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高二英语U8 Unit2 The universal language测试题及答案

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  高二英语U8 U2 The universal language测试题


  1.After living so many years with the old man,Tom felt a great affection _____ him.

  A.for B with C.in D.by

  2.–Would you like some more soup?

  --______.It is delicious,but I’ve had enough.(2006,重庆)

  A.Yes,please.B.No,thank you.C.Nothing more.D.I’d like some.

  3.The meeting was ____________ when the chairman fell ill.

  A.cut down B.cut out C.cut off D.cut short

  4.They rushed over to help the old man whose car had __________

  A.broken down B broken up C.broken out D.broken in

  5.That scary movie was so ___________ that Mark felt ___________ at the thought of it.

  A.terrified,frightened B terrifying,frightening C.terrifying,frightened D terrified,frightening

  6.Owing to a strange __________ disease he forgot his own name.

  A.mental B.medal C.metal D.model

  7.Many politicians are totally out of _______ with the needs of ordinary people.

  A.sound B voice C tune D noise

  8.Does the idea of working abroad ________ you?

  A.apply for B appeal to C anchor in D.affect to

  9.To learn English well,we should develop a habit of reading English _________ every morning.

  A.aloud B.loudly C.loud D.aloudly

  10.I’ve tried very hard to improve my English.But by no means ___________ with my progress.(2006,重庆)

  A.the teacher is not satisfied B.is the teacher not satisfied

  C.the teacher is satisfied D.is the teacher satisfied

  11._____ the publishing house will publish the book consists ____ the quality of the book.

  A.Whether,of B.If,in C.Whether,in D.If,of

  12.This is a word which even some native speakers of English find _____.

  A.confuse B.to confuse C.confused D.confusing

  13.In order to change attitudes _____ employing women,the government is bringing ______ new laws.

  A.about,in B.towards,in C.of,about D.on,on

  14.The flowers _____ sweet in the garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature.

  A.to smell B.smelling C.smelt D.to be smelt

  15.A story goes ______his ancestors grew rich on the hard work of the slaves.

  A.when B.where C.what D.that

  16.Comparison may make something appear more beautiful than it is when_____ alone.

  A.to see B.seeing C.is seen D.seen

  17.It was said that other possibilities _____at the meeting yesterday.

  A.were never paid attention B.were never paying attention to

  C.never paid attention to D.were never paid attention to

  18.The doctor was _______ immediately the boy fell off the ladder and hurt himself.

  A.sent for B.cared for C.asked for D.called for

  19.________much money one possesses,it can’t ______a healthy body.

  A.How,match B.However,compare

  C.No matter,defeat D.However,match

  20._______the influence of parents is important to children is _____ to many.

  A.That,known B.What,clear C.How,obvious D.Why,concerned

  21.The mayor of Beijing says that all construction work for the Beijing Olympics _____ by 2006.

  A.has been completed B.has completed

  C.will have been completed D.will have completed

  22.______ two exams to worry about,I have to work really hard this weekend.

  A.With B.Besides C.As for D.Because of

  23..It is recommended that the machine ______ together in no time.

  A.will be put B.must be put C.be put D.ought be

  24.______,judging a man only on the basis of the appearance can lead to false judgment.

  A.On all sides B.In all C.To be exact D.In general

  25.Grammar is _____ a language ______ law is to a country.

  A.for,as B.to,that C.to,what D.towards,which

  26.----Go for a picnic this weekend,OK?

  ----_______.I love getting close to nature.

  A.I couldn’t agree more B.I’m afraid not

  C.I believe not D.I don’t think so

  27.It was back home after the experiment.

  A.not until midnight did he go B.until midnight that he didn’t go

  C.not until midnight that he went D.until midnight when he didn’t go

  28.I accept that he is not perfect,I do actually like the person.

  A.While B.Since C.Before D.Unless

  29.______ by the teacher,we ______ much to the classroom discussion.

  A.Encouraging,joined B.Encouraged,contributed

  C.Encouraged,added D.Encouraging,devoted

  30.Don’t leave the water while you brush your teeth.

  A.run B.running C.being run D.to run


  Several days ago,I met a stranger in the street who stopped and asked me directions.I __31__ to show him the way to the destination(目的地),but to my __32__,he coldly refused my offer.I asked him why.Finally he told me that he was __33___ I would ask him for money if I __34_him in this way.

  Money!I 35_ deep into thought.Is it money that comes between us?Money itself has no__36__;Yet it cannot simply be __37__ to be good or bad.

  The problem __38___ what attitude we have towards it.

