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高一英语知识点:下册Unit 5测试题(有答案)

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  高一英语下册Unit 5测试题(有答案)

  Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”(4)


  Ⅰ. Read the passage (P. 38) and then choose the best answer.

  1. All the following suggest the season of fall EXCEPT ______.

  A. the misty cloud over the great Niagara Falls

  B. the frost on the ground

  C. the red bushes

  D. the red maple trees

  2. In Toronto, which is the best place to enjoy the scenery?

  A. The tall CN Tower.

  B. The lake.

  C. The great Niagara Falls.

  D. The great Niagara River.

  3. From Para 4, it can be concluded that _________.

  A. there are many Chinese people in Toronto

  B. the Pink Pearl must be a French restaurant

  C. all Chinese people in Toronto came from South China

  D. Lin Fei has been living in Toronto since he came to Canada

  4. Toronto lies about four hundred kilometers _________ of Ottawa.

  A. northeast B. southwest C. northwest D. southeast

  5. In P.s 5and 6, we can see most French people speak _______.

  A. only French B. both French and English

  C. only English D. both French and Chinese

  Ⅱ.Fill in the blanks after reading the passage on Page 74 in students’ workbook.

  In 1999, a special area named “Nunavut” was c______ (1) for Inuit people. It means “Our Land” in their language. It lies in the farthest northeastern area of Canada, north of the Arctic Circle, and it is f______ (2) cold with the average winter temperature 35 degrees below zero.

  Beth Allen, a reporter, was writing a s______ (3) for his newspaper about Iqaluit. They wanted to advertise it as a h______ (4) place. But Beth had never thought it would be that cold there. Simon, who had been on the same plane, said more and more t______ (5) were coming here. They were fond of ice fishing and p______ (6) polar bears. But Simon stayed as far away from polar bears as possible. He liked his warm office and house. His grandfather would live in ice houses, which could be made in a few hours, when h______ (7) in winter. The old men used to live in s______ (8) tents in summer, but not many people do that now. When Beth and Simon arrived in Iqaluit on the s______ (9), it was just two o’clock in the afternoon, but it was already very dark because it was so far north. But in June, the sun s______ (10) all night in the north and it is called “The Land of the Midnight Sun”.


  1. The ______ breakfast is this area includes bacon and eggs. (tradition)

  2. I didn’t have the ______ idea who that man was. (slight)

  3. This area is ______ in fruits and flowers. (wealth)

  4. The train passes by some breathtaking ______ in the Canadian Rockies. (scene)

  5. Take ______ of the room before you buy any piece of new furniture. (measure)

  6. It took me a few weeks to get used to my new ______. (surround)

  7. Some members travelled a long ______ to attend the meeting. (distant)

  8. She felt a strange ______ of excitement and fear. (mix)

  9. We were ______ that the bridge would break down. (terrify)

  10. It was their first meeting and Richard was determined to make an ______. (impress)


  dream of in the distance settle down rather than catch sight of

  all the way have a gift for manage to as well as go on a tour

  1. He could see the tall chimneys of the factory ______.

  2. _______ go straight on to university, why not get some work experience first?

  3. They"d like to see their daughter _______, get married, and have kids.

  4. I shouldn’t _____doing such a thing.

  5. Did you _______ get any sleep on the plane?

  6. Don’t let me _______you doing this again!

  7. Hannah didn"t say a single word_______ back home.

  8. As a child, he _______ painting pictures.

  9. He _______ in Europe with his family.

  10. A teacher should entertain ______ teach.


  1. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada.

  _______ _______ _______ _______ (与其直飞) to Los Angeles, why not stop in San Francisco first?

  2. Some people have the idea that you can cross Canada in less than five days, but they forget the fact that Canada is 5,500 kilometers from coast to coast.

  We have_______ _______ _______ _______ (接受这个想法) part-time workers will get paid less.

  3. It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some measuring over 90 meters.

  It is so interesting that he found many wide footmarks, _______ _______ _______ _______ (有些宽50厘米).

  4. People say it is Canada’s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

  She sat in an armchair, _______ _______ (被…包围着) her 12 cats.

  5. There was frost on the ground, confirming that fall had arrived in Canada.

  They scored two goals, _______ _______ _______ (赢得比赛) easily by 2-0.


  1. I will celebrate my 35th birthday in a few day’s time.

  2. There are thousand of things I want to do.

  3. The question if we need more people to do the job has not been decided.

  4. I have rented a room measured 6x6 meters.

  5. He’s clear about the fact most deaths from lung cancer are caused by smoking.


  1. He asked _______for the violin.

  A. did I play how much B. I paid how much

  C. how much did I pay D. how much I paid

  2. The travelers lost their way in the forest, and made matters worse was that it began to rain.

  A. which B. that C. it D. what

  3. ____she couldn’t understand was ____fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons.

  A. What; why B. That; what C. What; because D. Why; that

  4. Little Tommy was reluctant to tell the schoolmaster_______ he had done the day before.

  A. that B. how C. where D. what

  5. _____ you don’t like him is none of my business.

  A. What B. Who C. That D. Whether

  6. We all know the truth _____ there are air, water and sunlight there are living things.

  A.where B. wherever C. that D. that wherever

  7. — I got drunk the other day.

  — Was it you had a fall and hurt your head?

  A. why B. because C. how D. that

  8. ______ is no possibility______ Bob can win the first prize in the match.

  A. There; that B. It; that C. There; whether D. It; whether

  9. What the doctors really doubt is her mother will recover from the serious disease soon.

  A. when B. how C. whether D. that

  10. In some countries, is called “equality” does not really mean equal rights for all people.

  A. which B. that C. what D. one

  VIII. 写作



  首先选择专业1. 可以学习自己感兴趣的东西;

  2. 便于将来从事自己喜爱的工作。

  首先选择学校1. 学习环境对人的成长很重要;

  2. 品牌大学的毕业生在求职时常会受到青睐。




  参考词汇:专业 major

  Dear Li Hua,

  Every student in our school as well as in your school will be faced with the question when he passes the College Entrance Examinations.

  Yours truly,

  Liu Wei


  Ⅰ. 1. A 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. B


  1. created 2. freezing 3. story 4. holiday 5. tourists 6. photographing 7. hunting

  8. skin 9. snowmobile 10. shines


  1. traditional 2. slightest 3. wealthy 4. scenery 5. measurements 6. surroundings

  7. distance 8. mixture 9. terrified 10. impression


  1. in the distance 2. Rather than 3. settle down 4. dream of 5. manage to 6. catch sight of 7. all the way 8. had a gift for 9. went on a tour 10. as well as


  1. Rather than fly directly 2. accepted the idea that 3. some measuring 50 centimeters

  4. surrounded by 5. winning the match


  1. day’s改为days’ 2. thousand 改为thousands 3. if改为whether 4.measured 改为measuring 5. most 前加that


  Key: 1—5 DDADC 6—10 DAACC


  One possible version:

  Dear Li Hua,

  Every student in our school as well as in your school will be faced with the question when he passes the CollegeEntrance Examinations. What should he choose first? A good major or a good university? Some students prefer to choose majors first so that they can learn what they are interested in. It will also make it possible for them to take their favorite jobs in the future. However, those who think differently believe that good universities have better teachers and better conditions. The graduates from leading universities are more likely to find a good job. In my opinion, the best choice is a good major at a good university. If we cannot obtain both, the first thing to consider is a good major, because no matter where we study, we can still achieve a lot in a certain field if we try our best. Doing whatever we are fond of wil l benefit us. It will lead to our great achievements.

  Yours truly,

  Liu Wei



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