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  1(2010全国模拟Ⅰ,22)—What fruit is in season now?

  —Grapes and peaches,______.

  A.I know B.I think C.I see D.I feel

  解析:考查插入语的用法。这类短语有I think,I hope,I guess,I believe,I suppose,I say,I"m afraid,that is,that is to say,what"s more等,它们可以置于句中或句末。


  2What a pity!Old Joshua worked hard all his life but without much ______.

  A.reward B.prize C.award D.result



  3To produce one pound of honey,a line of bees must fly a distance ______ to twice around the earth.

  A.similar B.equal C.familiar D.near

  解析:be equal to “等于”。be similar to“和……类似”;be familiar with“对……熟悉”。


  4As ______ matter of fact,______ beauty of ______ nature there made an excellent impression on me.

  A.a;the;/ B.a;the;the

  C.the;the;/ D.a;/;the

  解析:as a matter of fact“事实上”;nature前面通常不用冠词,这里特指大自然的美,故beauty前面要加the。


  5Their supporters believe in them so deeply that they are ______ to go to war in support of them.

  A.willing B.afraid C.anxious D.curious

  解析:be willing to do sth.“愿意干某事”。


  6The ______ I saw him,I knew he was angry with me.

  A.thing B.while C.way D.moment

  解析:the moment引导时间状语从句,意思是“一……就……”。句意:我一看到他,我就知道他生我的气。


  7In several parts of the city,cars are not permitted,______ in the main shopping areas.

  A.actually B.especially C.practically D.really



  8She keeps a supply of candles in the house in case of power ______.

  A.failure B.lack C.absence D.drop

  解析:power failure “停电”。句意:她房子里放了很多的蜡烛以防停电。


  9You can"t imagine what trouble I had ______ this English article into Chinese.

  A.to translate B.translating

  C.translated D.been translating

  解析:have trouble in doing sth.“做某事有麻烦”为固定搭配,in 可以省略。


  10You shouldn"t ______ heart even though you failed this time.

  A.fail B.lose C.loose D.give up

  解析:lose heart“丧失信心”。



  1不要丧失信心,只要你再加把劲,下次会做得好些。(lose heart)


  答案:Don"t lose heart!You will do it better next time if you work harder.



  答案:Only when I had another failure in my job­seeking did I realize that knowledge is valuable.

  3其实,这事我昨天就完成了。(as a matter of fact)


  答案:As a matter of fact,I finished it yesterday.

  4他总是乐于帮助那些有麻烦的人。(in trouble)


  答案:He is always ready to help those in trouble.



  Barbara Morgan"s life­long dream has always been to travel into space.On August 8,2007,her wish came true.The former teacher was one of seven crewmembers on the Space Shuttle Endeavour,which flew into space from NASA"s Kennedy Space Station in Florida.

  Morgan taught at a primary school in Boise from 1975­1998—with some time off for astronaut training.In 1985,she was chosen as a backup for Christa McAuliffe,who was to be the first teacher in space.On January 28,1986,the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded just 73 seconds after take­off killing McAuliffe and the other six crewmembers.

  After the Challenger accident,Morgan continued to teach.In 1998,she was asked to become an astronaut.Morgan"s mission aboard Endeavour includes overseeing the move of 5000 pounds of goods from the shuttle to the International Space Station and operating the shuttle"s robotic arm.

  Morgan gave students an unusual class after she was in space.Morgan"s out­of­this­world class was broadcast live on NASA television.Her husband Clay Morgan said he couldn"t help but smile as he watched her talk to students.“I"m just so proud of her and how she"s going to do all this and do the work of an astronaut as well as a teacher,” he said.“She just kept telling me how unbelievable it was to be in space and I think it"s much better than she expected.” One student asked Morgan how being a teacher compared to being an astronaut.“We explore,we discover and we share,” she said.“The great thing about being a teacher is you get to do that with students,and the great thing about being an astronaut is you get to do it in space,these are both wonderful jobs.”

  The 25­minutes question­and­answer meeting also included the astronauts entertaining students by swallowing floating juice bubbles and playing with Ping­pong balls.

  1Which of the following would be the best title for the text?

