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  1. 她宁愿花许多时间独自思考这道难题而不愿向物理老师求助。(prefer)

  She prefers to spend a lot of time working on the difficult problem on her own/alone rather than turn to her physics teacher for assistance/help.

  2. 他走路的样子使我想起了他已过世三年的父亲。(remind)

  The way he walks reminds me of his father, who has been dead for three years/who passed away three years ago.

  3. 他避免对女同事们的外貌品头论足,因为那样会给人留下坏印象。(impression)

  He avoids remarking/commenting on his female colleagues’ appearances, as it will leave a bad impression on others.

  4. 她的演讲传递给听众一个主旨:世上没有什么是可以地久天长的,除了爱、和平和信仰。(last)

  Her speech communicated to her audience a message that nothing can last long/forever in the world except love, peace and faith.

  5. 他被认为是擅长与人沟通的员工之一。(expert)

  He is considered as one of the employees who are expert at communicating with others.

  6. 他们正在考虑成立一个读书俱乐部,以帮助大家减轻工作压力。(consider)

  They are considering setting up a reading club to help its members relieve work stress.

  7. 由于食物和干净饮用水的匮乏,那些山区的孩子们面黄肌瘦。(lack n.)

  Because of lack of food and clean drinking water, the children in mountain areas look pale and thin.

  8. 干燥的冬季,护肤教师建议我们每日洗脸后一定要涂抹一些面霜并多喝水。(apply)

  In dry winter, skincare experts suggest that we should apply some cream to our face after washing it and drink plenty of water every day.

  9. 一定要密切关注世界各地正在发生的事,以便更好地和同事们交流。(attention)

  Closer attention must be paid to what’s going on around the world so that we can communicate with our colleagues better.

  We must pay closer attention to what’s going on around the world so as to communicate with our colleagues better.

  10. 鸡汤据说是治愈感冒的民间良方。(remedy)

  Chicken soup is said to be a folk remedy for a cold.

  It’s said that chicken soup is a fold remedy for a cold.

  11. 下一次来借书时,务必携带借书卡。(sure)

  Be sure to bring along your library card next time you come to borrow books.

  Make sure that you bring along your library card next time you want to borrow books.

  12. 只要专心学习,你一定能顺利通过考试。(concentrate)

  As long as you concentrate on your studies, you are sure to pass the exam successfully/succeed in passing the exam.#p#分页标题#e#

  13. 毫无疑问,环境对孩子们的成长有很大的影响。(effect)

  There is no doubt that the environment has a great effect on the growth of children.

  14. 因为缺乏实践,所以他没有通过驾驶考试。(lack v.)

  He lacked practice, so he didn’t pass the driving test.

  15. 岁月悄悄夺去了她如丝般光滑的黑发和白皙的肌肤,却阻止不了她实现梦想的决心。(rob)

  Time robbed her of her silky black hair and fair skin but couldn't stop her from realizing her dream/change her mind to make her dream come true.

  16. 少吃糖,多刷牙是有效保护牙齿的关键。(the key to)

  Eating few sweets and brushing teeth regularly is the key to effective care for your teeth.

  17. 这种治疗方法不会对人体造成损害,但我不能保证这它一定有效。(guarantee)

  The remedy won’t do damage to human bodies, but I can’t guarantee it will work/be effective.

  18. 身体健康是平衡膳食、经常锻炼和心情愉快的结果。(result)

  Good health is the result of a balanced diet, regular exercise and a good mood.

  19. 我们必须采取有效措施,确保校园安全。(ensure)

  We must take effective measures to ensure campus safety/ ensure that the campus is a safe place.

  20. 一些女孩认为她们宁愿在豪华轿车里哭泣而不愿坐在自行车后笑,而另一些女孩觉得物质财富并非爱情幸福的保证。(while)

  Some girls think that they would rather seat themselves in a luxury car, crying/sobbing than park themselves in/at the rear of a bicycle, laughing along the way while others believe that material wealth can’t ensure/guarantee happiness in love.

