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  基础•巩固•达标 


  1. attract(形容词)     2. fortunate(副词)     

  3. pretty(同义副词)      4. organize(名词)

  5. unemploy(形容词)    6. fascinate(形容词)

  7. profession(形容词)     8. occupy(名词)

  9. starvation(动词)     10.nuisance(反义词)     

  答案:1.attractive 2.fortunately  3.quite 4.organization 5.unemployed 6.fascinating

  7.professional 8.occupation 9.starve 10.favourite


  1.Only a few people    (幸存)in that terrible accident.

  2.When we go abroad,we have to    (兑换)Renminbi for foreign currencies.

  3.When I climbed up the Great Wall,I found a great many foreign     (游客).

  4.For further details,please     (联系)the local office.

  5.Although he has never got a chance to study in a professional school,he is valued a lot for his perfect     (手工)skills.

  6.According to a recent     (调查),there will be far more boys than girls in twenty years.

  7.There are more than one hundred     (人家)in this small village.

  8.Don"t (打扰)me.I"m busy now.

  答案:1.survived 根据句意可判断survived是发生在过去的动作。

  2.exchange have to后接动词原形。

  3.tourists “游客”由many修饰所以用复数形式s。

  4.contact 祈使句中的谓语要用动词原形。

  5.manual manual修饰skills作定语。

  6.survey 前有冠词a因此用单数形式。

  7.households 前有one hundred修饰,因此用复数形式。

  8.bother Don"t开头构成否定祈使句,故谓语用动词原形。


  1.two storeys high          a.挡路

  2.be made ofb.两层楼高

  3.put upc.一生

  4.all one"s life d.建造

  5.in the waye.由……制成

  6.get outf.摆脱

  7.get away fromg.许多

  8.according toh.外出

  9.a great manyi.按照

  10.go upj.上涨

  答案:1.b 2.e 3.d 4.c 5.a 6.h 7.f 8.i 9.g 10.j


  1. A:He does well in mathematics. 

  B:He             mathematics.

  2. A:Because of his carelessness,the experiment failed.

  B:                  his carelessness,the experiment failed.

  3. A:What have you learnt in your English lessons so far?

  B:What have you learnt in your English lessons              ?

  4. A:What"s the weather like?

  B:         the weather?

  5. A:People in the area cannot afford to buy a house there. 

  B:The area is    poor    people there have no money to buy a house.

  6. A:You"ve passed the driving test.Congratulations.

  B:Let us    you    having passed the driving test.

  答案:1.is good at do well in与be good at都有“擅长……”之意。

  2.As a result of as a result of意思为“因为……”,与because of同义。

  3.up to now so far意思为“迄今为止”,与up to now 为同义词组。

  4.How about How about...?句型意为“……怎么样?”What is...like?句型表示询问对某人或某事物的看法。二者可相互替代。

  5.so, that so...that意为“如此……以致于……”。

  6.congratulate;on congratulate sb. on (doing)sth.意为“就某事祝贺某人”。


  1.A great many books were given to the children in the rural areas.

  2.My daughter has passed the exam and will go to college this September.

  3.Cathy,may I use your dictionary for a short while?

  4.How long do you think we have to wait ?

  5.It was foolish of him to refer to his notes during that important test.

  A.Of course.Here it is.

  B.As a result he got punished.

  C.Congratulations! She"s really intelligent.

  D.Oh,really? That"s really a good thing.

  E.I make it two weeks.

  答案:1.D 把许多书籍送给贫困地区的孩子们确实是件好事。

  2.C 别人的女儿考上大学应该表示“祝贺”。 

  3.A here it is意为“给你”。

  4.E I make it two weeks相当于I think we"ll have to wait for two weeks.

  5.B 他考试时查阅笔记,那么受到惩罚就是必然结果。


  1.He              (还没读完)the novel up to now.

  2.This is the first time I         (参观)the beautiful city.

