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1)Whatever great achievements the future may have in store for China,it's likely that many of them will be born in northwestern Beijing.(无论中国将来会有什样么的伟大成就,其中许多很有可能将诞生在北京的西东部。)
        in store的意思是“就要到来”;“必将发生”。又如:
        1.I have a surprise in store for you.  我有个你意想不到的消息告诉你。
        2.There are better days in store for you.  有好日子等着你。
        3.Who knows what the future has in store for us?   谁知道未来等待着我们的是什么。

2)I will never forget how happy I was when I set foot in China again and was back with my friends and family.   (我永远不会忘记当我再次踏上中国的土地和我的朋友及家人团聚时,那种感觉有多幸福。)
        set foot in/on的意思是“进入”;“踏进”。又如:
        1.He said he would never set foot in that house again.  他说他永远不再踏进那座房子了。
        2.They were filled with joy when they set foot on Chinese soil in late July. 当七月底踏上中国的土地时,他们高兴极了。

3)Zhongguancun has had a positive effect on business as well as science.(中关村无论对商业还是科学都产生了积极的影响。)
        have an effect (on sb/sth)的意思是“(对某人,某物)产生作用,影响”。又如:
        1.Her parents have a great effect on her.She wants to become a teacher in the future.  她的父母对她影响很大,她将来想做一名教师。
        2.This medicine has a good effect on the disease.这种药对这病疗效很好。

4)One of the mottos for the park—“Relying on science,technology and knowledge to increase economic power”—makes it clear that science and business can and must work together to build the future.(这个园区的口号之一是“依靠科学技术和知识是发展经济”,它阐明了科学和商业能够且必须结合在一起共创未来。)
        rely on的意思是“依赖”;“依靠”。又如:
        1.We must rely on our own efforts to do it.  我们必须依靠自己的力量来完成它。
        2.You cannot rely on his help.  你不能指望他的帮助。
~~~问题~~~~:英文中有一个词组与rely on意思相近,你知道是哪个词组吗?请用他造两个句子。
             1.Have I made myself clear?  我讲清楚了吗?
             2.I will make the whole matter clear to you.  我将把整个事情给你讲清楚。
             3.Betty made it clear that she would support Amy.  贝蒂清楚地表明她要支持艾米。

5)We are not making that much money yet,but we are excited about all the new technology and great ideas that are coming to life in zhongguancun.(我们现在还没挣到那么多钱,但是我们为所有中关村富有活力的新技术和好的想法而感到激动。)
             come to life的意思是“恢复生气”;“活跃起来”。又如:
             1.When I mentioned our plans for a trip abroad,the kids came to life at once.  当我一提起出国旅游的打算时,孩子们顿时兴致勃勃。
             2.The quiet girl has come to life since she lived with her grandpa.  自从和爷爷生活在一起时,这个沉默寡言的女孩就变得活泼起来。

6)In 1995,the Chinese government put forward a plan for“rejuvenating the nation by relying on science and education”and it has helped Chinese scientists make many breakthroughs.(1995年中国政府提出“科教兴国”的规划,帮助中国科学家取得了许多进阶性的成就。)
             句中it指的是a plan for“rejuvenating the nation by relying on science and education”。
             put forward的意思是“提出主意,计划等”。又如:
             1.He put forward several interesting plans.  他提出了几项令人感兴趣的计划。
             2.It is an explanation often put forward by our friends.  这是我们的朋友经常做出的解释。
             He was rejuvenated by new hope.  新的希望又使他充满了活力。

7) China has long been a leader in the field of genetic research aimed at improving agriculture.(中国长期以来就处在致力于发展农业的基因研究领域的前沿。)
             1.He aimed his gun at the target.  他把枪瞄准目标。
             2.Those girls worked out every morning,aiming at a weight loss of ten pounds.  那些女孩每天早晨锻炼是为了减轻10磅体重。
             3.We must aim at increasing exports.  我们要力求增加出口。

8)It seems to be love at first byte for China and computers.(这就好像中国和计算机一见钟情一样。)
             at first sight意思是“第一眼”,这里作者借用这一词组,将“sight”换成了计算机术语“byte”,形象地说明了中国和计算机“一见钟情”。

9)In their efforts to survive,they find themselves on the surface of the monster itself,which turns out to be a  submarine.(在他们努力求生时,发现自己就在怪兽的身体表面上,结果怪兽竟然是一艘潜水艇。)
              本句which引导的非限制性定于从句,修饰the monster itself。
              短语动词turn out后面跟不定式to be,表示“结果是……”;“最后情况是……”。又如:
              1.Though it looked like rain this morning,it has turned out to be a fine day.  尽管今早看起来要下雨,结果却是晴天。
              2.The meeting turned out to be boring.  结果那个会议很没意思。

10)I read all the books I could find that threw light upon these matters.(我读了所有我能找到的,能说明这些事情的书籍。)
             throw light on/upon表示“使某事显得非常清楚”的意思。又如:
             1.The modern scientific development has thrown light on this question.  现代科学的发展已使这个问题明朗化。
             2.Can you throw any light on the problem?  你能把这个问题阐述清楚吗?
