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1. I can became infected with HIV by swinmaing ...

2. I wish that she were here with me and that we weren't


3. The most important thing to keep ... is to stay calm.

4. If I had known more about giving first aid, I could

have helped them.

5. Many hospital recommend that we use the letters ...

6. If I were to live long enough to have a job, I would ...

7. As with most diseases and disasters, the young suffer

the most.

8. She might have been hit by a car ...

9. Send whatever you find to the hospital to help ...

10. There we're days when I wished that I were dead so

that I would not have to feel so sick.


1. deadly a. 致命的

2. quiz n. 小测验;竞赛

3. false a. 错误的,假的

4. virus n. 病毒

5. via prep. 通过,经由

6. blood n. 血

7. prevention n. 防止,预防

8. persuade v. 劝服

9. illness n. 病;(身体)小舒服

10. treatment n. 治疗;对待;处理

11. sex n. 性别;性

12. proper a 正确的,适当的

13. available a. 可利用的;有效的

14. network n. 网络

15. specialist n. 专家

16. fierce a. 野蛮的,凶猛的;激烈的

17. cell n. 细胞;单人牢房

18. radiation n. 辐射,放射

19. recover v. 恢复,康复

20. drown v. 溺死,使淹死

21. scream v. 尖叫,呼啸

22. witness vt. & n. 目击,为……作证;目击者

23. response n. 响应

24. slight adj. 轻微的,纤细的

25. chest n. 胸膛;箱子

26. circulate v. 循环,流通

27. wound n. 伤口

28. motorcycle n. 摩托年

29. sudden a. 意外的

30。 loose a. 松散的

31. tap n. (水,煤气等)龙头

32. bandage n. 包扎带

33. ambulance n. 救护车

34. choke v. 窒息,哽住,使窒息


1. be / become infected with 受……感染

2. get tested for 测试

3. break down 损坏

4. suffer from 患……病

5. fear of disease 怕疾病

6. lack of 缺乏

7. free from 不受……影响,没有……

8. cheer up 使振奋,使高兴

9. medicine for cold 感冒药

10. last days of one's life 生命的最后日子

11. a great many 许多

12. samples of blood 血样

13. incurable disease 不治之症

14. go to end 结束。到头了

15. on the contrary 相反

16. for the moment 暂时,目前

17. think of...as 把……当作

18. live life to the fullest 生活得充实

19. first aid 急救

20. first of all 首先

21. roll over 翻转

22. die of 死于

23. in honor of 纪念……,庆祝……

24. in case of 以防……

25. keep in mind 记在心上


1. A lot of people can't tell the difference between...

2. Are there many differences?

3. What do you mean by...

4. I'm sorry, I don't quite follow you.

5. Do you use American or British spdling?

6. American spellings ale used more and more in Canada


7. We must carry her to the side of the road.

8. You should / shouldn't...

9. I ought to go home.

10. Don't try to get up.


7. available a. 可用的,可达到的,有效的

The books are readily available for reference.


Is Mr. Smith available for the opening of the school?


17. breathe, breath

(1) breathe 是动词,呵及物也可不及物。

breathe hard 费力地呼吸

breathe into one's mouth


breathe dust / fresh air


start one's breathing


(2) breath 是名词。

take a deep breath 深吸一口气

take breath 喘口气;休息一下

hold one's breath 屏住气

lose one's breath 喘不过气来

out of breath 上气不接下气,气喘吁吁

[注意] out of sight 看不见;out of order 出故障;out of

question 没问题;out of control 失去控制;out of

danger 脱离危险;out of work 失业。

8. cheer vt. & vi. 使高兴,使振奋,喝彩

The good news cheers them all.


The fans cheer (for) their football team.



(1) cheer up (使愉快,使高兴)


Cheer up! My little man. 别灰心,老弟!

She told a joke, trying to cheer me up.


(2) cheer on (鼓励,鼓劲)

We all cheered the runners on as they rushed to the



5. discourage


1) ~ sb. (from doing sth.)


His parents discouraged him from joining the air force.


2) try to stop (sth.)


The school teachers discourage smoking.


3) be discouraged, get discouraged / discouraged adj.

If you meet with any difficulty in your study, don't be



discouraging adj.

a discouraging result, reply 使人泄气的结果、回答

2. false a. 假的,错的,不实的

The report is false. 这份报告不真实。

He is false of heart. 他不忠实。

常见结构 be false to 意为“违背,不忠,欺骗”。

He is false to his country. 他背叛祖国。

She is a girl false to her promise / word.


【考点8】free 的用法

▲ 构词:

① freedom n. [U]自由

② freely adv. 自由地

▲ 搭配:

① for free 免费(作表语、状语)

② set...free 释放……;使……自由

③ free of charge 免费(作表语、状语)

④ be free from 免于……;不受……;无……的;免去


⑤ have a free talk(with sb)(about sth) 和(某人)就某


⑥ enjoy free medical care 享受公费医疗

⑦ enjoy freedom of speech 享受言论自由

⑧ fight for freedom 为自由而战


① sb be free = sb have free time 有空

② sb be / feel free to do sth 随便干……,随心所欲地干


③ free + sb / sth 使……自由

▲ 友情提示:“免费”的其他表示法:

① for nothing (作状语);without payment (作状语);


② at one's own expense / charge 自费(作状语)

③ at public expense 公费

④ (enjoy)public health services = (enjoy) free medical

service / care (享受)公费医疗

【考例8】The prisoner was ____.

A. set freely B. enjoyed free

C. get freedom D. set free


[答案与解析]D set sb free为一个固定短语,表示“释




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