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  Passage 1

  One day an ant was drinking at a small stream and fell in.She made desperate efforts to reach the side,but made no progress at all.The poor ant almost exhausted was still bravely doing her best when a dove saw her.Moved with pity,the bird threw her a blade of grass,which supported her like a raft,and thus the ant reached the bank again.While she was resting and drying herself in the grass,she heard a man come near.He was walking along barefooted with a gun in his hand.As soon as he saw the dove,he wished to kill it.He would certainly have done so,but the ant bit him in the foot just as he raised his gun to fire.He stopped to see what had bit him,and the dove immediately flew away.It was an animal much weaker and smaller than herself that had saved her life.


  1.The ant could not reach the side though _______.

  A.she cried for help B.she asked the dove to save her

  C.she tried very hard D.she could smell well

  2.The dove saved the ant because _______.

  A.she was the ant's friend B.she took pity on the poor ant

  C.the ant was almost exhausted D.the ant had been struggled in the water for a long time

  3.The ant succeeded in getting on the bank with the help of _______.

  A.a leaf B.a piece of wood C.a blade of grass D.a raft

  4.Just as the man shot at the dove,_______.

  A.the dove immediately flew away B.the dove hid himself in the grass

  C.the ant told the dove to leave at once D.he felt something biting him in the foot

  5.In writing the story,the writer wants to show _______.

  A.how clever the ant was B.how kind the dove was

  C.how the ant and the dove helped each other

  D.we often need help from others,therefore we should help others as much as we can


  ①desperate adj.拼死的②exhausted adj.精疲力竭的

  ③dove n.鸽子④blade n.叶片

  Passage 2

  Johnny Smith was a good math student at a high school.He loved his computer.He came home early every day,then he worked with it till midnight.But Johnny was not a good English student,not good at all.He got an F in his English class.One day after school Johnny joined his computer to the computer in his high school office.The school office computer had the grades of all the students:the math grades,the science grades,the grades in arts and music,and the grades in English.He found his English grade.An F!Johnny changed his English grade from an F to A.Johnny'parents looked at his report card.They were very happy.

  "An A in English!"said Johnny's Dad."You're a very clever boy,Johnny."

  Johnny is a hacker.Hackers know how to take informationfrom other computers and put new information in.Using a modem,they join their computers to other computers

  secretly.School headmasters and teachers are worried about hackers.So are the police,for some people even take money from bank computer accountand put it into their own ones.And they never have to leave home to do it!They are called hackers.


  1.Johnny changed his English grade with the computer in _______.

  A.the classroom B.the school office

  C.a bank near his house D.his own house

  2.When Johnny's parents saw the report,they were happy because _______.

  A.Johnny was good at math

  B.Johnny loved computers

  C.Johnny could join one computer to another

  D.they thought Johnny was not poor in English any longer

  3.Who are worried about hackers in the story?

  A.Johnny's parents.B.School headmasters,teachers and the police.

  C.The police.D.School headmasters and teachers.

  4.What should the hackers know well,do you think,after you read this story?

  A.Information.B.Back computer accounts.C.Computers.D.Grades.

  5.The last paragraph is about _______.

  A.Johnny B.computers C.hackers D.moden


  ①hacker n.黑客②information n.信息

  ③modem n.调制解调器④secretly adv.秘密地

  ⑤account n.账户

  Passage 3

  There was ice on the road,and the doctor's car hit a tree and turned over three times.To his surprise,he was not hurt.He got out of the car and walked to the nearest house.He wanted to telephone the garagefor help.The door was opened by one of his patients.

  "Oh,Doctor,"she said,"I have only just telephoned you.You must have a very fast car.You have got here very quickly indeed.There has been a very bad accidenton the road outside.I saw it through the window.I am sure the driver will need your help."

  1.Where was the doctor going in his car?

  A.We don't know.B.To a patient's home.

  C.To a garage.D.To his own home.

  2.Which of the following was the cause of the accident?

  A.Careless driving B.A tree had fallen across the road.

  C.A slipperyroad.D.There was a thick fog.

  3.The doctor went to the house because _______.

  A.he knew one of his patients lived there

  B.he had received a call to go there

  C.he wanted to use the telephone

  D.he was injuredand could walk no further

  4.Why did the woman patient telephone the doctor?

  A.She needed medical treatment.

  B.She believed somebody else needed a doctor.

  C.To ask how quickly the doctor could come.

  D.To ask whether the doctor was coming on his regular visit.


  ①garage n.汽车修理站②accident n.事故

  ③slippery adj.滑④injured adj.受伤

  Passage 4

  One day a poor man was cutting a big piece of wood near a river.Suddenly his old axe fell into the water.He felt very sad because he lost his only axe.Then all at once a beautiful fairycame out and asked the man what was the matter.

