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  英语:Module3《My First Ride on a Train》Period 2暑假预习题(外研版必修1)

  Ⅰ. 单词拼写

  1. In the circus, the lions are trained (训练) to perform different programs.

  2. Lincoln was shot (射杀)while watching a play in Ford’s Theatre.

  3. We left early in the morning because we had a long journey (旅程).

  4. The lost car was found abandoned (被遗弃的) in the bush off the roadside.

  5. The new leaves in the Fragrant Hills (香山) in Beijing provided the most beautiful autumn scenery (风景).

  6. An expert (专家)is someone who has a particular skill or knows a lot about a particular subject.

  7. My school is within the walking distance (距离) of my house.

  8. Farmers can grow good plants in rich soil (土壤).

  Ⅱ. 完成句子

  1. 我最近第一次乘火车进行了一次长途旅行。

  Recently I had my first ride on a long-distance train .

  2. exam是examination的缩写。

  Exam is short for examination.

  3. 你认为昨天晚上我们看的电影怎么样?

  What do you think of the film we saw last night?

  4. 我看见公交车从远处开过来了。

  I can see a bus coming in the distance .

  5. 我们一致同意永远不提这件事。

  We agreed never to refer to the matter again.

  Ⅲ. 单项填空

  1. TV is _____ for television.

  A. short B. call C. stand D. called

  【解析】选A。本题考查固定短语。be short for 是……的缩写/简称。

  2. Mum is coming. What present _____ for your birthday?

  A. you guess she has got

  B. you guess has she got

  C. do you guess she has got

  D. do you guess has she got

  【解析】选C。本题考查固定句型。“疑问词 + do you think/guess/suppose. . . + 主语+谓语”句型。

  3. —Do you like cats?

  —Of course. They mean _____ a kind of pet to their masters.

  A. better than B. more than

  C. rather than D. other than

  【解析】选B。根据句意可知,猫对于主人的用途不仅仅是宠物,还有其他用途。所以此句要用more than。better than 比……好;rather than 而不是;other than除了。

  4. The painting hanging on the wall looks much better_____.

  A. in the distance B. in a distance

  C. at the distance D. at a distance

  【解析】选D。本题考查固定短语。at a distance 从远处。in the distance在远处,在远方。根据句意“这幅挂在墙上的画稍远一点更好看”所以选D。

  5. After all the passengers _____ , the helicopter was _____ soon.

  A. got on; landing B. got on; taking off

  C. got in; landing D. got in; taking off

  【解析】选B。get in 乘坐出租车或小车。get on 乘坐火车,大公共汽车,船,飞机等。根据句意“乘客登机后,飞机将要起飞”,所以选B。

  6. Simon thought his computer was broken _____ his little brother pointed out that he had forgotten to turn it on.

  A. until  B. unless C. after D. because

  【解析】选A。 根据句意 “西蒙认为他的电脑坏了直到他弟弟告诉他忘了开机。”until “直到……”。

  7. It was foolish of him to _____ his notes during that important test, and of course he got punished.

  A. refer to B. take off C. get on D. put on

  【解析】选A。句意:他在那次重要测试中查阅笔记是非常愚蠢的,当然他受到了惩罚。refer to 查阅,参考。take off 起飞,脱掉;get on 上车;put on 穿上,上演。

  8. If we sit near the front of the bus, we’ll have a better _____ .

  A. scenery B. scene C. sight D. view


  9. The government has rebuilt the old temple _____ a long time ago.

  A.abandoned B.abandoning

  C.was abandoned D.being abandoned

  【解析】选A。句意:政府已经重建了那座很久之前遗弃的旧庙。 abandoned 为过去分词作后置定语,abandoned 也可理解为形容词“被遗弃的”。

  10. The increasingly developing technology _____ humans to know more about space and themselves.

  A. makes B. allows C. lets D. forced

  【解析】选B。句意:不断发展的技术使人类能够更多地了解太空和他们自己。allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人干某事;make/let sb. do sth. 使某人干某事;force sb. to do sth. 迫使某人做某事。

  四 阅读理解


  Two teenagers had to be saved from a steep mountainside in Scotland earlier today. They were members of a party of youngsters who were in the second week of a fortnight’s(两周)camping in the mountains. The two boys, both from Birmingham, had been with a party of ten others who, with an experienced guide and mountaineer, had been on a two-day climb away from the main party. They had become separated from the others and it wasn’t until late yesterday afternoon that the alarm was raised and a search party was organized.

  The search which was called off late yesterday evening when thick fog set in, begun again early this morning and the boys were seen halfway up on a steep cliff(悬崖) face. Climbers quickly discovered that one of the boys had broken his leg and he was taken off the mountain by helicopter and flown to the nearest hospital. It is believed that the two went off exploring on their own and then got stuck on the cliff.

  1. The youngsters planned to stay in the mountains for _____ .

  A. one week B. two weeks

  C. one day D. two days

  【解析】选B。 细节理解题 根据第一段. . . in the second week of a fortnight’s camping in the mountains可知他们计划在山中宿营两周。

  2. The search was put off until early the next morning because of the _____ .

  A. heat B. cold C. rain D. fog


  3. Why was one of the boys taken off the mountain by helicopter?

  A. He broke his leg and couldn’t move a bit.

  B. The hospital was too far.

  C. The cliff was steep.

  D. He was halfway up on the cliff.


  4. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

  A. The two boys had their legs broken.

  B. The two boys went away to explore on their own.

  C. One of the boys was sent to hospital.

  D. The accident took place in the mountains in Scotland.

  【解析】选A。 推理判断题。根据第二段第二句可知其中一个男孩受伤,而不是两个,显然A项不对。


  People who travel a lot fly with Bel Air because they know they will get what they want.

  They want to go quickly, and safely, across the country, across the sea, or right across the world—and they know Bel Air will take them where they want to go, when they want to go. Bel Air flies all the newest and fastest planes, to move towns and cities, in more countries of the world, than any other airlines(航空公司).

  Do you want to go to Paris, Washington, or Tokyo? Bel Air will take you there, at all times of the day or night, right through the week. But Bel Air flies not only to the big cities in the rich countries—we fly two or three times a week to towns and cities in the very heart of Asia, Africa and South America.

  People who travel a lot fly with Bel Air, because they know they will leave on time, and arrive on time. They know the food they will receive and the films they will watch will be of the very best.

  Bel Air is second to none. When you fly, fly with Bel Air.

  5. Bel Air says that experienced travelers choose to fly with it because _____ .

  A. it offers(提供)lots of best service (服务) passengers would expect(期望)

  B. its planes fly to distant places

  C. it has more planes than other airlines

  D. its passengers can watch films on its planes


  6. Bel Air flies planes to big cities like Paris _____ .

  A. every day except(除了) Sunday

  B. two or three times a week

  C. every day of the week

  D. any time at weekend

  【解析】选C。根据第三段前两句可知, “每天任何时候都有直达巴黎,华盛顿和东京的航班”。

  7. “Bel Air is second to none” means _____ .

  A. Bel Air is the best airline

  B. only one airline is better than Bel Air

  C. Bel Air is not the best airline

  D. Bel Air is the second best airline

  【解析】选A。Bel Air 不会次于任何一家航空公司,它是最好的。second to none 出色的,最好的。

  8. Choose a title for the passage “ _____ ”.

  A. Flying B. Bel Air

  C. Traveling D. South America

  【解析】选B。文章主要介绍Bel Air 这家航空公司。

  9. We can find that the passage is a _____ .

  A. school magazine B. joke

  C. testbook D. advertisement(广告)




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