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1. Cell phones, or mobile phones make it possible for us to talk to anyone from anywhere. it 作形式宾语的用法

2. I don't dare to use the phone in school. dare 的用法

3. The answer seems to be that we have a need to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where we are or what we are doing.

no matter + 疑问词引导的让步状语从句

4. The cell phone helps her do whatever she wants to do.

whatever 引导的名词从句

5. We human beings could not survive without all plants and animals around us. 表双重否定

6. We may be able to take measures before it is too late.

before 的译法

7. Steve Jones tries to keep animals and plants from becom- ing endangered. 表示“阻止某人做某事”


1. agreement n. 一致,协定

2. absolutely adv. 绝对地,完全地

3. press vt. & vi. 按,压,逼迫

4. teenager n. (13--19岁的)青少年

5. throughout prep. 遍及,贯穿

6. add vt. 增加,添加,补充说

7. 1atest adj. 最近的,最新的

8. calendar n. 日历

9. appointment n. 约会,指定

10. behaviour n. 行为,举止

11. obey v. 服从

12. emergency n. 紧急情况

13. dial vt. 拨号

14. unexpected adj. 想不到的

15. particular adj. 特别的,个别的

16. succeed v. 成功

17. force n. & vt. 力量,强制

18. wonder n. 奇迹

19. defeat vt. & n. 击败,失败

20. department n. 部,局,系

21. interview vt. & n. 接见,会见

22. environmental adj. 环境的

23. common adj. 共同的,普遍的

24. valuable adj. 有价值的

25. reduce vt. 减少

26. respond vi. 回答,响应

27. material n. 材料,原料

28. attractive adj. 吸引人的

29. organize vt. & vi. 组织

30. amount n. 数量


1. keep / stay in touch with 与……保持联络

2. call for 要求,需要

3. in case of 假设,万一

4. according to 根据,据……所说

5. take over 接收,接管

6. break down 毁掉,坏掉

7. in danger 在危险中

8. die out 灭绝,逐渐消失

9. as a result of 作为(……的)结果

10. lead to 导致某种结果

11. take measures 采取措施

12. adapt to 适应

13. make a difference 有关系,有影响

14. devote...to 献身于……,专心于……

15. at present 现在,目前

16. set free 释放

17. in the wild 在自然环境下

18. throw away 扔掉

19. on the go 忙个不停,四处奔走

20. remind...of... 使人想起……

21. dream of 梦想

22. come up with 提出

23. first of all 首先

24. make money 赚钱

25. depend on 依靠



1. stay in ____ with 与……保持联络

2. call ____ 要求,需要

3. ____ case(of) 假设;万一

4. according ____ 按照;根据……所说

5. take ____ 接收;接管

6. break ____ 毁掉,坏掉;中止

7. ____ danger 在危险中;垂危

8. die ____ 灭绝;逐渐消失

9. ____ a result of作为(……的)结果;由于

10. lead ____ 导致某种结果

11. ____ measures 采取措施

12. adapt ____ 适应(新环境等)

13. make a ____ 有关系;有影响

14. devote ____ 献身于……;专心于……

15. present ____ 现在;目前

16. ____ free 释放

17. ____ the wild 在自然环境下

18. throw ____ 扔掉;浪费

19. ____ the go 忙个不停;四处奔走;跑来跑去

20. turn...inside ____ 把……翻过来


1. I can't agree with you on this point.

2. That's the point.

3. Well, it depends.

4. Does anyone share David's opinion?

5. I absolutely agree.

6. That's how I see it.

7. Why can't we drink the water in our rivers and lakes? Because the water is polluted.

8. Cars and factories cause air pollution. As a result of air pollution, many people get sick.

9. People get sick because of air pollution. It follows that we must do something about it.


1. adapt vt. 使适应;使配合

(1) adapt + n. + to + n. 使……适应,使……适合

He could not adapt his way of life to the school. 他的生活方式无法适应学校的要求。

(2) adapt (oneself) to 适应……She quickly adapted to new circumstances. 她能够很快地适应新环境。/ I suggested he should adapt himself to his new conditions. 我建议他应该调整自己,以适应新的环境。

2. add vt. & vi. 增加,加入,补充说

If the tea is too strong, add some more water. 如果茶太浓,再加些水。/ Many words have been added to this edition of the dictionary。这一版字典增加了很多词。/ The bad weather only added to our difficulties. 恶劣的天气只会增添我们的困难。/ "And I hope you will realize it one day." he added. 他接着说:“我希耀你总有一天会明白这一点。” / I should like to add that we are pleased with the result. 我想补充一句,我们对这个成果感到高兴。


add...to... 在……中加上…… add to 增加,增添

add up 加起来 add up to 总计,总共有……

Your carelessness added to our difficulty. 你的粗心增加了我们的困难。/ The money he spent added up to no more than £1,000. 他花的钱总计1000英镑。

3. add 的用法

▲ 构词:

① addition n. 加,加起来,增加物,增加,加法

② additional adj. 外加的,附加的,另加的

▲ 搭配:

① add sth in 算人;包括

② add A to B 把A加到B上,往A里添加B

③ add to 增加,加到

④ in addition 加上,又,另外

⑤ in addition to 加上,除……外,又

⑥ add sth up 把……加起来,总计

⑦ add up (to…)总计共达;表示,等于说。意味着;总而言之

【考例】The president talked with the official for a long

time, ____ that he still trusted him.

