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1. Instead of spending your vacation on a bus, ... you may want to try hiking. Instead和instead 0f的用法
2. Say "Hi" / "Hello" / "Thanks" to sb. (for me) 问候的句型
3. Is anybody seeing you off? 进行时表将来
4. She struggled and struggled, and could not get on her feet. (= keep struggling)
5. You should not go rafting unless you know... unless引导条件状语从句,相当于if... not
6. By staying at..., tourists can help the villagers make money so that they can take care of the fiver and the birds. 目的状语从句
7. She was so surprised that she couldn't move. 结果状语从句
8. Tree after tree went down, cut down by water. 过去分词作状语
9. The next moment, the first wave swept her down, swallowing the garden. 现在分词作状语
10. However, before she could think twice, the water was upon her. It didn't take long before the building was destroyed. before的用法
1. means n. 方法;途径
2. experience n. 经验
3. equipment n. 设备
4. successful adj. 成功的
5. protect v. 保护
6. handle v. 处理
7. consider v. 考虑
8. benefit n. 利益
9. particular adj. 特别的
10. effect n. 效果
11. combine v. 合并
12. unforgettable adj. 不会忘记的
13. advance v. 前进
14. seize v. 抓住
15. struggle v. 奋斗
16. fear v. & n. 害怕
17. strike v. 敲打
18. destroy v. 毁掉
19. publish v. 出版
20. naughty adj. 调皮的
1. get away from 逃离
2. watch / look out 注意,当心
3. go for a hike / go hiking 去徒步旅游
4. as with 正如……一样
5. see off 为某人送行
6. on the other hand 在另一方面
7. take care of 照顾
8. get close / near to 接近,凑近
9. tree after tree 一棵又一棵的树
10. as wall as 也,和……一样(好)
11. protect…from 保护……不受……的伤害
12. be surprised at 因……而吃惊
13. be caught / trapped / struck in 被……困住
14. take place 发生
15. go through 通过,经过;经历(痛苦的事)
16. be upon 临近,逼近
17. hold on to 紧紧抓住
18. refer to 提到,说到;查询(信息)
19. look into 注视……的内部;检查,调查
20. for fear of (doing) sth. 惟恐……
l. get ____ from 逃离 away
2. watch ____ 注意,当心 out
3. protect sb / sth ____ 保护/保卫某人(某事物) from
4. see sb ____ 到火车站、飞机场等某处为某人送行 off
5. on the other ____ 另一方面 hand
6. as ____ as也,还,而且 well
7. ____ place发生,产生 take
8. ____ fire失火 on
9. pull sb ____ 把……往上拽 up
10. get ____ one's feet站立起来;站起身来 on
11. go ____ 通过,经受。仔细检查 through
12. ____ holiday在度假 on
13. travel ____ 旅行社代理人 agent
14. be ____ 逼近,临近 upon
15. ____ exercise 进行体育锻炼 take
16. ____ "Hi" to sb for / from sb 代某人向某人问候 say
17. come ____ with提出 up
18. go ____ a hike 去远足 for
19. be caught ____ 受困于……,陷于…… in
20. ____ a second 马上,一会儿 in
21. look ____ 往……里面看,调查 into
22. refer ____ 提到.涉及;参考 to
23. hold ____ 抓住,握住 onto
24. sweep ____ 冲走,刮走 away
25. sweep ____ 冲倒,吹倒 down
1. Where would you prefer going...?
2. How would you like to go to...?
3. Have a nice / pleasant trip !
4. Well, I must be off.
5. It's all right.
6. I'm afraid.
7. Come on !
8. It scares me.
9. Don't worry.
10. First..., next..., then..., finally...
1. advance的用法
▲构词:advanced adj. 高等的.先进的,高深的
① in advance 在前头,预先,事先
② in advance of 在……前面;比……进步;超过
③ on the advance (物价)在上涨
【考例】It is said that Miss White had some difficulty in studying the ____ maths.
A. improved B. developed C. advanced D. increased
[考查目标] 本题考查形容词advanced与近义词的区别。
[答案与解析]C “高等数学”的英译是advanced maths,advanced意思是“先进的。高级的”。
2. before 的特殊用法
(1) He had run out of the room before I could stop him.我还没来得及拦住他,他就跑出了屋子。
(2) Three weeks went by before We knew it. 三周过去了,我们才意识到。(或:时间不知不觉已过三周了。)
(3) It wasn't / didn't take long before he returned.他没过多久就回来了。
It won't be long before we graduate. 不要过多久我们就要毕业了。
3. chance的用法
① by any chance 万一,碰巧,或许
② by chance 偶然,意外地
③ take a / one's chance 冒一冒险,碰碰运气,利用一下机会
【考例6】 (2005南京模拟)Most of the ___are in seasonal work, mainly connected with tourism and agriculture.
A. work B. luck C. chances D. services
[考查目标] chance的词义。
[答案与解析] C chance在本句的词义是“机会”。
4. consider v.
(1) 考虑
A) consider + n. / doing
I consider going abroad.
B) consider + 疑问词 + to do
You have to consider what to do next.
(2) 认为
A) consider + n. (+as / to be) + n. / adj.
I consider Mary as / to be my best friend.
They considered Paris the brain and heart of the country.
B) consider + n. + to have done
I consider him to have acted disgracefully.
…,look on…as…,take…as…,think of…as…
5. cost的用法
▲ 构词:costly adj. 昂贵的,贵重的
▲ 搭配:
① cost sb. sth. 花费某人(多少钱);让某人付出(代价)/牺牲……
② at all costs 不惜任何代价.无论如何
③ at any cost 不惜任何代价,无论如何
④ at cost (price) 按成本价格,按原价
⑤ at the cost of 以……为代价,用……换来的;丧失;牺牲
【考例】They wondered how much this kind of car would ____ them.
A. pay B. spend C. cost D. waste
[考查目标] 本题考查cost和它的几个近义词的区别。
[答案与解析] C cost的意思是“耗费”,主语是指物的
6. effect n. 效果;作用
have an effect on sth.
His words had a great pushing effect on his students.
(1) be of no effect 无效
(2) come into effect 开始生效;开始实行
[比较] affect vt. 影响 The climate affected the amount of the rainfall.
7. experience的用法
▲构词: experienced adj. 有经验的,熟练的
① by experience 凭经验;从经验中
② from experience 凭经验;从经验中
③ gain experience in… 获得……经验
④ be experienced in… 某方面有经验
▲友情提示: experience这个词作为可数名词用时,解释为“经历”,作为不可数名词用时解释为“经验”。
【考例】 (2005山西模拟) ____teaches that he was right. Good friendship is just not easily formed.
A. Knowledge B. Teachers C. Experience D. Parents
[考查目标] experience的意思。
[答案与解析] C experience常为不可数名词,意思是“经验”。

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