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高一必修二英语课时训练题:Unit 1 Cultural relics

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  [project, live, include, ancient, protect, relic, recreate, limit, pollution]

  1. He paid twenty dollars for his dinner in the restaurant, which did not ________ the tip.

  2. The ________ of the water in the river is becoming more and more serious because waste water from factories is poured into it without being cleaned.

  3. In order to stop the grassland from being destroyed, the number of sheep and cows that the farmers raise should be _________.

  4. It is said that this old temple is a _______ of the Tang Dynasty.

  5. A meeting is being held to discuss the housing development ________ of the city.

  6. This play successfully ________ the hard life of the poor farmers of China before liberation.

  7. In ________ times people did not know how to grow plants or raise animals, and they made their living by hunting wild animals and pick wild fruits.

  8. Stephen Hawking is considered to be the greatest ______ physicist in the world after Einstein.

  9. Laws have been made to ________ wild animals that are in danger.

  重点句型 被动语态

  1. He could never have imagined that his greatest gift would have such an amazing history.

  2. It was a treasure (which was)decorated with gold and jewels.

  3. Frederick, to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it.

  4. By studying old photos of the former room, they have made the new one look like the old.



  1. Now computers ______widely _______ (use) in families all over the country.

  2. My watch ________________________(repair), and now it keeps good time.

  3. All the people who were injured in the accident _____________ (send) to hospital and they are out of danger now.

  4. --- ______ your lost pen ______________ (find) yet? ---Yes. I found it under my bed.

  5. Tom_____________ (not allow) to go home because he hasn’t finished his exercises yet.

  6. So far, most of the problems ___________________(not solve). What shall we do now?


  1. He has written a new book which ______ the facts that he collected during his trip in Africa.

  A. based on B. is based on C. is basing on D. bases on

  2. The students who study ______history know that the May 4th movement is one of the greatest events in _____ history of China.

  A. /; the B. a; the C. the; the D. /; /

  3. The people of China will never forget the terrible earthquake which completely ______ the city of Tangshan in 1976.

  A. damaged B. destroyed C. burnt D. pulled down

  4. The doctor gave me ______ that I should do more exercise to improve my health.

  A. a advice B. some advices C. an advice D. a piece of advice

  5. Though English was difficult for him to learn, he never _______, and finally he succeeded.

  A. gave up B. gave in C. gave out D. both A and B

  6. I thought the two foreigners are ______ while in fact they are ______.

  A. Englishmen; Germans B. Englishmen; Germen

  C. Englishmans; Germans D. Englishmen; Germany

  7. ______ the help of my English teacher, I have made great progress in my English.

  A. Under B. For C. With D. By

  8. I need only one more stamp to ______ my set of cock year stamps.

  A. finish B. complete C. whole D. make

  9. My father always tells me that as long as I work hard my wish to be a scientist will _____.

  A. come about B. happen C. take place D. come true

  10. Because of the hard work of the farmers the desert finally ______ rich farmland.

  A. changed B. turned C. turned into D. turned to

  11. People tie straw ropes(草绳) round the trees in winter to ______ them from the cold.

  A. stop B. prevent C. save D. protect

  12. Tom went out of his room quietly ______ being seen by anybody.

  A. with B. without C. from D. through

  13. The poor boy whose parents both died in a traffic accident can’t help ______ the happy time when he was with his parents when he saw the old family picture.

  A. thinking of B. think of C. think D. thinking

  14. He paid thirty yuan to post the moon cake, not ______ the charge for the container.

  A. keeping B. taking C. including D. containing


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