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高一英语下册Unit4 Wildlife protection课后习题

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英语是联合国的工作语言之一。以下是101教育网为大家整理的高一英语下册Unit4 Wildlife protection课后习题,供练习。

一. 词性转换

1. protect vt. ______________ n.               2. important adj. ______________ n.

3. affect vt. ______________ n.                4. distant adj. ______________ n.

5. laughter n. ______________v.               6. powerful adj. ______________ n

7. contain vt. ______________ n.

8. succeed vi. ______________ n.   ______________ adj.   _______________ adv.

9. employ vt. ______________ n.  _____________ n. (雇员)  ________________ n. (雇主)

10. loss n. ______________  v. ___________ adj. _____________ n. (失败者)

二. 单词填空

1. By 1881, the population of Ireland had ______________ (减少) to 5.2 million.

2. China is getting more and more ________ (强大) in the world.

3. It is not allowed to _________(打猎) wild animals in this area.

4. The climate __________ (影响) the amount of the rainfall last year.

5. A tiger is a very _________(凶猛的) kind of animal. However, it won’t attack you if you don’t.

6. People say that barking dogs don’t b________ .

7. I"d a_____________ it if you let me get on with my job

8. Fresh fruit and vegetables c________ plentiful Vitamin C.

9. Very few people s___________ in losing weight and keeping it off.

10. It wouldn"t do you any h___________ to get some experience first.

11. He showed no m_________ to his enemies.

12. Your mistake resulted in heavy l_______.

13. Dave didn"t r__________ to any of her emails, which made her angry.

14. It is a rule that our baggage should be i_______ by customs officers(海关人员).

15. I am busy, so I have to e_________ a housekeeper to look after my children.

三. 选择词组填空

die out   according to  in peace   in danger  so that    succeed in   do harm to burst into laughter  protect…from   pay attention to    come into being  in relief

1. The new country _____________ only two years ago.

2. ____________ the teacher, He fell far behind other students as a result of laziness.

3. The government is doing its best to _________ those rare animals ________ being hunted.

4. I had warned him of the possible danger, but he didn’t ______________ it.

5. Elephants would _________ if men are allowed to shoot as many as they wished.

6. Children’s lives are ___________ every time they cross the road.

7. The two communities live together ____________.

8. Hearing the funny story, all of us __________________.

9. Why don"t you start out early ___________ you don"t have to hurry?

10. No one was hurt, and we all smiled __________.

四. 单项选择

1. Much _______ by the story of Cong Fei, I also determined to be a volunteer worker.

A. affected      B. appreciated      C. admired      D. effected

2. —Jerry, How did Tom                the news?     —He said nothing.

A. reply           B. contact to            C. answer to           D. respond to

3. Hua Lian Department Store will ________ some people as its workers.

A. employ             B. demand             C. reserve              D. inspect

4. You"ll need a variety of skills, _________ leadership and negotiating(谈判).

A. containing       B. contained       C. including        D. included

5. If we don’t take steps. The Tibetan antelopes and pandas will ____ some day just as dinosaurs.

A. die down        B. die out       C. die away        D. die off

6. He is wearing sunglasses to____ his eyes from the strong sunlight.

A. protect      B. hold       C. stop        D. prevent

7. ________ at the school gate is asking to see you.

A. Some men         B. A some man        C. A certain man        D. Certain a man

8. It was such a   __   to hear that all the earthquake victims in Chile have been taken care of.

A. mercy          B. relief       C. loss         D. laughter

9. Great attention must be paid ______ welfare, especially in the poor area.

A. develop      B. to develop     C. to developing     D. developing

10. Can you believe that in ____ a rich country there should be _____ many poor people?

A. such; such      B. such; so     C. so; so      D. so; such


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