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16. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology ____ so
A. will have changed B. has changed C. is changing D. will change

17. ______her faults, she’s Arnold’ mother. Don’t be so rude to her.
A. Whatever B. What C. Whichever D. Whenever
[答案解析]考查条件状语从句。Whatever为“无论什么”, whichever为“无论哪个”,

18. We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou, ______live my grandparents and
some relatives.
A. which B. that C. who D. where

19. By the end of last year, another new gymnasium _____in Beijing.
A. would be completed B. was being completed
C. has been completed D. had been completed

20. “May I go and play with Dick this afternoon, Mum?” “No, you can’t go out _____ you work is
being done.”
A. before B. until C. as D. the moment
[答案解析]考查时间状语从句。“you work is being done”为现在进行。A选项中before只
有在后半句为has been done时使用,强调动作的先后顺序。B选项中until后表示的时间状
中表示“随着……”相当于while。D选项中the moment缺乏搭配的引导词,可以排除。故选C。

21. I gave him a warning, ____ he turned a deaf ear.
A. of which B. for which C. to that D. to which
C。固定搭配turn a dead ear to(对……置若罔闻),故选D。

22. The general at last got a chance to visit the village, _____ he used to fight, ______ he had been
dreaming of for years.
A. that/which B. where/that C. in which/ what D. where/ which

23. _____your composition carefully, some spelling mistakes can be avoided.
A. Having checked B. Check C. If you check D. To check

24. _______, the compass was first made in China.
A. It is known to all B. It is known that
C. We all know D. As is known to all

25. “How long do you suppose it is _______ he left for Japan?” “No more than half a month.”
A. when B. before C. after D. Since

III. 完形填空(共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)
"Look, it"s Baldy!" A boy shouted in my direction across the playground. Even though I was
used to regular insults(侮辱) because of the 26 on my hed, it was still horrible to hear. I
sighed as I headed back to the class.

When I was just 20 months old, I suffered serious 27 after a bowl full of hot oil fell on
my head. I was 28 to hospital and had to say there for weeks while the doctors 29 to
save my life. "Holly"s very lucky to be alive," they told Mum and Dad. "But she"ll be left with
scars on her head, and of course her hair won"t grow there."

As a child, I cared much about my scars, so I usually wore a scarf to cover them up when I
left home. If I didn"t, people would call me 30 names like Baldy. Although my friends
were always comforting me ,they never 31 understood how it felt.

Then through the hospital I was 32 to a children"s burns camp, where children like me
can get any help. There, I met 14-year-old Stephanie, whose burns are a lot more serious than
mine. But she is so 33 that she never lets anyone put her down. "You shouldn"t 34
what people say about what you look like because we"re not different from anyone else, Holly,"
she 35 me. "And you don"t need to wear a scarf because y0ou look great 36 it!" For
the first time in my life I could speak to someone who"d been through something 37 . So
weeks later, at my 13th birthday party, inspired by her 38 , I gave up my scarf and showed
off my scars. It felt amazing not having to 39 away behind my scarf.

Now, I am 40 of what I look like and much happier, because I have realized it is your
personality(个性)that decides who you truly are.

26. A. hat B. scarf C. scars D. cuts
27. A. hunger B. cold C. defeats D. burns
28. A. rushed B. led C. invited D. forced
29. A. learned B. fought C. returned D. decided
30. A. amazing B. pleasant C. terrible D. funny
31. A. correctly B. roughly C. easily D. really
32. A. promoted B. introduced C. reported D. carried
33. A. honest B. strong C. active D. young
34. A. write down B. agree with C. pass on D. listen to
35. A. promised B. encouraged C. ordered D. calmed
36. A. in B. for C. without D. beyond
37. A. similar B. strange C. hard D. important
38. A. kindness B. criticism C. wish D. bravery
39. A. hide B. give C. keep D. put
40. A. sick B. aware C. tired D. proud
[正确答案]26-30 CDABC 31-35 DBBDB 36-40 CADAD

IV. 语法填空(10小题,每小题0.5分,满分5分)
A regular inspection last month by the Ministry of Agriculture showed that food quality in
thrity-seven major cities has improved after a four-month promotional campaign.
The nationwide inspection of vegetables, pork and aquatic products 41 (find) acceptance
rates had risen since August 42 the campaign was launched. The inspection found that 95.3
percent of the country"s vegetables were safe in terms of pesticide residues; so were 98.4 percent
of meat products were up to scratch with regard to residues of clenobuterol hydrochloride (盐酸
盐), a drug some farmers 43 (use) to put in pig feed but which is now banned due to 44
damage it can cause to the human heart. 99.8 percent of aquatic products were free of
chloramphenicol, and 95.7 percent were free from malachite green, both of 45 are banned
fish food supplements. No pork products in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and 25 other cities 46
(pollute) with banned drugs. Aquatic products in seven cities 47 (include) Beijing, Tianjin
and Guangzhou were also found to be safe from 48 (legal) drugs.

