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1.leather A.ease B.react C.misread D.breakfast
2.carptenter A.star B.particular C.various D.career
3.modest A. freedom B.occasion C.astonishing D.focus
4.struggle A.super B.production C.humour D.circulate
5.decade A.mineral B.confidence C.generation D.reduce
-----Where shall we take our children this weekend?
--- We could take them to Water World or to Oldfield Adventure Park. __6__
----Well,how far away are they ?I don’t want to spend all day in the car.
----__7__But Oldfield Adventure Park will take about and a half hours if we’re lucky.
---Water World has a huge fun swimming pool. _9____
---I really don’t like zoos. I hate seeing animals in cages.
---Well,there aren’t any animals at Water World.
---If we are going there , I’m going to take a picnic basket. I know they have got restaurants but they are always expensive .__10_____
---That’s a good idea. I’ll tell the children.
A.Our children love animals very much.
B.Do they have swimming pools?
C.I’d rather eat in restaurants.
D.They love that sort pf thing. Which one do you prefer?
E.The Oldfield Adventure Park hasn’t got a pool, but it’s got a small zoo.
F.Well, Water World is pretty close--- about one hour away.
G.I’d rather take our own food and drinks.

11. He is the only one of the students who ___ for human rights for three years.
A. argues B. argue C. have argued D. Has argued
12. Only when those conditions are right ___ a communist society.
A. there will really be B. we will really be C. will there really be D. really we’ll have
13. -What do you think made Mary so upset?
---____ her new bicycle.
A.As she lost B. Lost C. Losing D. Because of losing
14. I don’t know the word . I had to ____ a doctionary.
A. look for B. make out C. refer to D. go over
15. I have been to Beijing twice, but I still want to go there ___ time.
A. the third B. a third C. for the third D. for a third
16.It’s believed that if an event is ___,it will surely ___ the reader.
A. astonished , astonish B. astonishing, be astonished
C. astonishing, astonish D.astonished, be astonished
17. Don’t leave the water ___ while you brush your teeth.
A. run B. running C. being run D. to run
18. His advice couldn’t help ____ her health, so she couldn’t help ____.
A. improve , cry B. improving, cry C. improve, crying D. improving, crying
19.If you hurry up, I think it quite ____ that you will catch the flight to Hong Kong . There are 40 minutes left.
A. probably B. likely C.possibly D. certainly
20.Mary ___ politics in the university but now she is going into bussiness.
A. majores in B.majority C. major D. major in
21. -It’s careless of you to have left with all the lights burningin the room last night.
---My God ! _____
A.So were you B. So was you C. So did you D. So I did
22.Their daughter ___ a key university this year, which made their parents very satisfied.
A.admittet to B. was admitted C. was admitted into D.admitted
23. In ___ most countries, a university degree can give you ____ flying start in life.
A. the, a B. the , / C. / , / D./ , a
24.She is very dear to us . We have been prepared to do ____ it takes to save her life.
A. Whichever B. however C. whatever D. whoever
25.The boy regretted ___ so many hours ____ computer games.
A.to waste , playing B. having wasted, to play C. wasting, to play D. having wasted, playing
Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955 and instantly became the world’s most recognizable and popular theme park. This was the only Disney theme park visited by Walt Disney, who died in 1966. Disneyland is 26 one hour south of Los Angeles, California. You may get there by air or by bus.
Disneyland 27 most of its visitors from 28. So avoid weekends and school vacations to get the 29 waits. The period before or after Christmas Day is the busiest of the 30, with the park often held more extra guests each day. Whenever you visit, 31 early - about an hour 32 the opening time - to get the popular attractions before crowds 33.
Disneyland also 34 tickets online, but does not allow you to 35 them at home. So you’ll have to order far enough 36 for them to arrive by mail. Tickets 37 also be available through your local auto club, Disney Store or your school or work activities office.
Space Mountain 38 in early July, 2005 after a two-year rehab (修复) to rebuild the track and improve show 39. If you are travelling with little kids, you’ll want to visit Fantasyland first in the morning, 40 several popular kids’ rides in that area, 41 Dumbo and Peter Pan, have low capacities (容量) and build long 42 early in the day. 43, head west to Adventureland and New Orleans Square 44 the park opens, visiting the Indiana Jones Adventure and Splash Mountain, 45 coming back to the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.
26. A. limited B. located C. circled D. expanded
27. A. pleases B. organizes C. draws D. benefits
28. A. villages B. foreigners C. students D. locals
29. A. shortest B. busiest C. longest D. biggest
30. A. time B. week C. day D. year
31. A. leave B. plan C. arrive D. book
32. A. after B. until C. past D. before
33. A. avoid B. build C. break D. combine
34. A. sells B. shows C. sends D. collects
35. A. reserve B. keep C. copy D. print
36. A. in advance B. in case C. in order D. in turn
37. A. ought B. must C. will D. may
38. A. opened B. reopened C. closed D. reduced
39. A. possibilities B. changes C. developments D. effects
40. A. when B. since C. as D. because of
41. A. unluckily B. unexpectedly C. especially D. normally
42. A. rows B. waits C. places D. passages
43. A. If not B. In a word C. As a result D. What’s more
44. A. where B. that C. how D. when
45. A. now B. and C. just D. then

