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一、单项填空 (共15小题; 每小题1分, 满分15分)

1. — Can I get the computer before Friday?

— _____. We can make it within 50 kilometers, but if further, Sunday.

A. It doesn’t matter

B. It’s just up to you, sir

C. There is no rush

D. Well, that all depends

2. In _____ film Under the Hawthorn Tree, Zhou Dongyu plays _____ girl called “Jingqiu”.

A. a; the            B. the; a            C. the; 不填             D. a; a

3. The newly-invented drug is so _____ that it is in great demand.

A. harmful         B. extreme           C. fortunate            D. powerful

4. _____ the basis of careful research, they came up with a possible solution _____ the problem of online violence.

A. On; to             B. At; of              C. At; to               D. On; at

5. The Chinese government _____ a nationwide battle against drugs many years ago.

A. charged            B. supplied           C. declared            D. developed

6. — Good morning. Can I help you?

— My suit has been ruined. I’d like to have it _____.

A. cleaned          B. being cleaned     C. be cleaned          D. to be cleaned

7. Many a man _____ swimming in the river, but only _____ can swim across it.

A. go; a few       B. goes; a few        C. go; few           D. goes; few

8. — Shall we go and lend them a hand?

— We’d better not. We might just _____ the way.

A. stand for            B. stand in          C. stand out             D. stand on

9. There is no doubt _____ such a grand event will increase Chinese national pride.

A. what  B. which           C. that                 D. whether

10. Nowadays some parents are _____ about their children’s health, for their children have to do so much homework every day.

A. happy         B. satisfied          C. concerned           D. curious

11. The two sides reached a final agreement that they would _____ the state in turn.

A. take in             B. take up          C. take on              D. take over

12. Finding the truth of the report _____, he told his colleagues about it.

A. convinced           B. be convincing     C. convincing           D. being convinced

13. A film is being planned _____ Qian Xuesen’s great contributions to China’s space technology.

A. in favor of            B. in charge of       C. in place of             D. in memory of

14. — Much knowledge as well as many abilities _____ from our teachers.

— Yes. We should love and respect them.

A. is learned              B. has learned       C. are learned          D. have learned

15. You said boys were cleverer than girls. That is _____ I disagree.

A. what        B. where            C. which              D. why


I teach economics at UNLV (位于拉斯维加斯的内华达大学) three times per week. Last Monday I cheerfully asked my students  16  their weekend had been. One young man said his weekend had not been so good and asked me why I always seemed to be so  17 .

“I choose to be cheerful. Let me give you a(n)  18 ,” I said, addressing all sixty students in the class. “ 19  teaching here, I also teach out at the community college in Henderson, 17 miles down the freeway from where I  20 . One day a few weeks ago I drove those 17 miles to Henderson. I exited the freeway and turned onto College Drive. I only had to drive another quarter mile down the road to the college. But just then my car died. I tried to  21  it again, but the engine wouldn’t turn over. So I put my flashers on,  22  my books, and marched down the road to the college.”

“As soon as I got there I called AAA and  23  for a tow truck to meet me at my car after class. The secretary in the Provost’s office asked me what had  24 . ‘This is my lucky day,’ I replied, smiling.”

“‘Your car  25  and today is your lucky day?’ She was  26 .”

“‘I live 17 miles from here.’ I replied. ‘My car could have broken down  27  along the freeway. It didn’t. Instead, it broke down in the  28  place: off the freeway, within walking distance of here. I’m still  29  to teach my class, and I’ve been able to arrange for the tow truck to meet me after  30 . If my car wasn’t meant to break down today, it couldn’t have been arranged in a more convenient fashion.’”

“The secretary’s eyes opened wide, and then she  31 . I smiled back and headed for class.  32  ended my story.”

I scanned the sixty faces in my  33  class. Somehow, my story had touched them. Or maybe it wasn’t the story  34 . In fact, it had all started with the student’s  35  that I was cheerful.

16. A. what    B. how         C. whether     D. where

17. A. careful    B. pitiful        C. serious      D. cheerful

18. A. question B. answer      C. example    D. method

19. A. In addition to    B. In spite of    C. Instead of      D. Due to

20. A. study     B. live       C. work        D. visit

21. A. start        B. improve    C. develop     D. make

22. A. offered   B. forgot      C. counted      D. grabbed

23. A. ordered         B. arranged      C. booked       D. attempted

24. A. existed      B. remained     C. happened     D. continued

25. A. breaks down     B. shows up   C. differs from    D. puts up

26. A. excited         B. puzzled       C. interested      D. amused

27. A. anywhere    B. nowhere       C. when       D. where

28. A. certain         B. perfect        C. possible     D. reasonable

29. A. easy          B. kind       C. hard        D. able

30. A. term       B. dinner       C. class       D. accident

31. A. cried      B. smiled       C. sighed       D. helped

32. A. So          B. Or         C. And        D. But

33. A. maths     B. moral         C. economics     D. English

34. A. in all           B. above all      C. after all        D. at all

55. A. observation      B. feeling        C. trend          D. experience



It was my birthday so my wife, my brother and my child treated ourselves to dinner in a restaurant that we had never been to before. As we walked back to our car, a very thin man went to my brother saying he hadn’t eaten for the whole day and asking for money. Usually, my wife and I treat such requests with suspicion, but my brother took a different attitude and he started talking with the man.

