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1. It has been a long day. I can't keep my eyes open.

2. We can learn a lot about what a person is thinking by

watching his or her body language.

3. In many countries, shaking one's head means "no" and

nodding means "yes".

4. A way of raying "I am hungry" is patting the stomach

before a meal.

5. Unlike traditional amusement parks, theme parks often

want to teach visitors something.

6. What they all have in common is that they combine fun

with the opportunity to learn ,something.

7. Visitors can go on exciting rides where they can feel

what it is like to do the things they have seen their

heroes do in the movie.

8. New theme parks are being built all over the world.


1. unfair adj. 不公正的,不公平的

2. customer n. 顾客;主顾

3. avoid vt. 避免;消除

4. incredible adj. 难以置信的

5. manage vt. / vi. 做成(某事);管理;经营

6. fold vt. 折叠;合拢;抱住

7. crazy adj. 疯狂的;狂热的

8. firm adj. (指动作)稳定而有力的;牢固的

9. handshake n. 握手

10. bend vt. / vi. 弯曲;专心于;屈服

11. gently adv. 轻轻地;逐渐地

12. occur vi. 发生;出现

13. focus n. (兴趣活动等的)中心;焦点

14. specific adj. 具体的;特有的

15. amusement n. 消遣;娱乐(活动)

16. souvenir n. 纪念物;纪念品

17. attraction n. 吸引人的事物;吸引(力)

18. collection n. 收集;搜集;聚集

19. thrill n. 兴奋;激动;(使)激动;(使)胆战心惊

20. minority n. 少数民族;少数

21. educate vi. / vt. 教育;培养;训练

22. conservation n. (自然资源的)保护;管理;保存

23. divide vt. / vi.分;划分;分开;隔开

24. section n. 部分;区域

25. shuttle n. 往返汽车;航天飞机

26. risk vt. 冒……的险

27. injury n. 伤害;受伤处

28. helicopter n. 直升飞机

29. achievement n. 成就;功绩

30. civilization n. 文明;歼化

31. prevent vt./vi. 防止;妨碍

32. twist n. 扭曲;盘旋 vi.扭弯;缠绕

33. imagination n. 想像(力);空想;想像的事物

34. designer n. 设计家;制图师

35. darkness n. 黑暗;漆黑






1. ahead ____ (在空间或时间上比某人、某物)更


2. give / lend sb a ____ 给某人帮助

3. get ____ 通过;渡过;到达

4. tear ____ 弄倒某物;拆除某物

5. hold ____ 举起;拿起;举出

6. ____ a face (对某人)做鬼脸;扮怪相

7. ____ order按顺序;整齐

8. cut ____ 切掉,切断;壅然中止

9. free-fall ____ 自由落体车乘

10. ____ eye contact 避免目光接触

11. ____ to 至于……;就……来看

12. feel ____ 情绪低落;感到低沉

13. combine... ____ ... 把……与……结合起来

14. large ____ of 大量收集的

15. ____ one's way一路尖叫

16. a ____ park 主题公园

17. go ____ rides 乘车兜风

18. base...____ …以……为基础……

19. ____ a cable car乘缆车

2O. have ____ 消遣;玩得高兴


1. give sb. a hand 给某人帮助

2. ahead of (在空间或时间上比某人、某物) 更前;更早

3. get through 通过;度过;到达;完成

4. tear down 弄倒某物;拆除某物

5. hold up 举起;拿起;举出

6. at the North Polo 在北极

7.in order 按顺序;整齐

8.cut off 切掉;切断;突然中止

9. eye contact 眼神接触

10. as to 关于;就……而言

11. hold up one's head 昂起头

12. combine...with...把……与……相结合

13. from culture to culture 从一种文化到另一种文化

14. feel down 情绪低落

15. communicate with 与……交流

16. have fun 玩耍,消遣

17. a variety of 一系列的

18. in space 在太空

19. on the ocean floor 在大洋底

20. learn about 了解


1. Shall I help you with that?

2. Would you like some help?

3. Could you give me a hand with this?

4. Is there anything else I can do for you?

5. Could you help me with my English?

6. No, thank you. Thanks for all your help.

7. No, thanks. I can manage it mymlf.

8. That's very nice of you.

9. Excuse me, can you tell me where the roller coaster is?

10. Go straight down this road, and then turn left. Go over

the bridge.

11. Excuse me. Am I going in the right direction?

12. It's in that direction.



▲ 搭配:

① ahead of 在……前头;早于;超过,优于

② ahead of time / schedule 提前

③ get ahead (of...) 胜过,超过

④ Go ahead! 前进,有进展,请便

⑤ look ahead (喻)为未来着想或打算,未雨绸缪

⑥ push ahead 向前进。推进

【考例1】[2004天津] The other girls rushed ____

me. I felt ashamed as I fell farther and farther behind.

A. from behind B. ahead of

C. next to D. close to



[答案与解析]B ahead of 表示“在……前面”、“超


9. amusement [u] n. 娱乐,消遣,兴趣;[C] n. 快乐的


The little girl looked at me in amusement.


To our great amusement, the teacher sang a funny song

in class.


There were lots 0f amusements at the fair.


[拓展]amusement 的动词 amuse,是及物动词,意为



(1) amuse sb. / oneself (with...)

Her stow amused the children greatly.


(2) be amused at / by / with 以……为乐

The audience was amused bv the malcician's tricks.


(3) be amused to do sth. 做……取乐

I was very much amused to see the seal perform its




be surprised at... 因……而吃惊

be surprised to do sth. 吃惊地干……

be excited at... 因……而兴奋

be excited to do sth. 兴奋地干……

be disappointed at... 因……而失望

be disappointed to do sth. 失望地干……

be pleased at... 因……而高兴

be pleased to do sth. 高兴地干……

be delighted at... 因……而高兴

be delighted to do sth. 高兴地干……

10. attract vt.

(1) (以魅力等) 吸引 (人),引诱;引起(注意、开心)。

[构成] attract + n. 或 attract + n. + to + n. 把


The concert attracted a great number of people.


(2) (物理的性质) 吸引住……,构成:attract + n.。

Magnets attract iron.


attraction n. 魅力,吸引人之物;吸引(力)

attractive adj. 有魅力的,吸引人的,引人注目的

3. contact

(1) [U] 接触,触碰

The Lomb explodes on contact.


(2) [U] (与人的)接触,交往,关系;联络,联系(多和


Have you been in contact / touch with him recently?


I’ve been trying t0 get in contact / touch with you

since yesterday.


make contact with 与……联络


keep in contact with = keep in touch with 与……保


come in / into contact with sb. 与某人接触.碰面

lose touch with = lose contact with 与……失去联系

(be) out of touch = (be) out of contact 失去联系,中



▲ 构词:detailed adj. 详细的.逐条的

▲ 搭配:

① for further details 为了知道详细情况

② go / enter into details 详述,逐一细说

③ in detail 详细地

④ detail by detail 逐一

【考例9】[2005郑州模拟] In an extraordinary ____

exposition Auckland Museum pays honor to this great

New Zealander,...

A. simple B. large

C. detailed D. great

[考查目标] 本题考查detail形容词的用法和意思。

[答案与解析]C detailed这一过去分词的意思是“详


12. divide v.

(1) 分,分割,把……分成(若干部分)。常与into 或

from 连用。

The country is divided into 12 provinces.


A low wall divides our garden from our neighbour's



(2) 分配,分发,分享。常与between,among,with连用。

The prize money will be divided among the three winners.


(3) 除,除以。常与by,into连用。



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