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  10、The story happened on a not heavy rainy day.

  After class,I took a few bottles to go and 31 some water from the water room.Oh!There were so many people!I had to wait 32 the rain.My hair didn’t get wet because I wore a hat,but my clothes 33.

  When at last it was my 34,I filled the bottles as quickly as possible.I began making my way back when I saw a boy 35 towards me.He 36 two umbrellas in his hand.He shouted hello and as he came 37,I recognized that it was XiaoBai.

  He 38 my classmate for nearly three years but we never 39 more than ten sentences.He was silent but I like talking.We were quite 40 people and had nothing in common.I didn’t 41 him and even didn’t want to see him.

  “Hey!What’s wrong?”His words 42 me out of my thought.“I saw you 43 in the rain so I brought you this umbrella.But it seems a little 44,your clothes are already wet.”

  On hearing this,I was so 45 that I couldn’t say a single word.

  “Don’t just stand there.Let’s go!”He said and held the umbrella for me.We walked towards 46 and this time,we talk 47.

  “I know you don’t like me,but I want to 48 with you.”he said,“you may think I am silent,but it is because I can’t find the 49 to say.”

  The rain finally stopped and we saw a rainbow in the blue sky.I said to myself,“It is wrong to 50 someone only by his appearance.

  31.A.collect B.drink C.carry D.hold

  32.A.under B.in.C.at D.on

  33.A.did B.get C.was D.wet

  34.A.wish B.duty C.job D.turn

  35.A.come.B.came C.coming D.comes

  36.A.had held B.has held C.was holding D.holds

  37.A.near B.nearly C.nearer D nearest

  38.A.has been B.had been C.is D.would be

  39.A.shared B.talked C.spoke D.communicate

  40.A..the same B.familiar C.strange D.different

  41.A.hate B.ignore C.like D.get along

  42.A.brought B.make C.get D.surprised

  43.A.stood B.stand C.standing D.are standing

  44.A.early B.frequent C.actually D.late

  45.A.moving B.move C.moved D.moves

  46.A.the classroom B.the park C.the playground.D.the bedroom

  47.A.nothing B.little C.a lot D.something

  48.A.make friends B.shake a hand C.make a friend D.have words

  49.A.times..B.right words C.silent place.D.umbrella

  50.A.understand B.see C.judge D.decide

  11、When I was little,my family used to move frequently.Before I could even get acquainted(熟悉的)with my schoolmates,my family was on the move again.I became very 36 because of this.

  But a girl with dark skin and long shiny hair changed me.Her best characteristics(特点)are her openness and 37.She is always smiling,like a beautiful sunflower following the sun.Without doubt I enjoyed being with her and soon we became good friends.As time went by,I gradually became a 38 girl.But this joyful period didn’t last long.We were admitted to different colleges.I felt like I had gone back to my always-on-the-move childhood.I felt 39 and helpless and I was afraid that I would 40 her as my best friend.She stayed calm and said to me:“Rain,you can achieve more than I do,so 41 to your dreams and make a big effort!Real friendship doesn’t fade and we will be best friends forever.”Maybe she didn’t realize what a great 42 she was to me at that time.

  However,it turned out that my concerns were well-founded(有根据的).I felt that the 43 between us was getting bigger and bigger.One day,she sent me a text message happily telling me that she had fallen in love with a handsome boy in her class.

  I felt happy for her,but at the same time I was secretly worried about our friendship.I 44 her several times intending to tell her to think carefully about her relationship with the boy,but I got no more messages from her.I felt sad that perhaps our friendship would not 45.I had almost given up hope until she visited me at my campus a week later.She looked 46 but was wearing the most beautiful smile.She gave me a big hug and said:“I’m sorry.I want to be myself and your friend forever!”We cried together,ignoring the people walking past.She told me her sad story,and we knew we had gone back to how it was before.

  Now I firmly believe that distance and time can’t 47 you from a friend.If you care enough about each other,friendship never fades.




  39.A.scaredB.strange C.ashamedD.homesick


  41.A.look forwardB.hold onC.get downD.go back







  36-40 ABAAC 41-45 BCBBC46-47 DD



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