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  One day two young men are walking in a big forest.One is fat,and the other is thin.”We are good friends.We must help each other.If we meet any beast,I’ll help you,”the thin man says.“I’ll help you,too,”the fat one says.They walk on.After a while they hear a great noise.It is a big bear.It is coming this way.

  The two young men run away quickly.One of them climbs up a tree,and hides among the leaves.He forgets all about his friend.What about the fat one?He is too fat to climb up a tree.So he throws himself on the ground,closes his eyes,and pretends to be dead.“The bear will think I’m dead,”he thinks to himself.

  Soon the bear comes up to the fat man,and even puts its nose to his mouth and ears.The fat man holds his breath.

  The bear thinks he is dead,so it goes away,because bears never touch the dead.The man in the tree comes down.With a smile he asks his friend,“The bear puts its nose so close to your ears.What does it say to you?”

  The friend answers,“The bear says,‘Don’t trust your friend.He runs away from you when you need his help most.”

  51.What is the best title of this passage?

  A.A friend in need is a friend indeed B.Two friends in the forest

  C.Don’t trust your friend D.An unlucky day in a big forest

  52.What do you know about the bear according to the passage?

  A.The bear is waiting for the two friends.

  B.The bear isn’t hungry at all at that time.

  C.The bear does tell the fat one something he can understand.

  D.The bear doesn’t like to eat something dead.

  53.What does the thin man do in this passage?

  A.He breaks his promise

  B.He fails to climb up the tree.

  C.He cares much about his friend.

  D.He also knows what the bear says.


  Tolstoy,the great Russian writer,liked to walk about in a railway stasion near his home.One day when he was walking up and down as __16____,looking at people getting on and off the ___17____,he heard a lady ___18_____ after him,"Hey,you old fellow,go and bring back my handbag in the __19______room which I ___20__there."

  Tolstoy _____21__there.He ____22__the bag up and walked quickly along the platform.At the same time the lady was waiting beside the carriage,looking ___23____.When at last the old man gave the bag back to her,she opened it to ___24___ sure nothing was ____25____.""Good,old man."said the woman."You are just as quick as I can except.Here you are."She gave a copper coin to him.Tolstoy ____26____the coin and put it into his pocket with a smile.

  But the woman was very ____27____ when she heard he was Tolstoy,the author of the great novel WAR AND PEACE.She returned to Tolstoy and said,"Oh,excuse me...Oh,how silly I was to ____28____you as a porter.Please throw back that coin if you forgive me."

  "Oh,madam,why?You have done ____29____wrong."Tolstoy laughed."The coin is given for my work,so I'll ____30____ it.Thank you,madam!"

  16.A.possible B.often C.usual D.well

  17 A trains B cars C lianes D bikes

  18 A taiking B speakingC telling D shouting

  19 A reading B meeting C waiting D dining

  20 A went B forgot C left D bought

  21 A passed B jumped C went D entered

  22 A lifted B gave C picked D brought

  23 A happy B back C well D worried

  24 A make B do C take D get

  25 A disapeared B missed C lost D torn

  26 A showed B watched C accepted D picked

  27 A angry B surprised C happy D worried

  28 A think B treat C find D look

  29 A something B everything C anything D nothing

  30 A throw B give C keep D stay










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