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高一年级必修2英语课堂训练:unit 4

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一、 单项选择:

1. Jack is smart a boy he can work out difficult maths problems quickly.

A. so; that B. such; that C. such; as D. so; as

2. Hua Lian Department Store will some people as its workers.

A. employ B. demand C. reserve D. inspect

3. -Jerry, How did Tom the news? -He said nothing.

A. replay to B. contact to C. answer to D. respond to

4. This species of bird is ____________ by 15% this year.

A. decreased B. decreasing C. increased D. increasing

5. Once out of the earth"s gravity, the astronaut is _____ by the problem of weightlessness.

A. affected B. effected C. related D. offered

6. I"m glad to hear that you have ____ the exam.

A. success in passing B. succeed in passing C. successful in passing D. succeeded in passing

7. Much attention should be paid to ______ people destroying the rain forest.

A. stop B. stopping C. prevent D. keeping

8. The teacher ______ her voice so that we could hear her clearly.

A. raised B. rose C. arose D. rise

9. It is said that the general will come to ______ the army.

A. inspect B. respect C. suspect D. expect

10. ---Is it ____ that London will host the 2012 Olympic Games? ----Yes, that"s for ____.

A. sure, certain B. certain, sure C. made sure, certain D. made certain, sure

11. He has been out of work for three weeks, now he is _______ jobs in the newspaper.

A. hunted for B. hunting for C. searched for D. searching for

12. Tom made the same mistake again, so his teacher scolded him _______.

A. showed mercy to B. without mercy C. at the mercy of D. have mercy on

13. While playing with the dog, she was ______ by it by accident.

A. bitten B. biting C. harm D. harmful

14. Once a real fire happens, many people will be _______ and don"t know what to do.

A. at a loss B. lost heart C. lost their heart D. lost

15. The whole book _____ 12 units, ______ two mainly revisions.

A. contains; including B. includes; containing C. contains; containing D. includes; including

16. Another bridge _______ over the Changjiang River at present.

A. is built B. is building C. is being built D. has been built

17. The novelist is not _______ people"s attitude _______ him.

A. concerned about, to B. concerned in, to C. concerned, toward D. concerning, toward

18. As soon as my mother arrived home, she _______ tidying up the room.

A. set up B. set out C. set about D. set off

二、 单词拼写

1. This hat will give p against the hot sun.

2. I would a it if you would turn the music down.

3. We, human beings should protect w for our own existence.

4. In class you should pay a to what your teacher is saying.

5. My father was warned by the neighbors that we were in d .

6. The dog looks very f , but it is very gentle really.

7. There are many kinds of i in the world, a bee is one kind of them.

8. You will e your health if you work so hard.

9. I was at a complete l as to how to find the money in time.

10. The city of Yuyao has in holding the 11th Exhibition of Plastics.

三、 单词辨析:raise/rise/arise

1. A completely new situation will ________ when the examination system comes into existence.

2. If you ______ any pets, please _______ your hands and ________ to speak something about your pets..

3. I have to ___________ early tomorrow morning for I have something important to do.

4. They are ____________ money for the girl who has dropped out of school.(辍学,失学,退学)

四、 词组英汉互译以及用词组的适当形式填空

1. 结果 2. 灭亡,逐渐消失 3. 和平地,和睦地

4. 在危险中,垂危 5. 如释重负 6. 保护...不受...(危害)

7. pay attention to 8. do harm to 9. 放声大笑

10. share... with... 11. come into being 12. according to

13. for sure 14. be concerned about 15. 处理,应付,相处

16. be based on 17. nature reserve 18. used to do sth.

1. Hearing the interesting story, the boy _________________________.

2. Having finished so much work, they were all ____________________.

3. It is our hope that the two countries will live _________________ for ever.

4. The doctors are trying their best to save the old man ____________________.

5. You"d better use an umbrella to _______ you ________ the sun.

6. We don"t know when and how the world ___________________________.

7. ___________________ the teacher, our text will be on June 17.

8. She is used to __________________ all kinds of people in her job.

9. I"d like to _________ my experiences ________ my friends.

10. We should _____________________ the state of our environment and we must do all we can to reduce pollution.

五、 根据句意完成下列句子:

1. Milu deer has ________________ from China. That is, Milu deer has disappeared from China.

2. It ______________________(人们希望) that Taiwan will return our mother land as soon as possible.

3. I got up late. __________________,(结果) I was late for school.

4. You should finish the work on time, because it is _______________________(很重要n.).

5. The baby _______________________________________________. (这婴儿没在得到很好的照顾)

6. 我,Tom和Peter都喜欢看电视。

_______________ I ________________ Tom and Peter _________ fond of watching TV.

I____________________ Tom and Peter _________ fond of watching TV.

7. 在你的帮助下,我学会中用电脑,这对我的学习很有帮助。(help名词用法)

____________________,I learned to use the computer, which is __________________ to me.

8. 恐龙在千百万年前就生活在地球上,远在人类产生之前。

Dinosaurs lived on the earth _________________ years ago, long before humans _________________.

9. 我建议你们每天记忆一定量的单词词组。

I suggest ______________________ a number of words and phrases.

10. 我想要一本以新教学理论为基础的书。I"d like a book _______________ the new teaching method.

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