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  (BOOK2 UNIT1)知识梳理


  1.cultural( adj.)___________ n.

  2.amaze (vt)____________(n.) ____________(adj.)

  3.decorate (v.)____________(n.) 4.wooden (adj.) ___________( n.)

  5. doubt (vt)_____________ (n.) _____________(adj.)

  6.mystery (n.)_____________ (adj.)

  7.paining(n.)____________(vt.) _____________(n.)(画家)

  8 trial (n)_________________(vt.)9.eyewitness(n.) _________________(vt)

  10.evidence (n.)_____________(adj)


  1.属于___________ 2.作为报答,回报_________________ 3.处于交战状态_____________ 4.拆开_____________________ 5.值得做_______________











  Anne pushed herself up from the bench and walked steadily with her walking sticks toward the office. As soon as she entered the room, she saw it. ____blue umbrella was there,unopened, ____a floor-to-ceiling window. ____(see)it so near,nearly within reach, Anne forgot herself and pointed to her possession.

  The man had risen when she entered and he___(remain) standing. He turned to look at the umbrella___she pointed. Yes. I know the umbrella is from Paris, he said, showing a mix of innocence and curiosity Actually, it____(make) in Italy, but it’s sold in Paris .It’s not the one your son gave you. I bought it myself.

  Anne stared at him. Was he claiming that it was his own umbrella? She had run all the way to this oofice building from the shop___her umbrella was stolen.

  My son gave____to me Anne countered. It means everything to me, because my son is___( die)

  As soon as she said them, Anne knew she had made a mistake. She had opened herself up to a stranger. He had no business knowing the most important fact of her life, a grief she kept private.____could anyone understand what her son’s death meant to her .

  (BOOK2 UNIT2)知识梳理


  1.___________(vi) 比赛,竞争 _____________ 竞争者(n..)

  2.____________(adj.) 规则的;定期的;常规的 ____________(adv.)

  3.____________(n.) 基础;根基 __________(pl.)

  4._____________ (n..)责任;职责 ___________(adj.)

  5. _____________ (vt.&vi.)做广告;登广告 _____________(n.)

  6_____________ (adj.)没有希望的,绝望的 _____________(反义词)



  9.值得(vi./vt.) _________________

  10.志愿者;志愿兵。志愿的;义务的。志愿 (n./adj./vt./vi.)_____________




  3.和某人达成协议________ _______________




  1.电灯一个接一个灭了。(one after another)


  2.他母亲给他买了一套狄更斯的小说。(a set of)






  5. 坦白地说,我不喜欢这种书。(honest)


  There are two main sets of Games—the Winter and the Summer Olympics. Both of them are held__1___ four years. Only athletes ____2____ have reached the standard for their event will ___3___ (admit) as competitors. It’s in the Summer Olympics ___4___you have the running races, together__5_____ swimming, sailing and all the team sports. Every country wants to host the Olympic Games , ___6___ is a great responsibility but also a great honor to _____7_____( choose ). There’s as much competition among countries to host the Olympics ___8___ to win Olympic medals and ____9__ 2012 Olympics will be held in London. The motto of the Olympics is ___10_____ (swift) , Higher and Stronger”.

  BookII Unit 3 知识梳理


  1、简化V. adj

  2、操作V. n(人) n(事)

  3、工艺、科技n adj

  4、智力智能n adj

  5、私人的、个人的adj adv n

  6、总的、整个的adj adv n

  7、探索V. n(人) n(事)

  8、申请、用途n V 申请人(n)

  9、金融n adj

  10、电n adj(电子的) adj(带电的)


  1、在某人的帮助下: 2、决心做某事:

  3、在某种程度上: 4、在……有共同点: 5、高质量的:








  In 1642,I began as a calculating machine in France. 1 I was young, I could simplify difficult sums. After I was programmed by an operator who used cards 2 holes, I could“think”3 (logical). In 1936, Alan Turing wrote a book about how to make me work as a “universal machine”4 (solve)any difficult mathematical problem. By 5 1940s I had grown as large as a room. However, as time went by, I was made smaller. Since the 1970s, I 6 (use)in offices and homes. These changes only became possible as my memory improved. 7 a result, I totally changed my shape. Over time my memory has developed so much 8 I never forget anything I have been told. In the early 1960s, they gave me a family 9 (connect)by a network and since the 1970s many new applications 10 (find) for me.