Thanks to the campaign, public 49 (aware) of agricultural product quality and food
safety has been strengthened.

The ministry said it will follow up the campaign by cracking down on fake agricultural
supplies and develop a network that gives farmers access 50 authentic and good-quality
agricultural materials.
41. found 42. when 43. used 44. the 45. which
46. were polluted 47. Including 48. illegal 49. awareness 50. to

Some years ago industries had more freedom than they have now,and they did not need to
be as careful as they must today. They did not need to worry a lot about the safety of the new
products that they developed. They did not have to pay much attention to the health and safety of
the people who worked for them. Often new products were dangerous for the people who used
them; often conditions in the work place had very bad effects on the health of the workers.

Of course sometimes there were real disasters which attracted the attention of governments
and which showed the need for changes. Also scientists who were doing research into the health of
workers sometimes produced information which governments could not ignore. At such times,
there were inquiries into the causes of the disasters or the problems. New safety rules were often
introduced as a result of these inquiries; however, the new rules came too late to protect the people
who died or who became seriously ill.

Today many governments have special departments which protect customers and workers.
In the USA, for example, there is a department which tests new airplanes and gives warnings
about possible problems. It also makes the rules that aircraft producers must follow. Another
department controls the foods and drugs that companies sell. A third department looks at the
places where people work, and then reports any companies that are breaking the laws which
protect the health and safety of workers. Of course, new government departments and new laws
cannot prevent every accident or illness, but they are having some good results. Our work places
are safer and cleaner than before. The planes and cars which we use for travel are better. Producers
are thinking more about the safety and health of the people who buy and use their products.

51. The main topic of the passage is ______.
A. conditions in the work place
B. the freedom of industries in the past
C. changes in industrial production
D. the safety and health of workers and customers

52. It can be inferred from the passage that in the past ______.
A. workers often got ill because of the poor working conditions
B. companies were free to put out any products they wanted to
C. many people were killed by dangerous products
D. industries were as careful in management as they are today

53. It is implied in the passage that ______.
A. governments and companies had different opinions about the safety of products
B. in the past no safety laws were introduced by governments
C. government officials often did not listen to scientists
D. governments paid no attention to the safety of products at all

54. From the passage, we know that some years ago safety rules ______.

A. were put forward due to scientists’ recommendations
B. came into being as a result of the workers’ demands
C. were introduced because quite a number of people were killed or seriously injured
D. were effective enough to protect workers and customers

55. The special departments protect customers and workers in many ways EXCEPT by ______.
A. testing new products B. controlling the sale of products
C. designing new products D. inspecting work places

[正确答案]51-55 DABCC
51. 主旨题。从全文来看,可以得出文章讨论的是safety and health。故选D。
52. 推断题。从第一段的否定句中可以推断中,过去的工作环境差导致了很多工人生病,故
53. 推断题。从文章第二段的“however, the new rules came too late to protect the people who
died or who became seriously ill.”可知,之前是没有相关法律的,故选B。
54. 推断题。从文章第二段的“At such times, there were inquiries into the causes of the disasters
or the problems. New safety rules were often introduced as a result of these inquiries;”可知,法
55. 细节题。文章第三段中除了C选项都有提及,故选C。

A California family drives a car that could help protect the environment. When Jon and
Sandy go to the store or to their daughters’ soccer games, they drive in high-tech style. They drive
a$1 million, fuel-cell-powered car. It may be the world’s most expensive car and one of the most
environmentally friendly cars. The FCX is the first fuel-cell-powered car to be used by a family
anywhere in the world. The FCX uses hydrogen and oxygen for fuel. Car makers have been
working to develop vehicles that are better for the environment. They are developing cars that use
fuel other than gasoline. And then what is fuel cell technology? Fuel cell technology works by
changing the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen into water. This process produces electricity, and
water vapor which comes out of the exhaust pipe. Most cars release dangerous gases such as
carbon monoxide(一氧化碳) and carbon dioxide. Many scientists say these gases are major
contributors to global warming. “The FCX is driven just like any other vehicle on the road, but
without the gases which pollute the environment, ” scientists say. Fuel cell technology has been
around since the 1800s, but scientists have yet been to perfect it. They say it may take years before
the technology is ready for widespread use. Another earth-friendly car is already on the market.
Hybrid cars use both gasoline and an electric motor. They are becoming more popular with
customers because they cut pollution and improve fuel efficiency.

