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  初二上册Module 2 My home town and my country测试卷(含答案外研版)

  (分数100分 时间90分钟)

  第Ⅰ卷 听力部分 (15分)

  Ⅰ.听句子,选择与之相匹配的图片 (5分)

  1.Ms Liu has been to Australia.

  2.Li Mei hasn"t finished his homework.

  3.He travelled to Italy by plane.

  4.Have you had a western meal?

  5.Have you ever seen Beijing Opera?

  1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______

  Ⅱ.听对话,选择正确答案 (5分)

  M:Can I ask you some questions,Betty?


  M:Where are you from?

  W:I"m from London.

  M:How long have you been in Beijing?

  W:For about two months.

  M:How do you like Beijing?

  W:It"s a good place.There are lots of places of interest to visit.I have been to the Summer Palace and Tian"anmen Square.But I haven"t been to the Great Wall yet.

  M:Can you speak Chinese?

  W:I"m learning it now.Chinese is really difficult,but my friends often help me.I dream to be a Chinese teacher.

  6.Where is Betty from?

  A.Beijing.   B.London.   C.New York.

  7.How long has Betty been in Beijing?

  A.For about two weeks. B.For about two months. C.For about two years.

  8.What place hasn"t Betty been to yet?

  A.The Summer Palace. B.Tian"anmen Square. C.The Great Wall.

  9.What does Betty want to be?

  A.A Chinese teacher. B.An English teacher. C.A doctor.

  10.What does Betty think of Chinese?

  A.Boring. B.Easy. C.Difficult.

  Ⅲ.听短文,选择最佳答案 (5分)

  I"m Cindy.I like travelling.I have travelled to many cities in China.But my favourite city is Hangzhou.It was October 1st.I went to Hangzhou to visit my friends.I felt very happy when I saw them.The weather was great.The sun was in the blue sky but it was not hot.The wind was really cool.After lunch,we went out and bought lots of nice things in the big stor es in Hangzhou.We also went to the beautiful West Lake and boated in the lake.How exciting!We really enjoyed ourselves there.11.Which city is Cindy"s favourite?

  A.Beijing. B.Hangzhou. C.Shanghai.

  12.When did she go there?

  A.In January. B.In May. C.In October.

  13.Who did she visit there?

  A. Her friends. B.Her teachers. C.Her grandparents.

  14.How was the weather there?

  A.Rainy. B.Cloudy. C.Sunny.

  15.Wha t did she think of her vacation?

  A.Tiring. B.Exciting. C.Boring.

  第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分 (85分)

  Ⅳ.单项选择 (10分)

  16.She was excited because her dream ______.

  A.came out      B.came on C.came true D.came along

  17.My English teacher had a trip to the USA last summer.

  Which picture did she take there?

  18.—Have you played Aobi Island games?

  —No,I haven"t.I have ______ played them before.

  A.ever B.never C.no D.yet

  19.—______ is the price of a plane ticket?

  —1200 yuan.

  A.How long B.How many C.What D.How

  20.Our plane will take ______ from Beijing Capital Airport and land ______ Paris.

  A.up; on B.off; on C.off; in D.up; in

  21.Our journey by camel was ______.

  A.a pleasant experience B.an experience pleasant

  C.pleasant experience D.experience pleasant

  22.His concert is so fantastic and the tickets have ______.

  A.sell B.sold C.sell out D.sold out

  23.—Danny,______ phoned you this morning.

  —Oh,who was it?

  A.someone B.no one C.everyone D.anyone

  24.The boy sitting ______ Lisa in the pi cture is her bother.

  A.behind B.under C.beside D.before

  25.Can you ______ all the plants in this garden?

  A.name B.named C.wrote D.names

  Ⅴ.完形填空 (10分)

  Have you ever  26  of Disneyland? 27  of us have probably heard of Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck,and many other __28__ Disney characters (形象).Perhaps we have ever seen them in movies.But have you ever been to Disneyland?In fact,there are now __29__ different Disneyland amusement (娱乐) parks.Two are in the United States.One is in Japan and __30__ is in France.There are two in China.One is in Hong Kong,and the other is in Shanghai.The Shanghai Disneyland Park is the sixth.It i s under construction (建设).It is said it will open in 2014.