The latest research suggests that the key factor separating geniuses(天才)from the merely accomplished is not I.Q., a generally bad predictor of success. Instead, it’s purposeful practice. Top performers spend more hours practising their craft. If you wanted to picture how a typical genius might develop, you’d take a girl who possessed a slightly above average language ability. It wouldn’t have to be a big talent, just enough so that she might gain some sense of distinction. Then you would want her to meet, say, a novelist, who coincidentally shared some similar qualities. Maybe the writer was from the same town, had the same family background, or shared the same birthday.
This contact would give the girl a vision of her future self. It would give her some idea of a fascinating circle who might someday join. It would also help if one of her parents died when she was 12, giving her a strong sense of insecurity and fuelling a desperate need for success. Armed with this ambition, she would read novels and life stories of writers without end. This would give her a primary knowledge of her field. She’s be able to see new writing in deeper ways and quickly understand its inner workings.
Then she would practise writing. Her practice would be slow, painstaking and error-focused. By practising in this way, she delays the automatizing process. Her mind wants to turn conscious, newly learned skills into unconscious. Automatically performed skills. By practising slowly, by breaking skills down into tiny parts and repeating, she forces the brain to internalize a better pattern of performance. Then she would find an adviser who would provide a constant stream of feedback, viewing her performance form the outside, correcting the smallest errors, pushing her to take on tougher challenges. By now she is redoing problems-how do I get characters into a room-dozens and dozens of times. She is establishing habits of thought she can call upon in order to understand or solve future problems.
The primary quality our young writer possesses is not some mysterious genius. It’s the ability to develop a purposeful, laborious and boring practice routine; the latest research takes some of the magic out of great achievement. But it underlines a fact that is often neglected. Public discussion is affected by genetics and what we’re “hard-wired” to do. And it’s true that genes play a role in our capabilities. But the brain is also very plastic. We construct ourselves through behaviour. Ks5u
46. The passage mainly deals with .
A. the function of I.Q. in cultivating(培育)a writer
B. the relationship between genius and success
C. the decisive(决定性的)factor in making a genius
D. the way of gaining some sense of distinction
47. By reading novels and writers’ stories, the girl could .
A. come to understand the inner structure of writing
B. join a fascinating circle of writers someday
C. share with a novelist her likes and dislikes
D. learn from the living examples to establish a sense of security
48. In the girl’s long painstaking training process, ________.
A. her adviser forms a primary challenging force to her success.
B. her writing turns into an automatic pattern of performance
C. she acquires the magic of some great achievement
D. she comes to realize she is “hard-wired” to write
49. What can be concluded from the passage?
A. A fuelling ambition plays a leading role in one’s success
B. A responsible adviser is more important than the knowledge of writing.
C. As to the growth of a genius, I.Q. doesn’t matter, but just his/her effort.
D. What really matters is what you do rather than who you are.



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