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  基础•巩固•达标 


  A:boil rust expand tongs contract dissolve reaction 

  B:crucible cool oxide liquid conclusion heat steam

  答案:boil—steam rust—oxide expand—heat contract—cool tongs—crucible

  dissolve—liquid reaction—conclusion 


  1.What’s the (3 letters)of this experiment?

  2.We use (11 letters)to provide power for machines.

  3.It is time for us human beings to take measures to protect all living things to keep the (7 letters)of nature.

  4.We students should go to bed early and get up early to (4 letters)a good habit.

  5.Both teachers and students in our school are deeply impressed by Professor Smith’s

  (7 letters).

  6.Our school was built just a year ago with many advanced teaching (10 letters).

  7.I was (10 letters)when I heard the hospital had burnt down.

  8.Jack,can you see something red (8 letters)in the distance on the water?

  答案:1.aim 根据常识推断,应该说“实验的结果(result)/结论(conclusion)或目的(aim)”都可,又因只有三个字母,所以用aim。

  2.electricity 本句意为“我们用电为机器提供动力”。

  3.balance keep the balance of nature意为“保持自然界的生态平衡”。

  4.form form a good habit of...为固定词组,意为“养成……的好习惯”。

  5.lecture 按常识推断,应该是教授的“演讲”。

  6.facilities 设备可表示为facility或equipment,但equipment不可数。在本题中many修饰facility,所以用facility的复数形式。

  7.astonished 本句意为“当听到医院烧成平地的消息时,我惊呆了”。

  8.floating 本句意为“你能看见远处水上漂着红色的东西吗?”float与something构成主谓关系,且表示正在进行的动作,所以用float的现在分词形式。


  of out in from at

  1. The reaction of metals with these substances can be put order.

  2.Write out each corrected sentence least once.

  3.Do an experiment to find if iron rusts in dry air.

  4.Try to learn your mistakes,and you’ll make progress.

  5.Two thirds the earth’s surface is water.

  答案:1.in put...in order为固定搭配,意为“把……有序排列”。

  2.at at least为固定搭配,意为“至少”。

  3.out 固定短语find out意为“查明白;弄清楚”。

  4.from learn from...意思为“向某人学习;从某事中吸取教训”。

  5.of of表示所属关系, “……的”。本句意为“地球表面的三分之二是水”。


  add..to in the area of be proud of be i nterested in react with

  be supposed to at the bottom of keep out of used to

  1. Many great discoveries have been made science.

  2.We all the Chinese athletes’ success during the 28th Olympic Games.

  3.Mr.Smith smoke but he has given it up.

  4.Please some sugar the tea.

  5.Iron water and air to produce rust.

  6.There are some underwater pl ants the tube.

  7.You clean the blackboard and the classroom today.

  8.I very English.

  9. the dog the room.Don’t let it in.

  答案:1.in the area of in the area of意为“在……领域”。

  2.are;proud of 短语be proud of意为“对……感到自豪”,we作主语用are。

  3.used to used to do意为“过去常常做某事”,但现在不做了。

  4.add;to add...to...意为“在……里添加……”。在祈使句中用动词原形。

  5.reacts wit h react with意为“与……反应”,iron为不可数名词,故用 reacts。

  6.at the bottom of at the bottom of意为“在……底部”。

  7.are supposed to are supposed to do在本句中相当于should do,表示“应该做……”。

  8.am;interested in 本句意为“我对英语很感兴趣”。

  9.Keep;out of keep...out of意为“把……挡在外面”与下句“别让它进来”意思一致。


  1.A:If you work harder,you will make greater progress.

  B: you work, you will make.

  2.A:The chairman thought that it was necessary to invite Professor Smith to speak at the meeting.

  B:The chairman thought to invite Professor Smith to speak at the meeting.

  3.A:Generally speaking,if the camera is more expensive,its quality will be better.

  B:Generally speaking, the camera, its quality.

  4.A:There are 64 students in our class.48 of them are girls.

  B:There are three times as boys in our class.

  5.A:Two out of five students in our class are girls.

  B: the students in our cla ss are girls.

  答案:1.The harder;the greater progress 本题考查了“the more..., the more...”这一句型。在这个句型中,前一部分表条件,相当于if条件句,后一部分表结果,意为“越……就越……”。

  2.it necessary think既可接it is/was+adj.+to do句作宾语从句(其中it作形式主语),又可接it+adj.+to do作复合宾语(其中it作形式宾语)。

  3.the more expensive;the better 在“the more..., the more...”句型中,可以省略谓语(甚至主语、谓语一起省略)。

  4.as many girls 在“as...as”结构中通常把名词放在两个as中间。

  5.Two fifths of two out of five意为“五个中有两个”与two fifths of...(五分之二)意思相同。


  1.Where do we go from here?     A.You’ve understood.