The man said he was a singer and had come to Dubai from Pakistan to find work. His visa (签证) was going to the deadline after three or four days. He had no friends here, couldn’t find a singing job, and was surviving hand to mouth. He had a return ticket that had to be confirmed. To do this he needed 70 Dirhams (迪拉姆(货币名称)).

My brother gave him 20 Dirhams for food and asked the man to give him a call from the airline’s ticket office the next day. He also gave the man a travel card for the Dubai subway. Later, I found out that my brother went to the ticket office the next day and had this man’s ticket confirmed. There were some extra fees, plus the man’s 300 Dirhams of rent to be paid. Having done all that my brother then helped the man get some chocolates and gifts to take back home to his family.

The man was so touched. He kept in touch and even called my brother from Pakistan later, thanking him for all his help.

Well, it was a valuable lesson in human kindness that I learnt from my younger brother on my birthday!

36. The underlined word “suspicion” refers to a feeling of       .

A. appreciation  B. confidence    C. distrust   D. sympathy

37. Which of the following can best describe the author’s brother?

A. Sweet-tempered.  B. Hard-working.   C. Kind-hearted.  D. Easy-going.

38. The singer asked some money to buy       .

A. some food  B. a guitar     C. a visa   D. a ticket

39. Which is the right order of events that happened in this passage?

a. The author’s brother had the singer’s ticket confirmed.

b. The singer asked for help on the way.

c. The singer went to Dubai to look for a job but failed.

d. The singer got a travel card from the author’s brother.

e. The author’s brother and the singer became friends.

f. The author didn’t believe what the singer said.

A. b-e-c-a-d-f.  B. c-b-f-d-a-e.

C. d-e-c-a-b-f.  D. d-e-c-a-f-b.

40. We can infer that if the author comes across a man like the singer next time       .

A. he will help him out                    B. he will do as usual

C. he will turn a blind eye to him     D. he will report him to the police


About 107 million Americans plan to log on retailers’ websites on Cyber Monday (网络星期一) to take advantage of the one-day only deals, according to a survey made by the US National Retail Federation. It found that the number 107 million rose greatly from about 97 million who shopped on Cyber Monday last year. The survey also showed that 88 percent retailers will have a special promotion (促销) for Cyber Monday, growing each year since 2007, when 72 percent planned promotions.

While many retailers will see sales decrease because of traffic jam over lunch hours, Cyber Monday shoppers plan to go online throughout the day. The survey showed that 70 million Americans would shop from work at some point during the holiday season.

Nearly 90 percent of Cyber Monday shoppers will shop from computers. A growing number of people this year say they will shop via their smart phones on Cyber Monday. More than 7 million people will use a mobile phone for Cyber Monday shopping, nearly double the number who shopped that way last year.

Cyber Monday, named by Shop.org in 2005, began after retailers noticed a trend of people shopping online on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is now viewed as the formal start to the online holiday shopping season, when shoppers flood websites expecting big promotions and many retailers highlight some of their most attracting holiday offers.

41. Cyber Monday is on       .

A. the first day of every week     B. the following Monday of Thanksgiving

C. the last Monday of November    D. the busiest shopping day of the year

42. The number of shoppers who shopped from computers on Cyber Monday last year was about       .

A. 107 million  B. 97 million   C.100 million  D. 93.5 million

43. Which of the following about Cyber Monday is NOT true?

A. More and more Americans like to shop online these years.

B. A computer is necessary to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals.

C. Cyber Monday is becoming important for retailers.

D. Both customers and retailers like Cyber Monday.


The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (摩索拉斯陵墓) was so beautiful and unique that it became one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world! In 377 B.C., the city of Halicarnassus was the capital of a small kingdom along the Mediterranean coast of Asia Minor. It was that year that Hecatomnus of Mylasa, died and left his kingdom to his son Mausolus. Mausolus in his life extended the territory (领土) even further so that it finally included most of Asia Minor. Mausolus, with his queen Artimisia, ruled over Halicarnassus and the surrounding territory. Mausolus spoke Greek and admired the Greek government and their lifestyle. In 353 B.C., Mausolus died.

In honor of him, Artimisia decided to build a splendid tomb for him. Artimisia then decided that no money was to be spared in building the tomb. She sent messengers to Greece to find the most talented artists of their time. The man who supervised the building of the tomb was Scopas. Other famous artists who helped were Braxis, Leochares and Timotheus. The tomb was built on a hill overlooking the whole city.

Soon after the construction of the tomb started, the Rhodians, who had been conquered by Mausolus, heard of Mausolus’s death and sent a fleet of ships to capture the city of Halicarnassus. Artimisia hid a fleet of her own ships at a secret location on the east end of the city’s harbor. After the troops from Rhodes got off the ship, Artimisia’s fleet made a surprise raid, and captured the Rhodians fleet.

