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  “I wouldn’t buy that woman a Mother’s Day card,even if my life depended upon it,”said the woman standing by the card shelf at Wal-Mart.I looked up and saw a(n)31 of total complaint and dislike.

  Having been 32 at a Florida orphanage at age four,I never knew what it felt like to have a mother or a father.Never once had I received a hug or a kiss from my parents.That part of my life is a total 33.

  She looked up,saw me looking at her and 34 angrily,“Just what are you looking at,you fool?”

  “Sorry Ma’am.I never had a mother,and I was35 by your words.”I reached over and picked up a nice-looking 36,opened it and began to read,“Thank you 37 for being my mother.”

  “Do you think your mother would like that card?Mine would,I think,”I said.

  “Do you know what it is like to be 38 at for years,and never be told that you are loved?”she asked.

  “My mother didn’t 39 me,let alone shout.She just took me to the orphanage where I stayed until I grew up,”I replied.

  “Don’t you 40 her?”she asked.

  “Oh,I can’t.She’s my mother.Being a mother is a position to be 41,even if she is not a very nice person,”I told her.The woman stood there 42 her head.

  I looked down at the floor and said,“I know your mother might have done a lot of things that 43 you.It appears as if you hate her.But I can tell you this from my44 that disliking her,or even hating her,feels nowhere near as 45 as never having known a mother at all—good or bad.At least,you feel 46.For me,it’s all just a large blank of loneliness inside my heart,and that’s 47 I’ll feel until I die.”

  The woman stood there for a moment.48,she reached out,took the card from my hand,smelled it,and placed it in her cart.

  After she left,I 49 a nice card for my mother.I took it home,50 it,and placed it with the other Mother and Father’s Days cards bought all these years,each marked“Address Unknown”.

  31.A.idea B.appearance C.expression D.impression

  32.A.deserted B.lost C.reserved D.rescued

  33.A.dark B.pain C.misfortune D.blank

  34.A.requested B.considered C.screamed D.refused

  35.A.relieved B.annoyed C.disappointed D.shocked

  36.A.cart B.card C.book D.magazine

  37.A.simply B.largely C.originally D.basically

  38.A.shouted B.glared C.laughed D.pointed

  39.A.set aside B.leave behind C.care about D.know about

  40.A.miss B.love C.accuse D.hate

  41.A.depended B.obeyed C.respected D.observed

  42.A.shaking B.dropping C.raising D.nodding

  43.A.hurt B.blamed C.disturbed D.punished

  44.A.conscience B.efforts C.experiences D.nature

  45.A.fragile B.lonely C.hateful D.anxious

  46.A.anything B.everything C.nothing D.something

  47.A.whether B.how C.where D.why

  48.A.Cheerfully B.Eagerly C.Hesitantly D.Seriously

  49.A.picked out B.packed up C.brought out D.took up

  50.A.mended B.exposed C.addressed D.Signed


  On a weekday evening,Jane was at home as usual.As her __41__swung between what she was going to do with her life and their dinner plans for the evening,she was unexpectedly __42__by an urgent call from her sister“Get over here!Turn on NBC and check these guys out.They are just like you…..”One facebook message and a phone interview later,Jane __43__herself on a bus with 8 strangers in the middle of the sweltering(令人发昏的)desert heat of Utah,picking up trash and __44___ awareness(意识)about zero-waste and climate change.

  With a deep __45__ of the environment and a desire to make a __46__,Jane,Davey,and a group of self __47__“environmental pick-up artists”went on a coast to coast road side trash pick-up.As they walked,sometimes only __48__0.9 miles in an entire day,they __49__ and steadily made their way across the United States for three years,picking up a total of 201,678 pounds of trash.

  Jane and Davey _50__ with us wonderful stories of hope and inspiration that fueled their __51__to continue their journey.After spending weeks silently __52__how she would have enough __53__ to fly home for their two-week spring break,Jane found a blank,unidentified envelope __54__with$850 cash in the desert.Just enough to get her home and back.After their bus __55__ outside of Denver,they unexpectedly got __56__and arrived in Yosemite National Park three weeks later,just in time for the“Yosemite Facelift”where __57__from all over the state came together with a __58__of cleaning up trash all over the park.

  Being at the right place at the right time became almost normal,and they realized that much of what they __59__was more than just a coincidence.Together,their team learned to simply __60__ themselves to their task,and surrender to the journey.

