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  Most dogs in the United States seem to have an easy life. They sleep a lot and get fat often. People take their dogs for a walk twice a day and also let them play outside. Dogs get medical care when they are sick or injured. What a great life! Right?

  But a man’s life cannot be so easy like this. Some people say, ;We live in a dog-eat-dog world. ;That means many people are competing for the same things such as a good job. They say that to be successful a person has to work like a dog. This means they have to work very hard. Such hard work can make people dog-tired. And the situation would be even worse if they became sick as a dog.

  Still, people say, ;Every dog has its day.;This means that every per-son enjoys a successful period during his or her life. To be successful, people often have to learn new skills. Yet, some people say that you can never teach an old dog new tricks. They believe that older people do not like to learn new things and will not change the way they do things.

  Some people are compared to dogs in bad ways. People who are unkind or uncaring can be described as meaner than a junkyard dog. Junkyard dogs live in places where people throw away things they do not want. Mean dogs are often used to guard this property. They bark or attack people who try to enter the property. However, sometimes a man appears to be threatening, but he is really not so bad. We say his bark is worse than his bite.

  Many dogs in the United States sleep in safe little houses near their owner’s home. These doghouses provide shelter. Husbands and wives often use this doghouse term when they are angry at each other. For ex-ample, a woman might get angry with her husband for coming home late or forgetting their wedding anniversary. She might tell him that he is in the doghouse. She may not treat him nicely until he apologizes. However, the husband may decide that it is best to leave things alone and not to create more problems. He might decide to let sleeping dogs lie.

  Dog expressions also are used to describe the weather. The dog days of summer are the hottest days of a year. A rainstorm may cool the weather but we do not want it to rain too hard. We do not want it to rain cats and dogs.


  1. dog-eat-dog 残酷无情的竞争,损人利己的角逐,相互残杀


  eg: We’re operating in a dog-eat-dog world. 我们在一个竞争残酷的世界里经营着。

  2. work like a dog直译为:像狗一样工作。引申为:拼命地工作。或许是因为狗对主人十分忠诚,累死也甘心的缘故才有了这个俗语吧。看到这个短语,我突然想起最近盛行的一个词——奔奔族。可别以为是开奔驰的那帮人哦!奔奔族是指1975-1985出生的一代人,他们承受着各方面的压力,整天疲于奔命,必须work like a dog。很不幸,我也是奔奔一员,哭死算了;;#p#分页标题#e#

  3. dog-tired adj.极度疲乏,累极了

  4. sick as a dog英语中dog一词有时含有贬义,比如俚语going to the dogs,表示;糟糕透顶;;dog in the manger,表示;犬占马槽,自私自利;。

  对狗有所了解的人都知道,狗很贪吃,而且经常乱吃东西。当吃下去的食物导致身体不适时,狗的反应又往往比较剧烈,因此人们就用sick as a dog来描述病得很严重的样子。

  5. Every dog has its day. 人人都有得意日。


  6. You can never teach an old dog new tricks. 老年人旧习难改。


  7. a junkyard dog 讨厌的人junkyard是废旧物堆积、分类的地方,说白了就是垃圾堆。可想而知,垃圾堆里的狗一定很让人讨厌,所以这个词组现在常被用来形容讨厌的人。

  8. one’s bark is worse than one’s bite古今中外的人对狗的bark和bite肯定印象特别深刻,否则不会拿这两样来比喻人的行为。这个短语指的是一个人尽管骂人刻薄,出言厉害,但不会真正去伤害别人。

  eg: My boss is actually a good guy. His bark is worse than his bite. 我老板其实是个好人,他呀,刀子嘴豆腐心。

  9. be in the doghouse 倒了霉字面意思是;在狗窝里;,但作为一个俗语它的实际意思是;你使某人很生气;,以致于;你不得不在屋子外面跟自己家的狗睡在一起;,当然就是倒了霉。

  10. Let sleeping dogs lie.不要招惹麻烦。从字面上来看,这个俗语的意思是不要去惹正在睡觉的狗,以为睡着了的狗不会咬人。实际上是劝告某人别招惹别人,以免自找麻烦。

  11. dog days 酷暑期,三伏天

  12. rain cats and dogs下倾盆大雨

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