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高二英语教案:Saving the earth

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Saving the earth

Teaching aims and demands
1)Important vocabularies
damage, waste, pollute, fit, room, turn---into, cattle, cause, limit, in place, blow away, sight, present, pour, die out, in danger, no more than, purpose, go off, measure, point to, joy
2)Daily expressions
What was the conference like? (What do you think of /about ---? How do you like ---? How about ---?)
It’s a good idea. (I agree with you. That’s quite true. )
We’ve got to do something about pollution.
What else did you hear about at the meeting?
If ---, ----.
3) Useful phases
It was called ---.
That’s a problem we Chinese must pay special attention to.
It won’t be fit for us to live in.
Many of the injured lost their sight.
A lot of disease are present in the water.
The waters of this great lake.
In 1989 an oil tanker hit a rock off the northwest coast of Alaska.
The most important one is the part that humans have played.
First, ---. Second, ----.
In all there are probably no more than a total of 400 tigers left in China.
Last Monday our class went on an organized trip to a forest to study the wildlife.
He was busy measuring a plant and taking photographs of it.
To my great joy, ---.
4) Grammar
The Past Particle as Predicative and Attribute


  2.学会简单的通过表面现象分析内在缘由, 并用现实的事例进行应证,初步掌握这种文体的写作技巧。
  3. 通过35课的学习可以简单地描述一个完整的事件。

  1.通过课文的学习,使得学生深层地了解地球环保这一重要主题, 让他们懂得地球环保不是一个和几个方面的事情, 而是随时随地, 方方面面, 彼此互相联系和沟通,并且影响着我们人类的生活的大问题。
  2.通过对于环保的了解,使同学们的意识增强, 认识到环境污染的严重危害性和从自身做起保护环境的必要性。

Lesson 33:口头练习:对话交际功能——日常生活用语(给出自己的观点和看法)。
Lesson 34:学生扮演新闻101教育小编采访土壤沙化的当地的居民,印度的受伤的病人, 国家的环保机关的负责人询问有关课文的信息。另外可以让学生扮演俄罗斯的环保教师。
Lesson 35:学生扮演国家历史博物馆的讲解员同时其他学生可以作为参观者询问问题,了解某种动物的发展兴衰史。
Lesson 36:口头,笔头练习:讨论个别环保问题并汇报写出一篇小论文。



  从本单元的对话来看,主要是学习如何用英语表达出自己的观点和看法, 是同意还是不同意。如同意对方的观点: I think so. I agree completely. I’m with you. That’s a good idea---. I think it is great. 如果不同意: I dont know about that. I don’t think so. Sorry, but I disagree. I know what you mean, but don’t you think ---. I see your point, but I think ---. You’re right, but I think---.
  同时注重 damage, pollute, desert, in place, limit, fit, present, pour, die out, measure, go off, point to, to one’s joy 等重点词汇和短语在本单元中学习,本单元中的阅读课主要内容是通过列举如:人为污染地球的土地,空气和水资源以及自然界对人类的报复; 动物界遭到人类的侵害,造成了生态不平衡等事例, 而达到警醒同学和世人,让同学们从小就培养一种环保意识, 维护环境生态的平衡。同时在这里运用了重点语法知识,Past Particle形式充当表语和定语的用法。

1. It was called “Saving the earth” and it was all about the damage that is being caused to the world.
1) It was called(believed, thought, considered, known, said ---) that --- 可以看成是主语从句,真正的主语后致,it是形式主语。可以翻译成:据说---, 据认为---。
It is believed that the troops have already crossed the border.
It is known that he is honest.( He is known to be honest.)
1) damage
n. (不可数) 损坏,损害
The earthquake caused great damage.
When she sees the damage that you have done she will be mad.
vt. 损坏
A heavy rain came down and damaged the crops. 一场大雨突至,损坏了庄稼。
Her heart was slightly damaged as a result of her long illness.她长时间的疾病造成了她的心脏受到了轻微的损害。
2. We listen to lectures about pollution, agriculture, nuclear waste, radiation and so on.
vt. 浪费
1) Mother told me not to waste money. 母亲不让我乱花钱。
2) Don’t waste time playing computer plays.不要浪费时间打电脑游戏。
     waste something on something/in doing something 用法与spend类似,可以让学生记成“双费(浪费和花费)”。
n. (通常不可数) 浪费, 废物
1) This waste of good food should not be allowed. 浪费食物是不允许的。
2) Where do you put your kitchen waste? 你把厨房的废物放在哪里?
3) It’s a waste of money to buy the book. 买那本书是浪费金钱。
     a waste of time/money/energy是固定表达,同a wonderful education类似。
3. It won’t be fit for us to live in.
adj. 适合于---的。 be fit for something:适合某事
1) He isn’t fit for the job. 他不适宜此工作。
2) These shoes are not fit for me. 这些鞋不适合我。
3) The house isn’t fit for you to live in. 这间房子不适合你居住。
be fit for somebody to do something:某人适合做某事
4) This water is fit for drink. 这种水可以喝。
5) It’s not fit for you to talk like that.你这样谈话是不得当的。
adj. 健康的,精力充沛的
6) Exercise keeps you fit. 体育运动使你保持健康。
vt. 对--- 适合,符合,适宜合适,强调大小、尺寸
7) This jacket fits me well. 这件夹克适合我。
8) The key doesn’t fit the lock. 钥匙与锁不符。
9) This theory fits facts. 这条理论适合实际。
vi. 合适
10) The shoes fit perfectly. 这双鞋不合适。
11) He doesn’t fit into the team. 他不宜在队中。
fit somebody to do something/fit somebody for something:使某人适合做某事
12)Vocational training will fit them for a good job.
Vocational training will fit them to get a good job. 职业的培训使他们能找到一个好工作。
12) We fitted a new lock on the door. 我们给门安上了一个新锁。
The color of the cloth suits a woman at my wife’s age. 这块布料的颜色适合我妻子年龄的妇女。
Red and black are colors that suit me well.红和黑色对我来说非常合适。
4. The area of desert in the world is growing every year.
desert n.沙漠
1) He drove a car across the desert. 他开车穿越了沙漠。
vt. 抛弃、背弃
2) He deserted his family. 他抛弃了他的家庭。
vi. 开小差
3) The soldier deserted from the army. 士兵们从军队中开小差跑了。
deserted adj. 无人使用的,已废弃的
4) The railway station was deserted. 那个火车站已经废弃不用了。
5. Then one year, the rains fail to come.
fail vi. 失利,失败 fail to do something 做某事没成功
1) She failed to pass all the exams. 她考试全部失利。
fail in something 在某事上没成功
2) He failed in business. 他在事业上一败涂地。
failure n. 失败 在某一方面失利介词用常用in
3) Her failure in the exam made her cry. 在考试中的失利使她痛哭。
6. One suggested answer is for farmers to limit the numbers of their cattle.