  A.The First Female Astronaut

  B.Space Shuttle Endeavour

  C.An Unusual Class

  D.Barbara Morgan"s Long­life Dream



  2The underlined word in the second paragraph most probably means ______.

  A.someone as a replacement

  B.someone as a volunteer

  C.someone as a teacher

  D.someone as a supporter

  解析:这是一道词义猜测题。从下文可知,1986年1月28日挑战号航天飞机在起飞73秒后爆炸,使得前飞行员教师Christa McAuliffe和其他六名机组人员全部遇难。所以这句话的意思是:1986年,她就是作为Christa McAuliffe的后备人员被选中的。故选A项。


  3What can we learn from what Barbara Morgan said to a student in Paragraph 4?

  A.Getting to do with students is much greater.

  B.Being a teacher is as great as being an astronaut.

  C.An astronaut"s life is more wonderful.

  D.Being a teacher is quite different from being an astronaut.



  4Clay Morgan"s attitude towards his wife"s being an astronaut was that of ______.

  A.surprise B.pride

  C.unconcern D.worry

  解析:这是一道推理判断题。从第四段中的 “he couldn"t help but smile”和“I"m just so proud of her” 可知B项正确。


  5Which of the following is NOT included in Morgan"s mission in space?

  A.Operating the shuttle"s robotic arm.

  B.Watch over the move of goods.

  C.Giving a class to the students.

  D.Teaching the other crew members.

  解析:这是一道细节理解题。从文章第三段中的“Morgan"s mission aboard Endeavour includes overseeing the move of 5000 pounds of goods from the shuttle to the International Space Station and operating the shuttle"s robotic arm.”可知A项和B项的陈述是正确的,故不是本题的答案。从文章开始和后文的介绍可知,C项是她进入太空的主要任务。只有D项文中没有相关信息。



  About 40 percent of the top students in college entrance examinations have chosen foreign universities for their postgraduate studies according to a survey that tracked 130 top performers from 1977 to 1998.

  The government should find better ways to hold back talented students,said Cai Yanhou,a professor with Central South University in Changsha.

  UNESCO figures show Chinese students_comprise 14 percent of international students.Their favorite destinations for higher studies are the US,Britain and Japan.Some experts said handsome scholarships,better job prospects(前景)and more chances to get further studies are the main attractions of foreign universities.

  But Cai,who also led the survey team,said “top_in_exams”_does_not_necessarily_mean_“top_in_career”_because the study found none of the top students at college entrance exams had become a top Chinese expert.

  The entrance exam is just one of the many exams a person will go through in his life and that can"t foretell his future achievements,said Wang Xuming,a spokesman for the Ministry of Education.He criticized the media hype(大肆宣传)over the so­called Zhuangyuan.

  Some of them are just more adaptable to exam­oriented(以考试为标准的) education than their peers(同龄人),experts said.

  The media fill pages and time periods with their “success” stories to gain readers and viewers.High schools promote their former students proudly to attract new ones,and universities want to show their high position by recruiting(招募)them,they said.

  6How many top students in college entrance examinations chose to study in foreign universities from 1977 to 1998?

  A.40. B.52. C.90. D.130.

  解析:推理判断题,可用逻辑推断法来解。由原文第一节可知,该调查跟踪了1977 至1998年间的130名学员,其中40%的人出国读大学,因此其出国读大学人数为130×40%=52人。


  7What does the word “comprise” in the third paragraph mean?

  A.make up B.take up C.give up D.set up

  解析:推理判断题,可用逻辑推断法来解。由主语Chinese students和宾语14 percent of international students之间的语境逻辑可以推出该空表示“占有”,因此应填make up。


  8Which country is not among the favourite destinations for higher studies for Chinese students?

  A.America. B.England. C.Japan. D.Italy.

  解析:细节判断题,可用直接就题找文法来解。原文第三节“Their favorite destinations for higher studies are the US,Britain and Japan.”体现答案。


  9What does the underlined part mean in the fourth paragraph?

  A.“Top students in exams” doesn"t mean “top students in career”.

  B.Top students in exams can"t be top students in career.

  C.Top students in career needn"t be top students in exams.

  D.Top students in career are usually bad students in exam.



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