  "I have lost my axe,"he said."It fell into the water when I was cutting the wood."

  The fairy showed him a gold axe and asked,"Is this yours?"

  "No,"said the man.

  The fairy then showed him a silveraxe and asked again,"Is this yours?""No,"again answered the man.

  Then she showed him the old axe.

  "Yes,that is mine,"called out the happy man.

  "I know that well enough,"said the fairy."I only wanted to see if you would tell me the truth,and now I'll give you the gold axe and the silver axe besides your own one."


  1.One day when the man was cutting something,________.

  A.he fell into the water

  B.his axe dropped into the river

  C.his axe fell into a lake

  D.he saw a beautiful fairy

  2.The man was sad because _________.

  A.he was poor and had no other axes

  B.he could not go on working

  C.he liked his axe very much

  D.his axe was a gold axe

  3.The fairy gave him a gold axe and a silver axe but he didn't take them,because he ______.

  A.did not like them

  B.did not know they were made of gold and silver

  C.was very rich

  D.knew these axes were not his

  4.At the end of the story the man had ________.

  A.only one axe B.two axes

  C.three axes D.many axes

  5.The fairy helped the man because he was ________ man.

  A.an old B.a young C.a poor D.an honest.


  ①fairy n.仙女②silver adj.银制的

  Passage 5

  An Englishman,a Frenchman and a Russian were discussing happiness."Happiness,"said the Englishman,"Happiness is when you return home tired after work,yet find your slippers(拖鞋)warming by the fire."

  "You English have no romance,"said the Frenchman."Happiness is when you go on a business trip,find a pretty girl who entertainsyou-then afterwards you partwithout regrets."

  "You are both wrong,"said the Russian."True happiness is when you are at home in bed and at 4 a.m.,you hear a hammering at the door and outside stand the secret police,who say to you,'Ivan Ivanovitch,you are under arrest',and you say,'Sorry,Ivanovitch lives next door.'"


  1.The Englishman's happiness suggests that _______.

  A.he should have no time to warm his slippers

  B.he enjoys the warmth of the family

  C.he thinks it the most important to have slippers

  D.he wants someone to warm his slippers

  2.What the Frenchman said means that _______.

  A.a man can be free to play with any pretty girl when possible

  B.he wants to marry a girl he loves

  C.he is interested in going on a business trip

  D.the Englishman should have more romance

  3.The Russian thought that ________.

  A.both the Englishman and the Frenchman were not right

  B.neither the Englishman nor the Frenchman were right

  C.neither the Englishman nor Frenchman were wrong

  D.either the Englishman or the Frenchman were wrong

  4.The meaning of the Russian's words is that _______.

  A.he would like to have a good sleep at night

  B.he will feel happy if his neighbour is arrested

  C.he thinks it happiness to feel safe

  D.he will feel afraid if anyone knocks at his door at night

  5.The best title for this story is"_______".

  A.The Difference in Happiness B.How to Get Happiness

  C.The Definitionof Happiness D.The Importance of Happiness


  ①slipper n.拖鞋②romance n.浪漫色彩

  ③entertain v.招待④part v.分手

  ⑤arrest v.逮捕⑥definition n.定义

  Passage 6

  "Get up,get up,Jim.It's time to get up!"my mother said while she was pushing me.I opened my eyes and looked at the clock."Oh dear!It's a quarter to eight already.I'll be late for school again,"I thought.I jumped out of the bed,washed my face,then hurried to the bus stop without breakfast.As soon as I got on the bus,it started running."I'm sure I can get to the school on time,"I said to myself.Suddenly the bus stopped.The bus driver got off the bus,then got on the bus again and said,"I'm sorry,ladies and gentlemen.There's something wrong with the bus.Please get off the bus and wait for another one.""I couldn't wait.The school is not far.I'd better run to the school,"I thought,and then I began to run.But before I got to the school,it began to rain hard.

  I reached the classroom but I was wet shiveringwith cold.The physics teacher had already begun his lesson.It was Mr.Smith.He was about fifty years old.All the students were a little afraid of him and so was I.I liked neither him nor his physics lessons.I hesitatedfor a moment and then I opened the door."I'm very sorry,Mr.Smith.I'm late again,"I said with a red face.

  "It's you again,Jim,"Mr.smith said angrily."I've told you not be late,but you…"he suddenly stopped and looked at my wet clothes.He turned to the class and said,"I'm very sorry,my boys and girls."With these words he quickly took off his own jacket and handed it to me."Now take off your wet coat and put this one or you'll catch cold,"he said kindly.