  2.Keep the noise down.B.You’re next.

  3.You’ve got it!C.What shall we do next?

  4.Go ahead!D.Talk quietly.

  5.It’s your turn now.E.You can begin.

  答案:1.C 2.D 3.A 4.E 5.B


  1.The pianos in the other shop will be ,but .

  A.cheaper;not as better        B.cheaper;not as good

  C.cheap;as betterD.cheap;as good

  答案:B 此句为省略句,全句应为:The pianos in the other shop will be cheaper but not as good as those in this shop.as...as之间的形容词要用原级。

  2.—How did you find your visit to museum?

  —I thoroughly enjoyed it.It was than I expected.

  A.far more interestingB.even much interesting

  C.far interestingD.much interesting

  答案:A 由空格后面的than,可推断前面一定有比较级,故排除B项。

  3.I a m glad to say that she’s already finished 50% of the book in these three days.

  A.no less thanB.no more than

  C.less thanD.m ore than

  答案:A no less than意为“有……之多;不少于……”;no more than意为“仅仅”,不符合题意。

  4.—It’s so hot t oday.

  —It surely is.It’s yesterday.

  A.two degrees hotter thanB.two degree as hot as

  C.two degree hotter thanD.two degrees as hot as

  答案:A 答语的后半句意为“比昨天热2度”。倍数表达法之一:“数词+adj.或adv.的比较级+than”。

  5.I offered him ,for which he thanked me again and again.

  A.that he had asked for three times

  B.three times what he had asked for

  C.wh at he had asked for three times

  D.three times that he had asked for

  答案:B 倍数放在what he had asked for(相当于the+n.)之前。

  6.This is attractive museum.I can hardly tear myself away from it.

  A.a mostB.the most


  答案:A most与不定冠词连用,表示“非常”。

  7. of the area is covered by water.

  A.Two-thirdsB.Two third

  C.Two thirdsD.Two-third

  答案:A 本题考查了分数的表达法,即分子大于1,分母加s。

  8.He looked quite young though he was .

  A.in seventyB.at the age of seventy

  C.in seventiesD.at the age of seventies

  答案:B  “他70多岁时”应该是in his seventies,选项A不正确;at the age of seventy意思是“在70岁时”。

  9.There is a learning tower about .

  A.180 feet highB.180 foot high

  C.180-feet high D.180-foot high

  答案:A  180 feet high意为“180英尺高”。

  10.(北京东城模拟)— Della,I’m thinking of taking five courses next term.

  — Wouldn’t four be ?


  C.the wisestD.the wiser

  答案:B 用形容词比较级,表示更明智。


  1.The soup is a little fresh,so you’d better         (加点盐).

  2.Madam Curie made a great contribution        (在科学领域).

  3.Iron does not rust        (在没有空气的水里).

  4.       (他有什么反应)the experimental equipment you offered?

  5.He is an excellent chemistry teacher,so        (能成为他的学生我很骄傲).

  6.When we put salt and sugar into water,they easily (溶解)in it.

  7.Our school is          (他们学校的两倍大).

  答案:1.add some salt to it

  2.in the area/field of science

  3.in the water without air/in airfree water

  4.What was his reaction to

  5.I’m very proud of being his student


  7.twice as big as theirs/twice bigger than theirs /twice the size of theirs


  1.—I’ve been told that I failed the driving test.

  —              (sorry,hear that)

  2.You are walking so fast that I            .(not,catch up with)

  3.—Next Sunday is my best friend’s birthday.

  —            ? (how about,birthday cake)

  4.—Look! Why do the farmers cover their windows with plastic cloth?

  —          .(keep out of ,the cold air)

  5.I used to do anything all by myself,but now          .

  (be used to,work with others)

  答案:1.I’m sorry to hear that. 别人说考试没通过,自己应该对此表示遗憾。

  2.can’t catch up with you so...that表示“如此……以至于”,即答语意为“你走得太快我跟不上”。

  3.How about buying her a birthday cake? 此句型表示提建议,即答语意为“给她买个生日蛋糕怎样?”

  4.To keep out of the cold air. 即答语意为“为了挡住冷空气,农民们用塑料布把窗户盖起来”,不定式表示目的。

  5.I am used to working with others be used to doing意为“习惯于做……”,本句意为“以前一切事情我都是自己做,可现在我习惯于同别人合作”。



  It is hard to think of a world without .Different metals have different .When we use metals,it is to know how they with different .The reaction of metals with water and oxygen can be put in .From the ,we can find potassium react the with oxygen and water while doesn’t react with water.When we calcium in oxygen,it burns to an oxide.