  41.A.hands B.thoughts C.balance D.position

  42.A.blamed B.frightened C.moved D.interrupted

  43.A.found B.cheered C.dropped D.taught

  44.A.abandoning B.raising C.shaking D.hiding

  45.A.pride B.trust C.love D.fear

  46.A.plan B.promise C.mistake D.difference

  47.A.described B.corrected C.repeated D.discovered

  48.A.driving B.covering C.riding D.fixing

  49.A.slowly B.secretly C.helplessly D.frequently

  50.A.heard B.read C.wrote D.shared

  51.A.problems B.costs C.efforts D.choices

  52.A.depending on B.replying to C.worrying about D.meeting with

  53.A.time B.money C.food D.room

  54.A.filled B.supplied C.decorated D.equipped

  55.A.set off B.held on C.headed for D.broke down

  56.A.rest B.practice C.help D.understanding

  57.A.volunteers B.members C.tourists D.reporters

  58.A.question B.purpose C.decision D.lesson

  59.A.introduced B.expected C.examined D.experienced

  60.A.turn B.limit C.devote D.compare


  My class and I visited Chris Care Center in Phoenix,Arizona to comfort the old people who needed a little cheering up during the holiday season.

  The first two __21__there were for persons requiring help in taking care of themselves.We sang __22__for them.They loved our sweet songs and the flowers that we left with them.

  As we were __23__on the third floor for old people with Alzheimer(老年痴呆症),most of them __24__ off at the walls or floor.However,one lady __25__my eye.She was sitting by the door,in a wheelchair,singing songs to herself.They weren’t the songs that we were singing,at least they didn’t __26__like that.As we got __27__with each festive song,she did as well.The louder we got,the louder she got.__28__she was singing,she was also __29__out to us with her hands and body.I knew that I should have gone over to her,but I thought that my __30__were to my students.People who worked at the care center could __31__to her,I thought.Just when I stopped feeling __32__ about not giving her the attention she needed,one of my students,Justin,showed me what the holiday season is really about.

  Justin also __33__the same lady.The difference between us is that he __34__ on her needs,but I didn’t.During the last song,“Silent Night,”Justin walked over to her and held her hand.He looked this aged lady in her __35__and with his actions said,“You are important,and I will take my __36__to let you know that.”

  This tired,elderly lady stopped singing and held his hand.Then she touched his cheek with the other hand.Tears began to fall down her face.No __37__can completely describe that touching moment...

  It __38__a boy to teach me,a man,about kindness and love.Justin’s example of a complete,selfless attitude toward another was a __39__that I will never forget.He was the teacher that day,and I consider myself __40__ to have witnessed his lesson.

  21.A.rooms B.buildings C.floors D.groups

  22.A.bravely B.shyly C.madly D.beautifully

  23.A.dancing B.meeting C.gathering D.singing

  24.A.stared B.shut C.paid D.glared

  25.A.looked B.caught C.escaped D.hurt

  26.A.appear B.hear C.sound D.feel

  27.A.louder B.nearer C.faster D.higher

  28.A.Because B.As C.Since D.Though

  29.A.moving B.reaching C.coming D.spreading

  30.A.interests B.abilities C.feeling s D.responsibilities

  31.A.speak B.object C.attend D.compare

  32.A.afraid B.sure C.guilty D.scary

  33.A.feared B.avoided C.helped D.noticed

  34.A.called B.acted C.insisted D.kept

  35.A.tears B.hands C.eyes D.face

  36.A.time B.flower C.body D.cheek

  37.A.words B.poems C.expressions D.songs

  38.A.took B.wasted C.caused D.made

  39.A.message B.lesson C.activity D.class

  40.A.clever B.foolish C.right D.lucky


  A man wanted to make an investment(投资).An idea struck him:“Why don't I plant a small mango tree and enjoy the benefits when it grows into a big one?”So he went to the 41,bought a small tree and took it home.To the pride of his family,he 42 it in the center of his 43.

  He read everything about 44 a mango tree.He got up early every morning,for he was determined to supply the tree with all the necessary nutrients.He watered it,45 it with manure(粪肥),and took good care of its leaves by removing those 46 ones.He made sure the tree received enough care.

  Many times he sat and 47 the beauty of the growing tree while dreaming about the 48 mangoes that the tree would 49.His mind was always filled with the wish to taste the first fruit of the tree.

  Years went by 50…now,he had a big tree with its leaves shining and healthy,its bark healthy and hard.It was a big attraction 51 it decorated his whole garden.

  Then one day he noticed a small bud(花蕾),which in a couple of days grew into a beautiful 52.Now he could 53 wait for the fruit so he started to increase his supply of nutrients and care.Then one day the tree let out its first product—a small green fruit.The man was so 54.

  He waited for a few more weeks till the fruit grew in 55.The day came when he decided to 56 the first fruit of the tree.He 57 the tree,picked the fruit and then came his 58.The fruit was not like what he expected.It was hard,big and round.He was puzzled.He was sad.

