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  一、Making Plans 订计划

  451. What do you plan to do this Friday? 明天你打算干什么?

  452. What are you doing next week? 下周你干什么?

  453. I plan to go to the concert. 我打算去听音乐会。

  454. I"m thinking of going to my grandma"s. 我想去外婆家。

  455. I"ll go skiing of the weather permits. 天气允许的话,我会去滑雪。

  456. I suppose I can finish the project next year. 我想我明年完成此工程。

  457. I have no idea. 我不知道。

  458. It"s up to you. 由你决定。

  459. I"m considering buying a house. 我想买套房子。

  460. Hi, Jack, what lessons will you take this semester? 你好,杰克,这学期你选什么课?

  461. Hi, Lucy. I"ll take French and Economics. 你好,露西,我想选法语和经济。

  462. I"m taking Chinese and History. 我将选中文和历史。

  463. Do you plan to do some odd jobs? 你打算打工吗?

  464. Yes, I"m applying to work at the library. 是的,我在申请图书馆管理员的工作。

  465. Good luck! 祝你好运。

  二、 About Decisions 关于决定

  466. It"s up to you. 由你决定。

  467. You have the final say. 你说了算。

  468. She insists that it doesn"t matter. 她坚持说那没关系。

  469. He"s made up his mind to quit his job. 他已决定辞去他的工作。

  470. I"ve decided not to sell the house. 我决定不卖房子了。

  471. I"m determined to leave. 我决意要走了。

  472. Have you decided? 你决定了吗?

  473. No, I haven"t decided yet. 不,还没有。

  474. I"ve changed my mind. 我改注意了。

  475. It"s still undecided. 还没决定。

  476. Don"t hesitate any more. 别在犹豫了。

  477. Give me a definite answer, please. 请给个明确的答复。

  478. It"s really hard to make a decision. 挺难做决定的。

  479. I"m always making resolutions, like giving up smoking. 我总在做出决定,比如戒烟。

  450. Don"t shilly-shally. 别犹豫不决。

  三、 Traveling 旅游

  481. Do you like traveling? 你喜欢旅游吗?

  482. Yes, I"ve just come back from Scotland. 是的,我刚从苏格兰回来。

  483. How did you get there? 你怎么去的?

  484. I got there by plane. 我坐飞机去的。

  485. Where did you visit? 你去参观了哪些地方?

  486. I only had time to visit Edinburgh. 我只有时间去爱丁堡。

  487. How did you like it? 你喜欢那儿吗?

  488. It"s fantastic. 那儿棒极了。

  489. Why did you go there? 你为什么去那儿?

  490. I went there on business. 我出差到那儿。

  491. And do you have friends there? 你在那儿有朋友吗?

  492. Yes, a lot of friends. 是的,很多。

  493. You must have enjoyed yourself. 你一定玩的很开心。

  494. Yes, and I took many pictures. 是的,我还照了好多照片。

  495. Please let me see them. 让我看看。

  四、 About Shopping 关于购物

  496. Will you go shopping with me? 你跟我去买东西吗?

  497. Here"s your change. 这是找你的钱。

  498. I"ll go to pick up some odds and ends at the store. 我要到商店买些零碎的东西。

  499. Excuse me, would you tell me where I can get some butter?


  500. May I have a look at the watch? 我能看看这块表吗?

  501. May I try it on? 我能试试吗?

  502. This is too small for me. Do you have a bigger one? 这个太小了,有大点的吗?

  503. Do you have any more colors? 有别的颜色吗?

  504. What"s your size? 你穿多大号?

  505. It suits you to a T. 特别适合你。

  506. It"s too expensive for me. 对于我来说太贵了。

  507. Can you came down a bit? 可以再便宜点吗?

  508. I"ll take it. 我买了。

  509. How much is it? 这卖多少钱?

  510. How much do I owe you? 我该付多少钱?

  五、 In The Restaurant 餐馆进餐

  511. What would you like to eat? 你想吃点什么?

  512. Are you ready to order? 你要点菜了吗?

  513. I"d like some steak and bread. 我要牛排和面包。

  514. What would you like for dessert? 你要什么甜点?

  515. I"ll have some ice cream. 我要冰淇淋。

  516. Do you want some fruit? 你要水果吗?

  517. Yes, please. I want an apple. 是的,我要一个苹果。

  518. Anything to drink? 喝点什么?

  519. A small glass of whisky, please. 请来一小杯威士忌。

  520. Here is your food. 你的菜来了。

  521. Bring me the bill please. 请买单。

  522. Can I pay by check or credit card? 我能用支票或信用卡吗?

  523. Sorry, we only take cash. 对不起,我们只收现金。

  524. Here you are. 给。

  525. Here is your change. 找您的钱。

  六、 About Evening Entertainment 关于夜生活

  526. I"m free tonight. 我今晚有空。

  527. Shall we go to the cinema? 我们去看电影好吗?

  528. Do you know what"s on tonight? 你知道今天上演什么?

  529. May I ask you for a dance? 可以请你跳支舞吗?

  530. With pleasure. 很荣幸。

  531. Sorry, I"m engaged. 对不起,我有约在先了。

