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高一英语复习资料:高一英语Wish you were here测试题及答案

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  高一英语:Unit 2 Wish you were here单元测试(译林版必修2)



  1.The number of people who ____ English as a foreign language ____ more than 750 million.

  A. learns; is B. learn; are C. learns; are D. learn; is

  2.Hiking is ____ great fun. You will get close to ____ nature and take exercise at the same time.

  A. a; the B. a; 不填 C. 不填;the D. 不填;不填

  3.The reason he could not go there was his grades were too low.

  A. why; because B. why; that C. for which; which D. for which; 不填

  4.All the villagers the fight against the big flood, young and old, men and women.

  A. joined; including B. joined in; containing

  C. joined in; including D. joined; containing

  5.When you finish, please put the book back it was.

  A. where B. at which C. the place D. the place that

  6.Music is ______just sound, it is a way of thinking.

  A. more than B. no more than C. only D. not more than

  7.He invited me to take part in the football game, but I watch it.

  A. would rather to B. would rather C. would prefer D. had better

  8.After a long trip in a(n) country, you’ll find your greatly improved.

  A. English-speaking; spoken English B. spoken English; English-speaking

  C. speaking-English; spoken English D. spoken English; speaking-English

  9.There used to be no deer in the forest, but now they are very

  in it.

  A. alive; common B. living; usual C. live; ordinary D. living; common

  10.He is really considering himself to these children of the poor mountain village.

  A. to devote; educating B. devoting; educating

  C. devoting; educate D. to devote; educate

  11.——Tomorrow, let’s have a swim first and then go fishing.

  —— . I’ll call for you at your house at 9 a.m.

  A. Well, it depends B. That’s a good point

  C. Well, I don’t know D. I’m afraid I don’t agree

  12.He doesn’t need to be present, ?

  A. does he B. needs he C. must he D. need he

  13. he says, I won’t believe him since I know he is a big liar.

  A. No matter what B. whatever C. What D. Both A and B

  14.Cellphones make possible for us to talk to from anywhere.

  A. that; anybody B. it; anyone C. which; anyone D. this; everyone

  15.Many large Russian cities, such as Chelybinsk and Irkutsk, have taken to protect their culture.

  A. measure B. steps C. behavior D. act

  16.He said the cars day after day by him for 10 years by the end of 2005.

  A. would be driven B. would be driving

  C. would have been driven D. could have been driving

  17.The beauty of Hangzhou is words can describe.

  A. not only B. not just C. more than D. less than

  18. we hear on the radio or see on TV is only a small part of all the wonderful music that is waiting for us.

  A. What B. That C. Which D. All what

  19. many other people, he prefers classical music to pop.

  A. According to B. Owing to C. In common with D. As a result of

  20.I _____in the heavy rain on my way to the cinema.

  A. had caught B. was catching C. caught D. was caught

  21.--She was in class on Friday afternoon, but no one has seen her ever since.

  --She ____an accident.

  A.must have B. might have had C. could have had D. should have had

  22. --Would you mind my opening the window?


  A.Yes, please. B. No, please don’t.

  C. No, please yourself. D. Yes, if you like.

  23. The whole book____12units, ____two mainly revisions.

  A. contains; including B. includes; containing

  C. contains; containing D. includes; including

  24. She began to play table tennis ____, and became famous _____.

  A. in the 1970s; in her twenties B. in 1970s; in her twenty

  C. in the 1970s; in the twenties D. in the 1970s; in the twenty

  25. Mr. Smith is a boss, ____ factory my uncle is working.

  A. in whose B. whose C. in whom D. of which

  26. Can you believe that in ____ a rich country there should be _____many poor people.

  A. such; such B. such; so C. so; so D. so; such

  27. Mary may phone me this afternoon. I don’t want to go out ____she phones.

  A. as long as B. in order that C. in case D. so that

  28.The captain controls two hundred men, ____must obey his orders in both war and peace.

  A. all of which B. those C. all of whom D. all of them

  29. Engineers studied the problem and _____ several different plans for rescuing the temple.

  A. suggested B. suggested to make

  C. suggested they make D. suggested them to make

  30. _______many people, she was indeed lucky.

  A. Compared to B. Compared with

  C. Comparing to D. Both A and B

  31. _______several times, but he doesn’t know how to do it properly.

