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  1.It has been five years since the party came to________in that country.

  A.power         B.control

  C.force D.charge

  解析: come to power相当于come into power当权;上台。句意为:在那个国家,自这个政党执政以来已经五年了。

  答案: A

  2.He is highly________,so he can do well as a group leader.

  A.amused B.educated

  C.directed D.concerned

  解析: 句意为:他受过很好的教育,因此他可以胜任团队领导的职务。educated受教育的;amused有趣的;direct指导;concerned有关的。

  答案: B

  3.A monument (纪念碑) was ________in honor of the heroes who gave up their lives for their country.

  A.got up B.set up

  C.built up D.turned up

  解析: 考查短语辨析。set up建立,符合句意。get up起床;build up增强,加大;turn up调大,出现。句意为:人们建立了一座纪念碑来纪念那些为祖国献身的英雄们。

  答案: B

  4.Mandela was________to five years’ hard labour for encouraging violence against the government.

  A.reported B.given

  C.realized D.sentenced

  解析: be sentenced to意思是“被判处……(徒刑)”。原句的意思是:曼德拉因为鼓励以暴力对抗政府而被判处三年劳教。

  答案: D

  5.The young couple offered a________of $5,000 for information about their missing son.

  A.present B.reward

  C.price D.pay

  解析: present礼物;reward报酬;抽筋;price价格;pay工资。由句意可知,B为正确答案。

  答案: B

  6.At this________it’s impossible to know whether our plan will succeed.

  A.step B.measure

  C.stage D.case

  解析: step步骤;脚步;measure措施;stage时期;case事例;情况。根据句意,C正确。

  答案: C

  7.That’s the best way you thought of________tired of study.

  A.preventing students from getting

  B.keeping students from getting

  C.to stop students getting

  D.to protect students getting

  解析: you thought of是省略了关系代词的定语从句,修饰先行词way;way后面常接不定式或of短语,故可排除A和B项,另由语境可知应是“防止学生学习疲倦”,故答案为C。句意为:那是你想出的防止学生学习疲倦的最佳方法。

  答案: C

  8.When crossing the street,he was in such a hurry that he narrowly escaped________.

  A.killing B.being killed

  C.to be killed D.kill

  解析: escape后接v.­ing形式,又因为“he”与kill之间应为动宾关系,所以只能选择B。句意为:在横穿街道时,他太匆忙了,结果是差点丧生。

  答案: B

  9.Don’t lose________.I’m sure you’ll do better in the next examination.

  A.heart B.your heart

  C.your hearts D.hearts

  解析:lose heart意为“丧失信心”,而lose one’s heart to意为“爱上……”

  答案: A

  10.—Kate! Have you got an invitation from Nancy?

  —________.A what?

  A.Yes,I’ve got one B.I’m sorry I don’t know

  C.I beg your pardon D.Say again

  解析: 考查交际用语。结合上下文看出后者没听清楚前者的话,故请对方重复一下,排除A、B两项;D项不符合语言习惯,只有C项符合习惯。

  答案: C

  11.(2011•绍兴高一检测)I failed in the final examination last term and only then________the importance of studies.

  A.I realized B.I had realized

  C.had I realized D.did I realize

  解析: 该并列句的后一分句为以“only+状语”开头的句子,谓语动词要采用部分倒装结构;由时间状语then可知谓语动词应为一般过去时态,故选D。

  答案: D

  12.(2011•渭南高一检测)That man appears to be an expert in this field of work.________,he knows nothing about it.

  A.So far B.As a matter of fact

  C.In other words D.At all

  解析: 句意为:那个人看起来似乎是这一工作领域的教师。事实上,他对此一无所知。so far至今;as a matter of fact事实上;in other words换句话说; at all毕竟。根据句意可知本题应选B项。

  答案: B

  13.(2011•泰安高一检测)Everyone has a(n)________chance.Now,let’s see who can do it best.