  At present,we have a more__39__ material life than before,but we’re becoming more and more__40__.Why?In my opinion,the __41__ is the change in people’s personal __42__.They wrongly believe that __43__money should be their only aim in life,so they __44__ all sorts of ways they can to __45__this aim.

  They are afraid of being__46__ and fooled.If everyone acts like this,what will our __47__ be like?

  Needless to say,money is becoming more and more important in our society,__48___ it shouldn’t be the“be-all and end-all”of life.If a person only concentrates on ___49__,he will be lonely and void(空虚).

  It is up to us to make our lives happy,not money.We should try our best to help others__50__ and freely.If everyone does so,our society will be better and better.

  31.A.advised B.offered C.asked D.wished

  32.A.joy B.fear C.excitement D.surprise

  33.A.anxious B.glad C.sorry D.afraid

  34.A.stopped B.told C.asked D.helped

  35.A.fell B.took C.kept D.caught

  36.A.problem B.way C.life D.use

  37.A.appeared B.done C.connected D.seemed

  38.A.takes in B.depends on C.results in D.leads to

  39.A.powerful B.poor C.enjoyable D.healthy

  40.A.cold-hearted B.warm-hearted C.good-looking D.humorous

  41.A.answer B.money C.man D.creature

  42.A.health B.honor C.respect D.values

  43.A.taking B.costing C.giving D.making

  44.A.think up B.hold up C.give off D.break out

  45.A.realize B.recognize C.take D.shoot

  46.A.found B.discovered C.cheated D.followed

  47.A.school B.society C.belief D.money

  48.A.or B.but C.if D.since

  49.A.life B.nature C.society D.money

  50.A.wrongly B.coldly C.mainly D.whole-heartedly



  Beautiful music flows from his dancing hands and speaks a language for all people—young and old,rich and poor—to hear.It is a language of love and romance.

  With"Pour Elise"(《致爱丽丝》)and"Ballade Pour Adeline"《水边的阿蒂丽娜》),French pianist Richard Clayderman is loved by millions all over the world.His lively,yet soft piano playing is his trademark.

  And now,he has mixed his music with the sounds of the East.Clayderman,with his blonde(金色的)hair and blue eyes,recently cooperated with China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra(CBCO,中国广播民族乐团)to record his latest album"New Era"(《新时代》),which was released across the world last Wednesday.

  "I have been intoxicated(陶醉)by Chinese folk music.It's a treasure worthy of being introduced to the world.I hope my piano and interpretation(阐释)can bridge the West and the East,"said the 49-year-old pianist.

  Some of the most famous folk music in China,including"Faraway Place"(《在那遥远的地方》)and"Kang Ding Love Song"(《康定情歌》),is interpreted by the pianist,who is also known as the"Prince of Romance".

  Clayderman has created a whirlwind of passion,which sweeps listeners off their feet and off to a faraway grassland.

  And for the first time in his life,Clayderman plays the piano alongside traditional Chinese instruments such as the erhu,pipa and flute(笛子).

  "The magic erhu works very well with the piano and helps to create a sense of quietness and mystery in the peaceful beauty of the music."

  To record"Cicada"(《蝉之歌》),a folk song of the Dong ethnic group(侗族),the musician made several visits to the mountainous villages where the Dong people live in Yunnan Province."Cicada",he says,is a conversation between the piano and erhu.It is also a communication between western and traditional Chinese music.

  Clayderman is not the first western musician to be charmed by Chinese folk music.In 1992,Heinrich Schweizer,a composer(作曲家)in Switzerland,wrote the"East and West Symphony"(《东西之声交响乐》)to celebrate the cultural meeting of China and the West.His work weaves Chinese traditional folk songs with classical Western music to produce an original(原创的)orchestral sound.

  Traditional ways of life are disappearing in this fast developing world.So,combining the old with the new is important in keeping alive the great diversity(多样性)of cultures."This cooperation with western music is an efficient way to promote Chinese folk music to the world,"said Zhang Gaoxiang,vice-director of CBCO.

  51.What makes Richard Clayderman different from other musicians?

  A.He is called Prince of Romance.

  B.Pour Elise&Ballade Pour Adeline.

  C.East and West Symphony.

  D.His vibrant yet soft piano playing.

  52.It was the pianist's hope to ________ through his latest album.

  A.play the piano alongside traditional Chinese music instruments.

  B.celebrate the cultural meeting of east and west.

  C.create a world of quietness and mystery.

  D.interpret Chinese music in his own way.

  53.What does the word in the tenth paragraph"weave"mean?



  Norah Jones had a sleepless night on February 23.The 23-year-old American jazz singer,who found her voice in the small clubs of New York,dominated(统治)the 45th annual Grammy Awards—the music industry's most prestigious(赫赫有名的)award ceremony.

