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必修4 Unit 4 重点难点

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  1. major, local & represent

  【课文原句】They will be meeting at a major hotel with local business people and people who represent the Chinese government. P25)

  【教师点拨】1) major adj. 表示;主要的;较大的;重要的;,句中a major hotel 意思是;大酒店;;major经常用作名词,意为;主修课程;专业课;;可作动词,主要用于major in,意为;主修;。如:

  Many people wish to live in a major city.

  She decided to take computer as her major.

  My friend majored in economics at Tsinghua University.

  2) local adj. 表示;地方的;当地的;。含有local的常用词组:local customs意为;地方风俗;;local news意为;本地新闻;;the local TV station意为;地方电视台;;the local court意为;地方法院;;the local government意为;地方政府;。如:

  My sister studies at a local university.

  3) represent在本句中是;代表;的意思,还有;象征;表现;描绘;扮演;等意思。如:

  We must choose someone to represent us. 代表)

  The stars in our flag represent the States. 象征)

  This picture represents a man riding a horse. 表现)

  【知识拓展】meet with sb表示;和某人会晤商讨问题等);。但具体句子要具体分析,有时候可表示;偶然遇见;。如:

  I met with a friend on the train yesterday. 偶遇)

  2. introduce

  【课文原句】You introduce them to each other, and are surprised by what you see. P26)

  【教师点拨】introduce表示;介绍;引荐;引进;采用;等意思,常和to连用,即introduce; to;。在本句中是;介绍;引荐;的意思。如:

  Let me introduce myself to you first.

  The chairman introduced the speaker to the audience.


  My next guest needs no introduction = is already known to everyone).

  Before the meeting began I made the necessary introductions.

  The introduction in a book tells us what the book is about.

  3. approach & touch

  【课文原句】Mr Garcia approaches Mrs Smith, touches her shoulder and kisses her on the cheek. P26)

  【教师点拨】1) approach vt. & vi. 意为;接近;靠近;走近;。approach作名词讲时,表示;方法;步骤;途径;接近;,用于make approaches to sb,表示;想法接近认识)某人;。如:

  We could just see the train approaching in the distance.

  It began to rain when he approached his home.

  The time is approaching when we must be on board.

  All approaches were blocked because of the accident.

  A new approach should be found to solve the matter.#p#分页标题#e#

  I am not good at making approaches to strangers.

  2) touch作动词讲,意为;接触;触摸;;touch作名词时,除了;接触;触摸;的意思外,还有;联系;的意思。如:

  Visitors are not allowed not to touch the exhibits.

  keep in touch with 同;;保持联系

  get in / into touch with 和;;取得联系

  lose touch with 和;;失去联系

  be out of touch with 同;;失去联系

  4. express

  【课文原句】; they also express their feelings using unspoken ;language; through keeping physical distance, actions or posture. P26)

  【教师点拨】express vt.意为;表达;表示;。文中express their feelings 意为;表达他们的感情;;express oneself用于表达自己的意思、思想或情感。如:

  No words can express my thanks to your help.

  He can express himself in clear English now after five years' hard learning.


  the No. 102 special express to Beijing 开往北京的102次特快

  5. avoid

  【课文原句】It is an interesting study and can help you avoid difficulty in communication. P26)

  【教师点拨】avoid vt. 表示;避开;避免;,avoid difficulty in communication意思是;避免交际上的困难;。avoid后接名词、代词或动词-ing形式。如:

  Why are you trying to avoid that boy?

  I crossed the street to avoid meeting him, but he saw me and ran towards me.

  6. be likely to

  【课文原句】People from places like Spain, Italy or South American countries approach others closely and are more likely to touch them. P26)

  【教师点拨】likely作形容词,指;可能发生某事;,后可接不定式或从句。be likely to意为;很可能;;;有希望;;;。如:

  Do remind me because I'm likely to forget.

  It's quite likely that we'll be in Spain this time next year.

  They are likely to refuse your invitation.

  【知识拓展】likely, possible, probable都含有;可能的;的意思,但也有差异:


  Look at the black clouds. It is likely to rain tonight.

  possible指由于有适当的条件和方法,某事可能发生或做到,强调;客观上有可能;, 但常含有;实际希望很小;的意思。如:

  It is possible to go to the moon now.

  probable语气比 possible强,;可能性;最大,指有根据、合情理、值得相信的事物,带有;大概、很可能;的意思。如:

  I don't think the story is probable.

  7. at ease

  【课文原句】A smile is the universal facial expression — it is intended to put people at ease. P29)

  【教师点拨】at ease是个固定词组,意思是;处在舒适、自由自在的状态下;。本句中put people at ease意为;使人自由自在;不拘束;。如:#p#分页标题#e#

  Her mind was at ease, knowing that the children were safe.

  【知识拓展】1) ease作名词讲时,表示;安逸;安心;不费力;悠闲;。如:

  He leads a life of ease. = He leads an easy life.)

  2) ease 作动词讲时,表示;解除;减轻痛苦、忧愁或烦恼);。如:

  The doctor gave him some painkillers to ease the pain.

  3) ease的常用短语:

  with ease = easily) 熟练地;轻而易举地

  be feel) ill at ease 局促不安, 心神不宁

  put sb at his ease 使某人宽心; 使某人感到无拘无束

  stand at ease 稍息



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