  Disneyland is __ 31__ amusement park,but we can also __32__ it a theme (主题) park.It has all the normal attractions that you can __33__ at an amusement park,but it also has a theme.The theme,of course,is Disney movies and Disney characters.Everyone __34__ Disney characters.This means that you can find Disney characters all __35__ the park.

  26.A.hear B.hears C.heard D.to hear

  27.A.One B.Two C.Much D.Most

  28.A.big B.good C.famous D.old

  29.A.s ix B.five C.three D.four

  30.A.other B.others C.the other D.another

  31.A.a B.an C.the D./

  32.A.take B.bring C.call D.see

  33.A.find B.found C.to find D.finds

  34.A.like B.likes C.liking D.liked

  35.A.on B.above C.over D.through

  Ⅵ.阅读理解 (30分)


  A summer trip

  How did you spend your summer vacation last month?I"d like to tell you what happened to me during my vacation.

  My parents planned a relaxing trip.We didn"t need to worry about our work and studies.On the first day,before we started out for Shanghai,we saw on TV that the traffic was heavy.So we decided not to drive our car but to take the bullet train (高速火车) to Shanghai.It was the first time that I had ridden on the bullet train.

  On the way,an American girl sat next to me and I talked to her.She told me that she came here for a short stay—her father came to China on business.In one year he would go back to his company in the US.“How are you getting along here?”I asked.“Pretty well.I enjoy the life here and the people are friendly,”she said.With new friends around,she still missed her friends in the US very much.“It doesn"t matter.I could a lways connect with them by writing letters,e­mails or making phone­calls,”she said with a sweet smile.

  I really envied (羡慕) her for her chance to go through life in different cultures.

  根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正 (T) 误 (F) 。

  36.The writer went to Shanghai by car.

  37.It was the writer"s first time to take the bullet train.

  38.The American girl enjoyed her life in China.

  39.The American girl had no friends in the US.

  40.The American girl and the writer were good friends.


  Tibet (西藏) is among the most popular places for Chinese tourists.The number of travellers of Tibet has grown by 10% every year for a few years.Since July 1,2006,when the first train ran 1,956 kilometres from Xining to Lhasa,more and more people have been to Tibet.

  The train stops at several famous places along the way,such as Qinghai Lake,Kunlun Mountain,and the Potala Palace.Passengers can also enjoy many activities during the journey,like Tibetan dancing and Karaoke.

  On the train,passengers can have tea,eggs and noodles for breakfast,and fried chicken and green vegetables for lunch and dinner.Unlike most other Chinese trains which have open­hole toilets,this one has special toilets which can collect the waste.There is also a special rubbish system (系统) in the train that keeps the environment clean.All the windows on the train can protect people from the bright sunlight.TV and electrical sockets (插座) for computers and mobile phones can be found on the train.

  Because there isn"t much oxygen there,trains will have oxygen masks (氧气罩) for those who need them.It makes passengers feel more comfortable when they have enough oxygen on the famous”roof of the world”.There are also doctors on the train to make sure that all of the travellers are safe.

  41.Which of the following is NOT among the places of interest?

  A.Qinghai Lake. B.Karaoke. C.Kunlun Mountain. D.The Potala Palace.

  42.The train is unlike most other Chinese trains in its ______.

  A.windows B.toilets C.sockets D.A,B and C

  43.The underlined word”them”in the last paragraph refers to ______.

  A.oxygen masks B.doctor C.oxygen D.passengers

  44.We can learn from the passage that ______.

  A.flying to Tibet is impossible B.train to Lhasa is too clean to take

  C.train trip to Tibet is popular with travelers D.taking train to Lhasa caus es a lot of tro uble

  45.What"s the best title of the passage?

  A.Tibet—roof of the world. B.Magic train to magic Tibet.

  C.Beautiful views in Tibet. D.A comfortable trip to Tibet.



