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高一英语知识点:高一英语下册Unit 4单元质量检测试题

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  (必修二•Unit 4)


  1.On seeing her funny­looking hairstyle, her classmates could not ________ their laughs.

  A.hold       B.contain

  C.overcome D.prevent

  答案与解析:B contain 可意为“容忍”,could not contain their laughs 相当于couldn"t help laughing。

  2.Soon after the terrible earthquake,________ was sent to the people who lost their homes from all over the world.

  A.expense B.relief

  C.attention D.sympathy

  答案与解析:B relief意为“减轻痛苦的事情”,本题指“救援物品”,符合题意。

  3.The headmaster has retired but no one knows who will ________ him in the post.

  A.follow B.succeed

  C.remove D.achieve

  答案与解析:B succeed“继承;接任”,符合题意。follow“跟随;紧跟”;remove“免职;罢免”;achieve“取得”。

  4.There"s a whole crowd of people over there.Go and see what ________ and if it is good,we will buy it too.

  A.is selling B.has been selling

  C.is being sold D.has been sold

  答案与解析:C 用现在进行时表示目前正在进行的动作;what与sell构成逻辑上的动宾关系,故用现在进行时的被动语态。

  5.It was not until fish ________ that the villagers realized the importance of protecting the river.

  A.died away B.died off

  C.died from D.died out

  答案与解析:D die out“灭绝”符合题意。die away 相当于die down,意为“渐渐消失;停下来”,其主语通常是风、声音等;die off“相继死去”;die from “死于”事故等外因,与题意不符。

  6.—My flight ________.I"d better be on my way.Goodbye.

  —Bye.Happy landing!

  A.was announced B.is being announced

  C.has announced D.is announced

  答案与解析:B flight与动词announce 构成逻辑上的动宾关系,排除C项;由对话语境看用现在进行时表示此刻正在进行的动作,与题意相符。

  7.After graduating from university,Wang Ping was ________ a secretary in a big company.

  A.employed as B.employed

  C.taken for D.regarded as

  答案与解析:A be employed as...“被雇用为……”,employ多指公司长期雇用人员。

  8.—My uncle suggested I ________ abroad.

  —I would rather you ________ at home.

  A.go; stay       B.went; stayed

  C.go; stayed D.went; stay

  答案与解析:C suggest(that)sb. (should)do;would rather 后的从句中用过去时态表虚拟。

  9.The driver was at ________ loss when ________ word came that he was forbidden to drive for speeding.

  A.a; the B./; /

  C.the; the D.a; /

  答案与解析:D at a loss 不知所措;word当“消息”讲时不可数。

  10.Now I see you want to ________ the position as you said just now.Could you please give me a brief ________ your intention?

  A.apply for; account of

  B.react to; introduction about

  C.reply for; description of

  D.remind of; instruction about

  答案与解析:A apply for sth.“申请……”;account可意为“叙述;讲述;描述”,相当于description。

  11.Too much smoking and drinking ________ him greatly,which meant bad living habits had an ________ on his health.

  A.affect; effect B.affected; effect

  C.affected; effects D.affect; effects

  答案与解析:B affect为及物动词,因题干为过去时态,故排除A、D两项;have an effect on sth.“对某物有影响”为固定搭配。

  12.The teacher got very ________ when the boy student refused to answer his question.

  A.annoying B.being annoyed

  C.to be annoying D.annoyed

  答案与解析:D get此处为系动词,后接过去分词可表示状态的改变。get annoyed意为“生气”。

  13.We"d like to ________ a table for five for dinner this evening.

  A.preserve B.reserve

  C.relieve D.reckon

  答案与解析:B 本题考查易混词语辨析。句意:我们今晚想预订一张五个人的餐桌。reserve a table 意为“预订一张桌子”。preserve保护,维持;relieve 减轻,解除;reckon认为,评估,计算,都不符合题意。

  14.The audience waited until the curtain rose and then ______ laughter at the sight of the funny actor.

  A.burst out B.burst into

  C.broke into D.began with

  答案与解析:B 本题考查短语辨析。burst into laughter=burst out laughing,意为“突然大笑起来”。

  15.After the new president of the USA came to power,a new rule soon________.

  A.came into being B.came into use

  C.came into the market D.came into blossom

  答案与解析:A 本题考查come into being 的用法。句意:美国的新总统上台后,一个新规则很快就出台了。come into being 形成,出台,不用被动语态。come into use 开始使用;come into the market 上市,出售,有货可供应的;come into blossom 开花,均不合题意。


  I was in the fifth grade in a small town in Utah.At the start of the school year,my friends and I saw a(n) __1__ face.It was clear from the start that the newcomer,Ruth,would not be __2__ in our social circle.

  Her father lived in a neighborhood that was far from fashionable.Every day,she wore the __3__ dress and too­big blue sneakers.

  There were lots of __4__ in our school on Christmas Eve every year.Most people in town __5__ the school"s Christmas programs.While other classes sang songs and performed skits,the __6__ was reserved for fifth graders.The starring roles were Mary and Joseph.One day before Christmas,my friends and I listened __7__ as our teacher,Mr.Russon,read from his list.Finally,he said,“Joseph will be __8__ by Timothy.”

  I was __9__,but at once tense again.Which of the popular girls would perform with me?

  “And the __10__ of Mary goes to...Ruth.”

  Ruth?As far as we knew,she hadn"t __11__ tried out.If Ruth was going to be Mary,we decided,we"d make this the __12__ Christmas play ever.

