to show ______尊敬)for our elders.

  11. As a student, all her life is ____________奉献)her students.

  12. This settlement ______________成立)in 1600.

  13. Do you _________ 了解) Jack getting arrested?

  14. You need warm clothes to _________ 保护) you against the cold.

  15. I was ___________ 驱逐) the club because of breaking the rule.

  16. The lost child was seen ___________闲逛)last afternoon.

  17. Tom, the top student of our class, thinks studying is a very ________值得的)work.

  18. With the Internet, people can ___________交流)each other much easier.

  19. He _________瞧不起)people who‘ve never been to university.

  20. I know the writer who ________ 打算) work _____ children.

  Unit 2 Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子。

  1. After a long s_______, he gained control of the business.

  2. Our foreign trade has e_________ greatly in recent years.

  3. The girl s________ her mother by cleaning up the kitchen.

  4. As is known to all, coal and iron are m___________.

  5. She r_______ her weight by 5 kilograms.

  6. Her unexpected arrangements________搞乱)all our plans.

  7. After the conference, the secretary passed me a ten-page _______ 纪要,摘要)。

  8. The Fashion Magazine developed a large _________销售量)quickly.

  9. The two students ________ 相互交流)greetings when they met.

  10. After 10 years in prison, he was given his ________自由)。

  11. They_______结束)the party with a song ;Take me to your heart;。

  12. It seems that you don‘t _________ 在乎) your failure in the examination at all.

  13. The police are __________寻找)the escaped prisoners.

  14. The baby is hungry but it is too young to ______ 喂养) itself yet.

  15. We want to _______装备)your children with some special skills.

  16. Last night they ____ the dormitory______ mice which made much noise at night.摆脱)#p#分页标题#e#

  17. I don‘t hope to leave so soon; I _______宁愿) stay home a day longer.

  18. It’s no use ________希望)things you can‘t have.

  19. She ________醒来) a terrible dream when her mother entered the room.

  20. We help _______互相) with our homework in the summer holiday.

  Unit 3 Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子。

  1. Man should try to be harmony with nature, and not be c_______ to wildlife.

  2. To my a_________, he did the difficult job well.

  3. Could you e_________ the child for an hour, while I make dinner?

  4. He had o________ the difficulties with his English before he went aboard.

  5. I was f_________ to have a good teacher.

  6. Don‘t be in such a hurry; you’d better eat a few _________一口,满口)of food before you go shopping.

  7. In fact, China is a_________多山的)country.

  8. He did the job under my __________指导)。

  9. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be _______咀嚼)and digested.

  10. Although he failed in the examination again, he knew the success came after many_______失败)。

  11. Last night, I happened to _______ 碰见) a chair in the dark.

  12. He used to hope to go abroad, but now he __________满足,满意)stay his present position.

  13. We should satisfy ourselves with the living conditions——many families are much ______穷的)than we are.

  14. They were recognized by the _______贫穷)of their clothing.

  15. The movie ________以;;为背景)pre-war Beijing in China.

  16. You‘ve been caught cheating, now you must _____ 面对) the music.

  17. Her health soon ________ 恢复) after a few day’s rest.

  18. _______代替) the children‘s play and adventure, he had a desire to learn.