56. Which of the following about the FCX is NOT true?
A. It may be the most expensive car in the world.
B. It is one of the most environmentally friendly cars.
C. It releases dangerous gases to pollute the air.
D. It uses hydrogen and oxygen for fuel other than gasoline.

57. According to the passage, what is the major cause for global warming?
A. Gases from FCX. B. Water vapor from cars.
C. Hydrogen and oxygen. D. Gases from cars.

58. From the passage, we know that fuel cell technology _______ .
A. works by water
B. has a history for over two hundred years
C. works by electricity
D. has been widely used since the 1800s

59. We can infer from the passage that _______ .
A. future cars will be environmentally friendly
B. there will be no gasoline for cars
C. people can’t afford to buy cars in the future
D. global warming has been stopped

60. Hybrid cars are popular because _______ .
A. they are the fuel-cell-powered cars
B. they are energy-saving and cut pollution
C. they are perfect cars in the world
D. they produce gases to pollute the environment
[正确答案]56-60 CDBAB

56. C。细节理解题。从第二段中的“. . . one of the most environmentally friendly cars. . . ”和第
六段中的“. . . but without the gases which pollute the environment. . . ”等处可判断答案为C项。

57. D。细节理解题。由第五段尾句“许多科学家声称这些气体(一氧化碳和二氧化碳)是造

58. B。细节理解题。由倒数第二段第一句可知该技术有200余年的历史。

59. A。推理判断题。从短文最后一句话“They are becoming more popular with customers. . . ”

60. B。细节理解题。根据短文最后一句话可知答案。

IV. 词汇部分
I. 单词及短语
A. Write out the words in proper form based on the given situation and initial letter of
each word. (10分)
1. When she didn’t come home from school as usual, her parents began to get a_____
and they filed a missing persons report later that afternoon.
2. The East Asia as a whole, especially China, Japan and South Korea, should take
good advantage of their c_____ and historical similarities.
3. Many heroes such Liu Hulan and Qiu Shaoyun s______ their lives for national
freedom and liberty.
4. The boss in that company is unwilling to employ f______ workers because he thinks
that women are weaker sex.
5. My membership in the club has e______, which means I can not go with you this
6. It is not only faster connection speeds that will be provided by 4G, it will change
how we live out lives and boost_______. (经济)
7. Zhang Liang used to be well-known only in fashion circles, but now he is the ideal
man for a national _______(观众) because of Where Are We Going, Dad?
8. Nelson Mandela’s actions to change the ______ (现实)in South Africa will remain a
part of history for generations.
9. Don’t leave your shopping on the back seat of your car – it’s an open _______(邀请)
to a thief.
10. Some travel agencies is Seoul adopted low prices of their sightseeing procedures to
attract Chinese ________. (旅游者)

B. Fill in each blank with the right form of the word given in the bracket. (10分)
11. Shoppers in China have been panic-buying salt in the mistaken _____ (believe) that
it can guard against radiation exposure.
12. The bodies were _______(identity) as those of two suspected drug dealers.
13. Five prisoners filed a lawsuit against the wine manufacturers, claiming that they
should have been warned that alcohol can be _______(addict) and habit-forming.
14. To everyone’s disappointment, our trading connection has broken off owing to a
______(agree) over prices.
15. Despite his ________(wealthy) and extensive position, Bill Gates wished that he
were not the richest man because he disliked the attention it bought.
16. He has the most ______(delight) smile – one of pure pleasure – the kind you only
see on child’s face.
17. Love is a ______(mix) of desire, affection, and intelligence that binds me to this or
that creature.
18. Shenzhen, which was ______ (origin) a coastal village, took off economically after
it was approved to become an SEZ (Shenzhen economic zone).
19. Had you read the _______(instruct) closely, you would know what I am referring to
20. Such a _______(glamour) dress seemed out of place in that cheap restaurant.
II. Choose the right phrase from the list below to fill each blank. Change the form if necessary.
set out to, so as to, so long as, give up, be impressed with, put off,
aim atBelong to, provide…with… now that, believe in, be similar to, be
familiar to
To one’s surprise, put…into… lead to
21. ________ the final exam was over, the children looked lighthearted.
22. Shortly after he was re-elected, President George W. Bush ______reform social security.
23. It is reported that Samsung copied Apple’s technology and its products _____ iPhone’s
look and feel.
24. Landing in bad weather is a tricky task for any pilot, even the smallest error can _____
25. The first time I toured Zhangjiajie, I ____ deeply _____its beautiful scenery.
26. They put forward a proposal at the meeting _______ cutting down the high housing
27. I’ll accept any job _____ I don’t have to get up early.
28. Just because of the rain, the sports meeting was _____.
29. After the earthquake, people were all _____ clothing, food and other things they needed.
30. _______, the naughty boy is as gentle as a lamb today.

