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  all by oneself 独立,单独

  above all 首先,特别是,最重要的是

  after all 到底,毕竟

  first of all 首先

  in all 总共

  most of all 最最

  all at once 突然,同时,马上

  all of a sudden 突然

  all right 好吧,行,情况不错

  all sorts of 各种各样的

  all kinds of 各种各样的

  all the best 万事如意

  all the more 更加

  all the same 尽管如此,仍旧(照样)

  all the year round 一年到头

  AS(conj.,adv.& pron.)


  as a matter of fact 事实上

  as a rule 通常

  as a result 结果

  as a whole 总的来说

  as if(as though) 好象

  as follows 如下

  as for 就。。。。。。而言

  as(so) long as 只要

  as soon as 一。。。。。。就

  as soon as possible 尽快

  as usual 像往常一样

  as well 也,还

  as well as 同……一样

  might(may) as well 不妨

  so as to 以便


  at a time 一次,每次

  at breakfast 早餐时,正在吃早饭

  at first 最初

  at home 在家

  at last最后,终于

  at least 至少

  at (the) most至多,不超过

  at one time 以前,曾经

  at once 立刻,马上

  at night 在夜里,在晚上

  at midnight 在半夜

  at present 目前,现在

  at times有时候

  at sea在大海上,在航行

  at one’s own expense 自费

  at the bottom 在底端

  at the end (of) 最后,尽头

  at the latest 最迟

  at the mercy of 在……的支配下

  at the head of 在……的前头

  at the moment 此刻

  at the same time 同时

  at work 在工作

  laugh at 嘲笑

  throw at向……扔去

  work hard at 努力工作(学习)

  By(prep.) by accident偶然地

  by air(sea,bus…)乘飞机(乘船,乘公共汽车……)

  by chance 碰巧,偶然地

  by day(night) 在白天(夜晚)

  day by day 一天天地

  by and by 不久

  by far得多,最最

  learn (know)by heart 记熟,背诵

  by mistake 错误地,由于疏忽所致

  by oneself 独自地

  one by one 一个一个地

  by the way 顺便说(问)

  by turns 轮流

  side by side 肩并肩,并排,一起

  by the side of 在……附近

  Break(v.) break away from 摆(逃)脱,脱离,改掉,破除

  break down (机器、车辆等)坏了,(身体)垮了,中断,压倒,分解

  break forth 迸发,突然

  break in 强行进入,插嘴,打岔,使驯服,使习惯

  break into破门而入,打断,占用

  break off突然停止(中断),打断,折断

  break out爆发,突然发生

  break through 突破,打破

  break up 散会,驱散,停课,腐蚀

  Bring(v.) bring about 引起,实现,使发生

  bring down 使倒下,使下降,击落,****

  bring forth 引起,使产生

  bring in 收(庄稼),提出,(使)得到(收入),引入,增加,把。。。。。。扯起来

  bring on 使发生,引起

  bring out 说明,阐明,出版

  bring to an end 结束

  bring up 提出,抚养,培养,呕吐

  Call(v.) call at (a place) 访问(某地)

  call back 回电话

  call for 来找(某人),喜欢来取(某物),想要,要求,需要有

  call in 来访,顺路到……,召来,召集,请来,收回

  call on(upon) 拜访,看望,号召,要求

  call up 给……打电话,征召(入伍),叫……起床,使想起(往事)

  Come(v.) come about 发生,造成

  come across (无意中)碰到,找到,想到,越过

  come along 跟去,一道去,赶快,进行,进展

  come down 下降,下落,传下来

  come into power(office) 执政,就职

  come out 出来,出版,发行

  come into being 产生,建立

  come to 来到(某地),共计,来参加(活动),谈到,恢复知觉

  come to a conclusion 得出结论

  come to an end 结束

  come to nothing(no good) 没有结果(没有好处)

  Do(v.) do a good deed 干得好,搞好工作

  do away with 消灭,清除,取消,破除

  do good 有好处,有用处,做好事

  do harm 有害处,不利

  do one a favour 帮个忙

  do one good对某人有好处

  do one’s best 尽力,竭力

  do the deed 付诸行动,生效

  do one’s duty 履行职责

  do up 收拾,整理,修理,打扮,包,捆,系

  do with 处理,需要,想,将就用

  do wonders 创造奇迹

  do wrong(right) 做错(对)

  have sth (nothing)to do with和……有(无)关

  Down(adv.) bring down 使倒下,击落

  break down 分解

  burn down把……烧成平地,烧光

  get down tp 开始认真(做某事)

  hand down 把……传下来

  put down记下,镇压

  tear down 拆毁,拆除

  turn down 关小,调低

  For(prep.) for a while 暂时,一时

  for ever 永远

  for free免费

  for the moment暂时

  be famous for因……而著名

  have a gift for 对……有天赋

  make a plan for 为……作计划

  stand for 代表,象征

  in (one’s) search for 寻找(求)