  Book 2 Unit 4 知识梳理


  1. 保护 v._______ n.______ adj. _______2. 打猎,搜寻vt._____ 猎人 n. ________

  3. 回答,响应vi ______ . _____4. 处的adj.________ 距离,远方n. _________________

  5. 使减轻,缓解vt. _____ n._______ 6. 仁慈,宽恕n.___________ adj._______

  7. 包含,容纳vt.___________ 容器 n. _________

  8. 影响vt.________ n.___________ adj.________ adv.__________

  9. 成功n. _____________ vi.____________ adj.__________ Adv.______________

  10. 雇佣,利用vt.____________ 雇主n. ___________ 雇员n.____________ 雇佣,就业n.____________

  11. 损害,危害vt./n._____________ 有害的adj.__________ 无害的adj.__________






  3.形成, 产生___________ 4. 与自然和平共处______________________

  5. 突然大笑______________________











  The flying carpet took Daisy to several places. First she arrived in Tibet, 1 she found an antelope. It told her, “We are 2 (kill) now for the wool beneath our stomachs. Our fur is 3 (use) to make sweaters for people. As 4 result, we are now an endangered species.”

  Then she flew to Zimbabwe. An elephant, which used to be an 5-______(endanger) species, told her that 6______ the help of the government their numbers were increasing. The last place she visited was a rainforest. A monkey was protecting itself 7_______ mosquitoes by rubbing an insect over its body. The monkey asked Daisy to pay more attention 8_______ the rainforest. From this experience Daisy learned the 9___________(important) of wildlife protection. 10____ an experience !

  BOOK2 UNIT5 (知识梳理)


  1,幽默的;诙谐的 (adj.) _________________

  2,表演;履行;执行(vt.&vi.) _____________ 表演;演奏 (n.) _____________

  3,吸引人的;有吸引力的 (adj.) __________ (vt.)____________ (n..) ___________

  4,自信的;确信的 (adj.) _____________ (n.) __________________

  5,邀请;招待 (n..) ______________ (vt.) ___________

  6,敏感的;易受伤害的;灵敏的 (adj.) ____________

  7,痛苦的;疼痛的 (adj.) __________ (n.) __________

  8,音乐家 (n..) _____________9,假装;假扮 (vt.) ______________

  10, 工具;器械;乐器 (n..) ___________________


  1,把名和利看的很重要 ( )

  2,依赖其他的歌手 ( )

  3,更好地了解他们 ( )

  4,彼此打趣逗乐 ( )

  5, 说实在的 ( )



  ( )

  2, 我们必须努力工作,尤其重要的是我们必须相信我们每个人都能做好一些事情。


  3, 她很自信能通过面试。


  4, 有些植物对光非常敏感,它们喜阴。


  5, 把这些文件整理一下,用夹子夹在一起。



  If we are honest ______ ourselves, most of us have dreamt of ______famous sometimes in our lives. Most musicians often meet and form a band. Sometimes they play in the street to _______ (passer-by) so that they can earn some extra money and this also give them a chance to realize their dreams. There was once a band that _______ (start) in a different way. The musicians of ______ the band was formed played jokes on each other as well as played music, _______ music and jokes were loosely________(base) on “ The Beatles “. Their exciting performances were copied by other groups. “The Monkees” played their own instruments and ________ their own music. _________ it broke up in 1970, it ______( reunite) in the mid_1980s and it is still popular today.