  __13__,Ruth had always practiced her song while the rest of us were doing__14__.Her voice cracked as she tried to get a(n) __15__.We laughed harder than ever.Our music teacher __16__ the pianist.We were the worst group of fifth­graders ever,the teacher told us.This year there would be __17__ play!

  Christmas Eve arrived.Students and people crowded the hall.Finally the time __18__ for the fifth­grade performance.To our __19__,Mr.Russon said,“One of the fifth­graders will sing a solo.”

  The curtain opened,and there stood Ruth.She wore a white dress.Her face __20__ as she began to sing.A beautiful voice rang through the hall.

  1.A.unchanging B.friendly

  C.serious D.unfamiliar

  2.A.protected B.included

  C.surrounded D.blamed

  3.A.formal B.same

  C.modern D.beautiful

  4.A.courses B.songs

  C.programs D.speeches

  5.A.attended B.discussed

  C.compared D.disliked

  6.A.song B.dance

  C.story D.play

  7.A.anxiously B.curiously

  C.proudly D.patiently

  8.A.replaced B.rescued

  C.played D.punished

  9.A.surprised B.disappointed

  C.interested D.delighted

  10.A.part B.name

  C.honor D.money

  11.A.already B.still

  C.never D.even

  12.A.worst B.best

  C.longest D.easiest

  13.A.Besides B.However

  C.Therefore D.Still

  14.A.everything B.nothing

  C.something D.anything

  15.A.break B.apology

  C.breath D.chance

  16.A.encouraged B.showed

  C.lost D.stopped

  17.A.no B.more

  C.another D.such

  18.A.passed B.came

  C.saved D.wasted

  19.A.surprise B.enjoyment

  C.disappointment D.regret

  20.A.woke up B.lit up

  C.rose up D.cheered up



  1.D 依据下文的the newcomer,Ruth,知道班上新来了一位同学,因此此处指“陌生的,不熟悉的”面孔。

  2.B 联系上下文知,她的衣着让我们相信她不会融入我们的社交圈子。

  3.B 她的衣着单一,总是穿同样的衣服。

  4.C 依据下文the school"s Christmas programs知道圣诞节前夕有很多节目。

  5.A 镇上的大多数人都来参加这些活动。

  6.D 依据下文This year there would be...play可以知道答案。

  7.A 我们都急切地听老师宣布演出的演员名单。

  8.C play在这里作“扮演”讲。

  9.D but at once tense again...说明起初我对于自己出演该角色非常开心,但立马又紧张起来,因为不知道是哪个受欢迎的女孩要同我一起演出。

  10.A Mary这个“角色”将由……Ruth 扮演。

  11.D 可是Ruth甚至从来不曾尝试过……

  12.A 我们一致认为如果让Ruth 扮演Mary,这场话剧将会是圣诞话剧中最糟糕的。

  13.B 但是,(老师任命后)Ruth积极投入训练。

  14.B 在Ruth训练唱歌时,大家却无所事事。

  15.C Ruth训练太刻苦,导致嗓子沙哑,连换气都很困难。

  16.D 于是音乐老师打断了钢琴伴奏者。

  17.A 老师生气地说“今年不会有话剧了”,意思是取消该话剧。

  18.B 终于我们年级的演出时间到了。

  19.A 出乎大家预料的是原来的话剧变成了Ruth的独唱。

  20.B light up点燃;照亮;容光焕发。


  My topic today is the Internet.It was prompted (引出) by the first letter,which I am unable to answer fully for the reasons given!

  Dear David,

  I am a middle school student.Now I am preparing for a writing competition.Could you please check the mistakes in my article about using the Internet and give me some advice?Thank you.

  No name

  David writes:

  I am very sorry to say that I think it would be unfair to help you win a competition—unfair to the other competitors!

  But I will say that your article is very interesting and I wish you good luck.Your article makes some good points that deserve talking about in this column!


  Dear David,

  I"m now learning English by myself.Can you introduce some useful websites where I can make friends with foreigners?Please help me.


  David writes:

  Well,dear Moonlight,I bet you made a good choice by using the Net in your self­studies.Two very good websites I would suggest to you are www.britishcouncil.org.cn and www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglish.

  By the way,for those readers interested in the teaching of English,there is an Internet discussion group called ELTCSChi­L (English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme China List).

  And also,a healthy warning to all my readers:If over­used,the Internet can be a WOMBAT—A Waste of Money,Brains and Time!

  1.David is probably a________.

  A.language expert B.computer expert

  C.college student D.club chairman

  答案与解析:A 推理判断题。根据两封读者来信和David的回信所述内容可知他是一位语言教师。

  2.What is the reason why the first letter is unable to be fully answered?

  A.David is unable to think out good advice.

  B.David thinks it is expected to play fair in the competition.

  C.David is going to talk on another topic—Internet.

  D.David finds no mistakes in that article.

  答案与解析:B 细节理解题。他认为如果他为这位来信人修饰作文,这对于其他参赛者不公平。

  3.“www.britishcouncil.org.cn” is a(n)________.

  A.website where one can make foreign friends

  B.website where one can join a discussion group

  C.newspaper column for answering readers" questions

  D.English newspaper for students and language teachers

  答案与解析:A 细节理解题。Moonlight向David询问有关能够交外国朋友的网站,David给出了两个这样的网址,这是其中一个。

  4.Which of the following is NOT David"s opinion of the Internet?

  A.English teachers can exchange opinion on the Net.

  B.The Internet is of much help to English learners.

  C.Using the Internet is a waste of money and time.

  D.We should make a proper use of the Net.

  答案与解析:C 推理判断题。David认为过度使用网络会是金钱、精力和时间的浪费。C项错误。



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