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高一英语知识点:牛津Module1 Unit3期末复习题

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  牛津高一英语Module1 Unit3期末复习题


  Module1 Unit3 编写:陈尚琢


  1. 从长远看________________________2. be dying to do ____________________

  3. 一个感人的故事__________________4. 使某人振奋_____________________

  5. hear from sb.______________________ 6. used to do_______________________

  7. 对运动不抱希望__________________8. work out ____________________

  9. 使你为第二天做好准备____________10. 实际上 ____________________

  11. stay slim_________________________12. 充分利用______________________

  13. 听从医生的建议_________________14. 感到放松______________________

  15. take weight-loss pills_______________16. recover from____________________

  17. 和我的完全匹配_________________18. 值得一读 _____________________

  19. 对......感到尴尬__________________20. 节食 _______________________

  21. 偶然遇见________________________22. skip meals______________________

  23. a good amount of sleep_______________24.损害你的健康__________________

  25. be ashamed of one’s figure_____________________26.吸收_________________


  1. He is a f_______ as an artist, but a success as an art teacher.

  2. He began to do his homework i__________ he arrived home.

  3.She listened with a __________ (困惑的) expression on her face.

  4.Only two boys are __________ (有资格的)for the skilled work.

  6. The president’s___________ (康复) gave a great surprise to the whole nation.

  7. Luckily, I have many friends supporting me all the time, i_________ you.

  8. Having been shown several times, he doesn’t know how to do it p_________.

  9. ___________ (考虑到) his old age, he gave up smoking.

  10. He risked ________ his job to ask the boss for a rise. (失去)

  11. The firemen got the fire _________ (控制)and at last put it out.

  12. Because of his ___________(集中精力)on his studies, he didn’t notice me passing by.


  1. His kidneys are failing, so he must find a _________ for himself.

  A. match B. fitC. suitD. kidney

  2. How I regret __________ your advice.

  A. not to take B. having not taken

  C. not having taken D. not to have taken

  3. The shoes _______ out. You should buy a new _________.

  A. wore; one B. was worn; pair

  C. were worn; pair D. were torn; one

  4. I ________know that you __________ to me.

  A. don’t; are speaking B. didn’t; are speaking

  C. didn’t; were speaking D. don’t; were speaking

  5. I will do what __________ you.

  A. we can help B. can we to help

  C. we can do helping D. we can to help

  6. He can’t imagine ___________ alone in that house at night.

  A. leaving B. to leave C. being left D. to be left

  7. There is a man ________ himself White who wants to see you.

  A. calls B. called C. calling D. who is called

  8. I will try to spend as much time as possible _________ English well.

  A. to learn B. learning C. to study D. on studying

  9. You didn’t use to like him much when we were at school, ______?

  A. were we B. weren’t we C. did you D. didn’t you

  10. By serving others, a person focuses on someone other than himself or herself, _________ can be very eye-opening and rewarding.

  A. who B. which C. what D. that

  11. The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors, ____ are beyond our control.

  A. most of them. B. most of which C. most of what D. most of that

  12. When ___________to him, I found amazedly that he is my old school fellow.

  A. introduced B. explained C. expressed D. told

  13.--- Do you still remember the days _____we spent together?

  ---Yes, of course, I’ll never forget the years ______you gave me so much help.

  A. when; that B. That; that C. when, when. D. that; when.

  14. I am short and thin but I run fast. I hope they will accept me ____ I am.

  A. when B. which C. that D. as.

  15. –-What _____ it is to play with computer games!

  --Oh no!It’s a waste of time.

  A. a fun B. a great fun C. fun D. funny

  16. With a lot of difficult problems _______, the newly-elected president is having a hard time.

  A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled

  17. I ________ to give you a birthday present, but I was $150 short then.

  A. intended B. have intended C. had intended D. was intending

  18. –Shall we go out for a walk after supper?

  --__________. Walking after meals does a lot of good to health.

  A.I couldn’t agree more. B. It’s nice of you.

  C.I believe not. D.I don’t think so.

  19. It was the way _____ he walk _____ makes people laugh.

  A. which; that B. that; which

  C. which; which D. that; that

  20. The city of Funing today is no longer _________it was ten years ago.

  A. that B. why C. where D. what

  21.Kunming is said to be a city of spring all the year round. But the weather there ________ unpleasant.

  A. should be B. may be C. must be D. can be

  22.This time tomorrow I ___________to Beijing in the company of my wife.

  A. will fly B. am flying C. fly D. shall be flying

  23. He _________ full marks in the physics exam, but he was too careless.

  A. could have got B. would get C. got D. had got

  24. ---- Can I help you, sir?

  ---- Yes, I bought this radio here yesterday, but it ____________.

  A. didn’t work B. won’t work C. can’t work D. doesn’t work


  1. 这帽子和上衣很相称。(match)


  2. 听了老人的故事,他们深受感动。(touch)


  3. 前几天,我偶然看到过一本你可能喜欢的书。(come across)


  4.这是一个值得思考的意见。(be worth doing)


  5. 这个电影很无聊,我后悔花了两个小时去看它。(regret doing)


  6. 学校的图书馆每天从早8点开放到晚上9点。(stay open)


  7. 这种药看起来对你不起作用,你应该尝试其他一些药。(work)


  8. 我小的时候常常去河边钓鱼。(used to)


  9. 老师的言行举止对孩子的影响很大。(have an effect on)


  10. 这是他想出来的一种存储信息的新方法。(way to do/ of doing)


  11. 你没有必要为了你的长相而羞愧。(be ashamed of)



  1. This is the professor__________ taught me chemistry in 1980 .

  2. Those__________ want to go to the computer room, write your names here.

  3. This is the boy____________ father died three years ago.

  4. The film___________ we saw the day before yesterday is very interesting.

  5. We’ll put off the meeting till next week, _________ we won’t be so busy.

  6. 1949 is the year___________ the People’s Republic of China was founded.

  7. They work in a factory __________ makes radio parts.

  8. They work in a factory___________ radio parts are made.

  9. This is the vision phone_______________ we can see and talk to our friends.

  10. Here are players from Japan,___________ some are our old friends.

  11. The sun gives the earth light and heat, ___________ is very important to the living things.

  12. After years’ efforts, he finally won himself a position _________ he can show off his ability and get better paid.



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