  Seeing this,his 59 came and asked him what happened.He told them that the fruit from his tree was not what he wanted.When the neighbours heard this,they did not know whether to 60 or comfort him,for what he planted years ago was not a mango tree.We can only reap(收获)what we plant.

  41.A.city B.farm C.market D.shop

  42.A.grew B.moved C.planted D.threw

  43.A.garden B.house C.village D.yard

  44.A.buying B.improving C.keeping D.raising

  45.A.decorated B.equipped C.served D.supplied

  46.A.green B.red C.white D.yellow

  47.A.admired B.drew C.greeted D.operated

  48.A.beneficial B.expensive C.healthy D.tasty

  49.A.bear B.burst C.deserve D.make

  50.A.immediately B.quickly C.narrowly D.suddenly

  51.A.because B.if C.though D.when

  52.A.flower B.fruit C.leaf D.nut

  53.A.always B.hardly C.never D.strangely

  54.A.greedy B.happy C.nervous D.sad

  55.A.age B.length C.size D.width

  56.A.observe B.sell C.steal D.taste

  57.A.climbed B.cut C.hid D.killed

  58.A.anxiety B.cheers C.disappointment D.opinion

  59.A.children B.friends C.neighbours D.relatives

  60.A.complain B.laugh C.motivate D.support


  I truly feel that my mother led me here,to Morzaine,and to my future as a happy wife and businesswoman.When Mum 41 in October 2007,I was a cook.In December that year,while I was working for a wedding,a pearl necklace Mum had left me 42.I was distraught(忧心如焚的).Some days later,I was 43 that a guy who was working with us that day,“could probably have made a fortune 44 the necklace he found.”45,he returned it.Hearing how I’d 46 Mum for six months before her death,he said,“Christmas is going to be 47—why not go out to the Alps for a couple of weeks?”

  I came to Morzaine,a small,friendly village in the Alps and 48 fell in love with it.What was 49 to be a stopgap(权宜之计)trip turned into a new life.I kept traveling between London and here and felt 50 than I had in months.In December 2008,I was 51 as a hotel manager and moved here full time.

  A month later,I met Paul,who was traveling here.We fell in love.In the beginning,I didn’t want to discuss 52,because the sadness of losing Mum 53 felt great.Paul understood that and never 54 me.But,by summer,we got married.A year later,we used his saving,and the money from the sale of Mom’s house,to build our own 55.

  We want to give our guests a 56 feel,so each room is themed(以……为题)around memories from our lives.There are also styles to remind me of Mom—a tiny chair which 57 be in her bedroom is set in one room.

  We are having a wonderful life and Mum 58 naturally part of it,59 there’s no way we would be here if it wasn’t for the 60 she gave me.I know she’s here in spirit,keeping an eye on us.

  41.A.died B.came C.returned D.visited

  42.A.burned B.disappeared C.broke D.dropped

  43.A.shown B.comforted C.persuaded D.told

  44.A.hiding B.stealing C.selling D.wearing

  45.A.Luckily B.Naturally C.Surely D.Hopefully

  46.A.nursed B.cured C.missed D.guarded

  47.A.long B.hard C.merry D.free

  48.A.suddenly B.finally C.nearly D.immediately

  49.A.said B.proved C.supposed D.judged

  50.A.smarter B.higher C.firmer D.lighter

  51.A.honored B.hired C.regarded D.trained

  52.A.travel B.business C.children D.marriage

  53.A.recently B.once C.still D.first

  54.A.left B.pushed C.surprised D.interrupted

  55.A.hotel B.restaurant C.home D.shop

  56.A.homely B.lively C.motherly D.friendly

  57.A.ought to B.used to C.might D.could

  58.A.takes B.keeps C.looks D.feels

  59.A.unless B.while C.because D.though

  60.A.money B.chair C.house D.Necklace



  31 C 32.A 33.D34.C 35.D 36.B 37.A 38.A 39.C 40.D 41.C42.A 43.A 44.C 45.B 46.D 47.B 48.C49.A50.D


  41.B 42.D 43.A 44.B 45.C46.D 47.A 48.B 49.A 50.D 51.C 52.C A53.B 54.A 55.D 56.C57.A 58.B

  59.D 60.C


  21.C22.D 23.D 24.A 25.B 26.C 27.A 29.B 30.D 31.C 32.C 33.D 34.B 35.C 36.A 37.A 38.A 39.B



  41.C 42.C 43.A 44.D 45.D 46.D 47.A 48.D 49.A 50.B 51.A 52.A 53.B

  54.B 55.C 56.D 57.A 58.C 59.C 60.B


  41.A 42.B43.D 44.C45.A 46.A 47.B 48.D 49.C 50.D 51.B 52.D 53.C

  54.B 55.A 56.A 57.B 58.D 59.C 60.D

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