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英语高一年级必修2课堂训练:unit 3

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  十几年前,社会上就流传着这样一句话:未来几年人类必须掌握的三大技能是英语、驾驶、计算机。101教育小编准备了英语高一 年级必修2课堂训练,希望你喜欢。


  1.C with other children, the little boy seems to be poliet and helpful.

  2.He sold the house at a good p .

  3.How many c do you have? You’re so rich!

  4.Mr. Wang is o some things on the phone.


  1.important__ _ _ __ _ _

  2.difficult __ _ _ __ _ _

  3. useful __ _ _ _ _ _

  4. careful __ _ _ __ _ _

  5. big __ _ _ __ _ _

  6. light __ _ _ __ _ _

  7. small __ _ _ __ _ _

  8. tall __ _ _ __ _ _

  9..heavy __ _ _ __ _ _

  10.cheap __ _ _ __ _ _



  My book is__ _ __ _ than yours.


  __ _ __ _ the weight?


  The red laptop is________ __ _ __ _ the three.


  This is __ _ __ _ model.


  __ _ __ _ China,Canada doesn"t have so many people.


  Good health__ _ __ _ good food.


  The famous doctor __ _ __ _ many important people.


  Many young men want to__ _ __ _ translators.


  __ _ __ _ to all of the above,she won a Pulitzer Prize in l980.


  I don"t really __ _ __ _ __ _ .


  Well. then a desktop is probably __ _ __ _ __ _ for you.


  __ _ __ _ do you use the computer?


  Which kind of computer is__ _ , the desktop __ _ the laptop?


  Are they cleverer than__ _ __ _ ?


  We used to go into different chat rooms on different websites. If you wanted to meet someone on the Net, you had to go into the same chat room. But now regular Net surfaces chat on QQ.

  QQ is an online chat software(软件) which was invented by Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Company in February, 1999. Since then it has swept the country. Its symbol is a penguin(企鹅) wearing a red scarf.

  Net friends can be divided into a buddy list(for good friends),a stranger list (for people you don’t want to talk with at once), or an ignore list (for people you never want to receive message from). You can also build up family lists, co-worker lists, etc.

  You can know whether listed friends are online as long as you use it. The cartoon portrait(肖像) of the person turns bright if he or she is online. And the portrait turns grey if he or she is not there.

  Traditional public chat rooms are often chaotic. It’s difficult to focus on a conversation. Now people can chat on QQ without disturbing by other chatters.

  QQ is regular daily communicational tool. “What’s your QQ number?” has become a modern topic.

  1.QQ is_______.

  A. a special chat room for all Internet users.

  B. a cartoon portrait to recognize friends on the Net.

  C. an online chat software that helps you talk on the Net more freely.

  D. a modern phone number used by more and more people.

  2.QQ has been popular______.

  A. since 1998. B. for more than ten years

  C. since twenty years ago D. for about eight years

  3.With the help of QQ, if you never want to chat with someone, you can put him in____.

  A. the buddy list B. the stranger list

  C. the ignore list D. the co-worker list

  4.In the fifth paragraph, the underlined word ”chaotic” means______ in Chinese.

  A.拥挤的 B. 危险的

  C.缓慢的 D. 杂乱的

  5.The passage mainly tells us_______.

  A. how to chat with people on the Net.

  B. how to use QQ

  C. how to choose a regular daily communication tool.

  D. some advantages of QQ


  In every country, there are thousands of people who want to help out. Many join organizations run (管理) by their governments, for example, the Peace Corps in the United States and Voluntary Service Overseas in Britain. Since the powerful (猛烈的) earthquake took place in Sichuan, more than 200 thousand volunteers across China have been helping there! They do all kinds of work or come up with ways to help improve life. Some offer their professional skills for free. Others have no qualifications (资历), but they love to work hard to help.

  One of the most famous volunteers in the world was Mother Teresa. She could be the best volunteer because she gave her life to helping the poorest people of Calcutta. She helped the homeless, cared for the sick, gave out food, and became the mother of those without families.

  Now more and more teenagers actively look for volunteering opportunities, too. They volunteer because they think it will be fun or they will learn something. They also like the idea of being helpful to others, even if it is just handing out books for the teacher. As they get older, these reasons are still the same, but there are other important reasons for volunteering such as learning on-the-job, getting work experience, and improving their social life.

  All volunteers bring joy to the people they help in so many ways. They might read books to the blind, fix up broken homes, find ways to get water for villages. Could you be a volunteer? What kind of volunteer work could you do? There is someone in the world who needs you.

  1.The Peace Corps is __ in the United States.

  A.a city B.an organization C.a volunteer D.a school

  2. The word those in the passage means _ _ .

  A.the homeless B.the sick C.the poor D.the kids

  3.What is NOT the reason for teenagers to be volunteers according to the passage?

  A.They want to make more friends.

  B.They want to be helpful.

  C.It helps them get work experience.

  D.It can improve their social life.

  4.Which of the following is true according to the passage?

  A.Volunteers need qualifications.

  B.Volunteers offer their help without any pay.

  C.Young kids can’t be volunteers.

  D.Some volunteers bring joy to others.

  5.What is the main idea of this passage?

  A.The world needs volunteers.

  B.Mother Teresa was a great volunteer.

  C.Volunteers do all kinds of work.

  D.There are different ways of volunteering.

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