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英语高一下册随堂练习:Unit 2 The Olympic Games

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1. A group of soldiers went into the woods _____ the missing pilotwww.ks5u.com.

A. in search of               B. search                   C. search of                   D. searched for

2. There is no doubt ____ John will come on timewww.ks5u.com.

A. if                              B. why                       C. that                           D. how

3. The hurricane damaged many houses and business buildings; ____, it caused 20 deathswww.ks5u.com.

A. or else                      B. therefore                C. after all                     D. besides

4. Jim passed the driving test; _____ surprised everybody in the officewww.ks5u.com.

A. which                       B. that                        C. this                          D. it

5. A cleaning environment can help the city bid for the Olympics, which ____ will promote its economic developmentwww.ks5u.com.

A. in nature                   B. in return                 C. in turn                       D. in fact

6. This book is ____ great value. ____ can be enjoyed from it until you have a deep understanding of it, howeverwww.ks5u.com.

A. in, Few                     B. of, Nothing             C. if, Something             D. in, Much

7.All the staff(员工), in our company are considering ____ to the city centre for the fashion showwww.ks5u.com.

A. to go                        B. going                     C. to have gone              D. having gone

8. -- Dad, I passed the final exam

-- ______

A congratulations   B That’s all right   C Really? It is unbelievable       D Don’t be too glad

9.--What do you think of the sudden news?

-- I feel ______ at the _____ news

A amazed; amazed   B amazing; amazed   C amazing; amazing   D amazed; amazing

10. Liu xiang was so fast in the race that no one could _____ him

A run for                    B run against            C run at        D run after


11.We mustn’t waste anything of great ______________(重要)www.ks5u.com.

12. In basketball match, Yao Ming has an obvious a____________ in heightwww.ks5u.com.

13. In addition to the studies, students should pay a_________ to state affairs as wellwww.ks5u.com.

14. C___________ carefully before taking actionwww.ks5u.com.

15. That dictionary b________ to the library. You should return it on timewww.ks5u.com.

16.Nothing can _________ (替代) a mother’s love and carewww.ks5u.com.

17. The student was given a m___________ for winning the speech contestwww.ks5u.com.

18. P___________, I think he is dishonest, but many people trust himwww.ks5u.com.

19. When the boy’s father entered his room, he p__________ to be sleepingwww.ks5u.com.

20. As we all know, the Great Wall of China is one of the w__________ of the worldwww.ks5u.com.


above all       belong to      deal with       as a result of        in danger of

in return       think highly of with the help of   in my opinion   by chance

1. China is a country __________________the developing countrywww.ks5u.com.

2. They ___________________ the man who saves their sons from the lakewww.ks5u.com.

3. I work hard ___________for those who care for me, help me and love mewww.ks5u.com.

4. How are you going to ____________ the water pollution of the area?

5. ___________________ my English teacher, I have made rapid progress in my English studywww.ks5u.com.

6. He could have done the job better _________________www.ks5u.com.

7. They were both punished ________________ smoking.

8. He is ___________________ losing life because of the big fire.

9. One day, the two farmers met the market _________www.ks5u.com.

10. We mustn’t waste anything. ___________we mustn’t waste time

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