1. Anxious
2. cultural
3. sacrificed
4. female
5. Expired
6. economy
7. Audience
8. reality
9. invitation
10. tourists
11. belief
12. indentified
13. Additive
16. delighted
17. mixture
18. Originally
19. instruction
20. glamourous
21. Now that
22. Set out to
23. Are similar
24.Lead to
25.Was impressed
26. Aiming at
27. So long as
28. Put off
29.Provided with
30.To our surprise

VII. 翻译 (共5题,每题2分)
1. 正是因为父母的过度关注才让孩子养成自我为中心、自私自利的坏习惯。 (强调
2. 老师正准备继续讲下去,这时铃响了。(… when…)
3. 总有一天你会意识到没有什么比听从自己的内心更重要。(aware, follow)
4. 为预防禽流感的大面积传播,所有的活禽(live poultry)市场已被关闭。 (as a
5. 在电子邮件中使用大写字母通常会被认为是在大喊大叫。 (yell)
1. It is the excessive attention paid by the parents that make the children develop the bad habbit
of self-centered and selfishness.
2. The teacher was ready to continue when the bell rang.
3. Some day, you will be aware that nothing is more important than following your heart.
4. As a precaution of the wide spread of bird flu, all the live poultry had been shut down.
5. Using capitalized letters in emails is usually regarded as yelling.

Paper II
Passage 1
Oceanography has been defined as "The application of a11 sciences to the study of the sea".
Before the nineteenth century scientists with an interest in the sea were few and far between.
Certainly Newton considered some theoretical aspects of it in his writings, but he was reluctant to
go to sea to further his work.

For most people the sea was remote, and with the exception of early intercontinental
travelers or others who earned a living from the sea, there was little reason to ask many questions
about it, 1et alone to ask what lay beneath the surface. The first time that the question "What is at
the bottom of the oceans?" had to be answered with any commercial consequence was when the
laying of a telegraph cable from Europe to America was proposed. The engineer had to know the
depth profile(起伏形状) of the route to estimate the length of cable that had to be manufactured.

It was to Maury of the US Navy that the Atlantic Telegraph Company turned, in l853, for
information on this matter. In the 1840s, Maury had been responsible for encouraging voyages
during which soundings were taken to investigate the depths of the North Atlantic and Pacific
Oceans. Later, some of his findings aroused much popular interest in his book The Physical
Geography of the Sea.

The cable was laid, but not until 1866 was the connection made permanent and reliable. At
the early attempts, the cable failed and when it was taken out for repairs it was found to be
covered in living growths, a fact which defied contemporary scientific opinion that there was no
life in the deeper parts of the sea.

Within a few years oceanography was under way. In 1872 Thomson 1ed a scientific
expedition(考察), which lasted for four years and brought home thousands of samples from the
sea. Their classification and analysis occupied scientists for years and led to a five-volume report,
the last volume being published in l895.

61. The proposal to 1ay a telegraph cable from Europe to America made oceanographic studies
take on ___________.

A. an academic aspect B. a military aspect
C. a business aspect D. an international aspect

62. It was ____ that asked Maury for help in oceanographic studies.
A. the American Navy
B. some early intercontinental travelers
C. those who earned a living from the sea
D. the company which proposed to lay an undersea cable

63. The aim of the voyages Maury was responsible for in the 1840s was_____.
A. to make some sounding experiments in the oceans
B. to collect samples of sea plants and animals
C. to estimate the length of cable that was needed
D. to measure the depths of the two oceans

64. "Defied" in the 5th paragraph probably means "___"
A. doubted B. gave proof to C. challenged D. agreed to

65. This passage is mainly about____
A. the beginnings of oceanography
B. the laying of the first undersea cable
C. the investigation of ocean depths
D. the early intercontinental communications