  Dear Mum and Dad,

  Greetings from Hawaii (夏威夷) !It has so beautiful sunshine here!We"re having a great time.

  This week we"re in Honolulu (檀香山) ,the capital of Hawaii.It has the most famous beach—Waikiki.The water is very clear and the waves (波浪) are very high.It"s good for surfing (冲浪).So it"s full of tourists (游客).I"ve learned surfing from Tony.He"s a very good surfer.Last week,we went for a ride on a boat to one of the nearest islands and lived there.It was such great fun!That"s it for you now.I miss you.




  46.What"s the capital of Hawaii?


  47.Why does Waikiki attract (吸引) so many tourists?


  48.What is Tony good at?


  49.What does Sarah think of her trip in Hawaii?

  __________________________________________________________________ ______

  50.What did they do last week?


  Ⅶ.词汇题 (共10分)

  (一) 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。

  51.—Has your father been a______?

  —Yes.He has been to many countries.

  52.It"s difficult for me to work out the p______.

  53.Have you ever tasted w______ food?

  54.Have you d______ of visiting another country?

  55.Li Qing"s drawings were quite good and he won the first p______.

  (二) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

  56.My class ______ (go) hiking yesterday.

  57.Where have you ______ (be) ?

  58.Have you ever wanted ______ (be) a famous scientist?

  59.Over 200 students have ______ (enter) the hand­writing competition.

  60.Every year,there are ______ (million) of people visiting the Great Wall.

  Ⅷ.情景交际 (10分)


  A.It"s really nice of you.,

  B.I"m glad you are back now.,

  C.I"m sorry to hear that.,

  D.What else did you do there?,

  E.I don"t like the watch.,

  F.I haven"t seen you for a long time.,

  G.She"s much better now.

  A: Good morning,Mary.

  B: Good morning,Mike.

  A: 61.______

  B: I went to London to see my parents.My grandma was ill.

  A: 62.______ I hope she"s OK now.

  B: Thank you.63.______ She has been able to walk now.

  A: It"s great.64.______

  B: I visited many of my friends.And we paid a visit to Big Ben and did some shopping as well.Oh,I bought you a watch,Mike.And I will bring it to you tomorrow morning.

  A: 65.______ Thank you.

  B: You"re welcome!

  Ⅸ.书面表达 (15分)






  清朝宫殿群the Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty

  皇家园林imperial garden

  Dear Sam,

  I"m very glad to hear that you"ll travel to China next month.Now I"ll tell you something about the greatest places of interest in Beijing.







  ___________________________ _____________________________________________






  Oh,I must stop now,I have to get ready for my final exams.

  Good luck!


  Li Hua


  Ⅰ. 1.F 2.E 3.C 4.A 5.D

  Ⅱ.6- 10 BBCAC

  Ⅲ. 11-15 BCACB

  Ⅳ. 16-25 CBBCC ADACA

  Ⅴ. 26-35 C DCAC BCABC

  Ⅵ. 36-40 FTTFF 41- 45BDAB

  46 Honolulu.

  47 Because the water is very clear and the waves are very high./It"s good for surfing.

  48 Surfing.

  49 It was such great fun./She enjoyed herself./She had a good time.

  50 They went for a ride on a boat to one of the nearest islands and lived there.

  Ⅶ.51 abroad 52 problem 53 western 54 dreamed/dreamt 55 prize

  56 went 57 been 58 to be 59 entered 60 millions

  Ⅷ.. 61.F 62.C 63.G 64.D 65.A




  I"m_very_glad_to_hear_that_you"ll_travel_to_China_n ext_month.Now_I"ll_tell_you_ something_about_the_greatest_places_of_interest_in_Beijing.

  Beijing is the capital city of China.There are so many amazing places you cannot miss.First,you can visit the Great Wall.It is one of the seven wonders in the world.Second,the Palace Museum is also a good place for you to visit.It is the Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty.Many people visit it every day.Third,you can"t miss Yuanmingyuan.It is a world¬famous imperial garden.I think you will have a good time in Beijing.