  21. 令我们感到骄傲的是,中国于2010年成功发射了嫦娥二号。(launch)

  We are proud that Chang’e 2 was successfully launched by China in 2010.

  22. 小道在森林中蜿蜒曲折。(twist and turn)

  The path twists and turns in the forest.

  23. 医生已经告知病人们均衡膳食的重要性。(inform)

  The doctor has informed the patients of the importance of a balanced diet.

  24. 新的铁路仍在建造中。(construction)

  The new railway is still under construction.

  25. 在炎热的夏天,保护食物的最有效的方法就是将食物放在冰箱里。(preserve)

  One of the best ways to preserve food on hot summer days is to keep the food in the fridge.

  26. 推倒柏林墙被看成是二十世纪末重大历史事件之一。(historic)

  Pulling down the Berlin Wall was regarded / remembered as one of the historic events of the late 20th century.

  27. 他的理论听起来很合理,因为他的理论是建立在事实基础上的。(base)

  His theory sounds reasonable, for he has based it on facts.#p#分页标题#e#

  28. 去年我们被市三女中录取了。(admit)

  We were admitted to Shanghai No.3 Girls High School last year.

  29. 那个人为自己在金融上取得的成功而洋洋得意。(pride)

  The man took pride in his financial success.

  30. 我们学校的学生上网很容易。(access)

  Students in our school have easy access to the Internet.

  31. 请在车停稳后下车。(until)

  Please do not get off the bus until it has stopped.

  32. 几次尝试后,船员们别无选择只能丢弃燃烧着的船只。(abandon)

  After (making) several attempts, the sailors had no choice but to abandon the burning ship.

  33. 山上的这座房子俯瞰着山谷。(overlook)

  The house on the hill overlooks the valley.

  34. 对于像他这样的天才能够在一分钟内作出四道题是不足为奇的。(wonder)

  It is no wonder that a genius like him can work out four problems within one minute.

  35. 那次地震过后, 全城到处是残垣断壁。(ruins)

  An earthquake left the whole town in ruins.

  36. 从我家步行就能到海滩。(distance)

  The beach is within walking distance of my house.

  37. 乐队演奏了许多歌曲,包括我最喜爱的那些。(include)

  The band played many songs, including some of my favorites.

  38. 阅读这本旅游杂志的首页,你就会被中国的历史所吸引。(attract)

  Read the first page of the travel magazine, and you will be attracted by the history of China.

  39. 这场事故主要是由于他的粗心大意。(largely)

  The accident was largely due to his carelessness.

  40. 等一会儿,好好想想我对你说的话。(reflect)

  Wait a moment, and reflect on what I said to you.

  41. 当他走上台时,观众为他精彩的表演鼓掌。(clap)

  When he stepped onto the stage, the audience clapped their hands for his wonderful performance.

  42. Mandy在台上坐着,咬着指甲。 (seat, 伴随状语)

  Mandy was seated on the stage, chewing her fingernails.

  43. 孩子们跑出教室,开心地笑着说着。(伴随状语)

  The children ran out of the room, laughing and talking merrily.

  44. 五班在上星期的排球比赛中赢了我们。(beat)

  Class Five beat us in the volleyball match last week.

  45. 走了那么长的路你肯定累了。(must)

  You must be tired after such a long walk.

  46. 他肯定住在这儿,我来过的。(must)

  He must live here because I have been here.

  47. 由于身体不好,他提前两年退休。(ahead)

  Because of his poor health, he retired two years ahead of time.

  48. 大量观众涌入球幕影院观赏高质量的3D电影《功夫熊猫2》。(crowd v.)#p#分页标题#e#

  A large audience crowded into the Imax Dome Theatre to watch/enjoy the high-quality 3D movie ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’.

  49. 由于iPhone 已引入中国,我相信传统手机将很快成为历史。(introduce)

  Because iPhones have been introduced into China, I believe that traditional mobile phones will soon become history.

  50. 她小声地告诉我她的同桌在考试时作弊。(whisper v.)

  She whispered to me that her deskmate had cheated in the exam.

