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  This report and other recent studies show that online learning, distance learning, and self-learning in general, are not only more convenient, but, in fact, more effective than the classroom, for high school, college and adult learners. In the last decade, the Internet, the MP3 player, the iPhone, and other mobile devices,as well as social networking sites, language exchange communities, online learning systems, university courses online and more, have changed how we deal with knowledge. The walls of academia, and the costs of learning, are crumbling before our eyes and ears.


  For those who are conditioned to think that learning only happens in a classroom, the world of self-learning can be a little daunting. How do we best take advantage these new opportunities.


  1. Get interested


  Make no mistake. Your interest in the subject is the essential driver of success. You can't learn what you do not want to learn. Emotion is an important part of the learning process. If you are even moderately interested in a subject, give yourself a chance. The key is to get started. If you can create some pleasurable routines, you may find that the subject grows on you. L appetit vient en mangeant as they say in French.

  可别搞错了,兴趣是成功学成某件事的根本要素!你不想学的东西当然学不会。在学习过程中保持热情至关重要。所以如果你对某件事有些兴趣,那就给自己一个学习的机会。关键是要开始 !如果你能创造一些让自己开心的学习模式,那么就能好好开始学习这门科目。就像他们在法语里说的那样:吃着吃着就有胃口了!


  2. Expect problems and you won t be disappointed.


  Don't expect to understand things, much less remember them, the first time you study them. Trust that things will get clearer as your brain comes to grips with new information. It is like a jig-saw puzzle or a cross-word puzzle. As you start to put the pieces together, or string the words together, the full picture becomes clearer. The brain learns all the time, but on its own schedule. Learning does not take place according to a schedule laid down by a curriculum or teacher. Some things are easier to learn than others. Some things just take longer to click in. Keep at it, and you will gradually find that things that seem difficult at first, will become second nature with time.


  3. Cover the same ground from different angles.


  Your brain is struggling to form patterns to cope with new input from your learning activities. Sometimes, no matter how long you focus on one subject, your brain is not going to pick it up. If you are stuck, move on. Then cover the same general information from a different source, a different book, or a podcast, or an online lecture or a video. Try to become a grazing learner, roaming the countryside, rather than a feedlot learner, just standing there in one spot, munching on the same bale of hay. The broader your base, the easier it is to learn. Just as the rich get richer , the more you know, the more you can learn.

  在新知识的学习过程中,你的大脑会通过固有模式来接受新的知识点。有的时候,不管花多长时间对着一个科目,你就是记不住它。如果卡在这种时候,就略过它。跟着从其他的信息比如不同的书籍、播客、线上课程或视频来重新学习同一个知识点。试着把自己变成一个 放养 的学习者 在知识的草原上四处周游;而不是 圈养 的学习者 只站在一个点上学习,反复咀嚼一个知识点。看地越广、就能学的轻松。就像是 有钱的更有钱 的道理那样,你知道的越多、就能学的越多。




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