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高一英语知识点:下册Unit 5 Theme Parks 检测试题及答案

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  高一英语下册Unit 5 Theme Parks 检测试题及答案

  I 根据中文或首字母提示,填写所缺单词的适当形式。

  1. The old man lived lonely, a________ himself by playing cards with his neighbours.

  2. Discover the latest news about the amazing world of t________ parks, water parks, amusement parks, indoor water parks, and attractions.

  3. He was given a________ to the college after eights’ hard work.

  4. There are v ________ ways of cooking eggs.

  5. He has kept a teaspoon as a ________ (纪念品) of his journey.

  6. Which ________ (牌子) of sports shoes do you prefer?

  7. Only a m________ of students receives the scholarship while most of the students get nothing.

  8. Stop looking for the perfect job — it’s just a f________.

  9. Joule carried out a series of simple e________ to test his theory.

  10. They admired the worker’s perfect t________ because he solves the problem only in a few minutes.

  11. You can imagine them to be ________ (生物) from outer space.

  12. Most of the relief work (救济工作) was done by ________ (志愿者).

  13. The works of the great ________ (翻译家), Zhu Shenghao, are still popular.

  14. China achieved brilliant a________ achievements in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

  15. A famous company donated some pieces of medical e________ to this mountain area to improve the medical conditions.


  come to life, get close to, variety, be based on, advance, profit, charge, test, settle, involve, name after, up-to-date

  1. Our school is famous all over China. The school headmaster has ________ ideas on education.

  2. Scientific knowledge has greatly ________ since the 16th century.

  3. It would be difficult not to ________ the child’s father in the arrangements.

  4. The hotel ________ me $30 for a room for the night.

  5. You will find it hard to ________ the tiger to watch their actions.

  6. When the girl ________ again, she found herself lying in a hospital bed.

  7. He ________ his daughter Rachel ________ his grandmother Rose Stevens.

  8. You don’t expect to make much ________ within the first couple of years of setting up a company.

  9. The girls who attend the performance come from a ________ of backgrounds.

  10. Many Native Americans were killed during the ________ of the American West by Europeans in the nineteenth century.

  11. The film ________ a short story by Thomas Mann.

  12. She had to take a ________ before she was admitted into the key middle school.

  III 从A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

  1. Few people can imagine what ________ it is to have a swim on a hot summer day.

  A. a great fun B. great fun C. great a fun D. great funs

  2. — How much did the salesmen ________ for this machine?

  — Almost four hundred dollars.

  A. paid B. charged C. cost D. order

  3. The group of students went to the suburb, did some research work, and ________ the water in the river to see if it had been polluted.

  A. proved B. boiled C. tested D. exchanged

  4. — Can we enter the park now?

  — Sorry, anybody can’t go in without ________. It’s not free of charge.

  A. agreement B. equipment C. permission D. ticket

  5. A variety of butterflies ________ flying in the jungle, one of which is a very rare one.

  A. is B. have been C. are D. has been

  6. After the former manager returned from abroad, our company ________ and the production doubled.

  A. came to life B. came back life C. recovered to life D. returned to life

  7. — Oh, it’s a snake.

  — Be careful and don’t ________ it.

  A. keep away from B. keep off C. get close to D. get nearly to

  8. The famous writer described the scene very carefully, making it difficult for you to tell which the fact is and which ________ is.

  A. imagine B. fantasy C. difference D. combination

  9. After buying some souvenirs, the visitor bought a pair of sneakers without a ________ name.

  A. real B. technique C. brand D. clear

  10. ________ of the people took part in the running race with disappointment, though it was likely that they can’t get a reward.

  A. Majority B. The majority C. Minority D. The minority

  11. — How many shares did you buy?

  — Three hundred, Jack. But I still can’t see if there are any ________.

  A. amusements B. results C. prizes D. profits

  12. — The enemy didn’t stop, instead they ________ towards the village at a faster speed.

  — So the villagers were in danger.

  A. overcame B. struggled C. behaved D. advanced

  13. The kid went into the bathroom, turned on the tap, bathed, ________ and came out.

  A. washed B. stopped C. clothed D. sat

  14. — I’ll find someone to send this letter to the general himself?

  — This is really a hard task. I think you must find a ________.

  A. soldier B. settler C. translator D. volunteer

  15. — Do you think we need so much money?

  — Yes, you know we’ll have to buy ________ equipment.