44. What can be concluded from Paragraph 1?

A. It was Mausolus who built the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

B. Twenty-four years after his father’s death, Mausolus passed away.

C. Mausolus was a Greek in fact.

D. Mausolus was not as brave as his father.

45. Why was the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus built?

A. To defend the kingdom.

B. To remember Mausolus.

C. To show greatness of the kingdom.

D. To show respect for Artimisia.

46. In order to build the tomb, ______.

A. Artimisia worked as an artist

B. Artimisia herself went to Greece to find artists

C. Artimisia didn’t take care of the kingdom

D. Artimisia spent a great deal of money

47. The underlined word “raid” in Paragraph 3 probably means “______”.

A. attack  B. invitation

C. turn   D. argument


The Great Fire of London of September 1666 was one of the most famous incidents in England. It was the second tragedy to hit the city in the space of 12 months. Just as the city was recovering from the Great Plague (大瘟疫), people had to flee the city once again — this time not as a result of a disease, but the result of the human accident.

The fire started in a baker’s shop owned by Thomas Farriner — who was the king’s baker. His maid failed to put out the ovens at the end of the night. The heat created by the ovens caused sparks to ignite (点燃) the wooden home of Farriner. In a panic, the maid tried to climb out of the building but failed. She was one of the few victims of the fire. Once it started, the fire spread quickly. The city was basically made out of wood and with September following on from the summer, the city was very dry. Strong winds fanned the flames.

The heat created by the fire was so great that the lead roof on the old St Paul’s Cathedral melted. Many saw the lead flowing down to the streets. It was said that many pigeons lost their lives as they refused to leave their nests and their wing feathers got burned. But the actual human casualty rate was remarkably small with possibly only 5 people dying in this fire.

The Great Fire had burned down 84 churches and the old St Paul’s. However, it had also destroyed the filthy (脏的) streets associated the Great Plague. In this sense, the fire did London a favour and it was now up to the city’s authority to re-plan and re-build the city.

48. What do we know about London when the Great Fire of London broke out?

A. It had been hit by a terrible disease 12 months earlier.

B. Most people had left the city.

C. Many people had lost their homes in the accident.

D. The Great Plague was still spreading in the city.

49. The fire started because        .

A. the maid burned the wooden house on purpose

B. something was wrong with the ovens

C. the wind blew the flames out of the ovens

D. the maid of the baker didn’t put out the ovens

50. Which of the following is NOT a reason why the fire spread quickly?

A. The city was basically made out of wood.

B. The buildings in the city were close to each other.

C. There was a strong wind.

D. The city was very dry.




Hearing problems is one of the consequences of growing old. Research suggests people can improve their hearing ability naturally.

The first thing we need to carry out is to avoid staying in a noisy environment. Exposing ears to noise is harmful to the eardrum. So, if you’re serious about maintaining your hearing ability, keep a safe distance from the noise. Wearing hearing protection devices in an environment where noise levels are high is another approach to preventing hearing loss. Frequent usage of headphones to hear music also has to be avoided to protect the eardrums.

Buildup of earwax(耳垢) is one of the most common reasons of hearing loss in people of all ages. It’s observed that people tend to ignore ear health and often avoid cleaning the ear. As a result, earwax gets more and more overtime and blocks our ability to hear properly. Actually, one can always get rid of the earwax naturally with some home treatments like the use of olive oil. However, get the consent of a qualified ear specialist before trying any of the home remedies.

In addition, people also can do some simple exercises to increase the hearing ability noticeably. For example, you can exercise to improve your ear’s ability to filter(过滤) noise and hear only the desired one. To start with, switch on the radio and play your favorite music station at moderate volume consistently. At the same time, strike a conversation on any topic with your friend. The music from the radio can be distracting, but make sure you and your friend don’t talk loudly. Now, take another radio and turn it on with a different music station. This will act as a second noise source. Continue talking with your friend in the same manner as mentioned above. You can include as many radios as you want depending upon your comfort level. Considering the music coming from different radios, you may find it difficult to talk at first. However, finally your ears will become used to the surrounding environment and you’ll be able to grasp what is to be heard.

For another example, you also can do source location exercise to increase your hearing power. For this exercise, it’s necessary to have a noise producing device like a horn. You can practice this exercise outdoors in an open environment. Let your friend hold the horn and you stand at the center of the place. Close your eyes and let your friend stand at least 5 meters away from you. Now, tell your friend to gently honk(按) the horn twice or three times gently. As soon as your friend honks, you must point out where he/she is standing.

Remember that improving hearing loss naturally comes into picture only when the cause is related to age or noise. For an ear injury that causes hearing loss, one has to consult a doctor to improve the sense of sound.


学校即将举行以“Turning a bad mood (心情) into a good one”为题目的英语作文比赛,请按下列要求写一篇100词左右的记叙文或议论文。


1. 发生的具体事件。

2. 对你的心情有何影响?

3. 你如何应对?


1. 好心情的重要性。

2. 产生坏心情的原因。

3. 应该如何调整心情。

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