  A.same B.equal

  C.well D.alike

  解析: 前句句意:每个人都有平等的机会。same前经常加the;well adj.健康的;alike常作表语,相像的;equal平等的。

  答案: B

  14.When a person is________,talking with others often helps him feel better.

  A.in trouble B.in danger

  C.in silence D.in a trouble

  解析: in trouble的含义是“在危险、受罚、痛苦、忧虑等的处境中”;in danger表示“处于危险中”;in silence的含义是“无声地;沉默地”。由下半句“和别人谈谈通常能让他感觉好一些”可知,只有in trouble和句意符合。

  答案: A

  15.—John is always working hard.

  —So he is.I believe all his efforts will________at last.

  A.reward B.be rewarded

  C.return D.be returned

  解析: reward表示“回报;报酬”;return的含义是“归还;回来”。本句efforts与reward之间存在被动关系,故用被动语态形式。句意为:我相信他所有的努力终将获得回报。

  答案: B


  While I was visiting my parents,a question about my grandparents made my mother leave the room.Both of them had died before I was born.My grandfather died in war and my grandmother was taken by cancer in the early 1960s.My mother always gets emotional when the subject of her parents is brought up.

  When she returned,I expected to see her wiping her eyes,but there were no tears this time;there was a box.It was an old brown shoe box.“I want you to have this,” she said.“I’ve had these since my mother died,but I could never bring myself to read them.These are all the letters that my mom and dad wrote to each other during the war.”

  I couldn’t believe my ears.“Why hadn’t I ever heard about them before?” My mind was racing.Then it hit me that she had kept them secret in case I destroy them in my youth like so many of her other memories of her mother.

  She said,“In fact,some of these letters have never been opened,because the War Department took two months to finally inform my mother of my father’s death,and during that time she was writing a letter a day as usual.” She started to cry a little.

  When I returned to my home,I began to read the letters.I did have some trouble reading my grandmother’s writing at first.But as I got through the letters,I found out why—she couldn’t afford to get a pen and had no way to sharpen the old school pencil,so the writing was not clear.

  I spent three days finishing reading those letters full of love.It was a great experience to know my grandparents.

  [语篇解读] 作者的妈妈给了他一个旧盒子,里边全是他爷爷奶奶的通信。

  1.Every time the writer’s grandparents were talked about,the writer’s mother________.

  A.got angry B.left the room

  C.felt very sad D.felt very interested

  解析: 推理判断题。根据第一段的My mother always gets emotional以及第二段的When she returned,I expected to see her wiping her eyes可知作者的妈妈每次谈到她的父母时都会很伤心。

  答案: C

  2.What can we know about the writer’s grandparents?

  A.They both died of cancer.

  B.They died in their early sixties.

  C.They died soon after the writer was born.

  D.They wrote to each other very often during the war.

  解析: 推理判断题。根据第四段的and during that time she was writing a letter a day as usual.可知作者的祖父母在战争期间通信频繁。

  答案: D

  3.The writer thought that he hadn’t been told about the letters before because________.

  A.his mother didn’t want him to know about his grandparents

  B.his mother worried those letters would make him sad

  C.his mother worried he might destroy those letters

  D.his grandparents kept those letters secret

  解析: 细节理解题。根据第三段的she had kept them secret in case I destroy them in my youth like so many of her other memories of her mother可知作者以为,他妈妈以前不让他知道这些信,是怕他把这些信毁了。

  答案: C

  4.Why was the grandmother’s writing difficult to read?

  A.Because she was bad at writing.

  B.Because she always wrote in a hurry.

  C.Because she didn’t pay attention to her spelling.

  D.Because she couldn’t sharpen the old school pencil.

  解析: 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段的she couldn’t afford to get a pen and had no way to sharpen the old school pencil,so the writing was not clear.可知应选D。

  答案: D

  5.What can we infer from the passage?

  A.The writer’s mother had never read the letters.