  as for 至于,说到

  care for 喜欢,想要

  change… for用……换

  fix a date for 约定……的日期

  Give(v.) give a talk 作报告,作演讲

  give birth to 生,产生

  give in 让步,屈服,妥协,投降,交上来

  give off (散)发出

  give one’s life 献出自己的生命

  give sb a hand 帮某人忙

  give one’s regards(greetings) to向。。。。。。问好

  give out 散发,分发

  give up 放弃,献出,交出,投降,认输,泄气

  Get(v.) get about (消息)传开,到处走动

  get along 进行,过活,相处,走开

  get away 逃掉,逃跑

  get away from 避免,摆脱,离开

  get back 回来,收回

  get close to 接近

  get down 记下来,打下来,落下

  get down on one’s knees 屈膝下跪

  get down to 开始认真(做某事)

  get into the habit of 染上。。。。。。的习惯

  get hold of 拿到,找到,抓住

  get in 进站,进去,回来,收进去,请来

  get off 起飞,(动身)离开,脱下(衣服等)

  get on (某方面)进行情况,相处,上车,继续进行,顺利发展

  get on well with 与。。。。。。相处融洽

  get over 克服,忍受,摆脱(疾病等)

  get rid of 消灭,摆脱,除掉

  get round 传开,绕过,回避

  get through 做完,结束,通过(电话)接通

  get together 聚会,联欢

  get up 起床,站起来,举办

  Go(v.) go after 追求,设法得到

  go away 走开,离开

  go against 违反

  go ahead 进行,进展,干吧,说吧,先走

  go all out 全力以赴

  go bad (食物等)变坏,坏掉

  go by 走过,经过

  go in for 从事(某种事业或活动)

  go on 发生,进行,进展,继续下去

  go off 走开

  go out 熄灭,过时

  go over 审阅,检查,研究

  go through审阅,检查,学习,练习,经历,经过

  go up上涨,上升

  In(prep.,adv.) in a flash 一刹那间

  in a word总之,简言之

  in a hurry 匆忙地,很快地

  in (actual) fact 事实上

  in a sense 从某种意义上说

  in a short while 不久,一会而后

  in all 总共,总的来说

  in any case不管怎样

  in battle 在战斗中

  in case如果,以防(有某种情况)

  in chains 上着镣铐,在囚禁中

  in charge of 主管,负责

  in common 共同,共用

  in danger 在危险中

  in debt 负债,欠帐

  in front 前方,正面对

  in front of在……前面

  in full 全文地,全部地

  in general 一般地说

  in honour of 为了纪念……,为向……表示敬意

  in modern time 现代,近代

  in one’s opinion 据(某人的)看法

  in order to(that) 为了

  in other words 换句话说

  in peace 平静地,安宁地

  in public 在公众面前,公开地

  in search of 寻找

  in (one’s) search for 寻找,寻求

  in return 作为报答

  in silence 沉默地,无声地

  in short(=in a word ) 总之

  in space 在宇宙空间

  in spite of 尽管

  in that 因为,原因是

  in that case 假如那样的话

  in the air 在空中

  in the charge 有……掌管

  in the course of 在……过程中

  in the day在白天

  in the day time在白天

  in the future 将来,以后

  in the end 最后

  in the meantime 与此同时

  in the middle (of) 在……中间

  in time 及时地

  in turn 轮流

  believe in 相信,信任

  bring in 引进,引来,吸收

  call in 召来,召集

  hand in 上交,递交

  hand in hand 并进,联合,手牵手

  drop in 顺便走访

  join in 参加,加入

  once in a while 偶尔,间或

  Keep(v.) keep a promise 遵守诺言

  keep a secret 守秘密

  keep watch 注意,警惕,提防

  keep back 扣下,隐瞒,忍住(眼泪)

  keep body and soul together 维持生活

  keep in mind 记住,想着

  keep off 避开,挡住,不接近

  keep one’s balance 保持平衡

  keep on继续(干)

  keep out 遮挡,使不入内

  keep silence 保持沉默(安静)

  keep sb?from doing sth阻止某人做某事

  keep up 保持,维持,继续(某活动)

  keep up with 不落在后面,跟上,及时了解(情况)


  look after 照顾,照管

  look as if 看起来似乎

  look back(upon)回想,回顾

  look down on(upon)看不起

  look for 寻找

  look forward to 盼望

  look into 研究,调查,了解

  look like 看起来像

  look on(upon)…as 把……看作

  look out 查出找出

  look out (for)注意,当心,提防

  look the same 看起来很像

  look through 翻阅,看一遍

  look over (仔细)检查

  look up 查找,上涨,好转,向上看


  make clear 说明,弄(讲)清楚

  make a decision 作出决定

  make a promise 答应,允诺

  make a plan for 为……作计划

  make a record 录制唱片

  make friends (with)(和…)交朋友

  make faces 做鬼脸

  make fun of 和开玩笑

  make a noise 吵闹

  make it a rule 总是…… make one’s way to(out of)向…走去(从…走出)