  19. It’s cruel to ________玩弄,开玩笑) people who stammer结巴)。

  20. Those who‘d like to go sign names at the ________底部) of the page, please.

  Unit 4

  1. At the airport, he kissed me goodbye on the c________.

  2. The guest e________ their thanks to the host and hostess when leaving.

  3. The artist asked his model to take a reclining 躺着) p________.

  4. Mother told me to b_______ well when we visited relatives.

  5. You say he is easy-going, but I never feel at e________ with him.

  6. We both are not in time; I think there must be some __________ 误会) over the time.

  7. As you ________ 接近) the school the first building you see is the teaching building.

  8. Everyone who helped gets a _________ 份额) in the profiles.

  9. The police _______ 注意到) the man entering the bank.#p#分页标题#e#

  10. You see I‘m a student of art; I’m not very __________熟悉的) with botanical names.

  11. I ___________ 愿意,准备) lend you the book if you promise to return it on time.

  12. Our teacher _________主修) in mathematics and physics.

  13. Following the national news we have got the _______当地的) news and weather.

  14. The picture _________描绘,描述) a hunting scene in which there is an ancient king.

  15. I will stay at home this evening; she _____very ______很可能) ring me tonight.

  16. I think he ________ 回避,躲开) me, because he several times pretends not to see me.

  17. We have ________相似的) tastes in music.

  18. I heard they ________ 想要,打算) marry, but they haven‘t so far.

  19. The teacher _______ 惩罚) the students for their being late by letting them stand outside the classroom.

  20. They have broken the _______ 协议,同意) between us.

  Unit 5

  1. Unlike traditional park, t________ parks often want to teach visitors something.

  2. Today many people are experiencing the joy of the a_________ park for the first time.

  3. There‘s gas e________ somewhere. Can you smell it?

  4. When in conferences, he often leaves for v________ reasons.

  5. They will c________ at least $600 for moving the piano.

  6. The _________设备) of Information Technology is expensive indeed.

  7. Only a m_______少数)of students receives) the scholarship.

  8. Many people would agree that it is one of the most technologically _________先进的) theme parks in the world after visiting Futuroscope on France.

  9. Stop looking for the perfect job——it‘s just a ________ 幻想)。

  10. In science fictions, aliens are _________生物) from the outer world.

  11. You‘d better leave now if you want to _________弄清楚) of getting there on time.

  12. You are very cool with your family, but with your friends you really ____________活跃)。

  13. What I said about Tom ________对;;适用) everyone in our class.

  14. Tasmania ___________以;;命名) its discoverer, A.J. Tasman.

  15. How many countries will ____________参加) in the next Olympic Games, do you know?

  16. The teacher said to Bruce that he should come to class on time_________以后)。

  17. Don‘t _______卷入) me in solving the troublesome situation.

  18. The architecture 建筑) in the town center is a successful _______结合) of old and new.

  19. We should __________准备) any trouble that may happen.

  20. Don’t worry, but I will try to _______分摊,均分) the cost with you.


  Unit 1#p#分页标题#e#

  1. achievement 2. condition 3. behavior 4. observation 5. consideration 6. modest 7. inspiration 8. strike 9. supported 10. respect 11.devoted to 12. was founded 13. know about 14. protect 15. driven out of 16. wandering off 17. worthwhile 18. communicate with 19. looks down upon/ on 20. intends for

  Unit 2

  1. struggle 2. expanded 3. satisfied 4. minerals 5. reduced 6. confused 7. summary 8. circulation 9. exchanged 10. freedom 11. ended 12. care about 13. searching for 14. feed 15. equip 16. rid of 17. prefer to 18. wishing for 19. awaken from 20. one another

  Unit 3

  1.cruel 2. astonishment 3. entertain 4. overcome 5. fortunate 6. mouthfuls 7. mountainous 8. direction 9. chewed 10. failures 11. bump into 12. is content to 13. worse off 14. poverty 15. is set in 16. face 17. picked up 18. Instead of 19. make fun of 20. bottom

  Unit 4

   1. cheek 2. expressed 3. posture 4. behave 5. ease 6. misunderstanding 7. approach 8. share 9. observed 10. familiar 11. am prepared to 12. majored 13. local 14. represents 15. is likely to 16. is avoiding 17. similar 18. intended to 19. punished 20. agreement

  Unit 5

   1. theme 2. amusement 3. escaping 4. various 5. charge 6. equipment 7. minority 8. advanced 9. fantasy 10. creatures 11. make certain 12. come to life 13. goes for 14. was named after 15. take part in 16. involve 17. system 18. combination 19. prepare for/ be prepared for 20. share

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