  532. What about another dance? 再跳一曲好吗?

  533. You"re a good dancer. 你舞跳的真好。

  534. What"s on Channel 8 now? 现在8频道播什么节目?

  535. I don"t know. You may look in the TV Guide. 我不知道,你可以看看《电视报》。

  536. Let"s see what else is on. 咱们看看有没有别的节目。

  537. Did you see the special last night? 昨晚你看特别节目了吗?

  538. I don"t want to see any more of this TV show. 我不想再看这个电视节目了。

  539. Can we change the channel? 能换个频道吗?

  540. I want to see the weather. 我想看天气预报。

  七、 Appointments 约会

  541. I"d like to make an appointment with Mrs. Green. 我想约个时间见格林女士。

  542. She"s free on Friday and Saturday. 她周五和周六有空。

  543. Sorry, can I see her before Friday? 对不起,我能周五之前见她吗?

  544. Let me see. She has 30 minutes Tuesday afternoon. 让我查查,她周二下午有30分钟。

  545. At what time? 什么时间?

  546. From 4 to 4:30. 四点到四点半。

  547. All right. 好吧。

  548. So you"ll come then. Please phone in if you can"t make it.


  549. I have an interview this afternoon. 我今天下午有面试。

  550. I can come any time except Sunday. 除星期天外我都能来。

  551. You can reach me at 6609823. 你打电话6609823就能找到我。

  552. He phoned to cancel the meeting. 他打电话来取消会议。

  553. Please call me before you come. 你来之前请打电话。

  554. Please make an appointment with my secretary. 请跟我秘书定个见面时间。

  555. I have to change my appointment from Monday to Thursday.


  八、 Seeing A Doctor 看医生

  556. What"s your trouble? 你有什么不舒服?

  557. How long have you had it? 你得这病多久了?

  558. I should say you"ve caught a cold. 我看你感冒了。

  559. You need an injection. 你需要打针。

  560. Is it serious? 我的病严重吗?

  561. Do I need to be hospitalized? 我需要住院吗?

  562. Have you seen the doctor? 你看过医生了吗?

  563. What did the doctor say? 医生怎么说?

  564. Jack is up and about now. 杰克病后复原了。

  565. The doctor says that I should take quinine. 医生说我应该服用奎宁。

  566. What sort of medicine do you take? 你吃的是什么药?

  567. The doctor says that I should not eat anything oily. 医生说我不能吃油腻的东西。

  568. I had a shot of penicillin. 我打了一针青霉素。

  569. You have to be operated on. 你得做手术。

  570. He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood pressure.


  九、 Making A Phonecall 打电话

  571. Hello. May I speak to Mr. Green? 你好,我找格林先生。

  572. Just a moment. 等一会儿。

  573. Hold on. 等一会儿。

  574. He"s not in. May I take a message for him? 他不在,我能替他捎个口信吗?

  575. Yes, please. 是的,麻烦了。

  576. Would you answer the phone please? 你能接下电话吗?

  577. I want to make a long distance call. 我想打个长途电话。

  578. This is Mary Speaking. 我是玛丽。

  579. Would you tell Mr. Green that I called? 你能告诉格林先生我给他打了个电话吗?

  580. I must have dialed a wrong number. 我一定拨错号了。

  581. I couldn"t get through. 我打不通。

  582. I have to hang up now. 我得挂电话了。

  583. Would you call back tomorrow? 你能明天回个电话吗?

  584. There"s something wrong with the phone. 电话出了点儿毛病。

  585. I tried to call you, but the line was busy. 我试着给你打电话,但老占线。

  十、 About Mail 关于邮政

  586. I have received a letter from my cousin. 我收到了我表兄的信。

  587. I haven"t heard from him for a long time. 我很久没有收到他的信了。

  588. Send a postcard to me when you arrive in Shanghai. 你到上海以后给我发张明信片。

  589. I put some photographs in the envelope. 我在信里夹了几张照片。

  590. He hasn"t answered my letter yet. 他还没有给我回信。

  591. My mother mailed me a parcel. 我妈给我寄了一个包裹。

  592. We keep in touch with each other by Email since he left China.


  593. Don"t forget to put stamps on your letter. 别忘了贴邮票。

  594. How long does it take for a letter to get to America from Beijing?


  595. You"ve got an express mail. 你有特快专递。

  596. To make it fast, you can send a fax. 要想快点的话就发个传真。

  597. My mother has sent me a registered letter, I guess she has something important to tell me. 我妈给我发了一封挂号信,我想她有什么重要的事情要说。

  598. I find my name on the blackboard. I must have got a remittance.


  599. Do you want to airmail it or not? 你想发航空信吗?

  600. I drop the letter into the mailbox in front of the Post Office.


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