  make ends meet 应付开支,量入为出

  make room 让地方

  make sense 讲得通,很有意义

  make sure(certain)一定要,确保,核实,弄清楚

  make …to one’s own measure 依照某人的尺寸做…… make up 构成,占,编造,弥补

  make up one’s mind 决心,利用

  Of(prep.) a bit of 少量的,一点

  a bottle of 一瓶

  a glass of 一(玻璃)杯

  a great deal of 很多

  a handful of 少量的

  a (large)number of 许多

  a lot of 许多,大量的

  lots of 许许多多的

  a piece of 一片(张,块)

  a place of interest 名胜

  a pair of 一双,一对

  a waste of 浪费

  all kinds of 各种各样的

  all sorts of各种各样的

  at the head of 在……的前头

  at the mercy of 在……的支配下

  because of 因为

  be made up of 由……组成

  be proud of 为……而自豪

  be fond of 爱好,喜欢

  be tired of 厌烦

  die of 死于

  dream of 向往,渴望,梦想

  get rid of 处理,去掉

  in charge of 主管,负责

  in the charge of 由……掌管

  in honour of 为了纪念,为向……表示敬意

  instead of 代替

  in the hope of 怀着……的期望

  in spite of 尽管

  knock out of 从……中敲出来

  make fun of 取笑某人

  make sure of 确定,弄清楚

  make use of 利用

  masses of 大多数

  packs of 大量的,大部分

  play the role of 扮演……角色

  out of 从……向(往)外

  on the point of 正要……的时候

  plenty of 充足的,相当多的

  remind sb of 使某人想起

  run out of 用完

  scores of 许多,大量

  take the place ot 代替,取代

  talk of 谈论,议论

  think of 认为,想到,想起

  take possession of占有,拥有

  On(prep.,adv.) on average 平均

  on board 在船上

  on fire 着火

  on foot 走路,步行

  on holiday 休假,度假

  on one’s way to 在……的途中

  on one’s own 独立地,独自地

  on the air (用无线电,电视)播送

  on the radio 通过收音机,通过广播

  on the point of 正要……的时候

  on watch 值班,守望

  bring on 使前进,使发生,引起

  carry on 继续下去

  come on 来吧,赶快

  congratulate …on 祝贺

  depend on 依靠,相信

  from then(now) on 从那时(现在)起


  have an effect on 对……产生作用

  live on 以……为主食

  look down on(upon) 轻视,看不起

  keep on (doing sth) 继续(做某事)

  move on 继续前进,

  pass on 传递,转移到

  play a joke on 戏弄(某人)

  Out(adv.,prep) break out 爆发,突然发生

  carry out 开展,执行,实现

  check out 查明,结帐

  die out 消失,灭亡

  find out 找出,查出

  give out 分发,散发,用完

  hand out分发

  help…out 帮某人从困境中解脱

  hold out 伸出

  look out 留神,当心

  pick out 挑出

  point out 指出

  put out 扑灭,关熄

  run out of 用完

  send out 发出,派遣

  set out发出,开始

  show…out 领……出去

  try out 实验

  work out 算出,解决,制定出

  out of 从……向(往)外

  out of breath 上气不接下气

  out of work 失业,没工作


  put away 存起来,收拾起来

  put back 推迟,放回(原处),拨回(时钟)

  put down 写下来,镇压

  put forward 提出,提前

  put in order 整理

  put into practice 实行

  put off 推迟,延期,关上(开关等)

  put on 穿(戴)上,上演,打开(开关等)

  put on weight 增加体重

  put out 熄灭,生产,出版

  put up 举(架)起,修建,张贴,留宿

  Set (v.)

  set about 开始(着手)做

  set an example 作出榜样

  set down 放下,写(记)下

  set fire to=set…on fire 放火,烧着

  set off 使爆炸,引起,起程

  set out 出发,动身,开始,着手,列举,详述

  set sail 起航

  set to work (使)开始做…… set up 立(支)起来,成(建)立


  take a(one’s)seat 就座,坐下

  take a look at 看一下

  take a photograph (of)照一张(…的)相

  take aim 瞄准

  take an action 采取行动

  take an interest in 对……感兴趣

  take along 随身带着

  take away拿走,拿开,使离开,把……打发走

  take back 收回,让退(货)