  A. Being shown B. Having shown

  C. Having been shown D. I’ve shown him

  32. The deer _______one after another since last week.

  A. has disappeared B. have disappeared

  C. are disappearing D. disappeared

  33. He made a face so that everyone else couldn’t help _______.

  A. to laugh B. laughing C. laugh D. laughed

  34. Let’s _______a date to _______our teacher’s.

  A. made; call on B. pick; drop in at

  C. choose; drop in D. fix; call at

  35. Two weeks passed when they _______money. They had to ask their parents for it.

  A. ran off B. ran out C. ran out of D. ran up

  36. _______, when I went to town to see my sick teacher, he said to me, “I’ll come back to school again _______.”

  A. One day; the other day B. Some day; one day

  C. Some day; the other day D. The other day; some day

  37. Most of the people _______to the party were famous scientists.

  A. invited B. to invite

  C. being invited D. having been invited

  38. I found my books _______I had left them.

  A. in which B. where C. there D. where there

  39. There _______only a small quantity of water, so large quantities of water _______needed.

  A. is; are B. are; is C. is; is D. are; are

  40. The girl _______forward to buying a new gold watch.

  A. referred to look B. refers to looking

  C. referred to looks D. referring to look

  41. Have you got a good _____ of books to read for the train journey?

  A. deal B. many C. supply D. lot

  42. —When are you leaving?

  —My plane _________ at 9:30.

  A.takes off B. would take off C. is to take off D. is about to take

  43. —Peter, you collect the dishes,_____ ?

  —Mom, can’t Jack do it? It’s his turn.

  A. don’t you B. can you C. shall you D. will you

  44. —I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rude to you.

  —You _____ your temper(脾气) but that’s OK.

  A. have lost B. had lost C. did lose D. were losing

  45. At a rough estimate, Nigeria is ____ Great Britain.

  A. three times the size as B. the size three times of

  C. three times as the size of D. three times the size of



  Praises can really help others see themselves for their natural abilities and believe in what they are and what they can become. 46 , we must be very careful with the labels(称号), or they can backfire(产生反作用)on us. If a person is 47 identified(被等同于) with the same label, he may _48 to believe that he only has worth as he lives up to that label. As often as possible we should praise specific(具体的)actions, 49 the words never and always. In this way we don"t tie a person too 50 with a label. Here are some examples:

  "I"m 51 that you already have your homework done. Doesn"t it make you feel good when you work so 52 ?" Rather than "You always get your homework done on time. You are so 53 that you never have any problems with it," which gives him an 54 goal to reach. No one always gets his homework done on time without any 55 .

  "That was so nice of you to 56 your ball with your little brother. You really made him happy." Rather than "You always share your 57 . You are the most thoughtful(体贴人的)person I know." No one always shares, 58 does he have to. We 59 to know we are still good people, 60 we don"t share 100% of the time and even when we have times we don"t 61 helping others.

  "Thank you for doing the dishes tonight, even though it wasn"t your 62 . It means so much that you would do them for me." Rather than "You are always _63 . You never let anyone _64_ when they need 65 ." No one can always be all things to all people. If we give that kind of reputation(名誉)to live up to, we are setting up someone to fail.

  46.A.Thus B.Besides C.Therefore D.However

  47.A.occasionallyB.continuallyC.gradually D.definitely

  48.A.have B.object C.come D.cause

  49.A.avoiding B.using C.forgetting D.remembering

  50.A.attentively B.carefully C.excitedly D.closely

  51.A.impressed B.puzzled C.honored D.dissatisfied

  52.A.fast B.bravely C.hard D.hurriedly

  53.A.careless B.smart C.open-mindedD.promising

  54.A.effective B.unimportantC.unnecessaryD.impossible

  55. A.try B.support C.effort D.aid

  56.A.kick B.play C. exchange D.share

  57. A.balls B.toys C.opinions D.losses

  58. A.nor B.either C.hardly D.only

  59. A.want B.need C.mean D.get

  60. A.in case B.as if C.even if D.as though

  61. A.seem like B.look like C.would like D.feel like

  62. A.time B.turn C.dishes D.rights

  63. A.serving B.giving C.doing D.encouraging

  64. A.out B.in C.up D.down

  65. A.work B.something C.help D.people



  New research shows that Earth will have more than nine thousand million people by two thousand fifty. The world population is at present about six point four thousand million.

  The research is from the Population Reference Bureau, a private group based in Washington. It says most growth will take place in developing countries in Africa and western Asia.

  India is expected to pass China as the world’s most populated nation. By the middle of the century, the report says, India will have over one and one-half thousand million citizens, an increase of fifty percent.

