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1. While still a student, she played roles in many plays.
连词 + 名词做时间状语
2. When asked about the secret of his success, Steven Spielberg said… 连词+过去分词做时间状语
3. When drinking to someone's health, you raise your glasses. 连词 + 现在分词做时间状语
4. It's a custom in China to have some tea before the meal is served. It 做形式主语
5. Many people like this film not just because..., but also
because... 并列连词
6. Having good table manners means knowing...
1. comment v. 评论
2. marry v. 结婚
3. create v. 创造
4. attack v. 进攻
5. cruelty n. 残酷
6. escape v. 逃跑
7. advice n. 忠告;建议
8. afford v. 花得起(钱、时间)
9. encourage v. 鼓励
10. research n. 研究
11. interrupt v. 打断;打扰
12. apologize v. 道歉
13. pray v. 请求;祈祷
14. forgive v. 原谅;宽恕
15. match v. 相配;相适应
16. manners n. 礼貌
17. impression n. 印象
18. live adj. & adv. 活的;直播的(地)
19. custom n. 习惯;风俗
20. introduce vt. 介绍;引进
1. take off 脱掉;起飞;成功
2. go wrong 出错;出问题
3. can't help doing 情不自禁做某事
4. take one's place 代替某人
5. run after 追逐;追踪
6. win a prize 获奖
7. think highly of 赞扬……;对……高度评价
8. call for 需要;索取
9. in all 总共
10. play a role 扮演角色(作用)
11. make money 挣钱
12. win over 争取过来
13. work on 从事,致力于
14. owe success to 把成功归功于某人
15. start with 以……开始
16. run away from school逃学
17. on the air 正在播出的
18. do research 进行调查
19. speed up 加速
20. follow the fashion 追随时尚
l. ____ screen 银幕,电影(业)
2. take ____ 成功;成名;脱掉(衣服);(飞机)起飞
3. ____ wrong 走错路;误入歧途;不对头;出毛病
4. owe sth ____ sb 把……归功于某人
5. ____ all 总共;总之
6. stay ____ 不在家,外出
7. ____ school 小学
8. lock sb ____ 将某人锁于某处不得进出;将某人监禁起来
9. run ____ 追赶
10. bring sb ____ 送回某人
11. ____ the air正在播出的
12. think highly ____ 对……高度评价
13. leave ____ 省去;遗漏;不考虑
14. stare ____ 盯着
15. make ____ about sb 以某人为笑柄
16. drink (a toast) ____ 为……祝酒;为……干杯
17. win ____ 战胜
18. ____ comments on对……加以评论
19. look sb ____ 看望,拜访某人
20. ____ a role in 在……中扮演角色;在……方面起作用
21. ____ a prize获奖
22. to sb for (doing) sth因某事向某人道歉
23. make a good impression ____ 给……留下好印象
24. ____ silent 保持沉默
25. pay a visit ____ 拜访
1. What do you think has happened?
2. What do you know about…?
3. How do you like…? / What do you think of…? / What db you feel...?
4. May I interrupt you for a moment?
5. Excuse me / Forgive me for... / I apologize for…
6. I'm (very / so / terribly) sorry. It's all my fault.
7. That's all right. / That's OK. / No problem.
8. I wish you all the best.
9. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
10. Let's drink (a toast) to...!
1. afford
(1) (和can,could,be able to连用) 有 (时间、经济等) 条件(做某事) + to do
We can't afford to pay such a price.
afford + n. / pron. (出得起;买得起等)
They donot consider whether they can afford it or not.
(2) 经得起 (做某事或发生某事) (多+to do)
He could not afford to lose his fortune entirely.
2. apologize的用法
▲ 构词:apology n. 辩解,道歉
▲ 搭配:
① apologize to sb for (doing) sth = make an apology的 sb for (doing) sth向某人为某事(为做了某事)道歉
② apologize for oneself 为自己辩解或辩护
【考例】[NMET 1993]The captain ____ an apology to the passengers for the delay caused by bad weather.
A. made B. said C. put D. passed
[考查目标] apologize及其名词的用法和搭配。
[答案与解析]A make an apology的意思是“道歉”。
3. choice的用法
① make a choice 选择
② make choice of 挑选,选择,选定
③ make / take one's choice 任意挑选
④ have no choice but to do sth 非……不可,除……之外别无他法
【考例】[MET 1993] We've missed the last bus, I'm afraid we have no ____ but to take a taxi.
A. way B. choice C. possibility D. selection
[考查目标] choice的意思和习惯搭配。
[答案与解析]B choice是choose的名词形式.意思是
“选择”,在本句中构成固定搭配have no choice but to
do sth“不得不干……”。
4. determine的用法
▲ 构词:determination n. 决心,决断,决意;决定,确定
▲ 搭配:
① determine to do sth 决定做某事
② determine on / upon (doing) sth 决定
③ a man of determination 有决断力的人
▲ 辨析:decide;determine这两个词都有“决定”的意思。decide的含义是“不再迟疑不定”,而
在be determined to do…这个固定的结构中。过去分词determined的词义为“下定了决心”。
decide的名词为decision,determine的名词为determination。例如:At first,she decided to go to the police,…起初,她决定去找警察……
▲ 友情提示: decide后跟宾语从句时,其含义有时是“断
定”。I decided that I must have taken a wrong turning somewhere. 我断定我一定是在某处拐错弯了。The determination of the meaning of a word is often difficult without a context. 脱离上下文来确定一个词的含义常常是困难的。
注:在determine to do...,determine on (upon)... 和determine that...。(宾语从句)三个搭配中,determine的词义和decide几乎没有多大差异。He determined / decided to learn medicine. 他决定学医。
注:decide sb to do sth 决定使某人做某事What decided you to give up your job? 什么因素使你决定放弃你的工作?
【考例】[2001京皖春招] Before Sam can repair his bicycle, he must know why it does not work. For example, he must ____ the parts that are wrong.
A. check B. determine C. correct D. recover
[答案与解析]B determine和decide在一般情况下意思相同。
5. encourage的用法
▲ 构词:
① encouraging adj. 鼓励的,给予希望的,振奋人心的。令人欢欣鼓舞的
② encouraged adj. 被激励的,受到鼓舞的
③ encouragement n. 鼓励,激励
④ discourage v. 使泄气;劝阻
▲ 搭配:① encourage sb to do sth 鼓励某人做某事 ② be encouraged by 受……鼓励/鼓舞
【考例】 [2004北京]My advisor encouraged ___a summer course to improve my writing skills.
A. for me taking B. me taking
C. for me to take D. me to take
[考查目标] encourage的用法。
[答案与解析]D encourage sb to do sth鼓励某人干某事。句意为:我的导师鼓励我参加一个夏季课程来加强我的写作技巧。
6. escape (vi, vt ) escaped, escaping
(1) 逃走;跑掉 + from / out of = run away from
The soldier escaped from the enemy's prison.



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