  I went to my seat with Mr.Smith's jacket on.It was a bit large for me but I felt very warm in it.I found,for the first time,physics was so interesting and how well I could understand it!


  1.Jim was late for school because _______.

  A.he got up too late B.there was something wrong with the bus

  C.it rained heavily D.he had to wait for the bus

  2.Mr.Smith,the physics teacher,_______ at first when Jim came into the classroom.

  A.felt sad B.looked kind C.looked worried D.was unhappy

  3.Jim felt that _______.

  A.the jacket was large enough to keep him warm

  B.Mr.Smith took good care of him

  C.he understood what Mr.Smith said all the time

  D.physics is easy if you like the physics teachers

  4.From the story,we can learn that _______.

  A.students can't be late for school

  B.students can learn better if teachers love them

  C.physics is easy if you like the physics teachers

  D.you'll catch cold if your clothes are wet


  ①shiver v.发抖②hesitate v.犹豫

  Passage 7

  John is a paper boy.He deliversnewspapers to different houses in his street every day.He has about 80 customers.Half of his customers only take the newspapers on weekdays,and about half take the newspapers on weekdays and on Sundays.

  John has to get up at 4:30 every morning to deliver his newspapers.It takes longer to deliver the newspaper on Sundays.The Sunday newspapers are twice as heavy as those on weekdays.

  John is saving his money to buy a new bicycle.He is also saving money for college.He has already saved 500 dollars.


  1.John ________ every day.

  A.reads books B.sells newspapers

  C.borrows books D.delivers newspapers

  2.How many customers does he have?

  A.About 40.B.About 120.C.About 80.D.About 20.

  3.______of his customers only take newspapers on weekdays.

  A.Two B.Eighty C.Forty D.Twenty

  4.What time does he have to get up every morning?

  A.3:30 B.4:30 C.5:30 D.6:30

  5.John is saving his money to buy ______

  A.a newspaper B.a new bag

  C.a house D.a new bicycle


  ①deliver vt.投递②customer n.客户

  ③college n.大学

  Passage 8

  Sam lives in New York.His father has a shop and his mother is a doctor.He's seven years old now and has begun to go to school this autumn.It's a little far from their shop and his father drives a car to take him to school every day.So he's never late for class and his teachers like him.

  It's Monday today.Miss Hunt is teaching them to count the numbers from one to ten.Sam is studying hard.Soon he can count them.Miss Hunt is happy and asks,"How many people are there in your family,Sam?"

  Sam stood up and said,"Two,Miss Hunt."

  "Who are they?"

  "My father and mother."

  "Oh?"Miss Hunt is surprised.She said,"There're three people in your family."

  "But now I'm not at home.I'm at school,you know!"


  1.Sam is ________.

  A.an English boy B.an American boy

  C.an English girl D.an American girl

  2.Sam is in Grade _______ now.

  A.One B.Two C.three D.four

  3.Sam usually goes to school ________.

  A.on foot B.by bike C.by car D.by bus

  4.______,so Miss Hunt is happy today.

  A.Sam is late for class

  B.Sam studies Chinese

  C.The children are good at English

  D.Sam can count from one to ten

  5.Which of the following is wrong?

  A.Sam is at school now.

  B.There're two people in Sam's family.

  C.There're three people in Sam's family.

  D.Miss Hunt doesn't know how many people there are in Sam's family.

  Passage 9

  There was once a captain who loved money so much that he cheated his sailors at the end of every voyage and took their wages.

  On the last day of one voyage,the ship was in a small port.It was winter time,and the sea was very cold,so the captain said to his sailors,"If one of you stays in the water during the whole night,I will give him my ship.But if he comes out before the sun appears,I shall get his wages."

  The sailors had heard about the captain's cheating,so they didn't trust him.But then one of them,who thought that he was cleverer than the captain,said that he would do it.He got into the water,and,though it was very cold,he stayed in it.When it was nearly morning,some fishermen lit a fire on the shore about half a mile away.

  "You are cheating,"the captain said to the sailor."The fire's warming you."

  "But it's half a mile away!"said the sailor.

  "A fire's fire,"answered the captain."I have won."

  The sailor came out of the water,and said,"Perhaps you think that you are clever because you have won my wages,but you can't cook a chicken."

  "I can,"answered the captain.

  "If you cook this chicken,"said the sailor,"I shall work for you without wages for seven years,but if you can't,you will give me your ship."

  The captain agreed,took the chicken and said,"Where's the fire?"

  "There it is,"answered the sailor."On the shore."

  "But it's half a mile away,"said the captain angrily.

  "'A fire's fire,'you said,"answered the sailor."If it is enough to warm me in the water,it is enough to cook your chicken."


  1.The captain got the sailors'wages ________.