  There is a simple scientific about iron.Iron doesn’t rust in dry and water,but rusts in water.




  Edison and His Experiments

  Thomas Edison was interested in science at an early age.In order to earn money for books and for his scientific experiments,Thomas sold vegetables from the family garden.This work did not make enough money,and so he began to sell newspapers.He traveled on trains to sell his newspapers.He began to do experiments on the trains too,and he brought a lot of instruments and chemicals on them.The railway line was not very good,and one day a train suddenly shook a lot during a turn.Edison had a piece of phosphorus(磷) among his chemicals.Everything in the train shook,and the phosphorus fell on the floor.It began to burn,as phosphorus often does.The train was soon burning.The conductor of the train was so angry that he threw Thomas and all his equipment off the train at the next station.

  After that Edison worked as a telegraph operator.As an operator he had to work at night.During the day he read books and did experiments.The result was that he was very tired.Sometimes he slept at night so the other operators got angry with him.When they sent a message,Edison did not give an answer.The y found that he was often asleep.They soon found a way to keep him awake.They told him to telegraph the letter “A”every hour.In order to do this,he had to stay awake.

  Edison did not like this at all.He was too tired,so he invented a new instrument which sent the letter “A”every hour.It never failed,for instruments are not like people and they never forget to do what they are told to.The other operators received the letter “A”every hour.

  They could not believe it.They also could not believe that Edison was such a foolish man.One night they went quietly to his room.When they looked inside,they found that Edison was there sleeping,and his instrument was sending the letter “A”!


  1.Edison sold vegetables he could earn money for books and for his scientific experiments.

  2.The conductor was angry because Edison’s phosphorus set the train .

  3.When Edison invented a new which sent ,he had enough time to sleep at night.

  4.Edison’s colleagues didn’t believe Edison was such a man so they went to Edison’s room.And they found that Edison was .

  答案:1.so that 2.on fire 3.instrument;the letter “A” 4.foolish;sleeping

  拓展视野 

  The twentieth century saw greater changes than any century before:changes for the better,changes for the worse;changes that brought a lot of benefits to human beings,changes that put man in danger.Many things caused the changes,but,in my opinion,the most important was the progress in science.

  Scientific research in physics and biology has vastly broadened our views.It has given us a deeper knowledge of the structure of matter and of the universe;it has brought us a better under- standing of the nature of life and of its continuous develop- ment.Technology in the application of science has made big advances that have benefited us in nearly every part of life.

  The continuation of such activities in the twenty-first century will result in even greater advantages to human beings:in pure science—a wider and deeper knowledge in all fields of learning;in applied science—a more reasonable sharing of material benefits,and better protection of the environment.

  Sadly,however,there is another side to the picture.The creativity of science has been employed in doing damage to mankind.The application of science and technology to the develo- pment and production of weapons of mass destruction has created a real danger to the continued existence of the human race on this planet.We have seen this happen in the case of nuclear weapons.Although their actual use has so far occurred only in the Second World War,the number of nuclear weapons that were produced and made ready for use was so large that if the weapons had actually been used,the result could have been the ruin of the human race,as well as of many kinds of animals.

  William Shakespeare said,“The web of our life is of a mingled yarn (纱线),good and ill together.”The above brief review of the application of only one part of human activities—science seems to prove what Shakespeare said.But does it have to be so? Must the ill always go together with the good? Are we biologically programmed for war?

  【个性思考】 Does scientific development have great effect on your life? Give some examples.

  My view:



  Could the use of animals in scientific experiments be justified? Well you may get totally different answers when you are in different positions.

  Suppose you are a pet owner.When someone asks to take away your lovely dog for a scientific experiment,certainly you will cry out and claim that he or she is a devil.This is just the reaction we are expecting for it is love and concern for others that make human beings human,and this kind of love and care are not only existing among ourselves,but also between us and the nature.Can you imagine living in a world where people kill animals for any purpose they like? Can you expect people loving each other in that kind of world? It must be a nightmare(噩梦).

  However,to get a fuller view of such a controversial issue(矛盾的问题),you should put yourself in another position.Scientific experiments using animals have contributed a lot in medical development.Thanks to that,cures for many kinds of disease,which have killed thousands of people in the past few decades,have been found now and many lives are saved.If you are one of those with that kind of disease,will you support usi ng animals in scientific experiments that can save you or will you give up your hope of life? The majority chooses the former and it is reflecting(反映)the rule of the nature—the fittest survives(适者生存).

  Every creature on the earth is a gift.We should love and protect them while at the same time make good use of them,since it is not only for our own sake(原因) but also for the sake of the harmony(和谐) that existing in the nature world.



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