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高中英语必修四:Unit 2 Working the land教案

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Aims:Talk about agriculture: a pioneer in farming -Yuan Longping
Talk about organic farming & green food
How to write a brief summary
Try to consolidate how to express suggestions & advice
Master the usage of the -ing form as the subject and object
Learn how to design English posters
Suggestions & advice:
I would rather ... If I have a choice I’dchoose because ...I don’t like ... because ...
You need to ...I’d prefer ... because ...May I suggest ...It’s a great pity that ...
Let me suggest Leng Jianli because...Should I/We ...?
Perhaps we should consider Leng Jianli because...It’s better to ..But what/how about
Vocabulary:Sunburnt, struggle, decade, super, output, crop, hunger, disturbing, expand, Vietman, circulate, satisfied, freedom
Expressions :rid ... of, be satisfied with, lead a ... life, would rather, refer to, search for, thanks to, would…rather
Period 1-2 Warming up and pre-reading.
Step 1 Lead-in.
PoemBy Li Shen
Farmers weeding at noon,Sweat down the field soon.
Who knows food on a tray,Due to their toiling day.
Step 2.Warming up (Questions)
1. Have you ever grown any plants? If so, what did you do to grow them? If not, what kind of plant would you like to grow? How will you grow it?
2. Have you ever been to the countryside? What did you do there?
3. Are you from a farmer’s family? What do you know about farming?
Step 3 Pre-reading and talking
1. Rice is a main food in all East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. What do you think would happen if tomorrow there was suddenly no rice to eat?
Tips: It is said that there are 2.4 billion people to eat rice every day throughout the world;suffer from starvation/die of hunger; panic, get into trouble
2. If you had the chance to help end hunger in the world, what would you do?
3. Do you know who Yuan Longping is ?
A brief introduction:
Yuan Longping is known as China’s “father of hybrid rice”. It’s said that in China, we eat depending on “Two Ping” ---- Deng Xiaoping, who made the policy of System of Production Responsibility, & Yuan Longping, who invented hybrid rice.
Yuan Longping, who was born in September, 1930, graduated from Agriculture Department in Southwest Agricultural Institute. He has been working on agriculture education & the research into hybrid rice since he left the institute.
In the 1960s, when China was sufferingfrom serious famine, he came up with the idea of hybrid rice, which has a highyield ( or output). Ten years later, he succeeded in inventing a new species that produced a 20 percent higher yield than common types of rice.
Yuan devoted himself to the research into agriculture, & was honored by UNESCO & FAO(联合国教科文组织). Although he is 74 years old, he is still working on the research into agriculture.
Period 3-4 Reading
Step 1 Lead-in。
1. Listen to the tape carefully then answer these questions.
1)When and who did become the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice that has a high output?
2)What did Yuan Longping invent?
2. Read the passage once again,then find out these sentences true or false.
1) Dr Yuan is more a farmerthan a scientist.
2 )Dr Yuan’s kind of rice is the most suitable for China’s farmland.
3) Dr Yuan would rather work than relax.
4 )Dr Yuan has dreams when he is asleep and also when he is awake.
5 )Dr Yuan enjoys a simpler life than most rich and famous people.
3.Find out the topic sentences of each paragraph
Para. 1: He became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice that has a high output.
Para.2:He has devoted his life to finding ways to grow more and more rice..
Para.3:He cares little about spending the money on himself and would rather keep time for his hobbies.
Para.4 Dr. Yuan’s dreams.
Main idea of the passage
Chemical fertilizers can cause many problems, so organic farming is becoming
more popular.
4.Write down Yuan Longping’s personal information
•Dream:Achievements: Hobbies:
Period 5-6 Language points:
1. Struggle for…为争取……而斗争Struggle against…为反对……而斗争
Struggle with… 与……争斗
1)The swimmer struggled against the tide.
2)We had to struggle with/against all kinds of difficulties.
3)The slaves struggled for the freedom
2. 使做…成为…make +it +adj./n. +to do好天气使游泳成为可能
The fine weather makes it possible( for us )to swim.
他将每早跑步做为一个规则He makes it a rule to run every morning.
其他可用这种结构的词:feel, find, think, consider…
3.搜查,搜索search (sb. / sth.)for …
He searched all the rooms for the missing person.
They searched the man all over for money.
4.由于,多亏thanks to相当于because of
5.是从前两倍那么多 twice as large as before相当于once larger than before
be satisfied with…相当于 be pleased with
adj. satisfactory/satisfyingn.satisfaction
7.在乎,在意care about比较care for
My aunt cared for me when my parents were away last week.
Dr Yuan never cares about money and fame.
8. Indeed, his sunburnt face and arms and his slim, strong body are like those of millions of other Chinese farmers.
e.g: The streets in Beijing are wider than those in my hometown.
The number of students in our school is larger than that in their school.
9. Dr Yuan grows what is called super hybrid rice.
e.g: He came to what is called America.
10. This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one -third more of the crop in the same fields.
e.g: That made it possible for life to begin to develop.
The development of science makes it possible for us to know more about the universe.
11. Dr Yuan awoke from his dream with the hope of producing a kind of rice (that could feed more people).
e.g: He went to the U.S with the hope of finding a better job there.
Fill in the proper phrases or words to complete thefollowing:
1.In a way,the accident was a good thing because it taught us a good lesson.
2.It was because of his advice that I succeeded.
3.I am satisfied with the result of the experiment.
4.They have struggled for years to drive the invaders out of their country.
5.We all wish that we could rid the world of crime.
6.In some less developed areas in China, some farmers are still lead a poor life.
7.The output of corn this year is double that of last year.
After graduating from college, he went to Shenzhen with the hope of getting a chance to become rich soon .
Period 7-8 Grammar
一. 动名词做主语的用法
动名词做主语往往表示经常性、习惯性的动作, 在口语中也可以表示具体的动作。如:
Seeing is believing.Helping her is my duty. Talking mends no holes.
Working with you is a pleasure. 和你一起工作是一种乐趣。
It's rather tiring walking around in a city.
It's no use crying over spilt milk.覆水难收。
He realized that to go on like this was wrong.
1.有些动词或短语动词后常用动名词作宾语。如admit, appreciate, avoid,can't stand(不能忍受), consider,delay, devote … to, dislike enjoy,escape, excuse, feel like, finish, forgive, get down to, give up,
imagine. insist on, keep (on), look forward to, mention, mind, miss(错过), pay attention to, practice, put off, stick to, suggest等等。
Doing morning exercises is good for your health. 做早操对你的健康有好处。
Her shoes wants mending. 她的鞋该修理了。
注意: 当 need, want, require, worth后面接doing也可以表示被动。
Your hair wants cutting. 你的头发该理了。
The floor requires washing. 地板需要冲洗。
I have finished writing this book.我已经写完这本书了。
2. 在allow, advise, forbid, permit后直接跟动名词作宾语,如果有名词或代词作宾语,则构成“allow/advise/forbid/permit +名词/代词+不定式(宾语补足语)”之形式。如:
We don't allow smoking here. We don't allow anybody to smoke here.
3. 动词need, require, want意为“需要”时,后跟动名词的主动式或不定式的被动式作宾语,意义没有区别。如:
The window needs/requires/wants cleaning/to be cleaned.
4. 在begin, continue, love, like, hate, prefer, intend, start后用动名词和
5. 动词forget, go on, mean, regret, remember, stop, try, be used to, can't help后跟动名词和跟不定式区别较大,须注意。
forget, regret, remember后跟动名词,动名词表示已经发生的动作;后跟不定式表示将要发生的动作。
Period9-10writing and checking the answers of the exercises