  A.to buy a chicken for himself

  B.and kept the money for future use

  C.by cheating him

  D.and said he would return the money soon

  2.Which of the following statements is TRUE?

  A.All the sailors refused to get into the water because it was too cold.

  B.The captain knew that the fire the fishermen made was enough to warm the sailor in the water.

  C.The captain succeeded in cheating the sailor.

  D.It was the sailor who was cleverer.

  3.The captain insisted that the fire was warming the sailor because he ________.

  A.didn't want to lose the bet

  B.didn't believe the sailor's success

  C.wanted to keep his promise

  D.wanted to show his cleverness

  4.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

  A.The sailors didn't trust the captain.

  B.In order to help the sailor in the water,the fishermen made a fire.

  C.The captain failed to cheat the sailor this time.

  D.The sailor didn't get out of the water before the sun appeared.

  5.What is the title of the story?

  A.How a Captain Cheated His Sailor

  B.How a Sailor Got a Ship

  C.A Brave Sailor

  D.A Fire Is Fire

  Passage 10

  Last year when Tom graduated from school,he came to Taibei.He didn't like to work on his father's farm and hoped to find a job in a big city.He went from one company to another but no one wanted him.With little money left,he got to the station,sad and tired.All he wanted to do was go back to his small town.It was very late at night and the station was full of people.They were waiting to buy tickets of the last train.He bought the last ticket,and he was very happy.

  At that time,a woman with a crying baby walked to him and asked him to sell her the ticket.He gave her the ticket because he thought they needed it more than he did.After the train left,he sat on the bench and didn't know where to go.Suddenly,an old man came and said,"Young man,I have seen what you did to the woman.I am the owner of a big company.I need a good young man like you.Would you like to work for me?"


  1.Tom came to the station to _______.

  A.find a job B.take the train home C.sell the ticket D.take the train to Taibei

  2.The woman walked to Tom because _______.

  A.she was Tom's old friend B.her child wanted to talk to Tom

  C.she needed to take the train D.she had no money to buy a ticket

  3.Tom didn't take the train because _______.

  A.he didn't take a train ticket B.he missed the train

  C.he wanted to talk to the old man D.he gave his ticket to the woman

  4.The old man wanted to _______.

  A.lend Tom some money B.give Tom a job

  C.say"Thank you"to Tom D.sit on the bench with Tom

  5.What can we learn from this story?

  A.Many people find job in a train station.

  B.Don't buy the last ticket of the train.

  C.If we try our best to help others,others will help us.

  D.We should not give our ticket to others in a train station.













  Passage 1

  When we read books we seem to enter a new world.This new world can be similar to the one we are living in,or it can be very 1.Some stories are told 2 they were true.Real people who live in a 3 world do real things;in other words,the stories are about people just like us doing what we do.Other stories,such as the Harry Potter books,are not 4.They are characters and creatures that are very different from us and do things that would be 5 for us.

  But there is more to books and writing than this.If we think about it,even realistic writing is only 6.How can we tell the difference between what is real and what is not real?For example,when we read about Harry Potter,we 7 seem to learn something about the real world.And when Harry studies magic at Hogwarts,he also learns more about his real life than 8.Reading,like writing,is an action.It is a way of 9.When we read or write something,we do much more than simple look at words on a page.We use our 10--which is real—and our imagination—which is real in a different way---to make the words come to life in our minds.

  Both realism and fantasy(幻想)11 the imagination and the“magic”of reading and writing to make us think.When we read 12 realistic,we have to imagine that the people we are reading about are just like us,even though we 13 that we are real and they are 14.It sounds 15,but it works.When we read,we fill in missing information and 16 about the causes and effects of what a character does.We help the writer by 17 that what we read is like real life.In a way,we are writing the book,too.

  Most of us probably don’t think about what is going on in our 18 when we are reading.We pick up a book and lose 19 in a good story,eager to find out what will happen next.Knowing how we feel 20 we read can help us become better readers,and it will help us discover more about the real magic of books.

  1.A.possible B.easy C.new D.different

  2.A.that B.what C.whether D.as if

  3.A.usual B.normal C.certain D.common

  4.A.realistic B.reasonable C.moral D.instructive

  5.A.difficult B.impossible C.important D.necessary

  6.A.thinkable B.designed C.imagined D.planned

  7.A.do B.make C.have D.are

  8.A.lessons B.dreams C.experience D.magic

  9.A.working B.thinking C.living D.understanding

  10.A.knowledge B.skill C.words D.grammar

  11.A.make B.get C.use D.have

  12.A.a newspaper B.something C.everything D.a story

  13.A.find B.learn C.know D.hope

  14.A.too B.not C.all D.so



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