  take…by surprise 使…吃惊,出奇兵攻占

  take care 注意,当心

  take care of 照顾,负责

  take charge of 负责

  take exercise 做运动

  take…for granted 视为当然,想必是

  take hold of 抓住,握住

  take in 订阅,使上当,收留

  take…in one’s arm (拥)抱

  take it easy 别紧张,放松些

  take note(notice)of 注意,理会

  take notes 记录,作笔记

  take off 脱掉,起飞,减(去)掉

  take (a day)off 休假(一天)

  take office 就职,上任

  take on 雇用,招收,具有(……的意思),呈现……面貌,开始从事

  take one’s defeat(things)lying down甘心失败

  take (an active) part in(积极)参加

  take one’s place 坐某人的座位,代替某人的职务

  take place 发生,举行

  take possession of 占有,拥有

  take pride in 为……感到骄傲

  take the place of 代替,取代

  take truns 轮流

  take up 开始学习,开始(某活动,空间)

  take up arms 拿起武器

  Turn(v.) turn a deaf ear (blind eye)to不听(不理睬)

  turn down 拒不采纳,开小点

  turn in 上交,交进去,上床睡觉

  turn on(off) 打开(关)

  turn out 结果,原来(情况是),产生,制造

  turn over 移交,打翻,翻耕,翻阅,考虑

  turn to 求助于,翻到,转到

  turn up 出席,出现,开大点,查找

  Up(adv.) break up 分解,腐蚀

  bing up 教育,培养,提出,呕吐

  build up 逐步实现

  clear up 整理,弄清,晴(开)朗起来

  come up 抬头,上来,上升

  cut up 切碎,齐根切断

  divide up 分配

  eat up 吃完,吃光

  fix up 安顿,修理好

  give up 放弃,投降,献出

  go up 上涨,上升

  grow up 生长,长大

  hold up 抬起,阻挡,使停顿

  join up 连接(联合)起来

  make up 编出,构成,弥补

  open up 开创,开辟

  pick up 接收,拾起,捡起

  put up 举(架)起,张贴,留宿

  round up 赶拢,使集拢

  speed up 加快速度

  set up 建立,创立

  stay up 不睡,挺住,站立

  take up 占去,占据

  throw up 呕吐,吐出

  turn up 到达,出现

  wake up 醒来

  Way(n.) all the way 全程,一直地

  ask the way 问路

  by the way 顺便说(问)

  by way of 取道,经由

  have a long way to go 还有很长的路

  in a(one) way 在某种程度上

  in a bad way 身体状况不好,情况不妙

  in any way 在任何(哪)方面

  in every way 在各方面,以各种方式

  in many ways 在很多方面

  in no way 怎样也不,一点也不

  in the (a) family way 怀孕了

  in the way of,in one’s way 碍事,妨碍

  lead the way 带路

  make one’s way to 向……走去

  lose one’s way 迷路

  make way for 给……让路

  on the way (to) 在(去)……路上

  With(prep.) be angry with 对……发脾气

  be busy with 忙于

  be fed up with 厌倦

  catch up with 赶上

  deal with 处理,对付

  Word(s)(n.) break one’s word不信守诺言,失信

  eat one’s words 承认说错了,收回自己的话

  have a word(a few words)with 和……说句(几句)话

  have a word in one’s ear 给某人说悄悄话

  have word 得到信息

  接不定式或动名词做宾语意思相同的12 个动词

  like to do sth/like doing sth喜欢做某事

  love to do sth/love doing sth 喜欢做某事

  hate to do sth/hate doing sth憎恨做某事

  prefer to do sth/ prefer doing sth 宁可做某事

  begin to do sth/ begin doing sth开始做某事

  start to do sth/ start doing sth 开始做某事

  continue to do sth/ continue doing sth 继续做某事

  can’t bear to do sth/can’t bear doing sth不能忍受做某事

  bother to do sth/ bother doing sth 麻烦做某事

  intend to do sth/ intend doing sth 想要做某事

  attempt to do sth/ attempt doing sth试图做某事

  cause to do sth/ cause doing sth停止做某事

  接不定式或动名词做宾语意思不同的7 个动词

  (1)rember to do sth记住要做某事

  rember doing sth记得曾做过某事

  (2) forget to do sth忘记要做某事

  forget doing sth忘记曾做过某事

  (3) regret to do sth后悔(遗憾)要做某事

  regret doing sth后悔(遗憾)做过某事

  (4) try to do sth设法要做某事

  try doing sth做某事试试看看有何效果

  (5) mean to do sth打算做某事

  mean doing sth意味着做某事

  (6) can’t help to do sth不能帮助做某事

  can’t help doing sth忍不住做某事

  (7) go on to do sth做完某事后接着做另一事

  go on doing sth继续做一直在做的事

  可用于“动词+sb+of sth”的8 个常见动词

  accuse sb of sth控告某人犯某事(罪),指责某人做某事

  cheat sb of sth骗取某人某物

  cure sb of sth治好某人的病,改掉某人的习惯


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