  3.This is one of the most interesting books that I    ever    (读过的).

  4.It         ten years since we last met each other.

  5.My friend Tom said he would come to my birthday party tonight,but he

  (还没来)so far.

  6.When and where to go for the vacation              (还没决定下来)yet.

  答案:1.hasn"t finished reading 时间状语up to now多与现在完成时连用。

  2.have visited 第几次做某事多用完成时态。

  3.have;read 根据句意“这是我读过的书中最有趣的”可知用完成时。

  4.has been “自从做某事以来多少年了”多用现在完成时态,也可用is。

  5.hasn"t com e 时间状语so far与现在完成时态连用。

  6.hasn"t been decided 完成时态强调结果,那就是“何时到何地去度假还没决定”。


  1.We"re entering into the western district,the most interesting part of the city.

  2.There are times that I need time and money to enjoy myself.

  3.When the bus is approaching to the coastal city,I can see the beautiful view of the coast.

  4.This is one of the most beautiful places which I have been.

  5.I didn"t use to liking him much when we were at school.

  6.Have you read the book A Tale of Two Cities last week?


  答案:1.去掉into enter为及物动词,可直接接宾语。

  2.that→when when相当于in the times“在那些时候”。

  3.去掉to approach为及物动词,可直接接宾语。

  4.which→where 也可which→that并且been后+to。

  5.liking→like used to后接动词原形。

  6.Have→Did 时间状语last night与过去时态连用。


  on the coast;put up;afford;last;approach;so far;get away

  1.How long will our food supply    ?

  2. The thieves    with all the money.

  3.The time is    when we must leave.

  4.Everything is successful    .

  5.The car is excellent,but I can"t    it.

  6.After the picnic,they    a tent for the night. 

  7.I"d like to buy a house    .

  答案:1.last 本句意为“我们的食物还能维持(last)多久?”

  2.got away get away表示“逃脱”,本句意为“小偷带着所有的钱逃走了”。

  3.approaching approach表示“接近”,本句意为“我们必须动身的时刻就要到来了”。

  4.so far 本句意为“到目前为止(so far)一切顺利”。

  5.afford afford意为“买得起”。本句意为“这车很好,可我买不起”。

  6.put up put up意为“搭起”,本句意为“野餐后,他们搭起帐篷过夜”。

  7.on the coast 本句意思为“我想在海边(on the coast)买所房子”。


  1.(重庆模拟)How can you possibly miss the news? It    on TV all day long.

  A.has been           B.had been

  C.was D.will be

  答案:A 现在完成时态强调对现在的影响和结果。本句意思为“电视里播放了一整天,你怎么可能错过这条新闻呢?”。

  2.More parents     in hospital th is year than last year.

  A.treatedB.have treated

  C.had been treatedD.have been treated

  答案:D treat为及 物动词又作谓语,应带宾语或用被动语态。在本句中意为“治疗”,my father和treat是动宾关系,据此可排除A、B两项,而时间状语是this year可排除C项,因此选D项。

  3.(浙江模拟)I hope you don"t mind me asking,     where did you buy those shoes?



  答案:D but意为“可是”,在交际用语中,表示引出自己要说的话。常用于I"m sorry but..., Excuse me, but...等句型中。

  4.     with the size of the whole earth,the biggest ocean does not seem big at all.

  A.CompareB.When comparing

  C.ComparingD.When compared

  答案:D compare与ocean是被动关系,所以使用过去分词。

  5.—Father,you promised!

  —Well,    .But it was you who didn"t keep your word first.

  A.so was IB.so did I

  C.so I wasD.so I did

  答案:D so代替上句中提到的“已答应过”这件事。So+I+did结构表示“我确实答应过”,did代替promised。

  综合•应用•创新 


  This is the first time John has visited Xiao Li"s    .It"s an interesting city on the    .And the    sounds good,it"s    hot and wet in summer,but it    be quite cold in winter.The city is also very    .They"ve put up lots of high    and great    malls.The most interesting part of the city is the    district and Gulangyu Island just    the water.It"s a    island with some really interesting    .




