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Unit3 单元重点辅导

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  1)— What do you think of the lecture? 你认为那讲座如何呀?

  — How wonderful. 好极了。

  2)— The party is so fun. 晚会是那么有趣。

  — I‘m pleased you are amused at it. 很高兴你被它逗乐了。


  1. astonish vt 使惊讶= surprise sb. greatly)

  The earthquake astonished the whole country. 这次地震震惊了全国。

  辨析:astonishing adj.令人震惊的;astonished adj.感到惊呀的

  2. particular 非一般的,特别的,特殊的

  He left for no particular reason. 他无缘无故就走了。

  To Jane, her diary is a particular friend. 对简来说,日记是她的特殊朋友。

  搭配:in particular =especially特别是

  3. entertain vt. & vi. 使欢乐, 招待, 款待

  We were all entertained by his humorous stories. 他的幽默故事使我们大家都很开心。

  They often entertained their friends at weekends. 他们常在周末招待朋友。

  I don‘t entertain very often. 我不常在家请客。

  派生:entertaining adj. 使人愉快的,有趣:his entertaining silent movies他那逗乐的无声电影,an entertaining story/guess一个有趣的故事/客人。

  4. throughout prep. 遍及, 贯穿adv. 到处, 始终, 全部

  It rained throughout the night. 雨下了一整夜。

  I watched the film and cried throughout. 我看那个电影时从头哭到尾。

  5. failure n.失败不可数);失败的经历,失败的人或事可数)

  Failure is the mother of success. 失败是成功之母。

  I became successful after many failures. 在多次失败后,我终于成功了。

  She was a failure as a manager. 她是一个不称职的经理。

  6. overcome v. 克服,战胜defeat);找到解决;;的办法)

  He has overcome the bad habit of smoking. 他改掉了吸烟的坏习惯。

  After hours of hard working, they overcame the difficulty. 经过几个小时的努力,他们终于把这难题解决了。

  搭配:be overcome with /by因;;不能自持

  He was overcome by the heat. 他热得受不了。

  7. fortunate adj. 幸运的,交好运的=lucky)

  He is a fortunate man =a lucky dog)。 他是个幸运的人。

  I was fortunate to have a good teacher. 我很幸运,有位好老师。

  派生:fortunately adv.幸好=luckily常置于句首);unfortunate adj. 不幸的=unlucky) ;unfortunately adv. 不幸的是=unluckily);fortune n. 运气,财富,巨款

  8. mouthful n. 一口, 满口

  I‘m so full I couldn’t eat another mouthful. 我吃得太饱了,一口也不能多吃了。#p#分页标题#e#

  He took a mouthful of fresh air. 他吸一口新鲜空气。


  9. direct vt. & vi. 导演,指示, 指挥adj. 直接的adv. 直接地

  Chaplin directed the film. 卓别林导演这部电影。

  He took a direct flight to New York. 他直飞纽约。

  We flew direct from London to New York. 我们直接从伦敦飞到纽约。

  10. outstanding adj. 突出的, 杰出的,显著的

  She is an outstanding actress. 她是一个杰出的演员。

  He has many outstanding gifts. 他多才多艺。

  12. sense n. 官能,感觉,理性vt. 感觉到,理解

  She has no sense of time. 她没有时间观念。

  He has a good sense of smell. 他的嗅觉很灵敏。

  Your brother has a good sense of humor. 你兄弟很有幽默感。

  The dog sensed that I was afraid. 这只狗感觉到我害怕了。


  1. be content=satisfied) with;/to do;对;;感到满意/满足的

  He was content with his work. 他对自己的工作很满意。

  The old man seems content to live here. 这个老人似乎很乐意住在这里。

  注:content是表语形容词,若需作定语,可用contented,如a contented person /smile心满意足的人/微笑。

  2. badly off 穷的,缺少的,处境差

  比较级:worse off境况更差,更穷困

  反义词:well off富裕,处境好比较级:better off)

  I am quite badly off recently. 最近我经济上很拮据。

  His health is worse off than before. 他的身体比以前更糟糕。

  He is quite well off, I hear. 我听说他相当富裕。

  He is much better off than I am. 他的日子比我宽裕得多。

  注:well-to-do life或a better-off life小康生活;well-off family小康之家

  3. pick out挑选出,认出,弄懂

  Please pick out the books that you‘d like to read. 请把你想看的书选出来。

  Can you pick out your sister in this crowd? 你能在这人群中认出你姐姐来吗?

  The box was so dirty that we couldn‘t pick out the directions on the label. 盒子太脏,我们看不清标签上的说明。

  真题:This picture was taken a long time ago. I wonder if you can ________my father. 湖北)

  A. find out B. pick out C. look out D. speak out

  解析:表示从人群中;辨认出;,用pick out,故选B.

  4. cut off切断,割下;隔开,断绝;停止供应

  Mind you don‘t cut your fingers off. 小心别切断手指头。

  She feels very cut off living in the country. 她感到生活在乡间很闭塞。

  Our water supply has been cut off. 我们断水了。#p#分页标题#e#

  真题:He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he was ______from the outside world. 安徽)

  A. cut out B. cut off C. cut up D. cut through

  解析:表示与外界;隔绝;,用cut off from;),故选B.

  5. star in 主演,在;;中担任主角

  She has starred in some thirty films. 她主演过大约三十部影片。




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