  She seemed as surprised as everyone else that her first album,"Come Away With Me",was such a big success.It won her the most wanted awards,including Album of the Year(年度最佳专辑),Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

  "I can't believe this,I feel really blessed and really lucky to have this year,"said the wide-eyed girl at the ceremony.

  Jones grew up in Texas,US,with her mother.Her parents separated before she was born.She began singing in church choirs(唱诗班)at the age of five and started piano lessons two years later.

  At the age of 15,Jones entered the High School for the Performing Arts in Washington.She won Best Jazz Singer and Best Original Composition(最佳原创作品)at the 1996 and 1997 Student Music Awards.

  She had always enjoyed singing,but felt the piano would be a more solid foundation in life.So Jones chose to study jazz piano music at the University of North Texas for two years before taking a trip to New York city.

  The trip started out as a summer vacation.But Jones soon realized she wanted to stay for a while."The music scene in New York is so huge and exciting.Everything opened up for me.I couldn't leave,"she said.

  Jones became friends with local songwriters and was inspired(激励)to write her own songs.She began to sing and play the piano in a band.She got her break in 2001 and released"Come Away With Me"the following year.

  The album is a blend(融合)of jazz,country and folk-pop.It has now sold more than 6 million copies around the world and has won much praise from the music industry."She makes an album that people will remember in 20 years,"said American country singer Faith Hill.

  What is jazz?

  Jazz is generally thought to have begun in New Orleans,US.It developed in the latter part of the 19th century from African work songs,songs of sorrow and hymns(赞美诗).The character of Jazz is spontaneous(自然的)and emotional.It is usually played by small bands made up of a cornet(短号),clarinet(单簧管),trombone(长号)and guitar.

  54.Norah Jones had a sleepless night on February 23.From this sentence,we can see she was ______ that night.

  A.tired B.having difficulties going to sleep C.excited D.too busy to sleep

  55.What does the writer mean by saying"…who found her voice in the small clubs of New York"in the first paragraph?

  A.She once lost her voice and after some medical treatment in New York,she found her voice.

  B.Her experiences in those clubs helped her realize she was a good singer.

  C.She started to sing in those clubs.

  D.Her experiences in those clubs helped her develop her singing style.

  56.At the end of paragraph 3,the writer uses the description"wide-eyed"to show Norah was ______.

  A.a girl with big eyes

  B.very surprised


  D.opening her eyes wide

  57.Put the events listed below in the correct order.

  a.Norah started learning the piano

  b.she won Student Music Awards

  c.she studied Jazz piano music

  d.she sang in church choirs

  e.she took a trip to New York

  A.abcde B.dabce C.dcabe D.abdce

  58.At the end of the last paragraph but two(倒数第二段),the writer mentions that"she got her break in 2001".What does it mean?

  A.She got a rest that year.

  B.She made some changes that year.

  C.She reached a high point that year.

  D.A lucky chance appeared and she made some achievement that year.


  As we all know,the Dragon Boat Festival is our country’s traditional festival,but do you know there is also a Dragon Boat Festival in South Korea,which also falls on May 5 of the lunar calendar(阴历)?It has been reported that South Korea will apply to United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO联合国教科文组织)to make the celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival its own intangible cultural heritage(非物质的文化遗产).If successful,people from other countries may see the Dragon Festival as a Korean creation.

  As the birthplace of the yearly event more than 2,000 years ago,China is not happy with the situation."It would be a shame if another country successfully made a traditional Chinese festival part of its own cultural heritage ahead of China,"said Zhou Heping,deputy(副)culture minister.The Ministry of Culture is even thinking of making its own application to UNESCO,covering all traditional Chinese festivals,including the Dragon Boat event.

  It is thought that the festival is held in memory of the great poet Qu Yuan(340-278 BC),who lived in the State of Chu during the Warring States Period.Qu was known to be a patriot(爱国者)and admired by ordinary people.www.

  He is said to have jumped into Miluo River,because he had lost hope in his country's future.When people heard about Qu's death,they sailed up and down the river searching for his body.They also beat the drums to frighten away the fish and threw Zongzi into the water to stop the fish touching Qu.Dragon boat racing is said to come from this search for the poet's body.

  Over the years,the Dragon Boat Festival has spread throughout the world.In Japan and Viet Nam,as well as South Korea,the festival has mixed with and become part of the local culture.

  59.The Dragon Boat Festival _______.

  A.is also kept by South Korea B.comes from South Korea

  C.was created by South Korea D.is South Korea’s cultural heritage

  60.What is the reaction of the Ministry of Culture to South Korea’s intending to make the Dragon Boat Festival its own culture heritage?

