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  期中考 试是为了检验本学期的学习成果,101教育网高中频道整理了高一 英语上册期中必备知识点复习,供大家复习!

  第一节 高频知识


  1. He came to school very upset. (1-1朋友)

  2. Your dream will come true. (2-5音乐) Something would come true. (2-5音乐) The dream had finally come true. (1-3游记)

  3. He fits his new software free in very computer. (1-5英雄)

  4. Let your imagination run wild(2-3电脑)

  5. Then things went wrong. (2-5音乐)

  6. I grew crazy. (1-1朋友)

  7. Stay awake(1-1朋友) (1-3游记)

  8. Languages do not always stay the same. (1-2英语)

  9. Our legs felt heavy. (1-3游记)

  10. The fruit goes bad easily. (1-4地震)

  11. It feels as hard as a stone. (2-1古迹)

  12. It felt strange. (2-5音乐)

  13. It sounds very simple. (2-3电脑)

  14. Fall ill(2-3电脑)


  1. Anne was very upset that her family had to move. (1-1朋友) Everyone was very upset. (2-2奥运)

  2. We were tired but also very excited. (1-3游记) An excited elephant(2-4生物) He was an excited supporter of Coco Li(2-5音乐)

  3. She gave me a determined look. (1-3游记)

  4. She was amazed when they heard of the rules. (2-2奥运) Daisy was amazed. (2-4生物)

  5. She will be relaxed. (2-2奥运)

  6. It was painful for me and I felt frightened. (2-3电脑) I saw many frightened cows rush up Market Street. (1-4地震)

  7. The waterfall is even more exciting to see. (1-3游记) She was able to replace her usual afternoon’s work by watching some exciting sports. (2-2奥运)It was so exciting when my letter became neat and tidy. (2-3电脑) A most exciting experience(2-5音乐)

  8. The word is confusing to me(1-2英语)

  9. Your tour sounds interesting. (1-3游记)

  10. It was a frightening night. (1-4地震)

  11. All his music was written for God and some of it is very moving.(2-5音乐)

  三.a number of; the number of

  1. English has a large number of speakers(1-2英语)

  2. Such a great number of people died. (1-4地震)

  3. Inside the earth there are a number of plates. (1-4地震)

  4. A number of people think God moved the statues. (2-1古迹)

  5. The number of English speakers is increasing rapidly. (1-2英语)

  6. China has the fastest growing number of English speakers. (1-2英语)

  7. The large number of English speakers(1-2英语)

  8. The number of people who were killed reached more than 400. (1-4地震)

  四.Used to; be used to

  1. I used to write about the Games 2000 years ago. (2-2奥运)

  2. Farmers used to hunt the elephants. (2-4生物)

  3. Money used to go to big companies. (2-4生物)

  4. I love being used to connect people(2-3电脑)

  5. A keyboard is used to keep data into a computer. (2-3电脑)

  6. The antelope fur is being used to make sweaters. (2-4生物)

  7. Seven thousand tons of amber were used to make the room. (2-1古迹)

  五. get的用法

  1. Wang Wei got them interested in cycling. (1-3游记)

  2. The dog got loose. (1-1朋友)

  3. Have you got everything ready? (1-3游记)

  4. He made speeches to get others to help him. (2-1古迹)

  5. He hurried to get dressed.(2-4生物)

  6. How do people get to form a band? (2-5音乐)


  1. She insisted that we find the source of the river. (1-3游记)

  2. We advised the parents that the child should not be taught too much. (1-5英雄)

  3. He advised poor people on their problems. (1-5英雄)

  4. Give some advice. (1-1朋友) Give us some advice(2-5音乐)

  5. He insists that it belongs to his family. (2-1古迹)

  6. I’d like to help as the WWF suggests. (2-4生物)

  7. Some people even suggest we should do more. (2-4生物)

  8. Read the plan and suggest ways to make it better. (2-1古迹)

  9. She tried to persuade him not to fight the government. (1-5英雄) She persuaded me to buy one(1-3游记). He persuaded the government to buy some land in the center of the city. (2-1古迹)