  China has one point three thousand million people at present. The Population Reference Bureau says the population should increase about ten percent by two thousand fifty.

  Most developed nations will see a drop in their populations. The only big exception is expected to be the United States. The report says the United States will remain the third biggest nation. The population is close to three hundred million now. It is expected to reach four hundred twenty million. The report says this will be because of immigration(移民)and low death rates among babies.

  Between now and two thousand fifty, Niger is expected to be the fastest growing country. The biggest decrease(下降) is expected in Bulgaria.

  The study is based on information from governments and the United Nations. Researcher Carl Haub wrote the report. He examined infant(婴儿) death rates, life expectancy, birth rates and the age structure of nations. The study also considered family planning use and, for the first time, rates of AIDS.

  Mister Haub says most growth will take place in countries with young populations and traditionally large families. He points to Nigeria and Japan as two nations that are moving in opposite directions in terms of population.

  66. The best title for the text is likely to be _____.

  A. World Population and the Development of Industry

  B. Developed Country and its Population

  C. Developing Country and its Population

  D. World Population by 2050

  67. In which of the following countries is the biggest decrease expected in the growth of the population?

  A. India. B. Egypt. C. China D. Japan

  68. Most developed nations will see a fall in their populations except the US because _____.

  A. the country doesn’t try to control the population growth

  B. infant death rates are low

  C. people all over the world move there and settle down

  D. both B and C

  69. How many more people is India likely to have than China by 2050 according to the report?

  A. 750 million. B. 75 million C. 70 million D. 200 million



  Be care of those who use the truth to deceive(欺骗). When someone tells you something that is true, but leaves out important information that should be included, he can create a false impression.

  For example, someone might say, “I just won a hundred dollars on the lottery(彩票). It was great. I took that dollar ticket back to the store and turned it in for one hundred dollars!”

  This guy’s a winner, right? Maybe, maybe not. We then discover that he bought two hundred tickets, and only one was a winner. He’s really a big loser!

  He didn’t say anything that was false, but he purposely(故意) omitted important information. That’s called a half-truth. Half-truths are not technically lies, but they are just as dishonest.

  Dishonest candidates(候选人) in political campaigns often use this tactic(策略). Let’s say that during Governor Smith’s last term(任期), her state lost one million jobs and gained three million jobs. Then she seeks another term. One of her opponents runs an ad saying, “During Governor Smith’s term, the state lost one million jobs!” That’s true. However an honest statement would have been, “During Governor Smith’s term, the state had a net gain of two million jobs.”

  Advertisers will sometimes use half-truths. It’s against the law to make false claims so they try to mislead you with the truth. An ad might show off, “Nine out of ten doctors recommend Yucky Pills to cure nose pimples.” It fails to mention that they only asked ten doctors and nine of them work for the Yucky Corporation.

  This kind of dishonesty happens too often. It’s a sad fact of life: Lies are lies, and sometimes the truth can lie as well.

  70. Which statement is true according to the article?

  A. Whenever telling the truth, people are really lying.

  B. One can get rich in a flash by getting lottery tickets .

  C. All governors help their states.

  D. The truth can be used in dishonest ways.

  71. The underlined word “omitted” in the fourth paragraph probably means _____.

  A. spent money B. left out C. told about D. exposed

  72. The author clearly wants people to _____.

  A. think carefully about what they read and hear

  B. learn to tell half-truths

  C. trust no one but the best friends

  D. vote for female candidates

  73. Another suitable title for this selection would be _____.

  A. Telling the Truth

  B. Everyone Lies

  C. Lying With the Truth

  D. Trust Nobody


  Several interesting American museums tell about health subjects. One is the Doctor Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry. It is at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. That is where the first college in the world to train dentists began. The museum tells about the history of the medical treatment of teeth. Visitors can see some frightening devices that once were used to remove infected(受感染的) teeth. They also can see sets of teeth made of animal bone. They were made for a famous American -- the first President, George Washington.

  Most people do not consider a visit to the dentist their idea of a good time. However, the director of the museum says he wanted to make the museum a fun place to visit. He says he also wants to teach visitors about the importance of taking care of their teeth.

  Another museum collects devices that help people hear. The Kenneth W. Berger Hearing Aid Museum is at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. The museum has more than three-thousand hearing aids from around the world. They include old and strange devices. Some hearing aids were made to look like other objects. That is because in the past many people did not want anyone to know they were wearing a hearing aid.