             3.The information throws light upon the mystery of Dr Baker.  这个信息可以解开贝克医生之谜。

11)Life in the oceans rangs from the tiniest plankton all the way up to giants like sharks and whales.(海洋里的生命从最微小的浮游生物到巨大的动物如鲨鱼和鲸都有。)
             range from…to的意思是“从……到……不等”;“在一定的范围(程度)内变化”。又如:
             1.Prices ranged from 5 to 10 dollars.  价格自五美元至十美元不等。
             all the way的意思是“一直”;“始终”。又如:
             1.Jack climbed all the way to the top of the tree.  杰克一直爬到了树顶。
             2.All the way back,they talked about films and actors.  回来的路上,他们一直在谈论电影和演员。

12)The nutrients in whatever falls into the ocean quickly become available to other living creatures.(流入海洋里的任何营养物都会马上被其他生物所利用。)
             whatever指“任何(一切)事或物”,意思接近anything that。又如:
             1.Talk to me about whatever is troubling you.   跟我说说令你烦恼的事吧。
             2.Don’t you know that she always succeeds in whatever she tries?  难道你不知道无论她努力干什么,她总会成功的吗?

the Civil War  美国内战,也叫南北战争     the American War of Independence  美国独立战争,也叫“北美独立战争”
the ANC(African Nation Congress) Youth League  非洲人国民大会青年联盟[African Nation Congress--非洲人国民大会]
the French Revolution  法国大革命       Silicon Valley in the US  美国硅谷          Carnival  狂欢节     
Stone Age  石器时代        Bronze Age  青铜时代      Iron Age  铁器时代

1.CSA,the Chinese Space Agency,has developed the highly successful Long March rocket series.(中国航天局成功地研制出了长征系列运载火箭。)
2.In 2000,Chinese scientists announced that they had completed their part of the international human genome project,proving that Chinese scientists are among the world’s best.(2000年中国科学家宣布他们已完成国际人类基因组计划中自己的任务,证明了中国科学家是世界优质的。the international human genome project国际人类基因组计划。)
3.Chinese computer engineers have also developed the supercomputer Shenwei,one of the world’s fastest computers,and built the nation’s first humanoid robot.(中国计算机工程师还研发出巨型计算机“神威”,并制成了国内第一台智能机器人。“神威”是世界上运行速度最快的计算机之一。)
4.By taking the scientific developments of his day one step further,Jules Verne laid the foundation of modern science fiction.(通过将他所处时代的科学发展向前推进一步,儒勒.凡尔纳奠定了现代科幻小说的基础。)
5.Although I know how to create life,how to prepare a body for it with all its muscles and organs still remained a difficult job.(尽管我知道如何创造生命,但是怎样为它创造一个又有肌肉又有器官的身躯仍然是个难题)
6.I collected my instruments around me,with which I could light the flame of life in life in the dead thing that lay at my feet. (我把身边的仪器都收集起来,用这些仪器我可以将生命之光注入到躺在我脚下的这个没有生命的东西里。)
7.Although slavery ended in the USA in 1856,almost a hundred years before,the South had its own laws to continue the separation of blacks and whites.(尽管在1865年,差不多100年前,美国就结束了奴隶制度,南方却仍然拥有自己的法律,继续隔离黑人和白人。)
8.The history of the South is one of suffering:the suffering of the Native Americans who were killed or driven off their land by European settlers;the pains of slaves brought from Africa by greedy slave traders;the death and poverty of the Civil War;the hardships of unemployment and civil unrest in the post-war years and the Great Depression;the many sacrifices of the Civil Rights Movement.(南方的历史是苦难的历史:被欧洲殖民者杀戮或驱逐的土著美洲人的苦难;被贪婪的奴隶贩卖者从非洲带来的奴隶的痛苦;内战时期的死亡和贫困;战后多年的失业之苦、国内动乱和大萧条;许多人在民权运动中所作出的牺牲等等。)
9.The injustices in the city and in the South led Dr King to organise non-violent demonstrations aimed at ending segregation.(这座城市和整个南方的种种不公正的事例导致金博士组织非暴力的示威,目的是结束种族隔离制度。)
10.The city saw a series of fierce between blacks and whites in the 1960s.(在20世纪60年代,这座城市目睹了黑人和白人之间一连串激烈的冲突。)
11.Like many other Southern cities,Atlanta is representative of the new South,a place where hope and faith have replaced fear and doubt.(如同许多其他南部城市一样,亚特兰大是新南方的代表,一个希望和信任代替恐惧和怀疑的地方)
12.From about 1830 onwards in the USA,European settlers began to move westwards.(在美国约从1830年起,欧洲移民开始向西部迁移。)
13.I know people are trying to help,but I wish they wouldn not treat me as if I were a children.(我知道人们在努力帮助我,但是我希望他们不要把我看成小孩子。)
14.…winning is not about being the first one across the finish line or scoring the most goals,but it is about being the best you can be.(……胜利并不是第一个冲过终点线或得到最多的得分,而是尽你所能做到最好。)

15.By looking at a problem in as many ways as possible,creative thinkers can find solutions that would otherwise remain invisible.(通过从尽可能多的角度来看待一个问题,富有创造力的思考者可以发现在其他情况下可能察觉不了的解决办
16.As with thinking outside the box,the process includes a series of different attempts and several false starts.Each new way of looking at a situation improves our understanding and makes it easier to discover new possibilities.(就进阶常规思考而言,这个过程包括一系列不同的尝试和一些错误的开端,而且每一种考虑情况的新方法能加深我们的理解,使我们更容易发现新的可能性。)
17.How can you hope for mercy yourself when you show none?(如果你一点儿都不对别人表现出仁慈,又怎么能希望自己得到仁慈?)
