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一 翻译

①我梦想有一天上武汉大学。(dream of)

②当妈妈进来时,他假装正在看书。(pretend to be doing )

③我将诚实对你。(be honest with)

④这个医院附属于附近的那所医学院。(be attached to)

⑤我们认为教育很重要。(attach much importance to)

⑥如果你以问题的形式作请求会听起来礼貌得多。(in the form of)

⑦他养成了周末爬山的习惯。(form the habit of doing sth )

⑧你可以信赖我, 我会帮助你的。(rely on sb. to do sth)

⑨我对这个学校很熟悉。(be familiar with)

⑩小汽车半路上坏了。(break down)

11你应该对自己有信心。(be confident of )

二 完成句子

① Learning strategies, to _______________________(老师们认为) importance, have not yet drawn enough attention of students. (attach)

②My watch __________________(坏了) yesterday.(go)

③ she_________________________(想出)a good idea.(come)

三 填入所缺的单词

①She prefers pop music and jazz to c_________music.

②I write regularly to my f_________.

③The coin r_________ under the bed.

④We appreciated his d_________ of time and money to the project.

⑤ Four days a_________ he went abroad.

⑥They put on a p_________ last night.

⑦He arose and made a b_________ speech.

⑧Donna is s_________ to strong smells.

⑨He always s_________ to his post.

⑩He cares very little for f_______ and gain.

11He e______ a little money every month. As a result, he has to live a simple life.

12The football match went into e_______ time.

13 We should pack the earth neither too l_______nor too firmly.

14She was very well before lunch, but felt sick ______.

四 选择题

1  They are different ______.

A. in the form  B. in a form     C. in form      D. in forms

2  When heated, the water is ________     steam.

A. in the form of      B. in a form of    C. in form of      D. in forms of

3  _______ the final exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this month.

A. Besides  B. With   C. As for  D. Because of

4  I was telling them about my exciting travels when he _______ with a story of his own.

broke  down     B. broke up    C. broke  out     D. broke in

5 All work and no play makes one’s  health ____.

A. break up    B. break out   C. break down   D. break away from

6 In that election, a big strike ____ at  Dowdon Colliery.

A. broke out        B. set up    C. took up           D. broke up

7 News reports say peace talks between the two countries _______ with no agreement reached.

A. have broken down     B. have broken out

C. have broken in           D. have broken up

8  When she was a little girl, she  dreamed  ______ becoming a teacher.

A. off         B. at         C. on          D. of

9  The time ______ and he grew up.

A. rolled up         B. rolled  C. rolled over      D. rolled on

10 A _____ concert is said to be held     next Wednesday.

A. folks                B. folk    C. folky      D. folkable

11 He was made ____ the sentence twice.

A. repeating     B. to repeat   C. repeat      D. repeated

12 Let’s go to the theatre first and eat _________.

A. afterwards   B. forwards   C. downwards    D. upwards

13 He is strong, brave and, __________, honest.

A after all   B in all  C above all  D first of all

14  I’d like to buy a house ----modern, comfortable, and _____ in a quiet neighborhood.

A. in all    B. above all     C. after all    D. at all

15 People may have different opinions about Karen, but I admire her. _____, she is a great musician.

A. After all    B. As a result  C. In other words   D. As usual


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