  74. It is common for people to think it uneasy to pay a visit to ____.

  A. the University of Maryland B. the Museum of Dentistry

  C. the Hearing Aid Museum D. the dentist

  75. The text mainly tells about _____.

  A. museums in the US B. interesting American museums

  C. American museums with health subjects D. the history of the medical treatment of teeth

  76. What do we learn about George Washington from the text?

  A. He once visited the National Museum of Dentistry.

  B. He considered the Museum of Dentistry a fun place to visit

  C. His artificial teeth were collected in the National Museum of Dentistry.

  D. His teeth seemed to be made of animal bone.

  77. The underlined word “devices” in the first and last paragraph probably means _____.

  A. means B. strategies C. tools D. desires


  Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a very famous story called Tarzan of the Apes.

  This story tells about a shipwreck(船只失事) on the West coast of Africa. The passengers on the ship include a certain Lord and Lady Greystoke from England. Lord and Lady Greystoke are the only survivors of the shipwreck.

  Lord Greystoke builds a kind of shelter high up in the trees - a tree house - for his pregnant(有孕的) wife and does his best to make them comfortable in their new jungle home. Lady Greystoke gives birth to a boy. They call the boy John. Unfortunately, she dies and leaves Lord Greystoke to take care of the baby on his own. Lord Greystoke is killed by a huge ape(猿人) that comes to see the strange house in the trees. The baby is left all alone. Fortunately, a female ape, whose baby has recently died, finds the human baby alone in the tree house. Even though the baby is white and hairless, she feels a mother"s love for it and begins to feed and take care of it. She becomes John"s mother. John - who later takes the name Tarzan, never having known his real identity(身份) — grows strong and powerful living among the apes. He has the advantage of human intelligence and finally grows up to be leader of the apes and, in the end, lord of the jungle.

  The book tells many stories of Tarzan"s adventures in the jungles, his fights with savage animals, his encounters with other human beings (many of whom are as dangerous as the animals) and his re-discovery of his true identity.

  78. How many people have escaped from the shipwreck on the African coast?

  A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

  79. What is the meaning of the underlined word “survivors” in the second paragraph?

  A. People who are lucky enough to exist in spite of an accident.

  B. People who are unlucky not to exist because of an accident.

  C. People who enjoy taking adventures so much as to lose their lives.

  D. People who die from a shipwreck because of bad weather.

  80. Which of the following statements is true about John?

  A. He is Lord Greystoke.

  B. He is a large ape.

  C. He is Tarzan.

  D. He is brought up by a male ape.

  81. The text doesn’t tell us, but we can infer that ____.

  A. Tarzan is able to live on only because of the death of the baby ape

  B. John’s father is killed by an ape that come across him in his house

  C. John has been trying to know his real identity while living with apes

  D. animals have their nature of kindness while humans have some ways of cruelty


  Prince Lucian of Tolland was angry. He was eager to correct this injustice(非正义). His enemy, the ruler of Capanavia, was holding Tolland citizens hostages(人质) on the borders of their country. Prince Lucian would have to offer all his resources to saving them. The challenge was fierce. There was a huge mountain to climb and a thick jungle to pass before reaching the place where the hostages were held.

  "The news is not good!" the Prince told his advisors. "However, we can succeed. Call together the military department and let"s plan a surprise attack!"

  "Yes, sir!" his subjects responded with eagerness.

  At the meeting, the Prince selected ten of his most trusted leaders to develop a plan. They worked for hours until they agreed to the steps they should take. They planned to gather supplies and employ soldiers within one week. Then, they would set out on their formal effort to rescue the hostages.

  The men went back to their towns and announced the need for military. They received a greater response than they ever expected. Thousands gathered to help rescue their fellow citizens. By the time they all returned to the capital city, there were 750,000 people ready to go.

  Word came to the enemy about the large army congregating(集合). It struck fear in their minds. "We can never survive against so many warriors!" they feared. They worried and planned, but knew they were outnumbered. In the end, they decided to set the captives free.