  In Britain,approximately(大概)every two out of three people own the houses they live in.But buying a house is a large investment(投资)for many people and the majority buy their homes with a mortgage loan from a bank.The loan is repaid monthly over a period of twenty years or more.How about the remaining one third? They have to rent houses from public authorities or landlords.

  In Britain,over 80% of the people live in the suburbs in semi-detached or detached two-storey houses,often with gardens! Most of the houses are equipped with central heating.This kind of living offers a golden opportunity for DIY—“Do It Yourself”,the movement of doing the interior decorating and making the garden beautiful yourself.Both are fun and comfortable,aren"t they? But low-paid workers live in the inner cities.

  In Britain,the average family moves once every seven years.The process of moving involves(涉及)a real estate agent for advertising houses for sale,a bank or insurance company for the money,and a lawyer to handle the legal aspects of the buying and selling.


  PeopleLiving in suburbs or citiesLiving in houses of their own or rentedHouse moving

  The 

  BritishOver 80% ofthe people live in  1 .Two out of three live in  3 .

  While one third live in  4 .The average

  family moves

  6 .

  The low-paid workers live in  2 .Over 80% of the people live in

  5 .

  答案:1.the suburbs

  2.the inner cities

  3.their own houses

  4.the houses r ented from public authorities or landlords

  5.the semi-detached or detached two-storey houses with gardens

  6.once every seven years

  拓展视野 

  The Neighbourhood Committee

  What do you know about the neighbourhood committee in a Chinese residential community?

  Most Chinese residents are used to the term and functions of their neighbourhood committee,which,as the grass-roots government organization,handles the day-to-day affairs in the community.However,in the newly setup international communities in the Pudong District of Shanghai,most of the residents are foreign.They are not used to such administrative institute and its functions.When Yandlord Neighbourhood Committee was established in 2002 in Yandlord Garden (one of the international communities),some foreign residents showed an indifferent and even hostile attitude towards the committee and its work,because some regarded it as a spy working for the government to watch the activities of the residents.Here lies the cultural gap between the Chinese and the foreigners from western countries.

  The neighbourhood committee has a certain number of members that can be divided into two types:the formal staff assigned by the government with monthly pay and the resident representatives who,elected by their residents in the community,work as volunteers.The committee holds regular meetings on monthly basis to discuss problems concerning the community and handle them correctly,such as the security of the area,sanitation problem,taking care of elderly people who live alone,and even family planning.As a matter of fact,the neighbourhood committee plays an indispensable role in Chinese social life.

  【个性思考】 What is similar and what is different between the neighbourhood and yours?

  In my view:


  Is He a Good Neighbour?

  You and your family have been living in the same six-family apartment building for eight years.The landlord"s family also lives there,and,generally speaking,all the tenants get along fairly well with each other.Recently,however,there was a change in the apartment next to yours.

  A nice,quiet old couple used to live there.The old lady would sometimes bring over some cookies or small cakes she had made,and your mother in return would give them some food or help the old woman with her shopping.Unfortunately,the old lady died last month.Her husband couldn"t live alone,so his grandson moved in with him.

  The grandson,who is about twenty,has become a problem to your family.The walls of the building are thin and he is noisy.You are used to peace and quiet,but the grandson likes to listen to his radio late at night.Sometimes friends of his visit,and they make a lot of noise.Everyone in your family is bothered by your new neighbor and as a result is becoming more irritated.

  Your mother once politely asked the old man if he was able to sleep well at night,but apparently he didn"t get the hint.If he did understand your mother"s intention and did speak to his grandson about it,the grandson apparently didn"t listen,since things haven"t changed any.Everyone in your family agrees that something has to be done,but no one wants to hurt the old man"s feelings or cause him any problems.

  What do you think should be done?


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