  (BOOK2 UNIT1)知识梳理答案:

  一.1.cuiture 2. amazement; amazed;amazing 3.decoration 4. wood

  5. doubt;doubtful 6. mysterious 7.paint;painter8.trial 9. witness 10. evident

  二.1.belong to 2.in return 3.at war 4. take apart 5. be worth doing

  三.1. This was a time when the two countries were at war

  2. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for konigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea.

  3. Nor do I think they should give it to any government

  4. So I think that those who find the Amber Room should decide what to do with it

  四.1. The 2. against 3. Seeing 4. remained 5. when/as

  6. is made 7. where 8. it 9. dead 10. How

  (BOOK2 UNIT2)知识梳理答案:

  一.1.compete , competitor 2. regular, regularly 3.basis , bases 4. responsibility , responsible 5. advertise , advertisement 6. hopeless , hopeful

  7.replace 8. bargain 9. deserve 10. volunteer

  二.1. play a role in 2. be proud of 3. make a bargain with sb.

  4. be admitted to … 5. deserve doing sth.

  三.1. The lights went out one after another.

  2. His mother bought him a set of novels of Dickens.

  3. To be honest, I don’t like kind of book.

  4. Can anything replace a mother’s love ?

  5. They are competing with each other for the chance to study.

  四.1. every 2. that/who 3. be admitted 4. that 5. with

  6. which 7. be chosen 8. as 9. the 10. Swifter

  BookII Unit 3 知识梳理答案:

  一、1. simplify simple2. operate operator operation

  3. technology technological4. intelligence intelligent

  5. personal personally personality6. total totally

  7. explore explorer exploration8. application apply applicant

  9. finance financial10. electricity electronic electric

  二、1. with the help of 2. be determined to do sth3. in a way

  4. have……in common5. of high quality

  三、1. Although I was Young, I could simplify difficult sums.

  2. As time went by, I was made smaller.

  3. Anyhow I must get all the work done before Monday.

  4. So fast is the city developing that you can never imagine what it will be like tomorrow.

  5. It was my friend who helped me out when I was in financial trouble.

  四、1.Although/Though 2. with 3. logically 4. to solve 5. the

  6. have been used 7.As 8. that 9. connected 10.have been found

  Book 2 Unit 4 知识梳理答案

  一、1.protect, protection, protective 2. hunt, hunter 3. respond, response 4. distant, distance 5. relieve, relief 6. mercy, merciful 7. contain, container 8. affect, effect, effective, effectively 9. success, succeed, successful, successfully 10. employ, employer, employee, employment 11. harm, harmful, harmless

  二、1. have a positive effect on the teenagers’ mental health

  2. succeed in protecting some wild animals from being hunted

  3. come into being

  4. live with nature in peace

  5. burst into laughing

  三、1. The way the government reduces air pollution sounds reasonable.

  2. It is a pity that those species are all endangered.

  3. I suggest setting up a nature deserve.

  4. The tigers’ habitat is being seriously threatened.

  四、 1. where 2. being killed 3. being used 4. a 5. endangered 6. with 7. from 8. to 9. importance 10. What

  BOOK2 UNIT5 (知识梳理)参考答案:

  一.1. humorous 2. perform , performance 3.attractive ,attract , attraction 4, confident , confidence 5, invitation , invite 6, sensitive , sensible 7, painful , pain

  8, musician 9, pretend 10, instrument

  二 1. attach great importance to becoming rich and famous

  2. rely on other musicians

  3. get more familiar with them

  4. play jokes on each other

  5. to be honest

  三 1.In addition to English, he has to study a second foreign language.

  2. We must work hard, and above all we must believe that each of us is able to do something well.

  3. She is quite confident that she will pass the interview.

  4. Some plants are very sensitive to light; they prefer the shade.

  5. Sort out these papers and fasten them together with a clip.

  四. 1. with 2. being 3. passers-by 4. started 5. whom 6. whose 7. based 8. wrote 9. Though 10 . reunited

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