  B.The writer’s grandparents loved each other very much.

  C.The writer never thought he would be interested in reading the letters.

  D.The writer used to learn about his grandparents only from his mother.

  解析: 推理判断题。根据前文提到的作者的爷爷奶奶通信频繁的语境以及末段的...those letters full of love.可推断作者的爷爷奶奶生前深爱着彼此。

  答案: B

  Wong Fuk­wing,a Hong Kong volunteer (志愿者) at an orphanage (孤儿院) in Yushu,was killed in the earthquake when he was trying to save others on April 14,2010.

  Wong managed to run safely out of the building with some children when the first quake happened at 7∶50 am on April 14,but he went back inside to rescue three other children and three teachers inside,although he knew the danger of aftershocks (余震).

  At 10 am,all the children and one of the teachers were saved.However,Wong was buried under the fallen building and died.The other two teachers were still waiting to be rescued.

  46­year­old Wong was a truck driver,who often said he could only give his efforts to charity (慈善) instead of money,as he did not earn a lot.His tragic (悲剧的) end touched the hearts of many people both in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

  Wong began volunteering in 2002.In 2003,Wong was told by the doctor he got serious illness,which gave him a great blow.However,the illness did not deter the warm­hearted man.When the earthquake struck Wenchuan in Sichuan Province in 2008,Wong rushed to the disaster area of Shifang to offer his help though his family did not want him to go.

  In fact,Qinghai is a place Wong had often visited since 2006.As a volunteer,he gave out medicine and clothing to the orphanage there.No one could expect that Wong would die helping others.

  Hong Kong Chief Secretary Henry Tang Ying­yen said he had “the highest respect” for the hero who gave his life for others.“What he did has shown the Hong Kong spirit.” The citizens of Hong Kong called him “the pride of Hong Kong’s people” and people on the mainland have also praised him as “a true hero”.

  [语篇解读] 本文介绍了香港义工黄福荣——阿福的故事。

  6.Wong died in the earthquake________.

  A.after he sent medicine and clothing to the orphanage

  B.when he returned to save the teachers and students

  C.because he suffered from his serious illness again

  D.as the first earthquake happened

  解析: 细节理解题。本文第二、三段介绍了阿福震中救人牺牲的事迹,故选B。

  答案: B

  7.The underlined word “deter” in Para.5 refers to________.

  A.prevent B refuse

  C.beat D.encourage

  解析: 词义猜测题。由第五段中的When the earthquake struck Wenchuan in Sichuan Province in 2008,Wong rushed to the disaster area of Shifang to offer his help可以看出严重的疾病也未能阻止他去汶川地震灾区当一名志愿者。

  答案: A

  8.What can we know about Wong from the passage?

  A.He never visited Qinghai before 2010.

  B.He was supported by his family being a volunteer.

  C.He was thought highly of by the Chinese.

  D.He was a taxi driver before he died.

  解析: 细节理解题。由最后一段人们对黄福荣的评价可知香港市民和大陆同胞高度赞扬他。

  答案: C

  9.Why are so many people deeply moved by the story of Wong?

  A.He always offered money to the orphanage.

  B.He fought against his illness bravely.

  C.He helped the orphanage though being poor.

  D.He put other people’s lives above his own.

  解析: 推理判断题。通读全文可知香港义工黄福荣在玉树地震中为救被困群众而献出了自己宝贵的生命,由此可看出他把别人的生命看得高于自己,故选D。

  答案: D

  10.Which of the following words can be used to describe Wong according to the passage?

  A.Honest and self­satisfactory.

  B.Warm­hearted and selfless.

  C.Proud and self­centered.

  D.Capable and hardworking.

  解析: 推理判断题。阿福从2002年开始做义工,并不顾自身疾病援助汶川地震和玉树地震的援救工作,并在玉树地震中献出生命。从他的事迹不难看出,阿福是一个热心而无私的人。

  答案: B

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