  A.Fighting against South Korea B.Telling South Korea it’s not right to do so

  C.Considering to do the similar thing D.Asking South Korea not to do so.

  61.What is the purpose of the Dragon Boat Festival’s being held?

  A.In memory of Qu Yuan B.In memory of all the patriots of China

  C.To frighten away the fish D.In honor of QuYuan’s birthday

  62.After Qu Yuan’s death,Zongzi was thrown into the water to _______.

  A.feed him.B.protect his body from going bad.

  C.prevent the fish biting his body D.attract his soul

  63.Now,the Dragon Boat Festival has become ______ activity.

  A.a nationwide B.a worldwide C.an Asian D.a foreign


  When a consumer(消费者)finds that something he or she bought is faulty or in some other way does not live up to what the producer says for it,the first step is to present the warranty(担保),or any other records that might help,at the store of buying.In most cases,his action will produce results.However,if it does not,there are various means the consumer may use to gain satisfaction.

  A simple and common method used by many consumers is to complain(投诉)directly to the store manager.In general,the"higher up"the consumer takes his or her complaint,the faster he or she can expect it to be settled.In such a case,it is usually settled in the consumer’s favour,taking it as true that he or she has a just right.

  Consumers should complain in person whenever possible,but if they cannot get to the place of buying,it is acceptable to phone or write the complaint in a letter.

  Complaining is usually most effective when it is done politely but firmly,and especially when the consumer can show clearly what is wrong with what was bought in question,if this cannot be done,the consumer will succeed best by presenting specific information as to what is wrong,rather than by making general statements.For example,"The left speaker does not work at all and the sound coming out of the right one is unclear"is better than"This stereo(立体声音响)does not work".

  The store manager may advise the consumer to write to the producer,if so,the consumer should do this,stating the complaint as politely and as firmly as possible.But if a polite complaint does achieve the expected result,the consumer can go a step further.He or she can threaten(恐吓)to take the seller to court or report the seller to a public organization responsible for protecting consumer's rights.

  64.When a consumer finds what he bought has a fault in it,he should first__________

  A.complain personally to the manager in a loud way

  B.show something provable in written form to the store

  C.threaten to take the matter to court

  D.write a firm letter of complaint to the store

  65.If a consumer wants a quick settlement of his problem,it's better to complain to _______

  A.a shop assistant B.the producer C.a public organization D.the store manager

  66.The most effective complaint about what was bought can be made by_______

  A.showing the fault of it to the producer B.saying firmly it is of poor quality

  C.asking politely to change it D.explaining exactly what is wrong with it

  67.The passage tells us __________

  A.how to make the complaint have a better effect

  B.how to settle a consumer's complaint

  C.how to avoid buying something wrong

  D.how to deal with complaints from consumers


  71.This machine has a u_____________ use in the home.

  72.The guy who invented computers must have made a f_________ by now.

  73.A computer consists of thousands of c____________.

  74.Marting Luther King is a brave fighter against racial d________________.

  75.This law will come into effect when the national security is t___________.

  76.Many natural ____________(现象)can be explained by advanced science.

  77.Don’t forget that using the car is a ___________(特权),not a right.

  78.I stood there _________(发抖)with anger.

  79.The arts of China have not ____________(衰落)in spite of Western influence.

  80.His __________(光辉的)image will forever live in the hearts of the people.



  1-5 ABDAC 6-10 ACBAD 11-15 CDBBD 16-20 DDADA 21-25 CACDC

  26-30 ACABB


  31---35 BDDDA 36---40 ACBCA 41---45 ADDAA 46---50 CBBDD


  A)51.D 52.B 53.A

  B)54.C 55.D 56.B 57.B 58.D

  C)59.A 60.C 61.A 62.C 63.B

  D)64.B 65.D 66.D 67.A

  E)68.C 69.A 70.B


  71.universal 72.fortune 73.components 74.discrimination 75.threatened

  76.phenomena 77.privilege 78.trembling 79.declined 80.splendid


  A possible version:

  In the English class last week,we were learning the words to an American song.I was tired that day,having stayed up late the night before to study for a math test.I could not keep my eyes open,and eventually I fell asleep.I dreamed that I was teaching English grammar in a classroom.I must have been a boring teacher,because all of my students were asleep.

  Then I woke up,and everyone in my class was laughing at me,even the teacher.They said the teacher had shouted at me to wake me up,and then I had shouted“Wake up”because of my dream!I thought it was pretty funny,too,but I couldn't help feeling embarrassed.

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