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高一英语复习资料:上册Lesson 4 Christmas同步辅导测试题

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  Unit 3 Celebration

  Lesson 4 Christmas同步辅导与测试



  1. 表示各种“目的”

  1. What do you study English for? 你为什么要学英语?

  2. She went to France for holiday. 她到法国度假去了。

  3. These books are written for pupils. 这些书是为学生写的。

  4. hope for the best, prepare for the worst. 作最好的打算,作最坏的准备。

  2. 对于

  1.She has a liking for painting. 她爱好绘画 。

  2.She had a natural gift for teaching. 她对教学有天赋

  3. 表示赞成同情,用不用

  1. Are you for the idea or against it? 你是支持还是反对这个想法?

  2. He expresses sympathy for the common people.. 他表现了对普通老百姓的同情。

  3. I felt deeply sorry for my friend who was very ill.

  4 表示因为,由于(常有较活译法)

  1 Thank you for coming. 谢谢你来。

  2. France is famous for its wines. 法国因酒而出名。

  5. 当事人对某事的主观看法,对于(某人),对…来说(多和形容词连用)用介词to,不用for..

  He said that money was not important to him.


  To her it was rather unusual.


  They are cruel to animals. 他们对动物很残忍。

  6. 表示前往(某地)去某地,用for不用to

  I bought a ticket for Milan.

  I start for Shanghai tomorrow. 我明天去上海。

  The ship is for Liverpool. 这艘船是开往利物浦的。

  7. 表示到达的目的地、终点.用to不用for

  The bus will take you to the post office. 公共汽车会把你送到邮局去的。

  He saw her to the railway station. 他把她送到火车站。


  1) I bought a bicycle for seven hundred yuan.


  2) He is willing to work for nothing.



  He was tall for his age. 以他的年龄来说他的个子是很高的。

  For so young a man he had read widely. 作为这样年轻的人,他书读的是够多了。

  10.表示相应、对应,一般for 的前后用同一个名词。

  Don’t translate word for word. 不要逐词翻译。

  Blood for blood ! 血债血偿。

  Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. 以眼还眼,以牙还牙。

  To 的此种用法表示贴着,对着。

  The two lovers dance cheek to cheek.


  They stood face to face ( back to back )


  二、put up 的用法

  put up着重指建造或搭起一个具有一定高度的具体的物体,口语中build也有此意。如:

  They put up a new house (tent). 他们建了一座新房子(搭了一个帐篷)。


  They built their homes and made their farms there. 他们在那儿建立了家园,办起了自己的农场。

  在表示建立一个商店、企业时,也可用start 和open。如:start/open a factory (shop, business) 开办工厂(商店、公司)。

  put up


  to put up a tent


  Put your hands up!; Put them up!


  2. 张贴;公布

  to put up a notice


  "Jasper has put up "No Parking" signs outside his gate, but these have not had any effect."



  We can put up ten people for the night at a pinch.


  put up with


  I can"t put up with your hypocricy any more.


  "That woman, as a housewife, has a lot to put up with."



  try to do 是尽力做什么事

  try doing是尝试做什么事

  try to do 表示“努力做某事”,后跟动词不定式,而try doing 表示“试着做某事”,后接动词-ing形式,如:

  He tried to work out the problem.


  Why don’t you try changing a way?



  1. –How about some more coffee?

  --It’s very kind of you_______

  A. That’s all right B. It tastes nice and sweet

  C. Just a little, please D. I enjoyed it very much

  2. –May I borrow your dictionary?

  -- ___________.

  A. By all means B. Never mind

  C. You are welcome D. Don’t mention it

  3. –Which turning should I take to the Capital building, Madam?

  --I’m sorry, _____ I’m a stranger here myself.

  A. / B. and C. but D. then

  4. –Bob, are you free at the moment? I have a favor to ask you.


  A. It’s a pleasure B. Go ahead C. Help yourself D. Ask, please

  5. The engines of the ship was out of order and the bad weather ____ the helplessness of the crew at sea.

  A. added to B. resulted from C. turned out D. made up

  6.—Did you tell Julia about the result?

  ---Oh, no, I forget, I _____ her now.

  A. will be calling B. will call C. call D. am to call

  7. Kathy ____a lot of Spanish by playing with the native boys and girls.

  A. picked up B. took up C. made up D. turned up

  8. –Julia said she sent you a birthday card yesterday. Have you got it?

  --Oh, really! I haven’t ____my mailbox yet.

  A. examined B. reviewed C. tested D. checked

  9. Everybody in the village likes Jack because he is good at telling and __jokes.

  A. turning up B. putting up C. making up D. showing up

  10. –What would you do if it ______tomorrow?

  --We have to carry it on, since we’ve got everything ready.

  A. rain B. rains C. will rain D is raining

  1.C 2A. 3.C 4. B 5. A 6.B 7. A 8. D 9.C 10.B

  Home, sweet home

  It was December 22. The bitter wind swept the countless snowflakes across my front yard. My dad was there sweeping the 1. His nose was red as a cherry. With every breath he took, a white puff 2 into the air.

  Inside, my mother was 3 the last of the boxes. As I entered the front door, the 4 that after today I wouldn’t enter through that door ever again 5 a hole in my stomach. I picked up my dog and sat Indian style with him in my lap on the 6, wooden floor. I had no 7 but to sit on the floor, for there was no longer any furniture occupying my house. I sat there in a daze (恍惚), just 8. There was no reason for my parents to make me, a once 9 12-year-old kid, 10. I had two best friends right across the street; I did well in school and I always kept my room clean. 11, this was “my house”. By no means did I want a couple of 12 living here. These recurring (重复) thoughts 13 around in my mind and I couldn’t find an answer.

  Out of the front window I could see the orange top of a truck pulling in he cleaned driveway and I knew it was the other U-Haul. Instantly there men came 14 in the back door like World War Ⅲ was starting.

  I watched 15 as the men, my mother and my dad loaded the truck. My dog even winced (畏缩) as he stared out of the window. I wondered if he was 16 , too, or if he just wished to play outside in the snow.

  My mum came in, looking solemn (凝重) for my sake, I imagined. She turned 17 the overhead light, put the 18 in my arm and took me out of the back door. A totally 19 feeling filled my heart. For the first time in my life. I wondered what 20 would be to me tomorrow.

  1. A. stairs B. garden C. sidewalk D. driveway

  2. A. escaped B. flew C. rose D. flowed

  3. A. piling B. packing C. collecting D. locking

  4. A. idea B. dream C. thought D. worry

  5. A. cut B. burned C. shot D. made

  6. A. cold B. wet C. broken D. messy

  7. A. choice B. way C. solution D. means

  8. A. dreaming B. thinking C. staring D. crying

  9. A. diligent B. clever C. happy D. honest

  10. A. remain B. cry C. suffer D. move

  11. A. However B. Besides C. Therefore D. Yet

  12. A. neighbors B. strangers C. visitors D. elders

  13. A. came B. traveled C. danced D. flowed

  14. A. running B. laughing C. talking D. whistling

  15. A. curiously B. motionlessly C. carefully D. helplessly

  16. A. afraid B. angry C. sad D. lonely

  17. A. down B. off C. on D. up

  18. A. box B. dog C. bag D. hand

  19. A. excited B. eager C. empty D. mixed

  20. A. life B. school C. home D. world


  1-5 DABCB 6-10 AABCD 11-15 BBCAD 16-20 CBBCC

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