  51. 他从马上摔下来,不省人事。(faint)

  He fell down from the horse and fainted.

  52. 年轻人喜好追求最新的流行趋势。(trend)

  Young people like to follow the latest trends in fashion.

  53. 鲜花和树木环绕的花园就在我家门口。( surround )

  The garden surrounded by /with flowers and trees is just in front of my house.

  54. 挂在墙上的照片使我想起军训时的一幕幕。( suspend)

  The photos suspended on the wall remind me of the scenes in the military training.

  55. 你乘飞机去美国时可以携带60 公斤行李。(carry)

  You can carry 60 kilograms of luggage when you fly to the United States.

  56. 我一到大学就会用电话和你联系的。(contact)

  As soon as I get to the university, I’ll contact you on the phone.

  57. 既然你都准备好了,你一定能回答出问题。(sure)

  Since you’ve got prepared, you’re sure to get the questions right.

  58. 交通信号灯一转成红色,驾驶员就把汽车停了下来。(The moment)

  The moment the traffic light turned red, the driver stopped his car.

  59. 正当他在电脑上工作时,访客进来了。(While…)

  While he was working on the computer, the visitor came in.

  60. 我的美国老师回国已经一个月了,但至今我还没有得到他的音讯。 (since)

  It is/has been a month since my American teacher went back home, and I haven’t heard from him since then.

  61. 有些菜名字听起来好像很不错,可是实际上很难吃。(sound)

  Some dishes, whose names sound good, actually taste bad.

  62. 调查发现,广告对于消费者选购商品会产生较大的影响。(influence)

  The survey shows that advertisements have a considerable influence on customers’ decision.

  63. 上下班高峰时间,车站不得不增派员工将站台上的乘客塞入列车上仅剩的狭小空间。(crowd)

  In peak hours, the station has to increase workers/the number of staff to crowd the passengers on the platform into few tiny spaces left on the trains.

  64. 这家咖啡店日前表示,在制作任何饮料和食品时都将使用纯牛奶取代植物脂末(plant creamer)。(instead of)

  The café claimed recently that they would apply pure milk instead of plant creamer while producing any food and drinks.#p#分页标题#e#

  65. 蔬菜富含维生素C,多吃蔬菜可减少罹患胃癌的几率。(contain)

  Vegetables contain a lot of Vitamin C and eating more vegetables may reduce the possibility of suffering stomach cancer.

  66. 为了降低成本,他们决定用猪排代替餐品中的牛排。(replace)

  In order to reduce the costs, they decided to replace steak with pork chops in the meal.

  67. 在观看了一档有关农业的节目后,他意识到他家门前的那块地不适合种番茄和土豆。(grow)

  After watching a programme on agriculture, he realized that the land in front of his house is not right for growing tomatoes or potatoes.

  68. 他在发高烧,对任何东西都没有食欲。(appetite)

  He has a high fever, so he has lost his appetite for any food.

  69. 校园内不准游吃!(must)

  You must not eat while walking on campus.

  70. 这些橙子看上去很光鲜,想必一定是染了色的。(must)

  These oranges look shiny and fresh. They must have been colored.

  71. 我刚才还看见他在吃烤杂排呢,他不可能已经成为素食主义者了。(can’t)

  I saw him eating a mixed grill just now. He can’t have become a vegetarian.

  72. 你不应该把宠物关在笼子里,因为这样饲养的动物是不会快乐的。(should)

  You should not keep pets in a cage, for animals kept this way won’t live happily.

  73. 通过老师的解释,他明白了如何区分哪些是事实哪些是观点。(tell)

  He understood how to tell facts from opinions through the teacher’s explanation.

  74. 我们应当关注各种数据来源以使我们的研究更真实、有效。(source)

  We should pay attention to a variety of sources of data to make our research more practical and effective.

  75. 这块标签警告我们不得擅自维修这台机器的任何部件。(warn)

  The label warns us that we are not allowed to repair any part of the machine personally without permission.

  76. 虽说超重可能会导致疾病,但是缺乏脂肪同样危险。(equally)

  Though overweight may lead to / result in disease, lack of fat is equally dangerous.

