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  Ⅰ.根据你所听到的句子,选出最恰当的应答句: ( ) 1. A. Quite well. B. Good. And you? C. Don't ask me such a question. D. Pleased to tell you.

  ( ) 2. A. I'm very busy. B. No, I wouldn't. C. No, you shouldn't invite me. D. Yes, I'd love to.

  ( ) 3. A. It doesn't matter. B. No doubt. C. Congratulations! D. Very well.

  ( )4.A.Pleased to meet you. B. May I, too. C. OK. D. No

  ( ) 5. A. Go ahead. B. Why not take good care of him? C. I'm sorry to hear that. D. Pay more attention to his health.

  Ⅱ.根据你所听到的对话和问题,选出正确的答案: ( ) 1. A. Her friend. B. An operator. C. A boy. D. Her student.

  ( ) 2. A. In a department store B. In the street. C. In a supermarket. D. In the park.

  ( )3. A. He has forgot it B. The key is lost. C. Sam has brought it. D. Sam has forgot to bring the key.

  ( ) 4. A. The soup is spicy, too. B. He likes soup. C. The chicken is bad. D. He likes chicken.

  ( ) 5. A. Call Joan herself B. Tell Joan about the meeting at lunch. C. Have lunch with Joan. D. Attend the meeting.

  Ⅲ.根据你所听到的短文内容,判断正误,用“T”或“F”表示,填入题前括号内: ( )1.In Britain and the USA, people care little about time. ( )2.A lot of people in Britain don't like surprises. ( ) 3. If an American wants to see a friend, most probably he’ll telephone first to make an appointment ( ) 4. If you can't arrive on time, you just say sorry and explain what has happened. ( ) 5. In Britain, people usually chat and drink first, and then they'll continue their business.

  Ⅳ.听短文,填出所缺单词,每格一词: There were some people ______ with each other. Among than was a foreigner. She came from England. When they went into the meeting-room, they found that _______ had seats ______ one. So a young man stood up and said, “Lady first.” But the foreigner said to him, "No, I'm not a lady. I am not _______ . lam a schoolgirl of _______  The young man was red in his face and said, "I am sorry for saying like that. I take back what I have said."

  Ⅴ. 听短文和问题,选出正确的答案: ( )1. A. How are you? B. Hello. C.OK. D. Hi.

  ( )2.A Yes, it is. B. Yes, it does. C. No, it isn't. D. No, it doesn't. ( ) 3.A. Five. B. Three. C. Six. D; Four..

  ( ) 4. A. Noun. B. Adverb. C. Verb D. Pronoun

  ( )5.A. Is it good for you? B. Is that hello? C. Is that correct? D. Is it all right?


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