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01. We can't ___ one to change the habits of a lifetime in a short time.

A. hope B. wait C. expect D. imagine

02. The noise was so ____ that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it.
A. dim B. soft C. faint D. gentle

03. His landlady gave him a week's ___ to leave the flat.
A. threat B. notice C. advice D. caution

04. Even if they are on sale, these refrigerators are equal in price to, if not more expensive than, ___ at the other store.
A. anyone B. the others C. that D. the ones

05. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above ___.
A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal

06. It is clear that the whole world is passing through a social revolution in which a central _____ must be taken by scientists and technologists.
A. process B. attention C. measure D. part

07. These plastic flowers look so ___ that many people think they are real.
A. beautiful B. natural C. artificial D. similar

08. When I worked as the general manager of the firm, I sometimes had ___ to visit London on business.
A. opportunity B. possibility C. occasion D. chance

09. The most important ___ of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people.
A. element B. spot C. sense D. point

10. It has always been the ___ of our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities.
A. plan B. campaign C. procedure D. policy

11. I remember her face but I cannot ___ where I met her.
A. recall B. remind C. remember D. remark

12. He has left his book here on ___, so that you can read it.
A. purpose B. intention C. aim D. meaning

13. The open university was started in order to help those who ___ having a university education when they were young.
A. stopped B. failed C. missed D. ceased

14. We won't know whether it will be successful. We won't know whether there will be good ___.
A. ends B. results C. effects D. causes

15. Comrade Li Dazhao, ___ librarian of Beijing University, was one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party.
A. sometimes B. sometime C. some time D. some times

16.The patients believe that the doctor knows exactly how to put them ___.
A. correct B. perfect C. right D. well

17. And you find that you're not to be ___ with a position of real responsibility.
A. offered B. trusted C. furnished D. retained

18. She got married although her parents had not given her their ___.
A. allowance B. consent C. permit D. appreciation

19.At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it __ his mind that she was trying to tell him something.
A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened

20. When college students ___ future employment, they often think of status, income, and prestige.
A. demand B. assume C. apply D. anticipate

21.Alice ___her father that both she and her husband would be happy if he would live with them.
A. convinced B. reinforced C. pledged D. required

22. I caught a ___ of the car before it disappeared around the bend.
A. glance B. glimpse C. glare D. stare

23. The car salesman took the customer for a driver in the new model in order to ___ its improved features. A. advocate B. demonstrate C. exhibit D. reveal

24. After dinner the minister made a short ___ to the guests.
A. delivery B. pronunciation C. conversation D. speech

25. The old man got into the ___ of storing money under the bed.
A. tradition B. habit C. use D. custom

26. One-room schoolhouses can still be found in ___ areas where there are no other schools for many miles.
A. disposed B. deserted C. isolated D. abandoned

27.It's bad ____ for a man to smoke in the public places where smoking is not allowed.
A. behavior B. action C. manner D. movement

28.Before the final examination, many students have shown ___ of tension. Some have trouble in sleeping while others have lost their appetite.
A. anxiety B. marks C. signs D. remarks

29. When you do exercises, your heart works better. It is able to____ more blood while beating more slowly.
A. produce B. pump C. increase D. bump

30.—Yangyang carried off the first winter Olympic ___ medal for China.
—Great! What ____ she won for our motherland!
A. golden/ honor B. gold/ honor C. golden/ honors D. gold/ honors

31. The problem is not ____ so easy as you think. It's far from being settled.
A. hardly B. almost C. nearly D. scarcely

32.I'll____ him off this time but next time he'll be punished.
A. leave B. let C. put D. set

33. — Who on earth could it be? — It was ____ other than Peter.
A. none B. nothing C. not D. nobody

34. In the of proof , the police could not take action against the man .
A. lack B. shortage C. absence D. failure

35. He proved himself a true gentleman and the beauty of his ____ was seen at its best when he worked with others.
A. temper B. appearance C. talent D. character

36. Nowadays sending e-mails to each other is a way many a student ____ what they think.
A. conveys B. delivers C. express D. account

37. —How do you ____ to her unkindly behavior? —Only silence.
Which of the following is wrong?
A.react B.answer C.reply D.respond

38. Some friends tried to settle the quarrel between Mr. and Mrs. Brown without hurting the feeling of ___, but failed .
A.none B.either C.both D.neither

39. Does this car give you good ___for your money ?
A. value B. price C. worth D. cost

40. —Where Chongqing do you decide to build the factory ?
—Nobody our manager knows .
A. except/ besides B. but/ besides C. but/ but D.except/ besides
41.It seemed that Ivy was in no____ this evening to listen to my jokes.
A. mind B. mood C. feeling D. emotion

42.Sensible people don't think it is___ to buy things which are not needed even at a low price.
A. worth B. worthy C. wothless D. worthwhile

43.When you arrive at the hotel, you'll____ notice the friendly staff, who will make your holiday a wonderful dream.
A. sensitively B. scarcely C. immediately D. obviously

44.As they haven't a child of their own, they're going to ____ a little girl.
A. accept B. receive C. adapt D. adopt

45.After careful research, it was decided that the spaceship should reenter the Earth's____.
A. surface B. air C. environment D. atmosphere

46.David paused to consult his notes, then___ with his speech.
A. proceeded B. pursed C. pronounced D. proposed

47.That way of living is___ to people in this small part of the country.
A. specific B. available C. peculiar D. particular

48.The headmaster is to give a formal___ at the annual ceremony.
A. address B. argument C. debate D. remark

49.He had a talent for music and was___ conductor of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the age of 30.
A. assigned B. appointed C. named D. honored

50.Psychologists say that___ our emotions will make us feel better and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
A. relieving B. relaxing C. releasing D. removing

51. After many years' waiting, Chinese people____ realized their dream to hold the Olympic Games.
A. constantly B. eventually C. lastly D. generally

52.Such noble deeds of the doctors and nurses can't be only____ with money.
A.rewarded B. awarded C. praised D. valued

53.Shanghai is so full of____, it seems as if things never stop.
A. strength B. spirit C. force D. energy

54.My knowledge of Hong Kong came only from some movies: a____ of criminals are pursued by the police in the narrow streets and then they have a fight.
A. group B. team C. class D. gang

55.When we finally arrived, a lady gave us a ____ introduction of the university.
A. clear B. brief C. main D. abstract

56. A(n)____ is a person who understand people's characters.
A. photographer B. psycholigist C. physician D. physicist

57.If you build a house with good____ , it will last long.
A. foundation B. floor C. basis D. ground

58.Although I had read the book assigned by the professor several times, it didn't make any__ to me.
A. meaning B. importance C. sense D. significance

59.Burning all the lights in the classroom will be a great___ on electric power.
A. waste B. lack C. drain D. damage

60.As civilization____, more and more people have realized the importance of preserving rare animals from extinction.
A. stretches B. spreads C. extends D. expands

Suggested Answers:

01-05 CCBDD 06-10 DBCDD 11-15 AACBB 16-20 CBBAD 21-25 ABBDB 26-30 CAABB 31-35 CBACD 36-40 ABBAC 41-45 BDCDD 46-50 ACABC 51-55 BADDB 56-60 BACCB