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高一英语必修2随堂演练:Unit 2语法练习

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1.  An important meeting__________ in our city soon.

A. will attend     B. will hold        C. will be held   D. will be joined

2.  How many basketballs__________ to the playground in this PE class?

A. will take       B. will bring       C. arc taken        D. will be taken

3.  The work __________ finished in a month.

A. will                 B. have been        C. will have        1).  will be

4.  I cannot go home now. A lot of work __________.

A. has to do                                      B. remains lo do

C. ought to have done                     D. remains lo be done

5.  The professor Rave orders that the test ____________ before 10:30.

A. will finish     B. will be finished   C. be finished   D. shall finish

6.  In some parts of the world, tea __________with milk and sugar.

A. is serving     B.  is served            C. serves               D. served

7.  If city noises__________ from increasing, people__________ shout to be heard even at the dinner table 20 years from now.

A. are not kept, will have to        B. are not kept, have

C. do not keep, will have lo          D. do not keep, have to

8.  I insist that a doctor__________ immediately.

A. has been sent for                         B. sends for

C. will be sent for                            D. be sent for

9.  The professor__________ his son to watch TV until he has finished reviewing his lessons.

A. will be allowed                            B. won"t allow

C. will allow                                   D. won"t be allow

10.  Don"t leave for there until__________ to do so.

A. you"ll be told         B. told     C. telling     D. you are told

11.I need one more stamp before my collection__________.

A. will be completed                        B. completes

C. has completed                             D. is completed

12.  The notice ________ "No smoking."

A. is written       B. reads                C. writes              D. is read

13.  In front of the hall flags are__________.

A. hung               B.hanged             C. hang                 D. hanging

14.   His new book __________next month.

A. will be published                       8. is publishing

C. is being published                      D. has been published

15. Do 1 have lo take this medicine? It__________ bitter.

A. tastes             B. is tasting         C. is tasted          D. has tasted

16.  Don"t lake the magazine away. It__________  me.

A. is belonged to                            B. belongs lo

C. was belonged                              D. is belonging to

17.  The surface of the table__________ smooth enough.

A. hasn"t felt                                  B. doesn"t feel

C. isn"t feeling                                D. is felt

18.  Visitors__________ not to touch the exhibits.

A. will request       B. request         C. are requesting     D. are requested

19.  The maths problem__________ among the students soon.

A. is about to be discuss                B. is going to be discussed

C. is to discuss                               D. is going tot have been discussed

20.  Even thought success is impossible now, we shall work until we__________ to stop.

A. had been told                            B. are to be told

C. shall be told                              D. are told

21. This kind of cloth__________ well and__________ long.

A. washes is lasted                        B. is washed, lasted

C. washes: lasted                            D. is washing, lasting

22. — The tower is the tallest building in the city.

—__________from here?

A. Can sec it                                 B. Can it being seen

C. Can it seen                                D. Can it be seen

23. -— Do you like the new pen?

— Yes. It __________  very well.

A. is written       B. is writing       C. writes       ID. wrote

24. We must try our best to make sure that all our great wishes----------------

A. will be come true                     B. came true

C. will come true                        D. will realize

1-5 CDDDC      6-10 BADBD      11-15 DBDAA      16-20 BBDBD

21-25 CDCCA   26-30 BCDDC


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