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Harry and His Dog哈利和他的狗

“Beg, Frisk, beg,” said little Harry, as he sat at his grandmother’s door, eating bread and milk.“求我,弗里斯克,求我。”小哈利坐在他祖母门前叫唤到,吃着牛奶和面包。

“Beg, Frisk, beg!” repeated Harry, holding a bit of bread just out of the dog’s reach; and the obedient Frisk squatted himself on his hind legs, and held up his forepaws, waiting for master Harry to give him the tempting morsel.“求我呀,弗里克,求我!”哈利重复道,举着一大半面包凑到狗狗刚好够不到的地方;惟命是从的弗里斯克蹲坐在地上,举起它的前爪,等待主人哈利给它有人的食物。

The little boy and the little dog were great friends. Poor Frisk had come as a stray dog to Milton, the place where Harry lived. If he could have told his own story, it would probably have been a very pitiful one, of kicks and cuffs, of hunger and foul weather.这小男孩和这只小狗是很好的朋友。可怜的弗里斯克作为一只流浪狗来到米尔顿,这是哈利所居住的地方。如果它能售出它自己的故事的话,很可能是一个万分辛酸的故事,被人踢打,饥寒交迫以及恶劣的天气。

Frisk made his appearance at the very door where Harry was now sitting, in miserable plight, wet, dirty, and half starved; and there he met Harry, who took a fancy to him, and Harry’s grandmother, who drove him off with a broom.弗里斯克第一次出现在哈利家门前的时候哈利也是像现在这样坐着,在它最悲惨的境地,全身湿透,肮脏,并且半饿着;在那里它遇到哈利,喜欢上他,而哈利的祖母却用扫帚赶走它。

Harry, at length, obtained permission to keep the little dog outdoors, and fed him with stray bones and cold potatoes, and such things as he could get for him.最终,哈利获得许可可以在门外养这只狗,以及喂给它一些杂碎的骨头和冷土豆,并且他能为它做的只有这些事情

After a while, having proved his good qualities by barking away a set of pilferers, who were making an attack on the great pear tree, he was admitted into the house, and became one of its most vigilant and valued inmates.不久之后,它大声吠叫赶走了一些藏在大梨树下准备作案的小偷,证明了它的良好品质。于是它被允许进屋入住,并且成为期中最具警惕性和最有价值的同居者。

“Beg, Frisk, beg!” said Harry, and gave him, after long waiting, the expected morsel. Frisk was satisfied, but Harry was not. The little boy, though a good-humored fellow in the main, had turns of naughtiness, which were apt to last him all day, and this promised to prove one of his worst. It was a holiday, and in the afternoon his cousins, Jane and William, were to come and see him and Annie; and the pears were to be gathered, and the children were to have a treat.“求我,弗里斯克,求呀!”哈利喊道,在长时间的等待之后,终于给了它期待的点心。弗里斯克十分满意,但哈利并不觉得。这个小男孩,虽然大部分时间是个愉快的同伴,偶尔会变得顽皮暴躁,其中有时候一整天都这样,并且承诺一定要证明他最糟糕的一个。那是一个假日的午后,他的表兄妹,简和威廉,要过来看一看他和安妮 ;并且孩子们要来摘梨来款待大家。

Harry, in his impatience, thought the morning would never be over. He played such pranks —knocking Frisk, cutting the curls off of Annie’s doll, and finally breaking his grandmother’s spectacles—that before his visitors arrived, indeed, almost immediately after dinner, he was sent to bed in disgrace.哈利,陷在不耐烦中,觉得早上永远不会结束。他玩起了恶作剧------ 敲弗里斯克的头,剪掉安妮玩具娃娃的卷发,最后还打破他祖母的眼镜------在访客到达之前,事实上,几乎是正餐一吃完,他就因为这样调皮捣蛋被遣送到卧室。

Poor Harry! There he lay, rolling and kicking, while Jane, and William, and Annie were busy about the sweet Windsor pears. William was up in the tree, gathering and shaking; Annie and Jane catching them in their aprons, and picking them up from the ground, now piling them in baskets, and now eating the nicest and ripest; Frisk was barking happily among them, as if he were catching Windsor pears, too!可怜的哈利!他躺在床上,打滚并且踢闹,这时候简、威廉和安妮都忙着摘温莎甜梨。威廉在树上,收集和摇动树枝;安妮和简则负责用她们围裙接,并且捡起掉在地上的梨。现在他们把梨堆在篮子里,并且马上吃着最好的以及熟透的梨;弗里斯克在他们当做快乐的叫着,好像它也接住了温莎甜梨一样!

Poor Harry! He could hear all this glee and merriment through the open window as he lay in bed. The storm of passion having subsided, there he lay disconsolate, a grievous sob bursting forth every now and then, as he heard the loud peals of childish laughter.可怜的哈利 !他躺在床上,能听见这所有的喜悦和欢乐通过这打开的窗户。暴风雨也有平静的时刻,他躺在那里郁郁不乐,当他听到孩子们大声响亮的欢笑声时,爆发出痛苦的抽泣声。

He wondered if Annie would bring him a pear. All of a sudden, he heard a little foot on the stair, pitapat, and he thought she was coming. Pitapat came the foot, nearer and nearer, and at last a small head peeped, half afraid, through the half-open door.他希望安妮能给他送一只梨。突然间,他听到一点点上楼梯的脚步声,卜卜卜,于是他想是安妮来了。卜卜的脚步声越来越近,并且最后一个小小的头有些害怕的在半开的门旁窥视。

But it was not Annie’s head; it was Frisk’s—poor Frisk, whom Harry had been teasing all the morning, and who came into the room wagging his tail, with a great pear in his mouth.但它不是安妮的头 ;而是弗里斯克的----可怜的弗里斯克,被哈利戏弄了一整个早上,然后现在进入他的房间里叼着一只大梨还摇着尾巴。

Is not Frisk a fine, grateful fellow? And does he not deserve a share of Harry’s breakfast, whether he begs for it or not? And little Harry will remember from the events of this day that kindness, even though shown to a dog, will always be rewarded; and that ill nature and bad temper are connected with nothing but pain and disgrace.难道弗里斯克不是一个优秀的,令人感激的伙伴吗?无论它乞不乞求,它还不配和哈利共享早餐吗?并且小哈利会从这一天的这些事中记得:即使向一只狗表示善意也会得到回报,但和坏行为以及坏脾气相连的将是痛苦和耻辱。

I. Find out the stylish sentences in the article describing the following ideas.
1. Harry was sad and he cried.
2. Frisk came upstairs and pushed the door open carefully.
II. Find out the verbs describing the characters’ action when gathering pears.
1. William ________________________________
2. Annie and Jane __________________________
3. Frisk __________________________________
III. Answer the questions.
1. What kind of a boy was Harry?
2. What kind of life did Frisk probably live before he came to Milton?
3. How was Frisk admitted into the house?
4. What did little Harry learn from the day when Jane and William came to see him and Annie?


What kind of life did Frisk probably live before he came to Milton?
A both A and B

B it would probably have been a very peaceful one.

C it would probably have been a very pitiful one.