  A. much B. many C. less D. vast

  16. In the botanic garden we can find a(n) ________ of plants that rang from tall trees to small trees. (上海 2001)

  A. species B. group C. amount D. variety

  17. More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a great ________ of goods. (上海春 2003)

  A. variety B. mixture C. extension D. combination

  18. It was raining heavily, Little Mary felt cold, so she stood ________ to her mother. (北京 2002)

  A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing


  1. 当你听说一个死去多年的人突然苏醒过来时,你的感觉如何?(come to life)


  2. 据报道,科学家们正在寻找一种新的治愈癌症的方法。(in search of)


  3. 把别人牵扯到你的麻烦里去是不对的。(involve)


  4. 由于多种原因,她不得不离开学校到一家工厂去上班。(a variety of)


  5. 这家公司的经理说,将要建设的主题公园是以孩子们熟悉的产品为基础的。(be based on)


  6. 我们将要去参观的这家以科技为基础的主题公园会给我们提供最新的信息。(up-to-date)


  7. 困在暴风雨中几天了,它们不得不以树叶为食。(be caught in)


  8. 当她接近这个男孩时才发现他不是她要找的人。(get close to)


  9. 有时她喜欢取笑别人,这使我们都很生气。(at times)


  10. 很多妇女把购物当作一种消遣方式。(amuse)


  VI 阅读下面短文,在各横线上写出空白处所缺的单词 (每空一词),使补补充完整后的短文意思通顺、结构完整。

  Many people think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. In the early 1950s, Walt Disney imagined a 1 park, where his already hugely popular 2 — Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the rest could 3 . Anaheim (阿纳海姆) was chosen 4 the location for Disneyland on the 5 that there are many orange groves.

  This super cool 6 park is divided into eight themed areas. Main Street, USA brings you back 7 the days of horse-drawn carriages and streetcars. Adventureland is an exotic tropical place in a far-off region place of the world. Get transported into the 8 in Tomorrowland.

  Fantasyland takes you to the place where dreams come 9 . Step into New Orleans Square to experience good fashioned Southern charm. Play 10 whimsical (离奇的) wildlife creatures in Critter Country. Enter the land that Toons built — Mickey’s Toontown — which is the actual home of your favourite Disney characters!



  1. amusing 2. theme 3. admission 4. various 5. souvenir

  6. brand 7. minority 8. fantasy 9. experiments 10. technique

  11. creatures 12. volunteers 13. translator 14. athletic 15. equipment


  1. up-to-date 2. advanced 3. involve 4. charged 5. get close to

  6. came to life 7. named; after 8. profit 9. variety 10. settlement

  11. is based on 12. test


  1-5 BB CCC 6-10 ACBCB 11-15 DDCDA 16-18 DAA


  1. B。fun为不可数名词。这是感叹句作宾语从句的情况。

  2. B。第一句话的主语是the salesman (售货员),所以应该是“要价”(charge)而不是“付钱”(pay)。cost指“花费”,主语是物;order指“定货;订购”,不合题意。

  3. C。test表示“测试;测验”,以确认是否合格。prove意为“证明”;boil意为“煮沸”;exchange意为“交流;交换”。

  4. C。without permission意思是“未经允许”。

  5. C。a variety of意思是“各种各样的”,表示复数概念,题中所介绍的是现在的一种情况,所以谓语动词用are。

  8. B。fantasy意思是“虚构;虚幻”,和fact相对。

  9. C。brand name意思是“品牌名称”。

  10. B。表示“大量”的时候用most of…或the majority of…。

  11. D。上句的share指“股票”,下句自然要谈到“红利(profit)”。

  13. C。clothes可以做名词也可以做动词,意思是“穿衣服”。

  15. A。equipment是不可数名词,用much修饰。


  1. How do you feel when you hear a man who died many years ago comes to life suddenly?

  2. It is reported that scientists are in search of a new way to cure cancer.

  3. It is wrong of you to involve other people in your trouble.

  4. She had to leave school and find a job in a factory for a variety of reasons.

  5. The manager of the company said that the theme park to be built would be based on the products kids are familiar with.

  6. The science technology-based theme park we will visit can provide up-to-date information for us.

  7. Caught in the storm for several days, they had to live on leaves.

  8. When she got close to the boy, she found that he wasn’t the person who was looked for.

  9. At times she likes making fun of others, which makes us all angry.

  10. Many women amuse themselves by doing some shopping.


  1. theme 2. characters 3. come to life 4. as 5. base

  6. amusement 7. to 8. future 9. true 10. with



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