[正确答案]61-65 CDDCA
65. 第3段讲到:"只有当有人建议铺设一条从欧洲到美洲的海底电缆时, 人们才开始从
商业意义上对海底进行探索"。人们必须要知道海底有什么, 是个什么样子, 需要多长的电缆
等等。因此, 选项C是答案。
66. 本题问的是谁向Maury请教海洋研究方面的问题。要答对这一题, 必须看懂原文第
4段第l句。这是一个强调句型(1t was...that...), 原文突出"向美国海军的MauD请教"。而题
干也是一个强调句型, 突出谁向Maury请教。理解本句的关键还在于学生要掌
握 turned to...for...这个短语的用法。可见, 答案是选项D。
67. 本题问的是19世纪40年代Maury负责的远洋航行的目的是什么。这个问题比较具
体。题干本身已点明了答案可能的出处, 即第4段的第2句。这句中动词不定式
to investigate the depths of the North Atlantic and Pacific 0ceans回答了这个问题。所以, 答案是
68. 本题考核学生根据上下文推测词义的能力。defied是defy的过去式。要准确地推
测它的词义, 必须完全读懂defied前后部分的意思:前一部分是说:"从海底捞出的电缆上覆
盖着各种各样的生物", 后一部分是说:"当时的科学观点认为海洋深处是没有生命的"。由此
可见, 前一部分的"事实"(..., a fact which...)是"批驳"后一部分的"观点"。所以, 答案是C项
challenged(向…挑战, 指责)。
69. 本题问及全篇的中心意思。考生只有读懂全文各段, 才能有把握地回答。第1段谈
及是关于"海洋学"的定义; 第2段是讲19世纪前对海洋感兴趣的科学家不多; 第3段谈到由
于有人提出铺设海底电缆, 人们才开始研究"海底深处究竟有什么"; 第4段说Maury考察北大
西洋和太平洋的发现引起广泛的注意; 第5段讲在铺设海底电缆过程中发现大量海样生
物; 最后一段是海洋学研究的成果。可见全篇主要还是讲海洋学的研究是如何开展起来的, 所

Passage 2
We find that bright children are rarely held back by mixed-ability teaching. On the contrary,
both their knowledge and experience are enriched. We feel that there are many disadvantages in
streaming pupils. It does not take into account the fact that children develop at different rates. It
can have a bad effect on both the bright and the not-so-bright child. After all, it can be quite
discouraging to be at the bottom of the top grade!
Besides, it is rather unreal to grade people just according to their intellectual ability. This is
only one aspect of their total personality. We are concerned to develop the abilities of all our
pupils to the full, not just their academic ability. We also value personal qualities and social skills,
and we find that mixed-ability teaching contributes to all these aspects of learning.
In our classrooms, we work in various ways. The pupils often work in groups: this gives
them the opportunity to learn to co-operate, to share, and to develop leadership skills. They also
learn how to cope with personal problem as well as learning how to think, to make decisions, to
analyse and evaluate, and to communicate effectively. The pupils learn from each other as well as
from the teacher. Sometimes the pupils work in pairs; sometimes they work on individual tasks
and assignments, and they can do this at their own speed. They also have some formal class
teaching when this is appropriate. We encourage our pupils to use the library, and we teach them
the skills they need in order to do this efficiently. An advanced pupil can do advanced work: it
does not matter what age the child is. We expect our pupils to do their best, not their least, and we
give them every encouragement to attain this goal.

66. In the passage the author’s attitude towards “mixed-ability teaching” is___________
A. critical B. questioning C. approving D. objective

67. By “held back”(Line 1) the author means “______________”
A. made to remain in the same classes
B. forced to study in the lower classes
C. drawn to their studies
D. prevented from advancing

68. The author argues that a teacher’s chief concern should be the development of the students___
A. personal qualities and social skills
B. total personality
C. learning ability and communicative skills
D. intellectual ability

69. Which of the following is NOT MENTIONED in the third paragraph?
A. Group work gives pupils the opportunity to learn to work together with others
B. Pupils also learn to develop their reasoning abilities
C. Group work provides pupils with the opportunity to learn to be capable organizers.
D. Pupils also learn how to participate in teaching activities.

70. The author’s purpose in writing this passage is to _____________
A. argue for teaching bright and not –so-bright pupils in the same class
B. recommend pair work and group work for classroom activities
C. offer advice on the proper use of the library
D. emphasize the importance of appropriate formal classroom teaching

[正确答案]66-70 ADBCA
66. 态度推断题。从第一段的最后两句“It can have a bad effect on both the bright and the
not-so-bright child. After all, it can be quite discouraging to be at the bottom of the top grade! ”可
67. 词义题。从后句的“On the contrary, both their knowledge and experience are
enriched.”可知held back的意思应与enrich相反,故选D。
68.细节题。从第二段的“We are concerned to develop the abilities of all our pupils to the
full, not just their academic ability.”可知,应选B。
69. 细节题。从第三段的举例中,可以得出,没有提到学生的组织能力,故选C。
70. 主旨题。文章的主题句为第二段的尾句“We also value personal qualities and social
skills, and we find that mixed-ability teaching contributes to all these aspects of learning.”故选A。








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