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高一英语必修一期末复习题:Module 2

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1.You must have your luggage ________ (weigh) at the airport.

2.After __________ (measure) the room,I found it was twenty feet wide and thirty feet long.

3.It’s dangerous to carry a hot pan with ________ (burn) oil.

4.They said they ____________ (open) a western food restaurant on Beijing Road the next month.

5.His mother’s death ____________ (cause) by the heart disease.

6.The girl who ________________ (examine) by the doctor yesterday afternoon is my good friend.

7.______ the population of China ____________ (control) in the past five years?

8.Some people ____________ (escape) into the street before the firefighters were sent there.

9.I ______________ (not know) that you would come here until your father told me.

10.The man is walking to the gate __________ (sound) the bell for lunch.



Your task is ____________________.


Please ____________ and listen to me.


I ________________ that you are fired.


She is considering __________________.


It’s no use __________________.


1.I had great difficulty ________ the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant.

A.find                B.found

C.to find              D.finding

2.She reached the top of the hill and stopped________ on a big rock by the side of the path.

A.to have rested        B.resting

C.to rest              D.rest

3.—Can’t we go there on foot?

—________ to take a boat.

A.I feel like           B.We’d better

C.I’d prefer           D.Yes,I’d like

4.My watch needs ________,but I have no time to go to town to have it ________.

A.to repair;repaired

B.to be repaired;repairing


D.being repaired;repaired

5.—I have been knocking at the door,but no one answers.

—Why not________ at the back door?

A.try knocking              B.try to knock

C.to try knocking            D.to try to knock

6.________ loud music in public is against the law in the UK.

A.Play                    B.Having played

C.Playing                  D.Being played

7.Last weekend Peter had a great deal of fun with his family________ kites in a park.

A.fly                    B.flew

C.to fly                  D.flying

8.They use computers to keep the traffic ________ smoothly.

A.being run              B.run

C.to run                 D.running

9.I still remember ________ to the Famen Temple and what I saw there.

A.to take                B.to be taken

C.taking                 D.being taken

10.In some parts of London,missing a bus means______ for another hour.

A.waiting                B.to wait

C.wait                   D.to be waiting

11.At the beginning of class,the noise of desks________could be heard outside the classroom.

A.opened and closed

B.to be opened and closed

C.being opened and closed

D.to open and close

12.One learns a language by making mistakes and________ them.

A.correct                  B.correcting

C.corrects                 D.to correct

13.Victor apologized for________ to inform me of the change in the plan.

A.his being not able         B.him not to be able

C.his not being able         D.him to be not able

14.“We can’t go out in this weather,”said Bob,________ out of the window.

A.looking                B.to look

C.looked                D.having looked

15.My parents have always made me________ about myself,even when I was twelve.

A.feeling well               B.feeling good

C.feel well                  D.feel good


Too many people want others to be their friends,but they don’t give friendship back.That is why some friendships don’t last long.To have a friend,you must learn to be one.You must learn to treat your friend the way you want your friend to treat you.Learning to be a good friend means learning three rules:be honest;be generous;be understanding.

Honesty is where a good friendship starts.Friends must be able to trust one another.If you do not tell the truth,people usually find out.If a friend finds out that you haven’t been honest,you may lose the friend’s trust.Good friends always count_on one another to speak and act honestly.

Generosity means sharing and sharing makes a friendship grow.You do not have to give your lunch money or your clothes.Naturally you will want to share your ideas and feelings.These can be very valuable to a friend.They tell your friend what is important to you.By sharing them,you help your friend know you better.

Sooner or later everyone needs understanding and helping with a problem.Something may go wrong at school.Talking about the problem can make it easier to solve.Turning to a friend can be the first step in solving the problem.So to be a friend you must listen and understand.You must try to put yourself in your friend’s place so you can understand the problem better.

No two friendships are ever exactly alike.But all true friendships have three things in common.If you plan to keep your friends,you must practice honesty,generosity and understanding.

1.Some friendships don’t last very long because ______.

A.there are too many people who want to make friends

B.some people receive friendship but don’t give friend­ship back

C.those who give others friendship receive friendship from others

D.they don’t know friendship is something serious

2.According to the passage,honesty is________.

A.something countable

B.the base of friendship

C.as important as money

D.more important than anything else

3.Which of the following isn’t mentioned in the passage?

A.Always tell your friends the truth.

B.Sharing your mind with your friends is of great value.

C.Discussing your problems with your friends often helps to solve the problem.

D.A friend who gives you his lunch money is a true friend.

4.The best title of this passage is ________.

A.Honesty Is the Best Policy

B.A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

C.How to Be Friends

D.Three Important Points in Life

5.What’s the meaning of “count on” in this passage?

A.数,点(数)         B.认为,看作

C.重视               D.期待























我的自行车需要修理。1My bike needs repairing.2My bike needs to be repaired.3I need to have/get my bike repaired.

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