  82. The best title for the text is _____.

  A. Courage and Victory B. Justice and Injustice

  C. Prince and his Soldiers D. Bad News for Prince

  83. The underlined word “captives” in the last paragraph means _____.

  A. citizens B. leaders C. soldiers D. hostages

  84. According to the text, which of the following is the best description about Prince Lucian?

  A. just, confident and inspiring B. helpful, powerful and warlike

  C. patient, fearless and helpless D. humorous, courageous and challenging

  85. Tolland succeeded in the end because _____.

  A. Prince Lucian had made up his mind to fight with enemy

  B. many citizens eagerly responded to Prince’s call

  C. the enemy was frightened at the mention of Prince Lucian

  D. the enemy was friendly treated by Prince Lucian


  1. You must follow the doctor’s advice and take the medicine r__________— three times a day.

  2. The story he told was so t____________ that many of us were moved to tears.

  3. Her earlier p__________ for the interview made her get the job.

  4. Nobody knows for sure when the world came into ____________(存在)。

  5. We will take a trip to New York City next week. Is there any p__________ that we meet you this weekend?

  6. The designer’s aim is to produce a h__________ of shape and texture.

  7. I’m convinced that you’ll make much p___________ in your research soon.

  8. You can hardly a _________ making mistakes while doing an experiment.

  9.The first thing you do when meeting someone is to greet the person in an appropriate

  m________ .

  10. She looked a ___________ when she heard the surprising news.

  11. How will travel through the Gebi Desert, on foot or on c_______.

  12. She seemed very calm, but a________ she was very nervous.

  13. After the hurricane, water and food were in short s_______ in the stricken areas. .

  14. If you want to go white-water rafting, you have to wear special _________ (衣服), a _______ (头盔) and a life jacket.

  15. During the day, they will walk across the land, following the __________ (脚印) of big animals.

  16. I’d like to make a tour around the country this winter holiday. I need to take a tent and a sleeping bag to sleeping in and keep warm. Besides I’ll take a parka and boots for _________ (跋涉) in the mountains.

  17. —Did you go to see the film Harry Potter during the holiday?

  —Sorry, I couldn’t afford the time. My teachers gave us too much homework, so my ________ (日程表) was full.

  18. When we got up at _________(黎明) the next morning, it began to clear up.

  19. In this heavenly world, people live in perfect ________ (和谐/融洽) with nature and the outside world it forgotten.

  20. Which place could _________ (正式地) take the name of this wonderful land.

  V 句型转换(20×0.5=10)

  1. I don’t think a boy of 9 can answer this question

  I think it ______ ________ a boy of 9 _____ ___________ this question.

  2. Liu Hulan would rather die than give in.

  Liu Hulan _______ ________ die ________ __________ give in.

  3. We must do our best to help the ones who are in trouble.

  We must do _____ _____ _______ to help ________ in trouble.

  4. We haven’t found any ways to prevent people polluting the river.

  ______ _______ have been found to prevent the river from _______ ________.

  5. Since the front door is shut, you may try knocking at the back door.

  ______ ______ the front door is shut, _____ _______ try knocking at the back door?

  VI 书面表达 (15)

  假如你叫李华,你校高三同学正在开展一场讨论,讨论的主题是:高三学生要不要参加体育锻炼?请你根据以下信息,给China Daily报社写一封信,介绍讨论的情况。

  注意:1)开头已为你写好 2)字数100-120左右

  60%的学生认为 40% 的学生认为






  Dear Editor,

  I am writing to tell you about the discussion…….

  答案:Key to Unit2 Module Two








  1.regularly 2.touching 3. preparations 4. existence 5. possibility

  6. harmony 7. progress 8. avoid 9. manner 10. astonished 11.camels 12. actually

  13. supply 14. clothing , helmet 15. footprints 16. trekking 17.schedule 18.dawn 19. harmony 20. officially


  1. I don’t think a boy of 9 can answer this question

  I think it hard for a boy of 9 to answer this question.

  2. Liu Hulan would rather die than give in.

  Liu Hulan preferred to die rather than give in.

  3. We must do our best to help the ones who are in trouble.

  We must do all we can to help those in trouble.

  4. We haven’t found any ways to prevent people polluting the river.

  No ways have been found to prevent the river from being polluted.

  5. Since the front door is shut, you may try knocking at the back door.

  Now that the front door is shut, why not try knocking at the back door?

  VI 书面表达

  Possible version

  Dear Editor,

  I am writing to tell you the discussion we’ve had about whether students of senior three should take physical exercise. 60% of the students think they should take exercise every day, such as doing morning exercises, playing basketball, but it shouldn’t take up too much time. Exercise builds one’s body and reduces diseases, Sports let their brains have a rest so that their revision will be more effective.

  While other 40% of the students believe taking exercise is a waste of time and tiring. After having sports, they are much too excited for a long time to pay attention to their lessons. It is also possible to be hurt in sports.

  In my opinion, I think taking exercise is good to us, especially to our senior three students, but we shouldn’t spend too much time on the sports.

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