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高一英语教案:Unit2 Wish you were here

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Wish you were here-----language points
Welcome & reading
1. I wish you were here.
wish 后面跟宾语从句,从句中要用虚拟语气,即时态往前推一格, be动词改成过去式时,用 were。
I wish I ____were___ (be) as clever as you.(现在)
How he wishes that he ____had passed_____ (pass) the exam last term. (过去)
How I wish I _______would/could/might have____ (have) a good holiday.(将来)

2. in case conj. “以防, 万一 ”,引导条件状语从句,或adv 置于于句末,作状语
in case of +名词或代词
in that case 要那样的话 in any case无论如何 in no case 决不
(1)John may phone tonight. I don’t want to go out ____in case___he phones.
(2)You’d better take an umbrella ___in case of__________ the rain.
(3)You’d better take an umbrella _____in case________it rains.
(4)I don’t think I’ll need any money but I will bring some___in case_____.
(5)I hope it will be fine tomorrow. ____In that case____, we can go out for a picnic.
(6)It’s too late in any case. 无论如何太晚了。
(7)In no case will I give in. 我决不投降。

3. arrange Vt./Vi. 安排,准备 arrangement n.
arrange sth. arrange to do sth arrange for sb. to do
(1) 我们会安排好一切的。 We will arrange everything.
(2) 我已经安排今晚同他们见面 。 I’ve arranged to see them tonight.
(3) 我已经安排玛丽去机场接你。 I’ve arranged for Mary to meet you at the airport.

4.We eat and drink whatever they do
Whatever adv./conj. 可引导名词性从句和状语从句
(1) no matter +who(m) /where/which/what/how/when..=wh-+ever均能引导让步状语从句
Whenever he comes to Beijing, he will visit his teacher.=No matter when he comes…
(2) 引导主语从句和宾语从句只能用who(m)ever, whatever, whichever,不可用no matter who(m) , no matter what, no matter which
(3)however=no matter how引导让步状语从句时,常与形容词与副词连用
Have a try:
(1)No matter what he says, I won’t believe him.= Whatever he says, I won’t believe him.
(2) You can eat whatever you want.
(3) Whoever breaks the law should be punished.
(4) However/No matter how difficult the job is, we must try our best.

5. supply
v. 供应,供给supply sth to sb=supply sb. with sth
provide sth for sb=provide sb with sth 提供
offer sb sth=offer sth to sb(主动)提供 
(1) The media supplies lots of information __to______us every day.
=The media supplies us ____with_____ lots of information every day.
(2) A pipe line will be built to D some eastern provinces gas.
A. send B. provide C. supply D. offer
n.供应,供给,供给物 the supply of sth
(1)The water company cut off the _supplies____ of water for no good reasons.

6. scare vt.惊吓,使害怕,使恐惧 adj. scared惊恐的; scary令人惊恐
be scared at ….对…感到害怕. be scared to do 害怕做… scare away吓跑
1) His idea __scared_____ me. 2) She __was scared ___ at the strange noise.
3) People keep a dog _to scare away________ thieves.
4) He is scared to go out alone at night 他害怕晚上出去。
5) It was a __scary___ story and children were scared_____ after they heard it.

7. up close
close: adj(时间,空间上)接近;亲密的;仔细的,严密的 adv靠近地 常与to连用
closely : adv 仔细地,严密地
Our new house is __close___to the school. Jane and I are __close____ friends.
It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood _close_____to her mother.
She stood__close___ to her teacher so that she could watch__closely___.
The policeman examined his room__closely___.
Our health is closely related to (和…紧密相关)our diet.

8. tire vt. 使劳累/使厌倦 adj. tired 困倦的,厌烦的; tiring 令人厌烦的
be tired of ….厌倦… be tired from/with…因…疲劳
Too much work tired me (out)._____太多的工作使我筋疲力尽。___
I was tired from/with too much work._____我因为太多的工作而劳累。_______
He was very talkative and I was tired of talking with him.__他太健谈了,我厌倦和他讲话。__
His speech was tiring. I can’t put up with it. 他的演讲令人厌烦。 我无法忍受下去了。

9.It’s the biggest desert in the world--the size of the US.
the size of the US= as large as the US= the same size of the US
倍数表达法 A is once/twice/three times … as +原级+as +B
A is once/twice/three times … 比较级+than B
A is once/twice/three times … the +名词(size/ length) of B
The new library is four times as large as the old one.
The new library is three times larger than the old one.
The new library is four times the size of the old one.
9. The sun can be so brilliant that you’ll need to keep covered or you’ll get burnt.
get done 表被动
(1) His car got stolen (steal)at the weekend.
(2) Our car gets cleaned (clean) about once every two month.
(3) She got paid (pay) before she went on a holiday.

Word power, Grammar, Task
10. 强调句型 基本形式为:It is/was +强调部分+that+其他部分
其特征是去掉It is/was…that…句子依然成立。
Eg. It is in the garden that his party will be hold.
It is Tom that/who helped us in the accident.
It was because his father changed his job that they moved to California.
是他昨天送那个男孩回家的。 It was he that sent the boy home yesterday.
是上个星期天小张买了辆车。 It was last Sunday that Xiaozhang bought a car.
是因为他妈妈生病他昨天没来上课It was because his mother was ill that he didn’t come to school yesterday.
是直到他回来我们才知道这个消息It was not until he came back that we knew the news.

11. total adj. 完全的,全然的, 全部的, 总计的
It’s a total failure ._这是一次彻底的失败. The room is in total darkness.__房间里一片漆黑。
Can you tell me the total number? 总数
What does the total come to?__总共有多少___There are 50students in total.__总共50名学生。

12. reach: v/n够得着,延伸,达成
(1) Vt. We reached Beijing to reach an agreement yesterday__到达 ____;达成(协议)
到达某地:reach sp.= arrive in/at sp.=get to sp.
Can you reach the book for me? __拿______
You letter reached me yesterday. __寄到_____
Vi. The land reaches as far as the river.________延伸 _______________

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