A. added B. adding C. adding up D. adding up to

[考查目标] 本题考查add及其构成短语的意思。

[答案与解析]B adding的意思是“补充(说)”。add up to意思是“加起来等于”。

4. amount n. 量,常与不可数名词连用

“the amount of + 不可数名词”表示“……的量”。


“a large amount of + 不可数名词”后跟单数谓语

“large amounts of + 不可数名词”后跟复数谓语

There is a large amount of / are large amounts of coal to be sent there. 大量的煤要运往那儿。

[比较] number 也意为“量”,但它指可数的事物的“数目,数量”。the number of ……的数目 / numbers of / a number of 大量的 后跟复数名词

5. case的用法

▲ 搭配:

① as is often the case 这是常有的事

② as the case stands 在目前的情况下,就现有的情况而论

③ in this / that case 如果是这样/那样的话

④ in any case 无论如何,总之

⑤ in case (that)-clause 假使。如果,万一

⑥ in case of 万一……,如果发生……

⑦ (just)in case 以防(万一)

⑧ in most cases 在大多数情况下

【考例】(2005广东)You'd better take something to read when you go to see the doctor ____ you have to wait.

A. even if B. as if C. in case D. in order that

[考查目标]考查 case 构成的短语的用法。

[答案与解析]C 句意:“当你去看医生的时候最好带点东西读以防等待”。in case 意为“万一”;even if意为“即使”;as if,意为“好像”;in order that 意为“为了……”。就高考而言,除了 in case 之外,意为“以防万一”的引导词还应掌握-,for fear that 和lest。

6. defeat 的用法

▲ 构词:defeatist n. 失败主义者

▲ 搭配:suffer a defeat战败;遭受挫败

▲ 辨析:defeat;beat;conquer 这组动词的一般含义是“打败”。

defeat 的含义是“打败”,但被打败者不一定服输。例如:The public bet a lot of money on Mendoza, but he was defeated. 公众为门杜萨下了一大笔赌注,但是他被击败了。


例如:It was not until his third match in 1790 that he finally beat Humphries and become Champion of England. 直到1790年第三次比赛时,他才最后打败汉弗莱斯,而成为英国的冠军。

conquer 更可强调“把对方征服”,而且被征服者或被征服的国家为征服者所有,可以任意支配,特别指“获得

对人、物或感情的控制。例如:Some countries may be defeated but can never be conquered. 有的国家可能被打败,但决不能被征服。

【考例】-- Who ____ the team from No. 2 Middle school? -- I'm not sure. Perhaps the team from the nearby county.

A. defeated B. won C. beat D. gained


[答案与解析]A defeat 意思是“打败”,后面跟的是表示“人”或“组织”的名词或代词。

7. depend 的用法

▲ 搭配:

① That depends. 要看情况而定。

② It (all) depends. 要看情况而定。

③ depend on / upon 依靠;由……而定.取决于;从属于;依赖其维持


-- How long are you staying? -- I don't know. ____.

A. That's OK B. Never mind

C. It depends D. It doesn't matter


[答案与解析]C it depends 意思是“看情况。不能确


8. devote vt. 投入于;献身

devoted 忠实的;献身……的;专用的

devote one's time / life / energy / oneself to (doing) sth. 致力于……;献身于…… = be devoted to...致力于……;献身于……;忠实于…… After that, he devoted his entire energy to these studies. 从那以后,他全力以赴从事这些研究工作。/ He is very devoted to his wife. 他很忠实于他的妻子。

9. devote 的用法

▲ 构词:

① devotion n. 献身;奉献;忠诚;热心,专心

② devoted adj. 忠诚的;挚爱的;喜欢的

③ devotedly adv. 忠实地,一心一意地


① devote...to 把……献给;把……专用于

② devote oneself to 致力于,献身于;专心于

③ be devoted to 专心于,忠于

▲ 友情提示:各搭配中to均为介词。

【考例】[2004全国卷IV] First of all, I respected his ____ to teaching.

A. attention B. introduction

C. relation D. devotion

[考查目标] 本题考查 devote 派生词的词义和用法。

[答案与解析]D devote的名词形式是devotion,也应

该和介词 to 搭配。

10. force n. [U][C]力量,势力,暴力 vt. 强迫,促使,强制 He didn't use much force. 他没怎么用力。/ They refused to bow before force. 他们拒绝向暴力低头。/ They have come to know the forces of nature. 他们终于知道了大自然的力量。

[注意]the forces 可表示“军队,兵力”。


force sb. to do sth.;force sb. into doing sth.;force sb. / sth. + 形容词 / 副词 / 介词短语 I was forced to leave. 我被迫离开。(= into leaving) / The strong man forced himself into the empty room. 那个身体强壮的男子强行进入了那个宅房间。

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