  77. 商店里的商品琳琅满目,要选定适合自己的一款确实困难。(decide on)

  There is a wide variety of goods in the shop, so it is really difficult to decide on the one that is right for us.

  78. 医生建议要想身体好首先应当每天保证充足的睡眠。(advise)

  Doctors advise that we should first have enough sleep every day if we want to keep healthy.

  79. 这本书花了我一百多块钱,但它包含了很多有价值的信息。(contain)

  I spent more than 100 yuan on the book / The book cost me more than 100 yuan, but it contains a lot of valuable information.#p#分页标题#e#

  80. 没有其他三把钥匙,我们没有办法打开这个录音棚的门。(without)

  Without the other three keys, we can’t open the door of the studio.

  81. 他生病了,这可能是他上课缺席的原因。(account v.)

  His illness might account for his absence from his classes.

  His fell ill, which might account for his absence from his classes.

  82. 直到警察示意他停车时,那个年轻的司机才意识到自己的错误。(aware)

  The young driver wasn’t aware of his mistake until a policeman signed him to stop his car.

  83. 适量饮酒对人的身体是有好处的。(moderation)

  Drinking wine in moderation will do good to people’s health.

  Wine, if taken in moderation, will do good to people’s health.

  84. 与他的弟弟相比,他总是在许多事情上表现得周到细致。(contrast)

  In contrast to his younger brother, he always appears considerate and careful in many things.

  85. 在他父亲出生的村庄里,过去有一家寺庙。(used)

  There used to be a temple in the village where his father was born.

  86. 多年以后,他的警告被证明是极为正确的。(prove)

  After so many years, his warnings proved extremely correct.

  87. 越来越多的人更密切关注饮食的质量。(attention)

  More and more people are paying closer attention to the quality of their diets.

  88. 期末考试在即,几乎每一个学生都在充分利用有限的时间复习功课。(use)

  As the Final examination is drawing near, almost every student is making the best use of their limited time to review their lessons.

  89. 当一个水手需要长时间地离开家人。(involve)

  Being a sailor involves long periods of time away from home.

  90. 那些坚持吃水果和蔬菜的人是不会缺乏维生素的。(lack)

  Those who keep eating vegetables and fruit won’t lack vitamins.

  91. 营养教师建议人们的饮食应品种繁多。(variety)

  Food /Nutrition experts advise that people should eat a variety of food.

  92. 他一年前和一些朋友开办的企业已经给他们带来了巨大的经济利益。(bring)

  The enterprise that he started with some of his friends a year ago has brought great economic benefits to them.

  93. 尽管这两个好朋友有许多共同之处,他们仍然为许多问题争吵不已。(common)

  Although they have a lot in common, the two good friends still quarrel a lot about many problems.

  94. 比较而言,乘飞机要比乘火车快得多,但是却要贵得多。(comparison)

  In comparison, taking a plane is much faster than taking a train, but it is far more expensive.

  95. 在中国,对于一个北方人来说,通常很难适应南方不太辣的食物。(used)#p#分页标题#e#

  For a northerner in China, it is usually very hard to get used to the less spicy food in the south.

  96. 不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹。(experience)

  You won’t be able to see the rainbow unless you have experienced wind and rain.

  97. 当那位农业教师完成了对白色农业的介绍,所有在场的人都显得非常的惊讶。(amazed)

  When the agricultural expert finished his introduction to white agriculture, all the people present appeared amazed.

  98. 生活在喧闹城市里的人们梦想着有一天能过上农村安静的生活。(dream)

  People (who live) in noisy cities are dreaming of (living) a quiet life in the countryside (one day).

  99. 平衡的饮食是保持健康的关键,因为饮食是影响体重的一个重要因素。(key)

  Having a balanced diet is the key to staying healthy, because diet is an important factor that affects your weight.

  100. 书中的故事是我想起了我们一起在农村学农的日子。(remind)

  The story in the book reminds me of the days when we were in the countryside working with/learning from the farmers/practicing farming.



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