  七. Be+hard+主动不定式

  1. Earthquakes are very difficult to predict. (1-4地震)

  2. Water and food was hard to get. (1-4地震)

  3. The air is hard to breathe(1-3游记)

  4. It is difficult to prove. (2-1古迹)

  5. The amber room was not easy to make. (2-1古迹)

  八.参加join; take part

  1. I joined the ANC Youth League as soon as I could. (1-5英雄)

  2. The prison guards also joined us. (1-5英雄)

  3. Dao Wei will join us there. (1-3游记)

  4. Join in discussion(1-1朋友)

  5. Women were not allowed to join in. (2-2奥运)

  6. He sang his latest hit and joined in. (2-5音乐)

  7. take part in the Olympics (2-2奥运)

  8. All countries can take part. (2-2奥运)


  1. He has given up many things in his life to help others. (1-5英雄)

  2. He gave up a rich life for his ideas. (1-5英雄)

  3. I have to give up a lot of things to win gold medals. (2-2奥运)

  4. I had to give in. (1-3游记)

  十.感官动词+sb+ doing sth

  I often hear my grandfather talk about cultural relics. (2-1古迹)

  If you find someone smuggling cultural relics, what can you do? (2-1古迹)

  The man saw some Germans taking apart the room. (2-1古迹)

  十一. remain

  1. It remained when the rest has been destroyed. (2-1古迹)

  2. The part of ancient walls remain as good as before. (2-1古迹)

  3. What happened to the city remained a mystery. (2-1古迹)


  I didn’t dare open the window. (1-1朋友)

  I know I didn’t need to encourage her. (1-3游记)

  十三. agree

  1. I do not agree with your opinion. (2-1古迹)

  2. I don’t agree with the writer. (2-1古迹)

  3. I don’t agree that it should be returned. (2-1古迹)

  4. All members have to agree with what music to play. (2-5音乐)

  十四. Gone, missing, lost

  1. All hope was not lost. (1-4地震)

  2. San Francisco was gone. (1-4地震)

  3. Two minutes later, everything was gone. (2-4生物)

  4. It is now missing. (2-1古迹)

  十五. include

  1. Horse riding is not included in the winter games. (2-2奥运)

  2. All these men and young boys came from different parts of Greece, including Athens. (2-2奥运)

  3. Others went to work with Murray, including his two daughters. (1-2英语)

  第二节 零散知识

  1. She was able to travel far because of the flying chair. (2-4生物) They speak English because of foreign rule. (1-2英语)

  2. He belongs to a trade union. (2-1古迹) The earth belongs to the living. (2-1古迹) I found the person to whom it belonged. (2-1古迹) The computer company belonged to Wang An. (1-5英雄)

  3. They were seated near the bowling area. (2-2奥运)

  4. The bag of food should last you 3 days. (1-4地震) People began to wonder how long the disaster would last. (1-4地震)

  5. The search has cost a lot of time. (2-1古迹)

  6. They decided to pass a law that all trainers must be men. (2-2奥运)

  7. He died for his ideas. (1-5英雄) He died from a piece of falling furniture. (1-4地震)

  8. He believed in three principles. (1-5英雄)

  9. He was in prison for thirty years. (1-5英雄)

  10. He entered university in 1937. (1-5英雄) The river’s delta enters the South China Sea. (1-3游记)

  11. We felt very happy to have studied in college. (1-3游记)

  12. The teacher asked him when he went to bed the night before. (1-1朋友)

  13. They can’t understand everything(1-2英语) She didn’t like everything about the relic. (2-1古迹)

  14. English speaking world(1-2英语)

  15. They looked at you a little strangely. (1-2英语)

  16. It doesn’t matter what English you learn. (1-2英语)

  17. There is no such thing as standard English. (1-2英语)

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