18.Mercy falls like the gentle rain from the sky upon the earth.(仁慈就像甘露从天空降到大地。)
19.It sometimes happens that some people are in a position where they can make an important decision about a person they hate.(有时有这样的事情发生,人们处在某个位置,这个位置可使他们对所恨的人做出重大的决定。)
20.please be seated.[请就座(固定用法)]
21.My money and goods are as dear to me as life itself.  我的钱和财产对我就像生命一样宝贵。
22.I ask you to let him stand in my place and pass judgement.  我请求你让他代替我做出裁决

15)These chopsticks are both delicious and environmentally friendly.(这些筷子既好吃又保护环境。)
             environmentally friendly的意思是“保护环境”。 friendly常与一些词连用,说明“容易的”、“易被某些特定对象理解或使用的”,常用于合成词。类似的用法还有:user-friendly(电脑)使用者易使用的,好使用的;a reader-friendly manual易于理解的手册;a consumer-friendly policy有益消费者的政策。

16)Creativity is not about getting high test scores,having a high IQ(intelligence quotient)or being smart.(创造力并不意味着在考试中得高分,有高智商或很聪明。)

17)If we look only for the correct answer and reject ideas that do not provide a complete answer,we may get stuck.(如果我们只找正确答案,拒绝那些不能给我们完整答案的想法,我们就可能被困住。)
             get/be stuck意思是“被困住”。类似的用法有:
             I got stuck when I misspelt a word in a crossword puzzle.(我正拼写一个纵横字谜中的词时卡住了。

18)You might as well go stand upon the beach and argue with the sea.(你倒不如站在海滩上和大海争论。)
             may/might as well do sth(as do sth else)意思是“还是做某事好”;“不如做某事”。又如:
             1.We may as well have a try and see if it can be done.  我们还是试一试,看看能否办成。
             2.There is nothing to do,so I may as well go to bed.  没什么事可做,我还是上床睡觉好了。

19)His life shall be at the mercy of the Duck.(他的命应该由公爵处置)
             at the mercy of意思是“任……摆布”;“在……前毫无办法”;“由……掌握”。又如:
             1.The match was at the mercy of the weather.  比赛要视天气而定。
             2.I shouldn’t like to be at the mercy of such a cruel man.  我不想让这样残酷的人摆布我。

1.Seeing is believing.                    眼见为实。
2.Art is long,life is short.                 人生短暂,学艺无穷。
3.Look before you leap.                  三思而后行。
4.Like father,like son.                  有其父,必有其子。
5.Better late than never.                  再晚也不算迟。
6.All roads lead to Rome.                 条条大陆通罗马。
7.As you sow,so shall you reap.            种瓜得瓜 ,种豆得豆。
8.Birds of a feather flock together.         物以类聚。
9.No pain,no gain.                      不劳而获。
10.    When In home,do as the Romans do.   入乡随俗。
11.    It's my cup of tea.                  那恰是我所喜欢的。
12.     An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  一日一苹果,医生远离我。
13.     A friend in need is a friend indead.     患难见真情。
14.    A young idler;an old beggar.          少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。
15.    Practice makes perfect.              熟能生巧。
16.    No sweet without sweet.             一分耕耘,一分收获。
17 .    Haste makes waste.                 欲速则不达。
18.    Easier said than done.               说起来容易做起来难。
19.    Every man has his taste.             人各有所好。
20.    Extremes meet.                    物极必反。
21.     Live and learn.                    活到老学到老。
22.    Nothing comes of nothing.           事出必有因。
23.    Walls have ears.                    隔墙有耳。
24.     Failure is the mother of success.       失败是成功之母。
25.    A leopard can not change his spots.     江山易改,本性难移。
26.    Good mind,good find.               好心有好报。
27.    Forgive others whenever you can.      得饶人处且饶人。
28.    Love me,love my dogs.              爱屋及乌。
29.     Actions speak louder than words.      行动比语言有力。
30.     Life is long,if it is full.               年华不虚度,生命自悠长。
31.    Take things as they come.            既来之,则安之。
32.    Time and tide wait for no man.        岁月不待人。